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This number appears many times in Scripture, often indicating a time of trial or testing, or simply marking something significant. It rained 40 days and nights during the Great Flood. Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Jesus fasted for 40 days and was with the disciples for 40 days between his resurrection and ascension. Taking this symbolic number to heart, the Christian church has long observed 40 days of Lent (not counting Sundays).

March 2012 M i ssi o n the newsletter of Jarrettown United Methodist Church 1460 Limekiln Pike Dresher PA 19025-1116 (215) 646-4129 FAX (215) 646-6912 Email: 8:00 am: Classic Service 9:15 am: Contemporary Service 11:00 am: Classic Service o f t h e M o n t h

Ambler Community Cupboard

Our mission for the month of March is Ambler Community Cupboard. This non-profit organization has been helping people in Ambler and the surrounding area for over 30 years. The cupboard provides food, clothing, furniture and household items. During the year, we ask you for donations of soap, laundry and dish detergent, toilet tissue and cleaning agents. During this month, we are also asking for canned fruit, apple

sauce, canned pasta (such as spaghetti Os,) beef stew, instant mashed potatoes, canned peas and carrots, and Hamburger Helper. The need for donations is stronger than ever. Leave your donations in the Mission Center just off the Narthex. A gift of cash is always received with gratitude; please write your check to Ambler Community Cupboard. Please donate to this worthwhile mission in our neighborhood.

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Jarrettown United Methodist Church

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MEnS DEvotionS
Saturday Mornings
Please join our mens group for fellowship and reflection as we discuss Pauls writings and their relevance to men today. our schedule continues March 3rd and March 24th, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. in the Friendship Center. this is a ByoC event (Bring your own Coee). no prior reading is required. if you have any questions, contact Dave Filer at 215-887-2018.

Tuesday Mornings
Additional opportunities for mens devotions will continue on the following tuesdays: March 6th and March 20th, at 6:00 a.m. in the Friendship Center. the focus will be on the gospel of Mark. no prior reading is required. if you have any questions, contact Bill hubbard at 215-542-1741.

C h r i S t S E r vA n t M i n i S t ry trAining CoMES to JArrEt town UMC!

it is our privilege as a congregation to be able to host this District-wide event. the rev. Dr. Al Maloney will be oering his vast knowledge and experience in helping participants to discern where god would have them serve within the Body of Christ. the CSM Basic Course workshop will be held over two days: Saturday, March 24th from 9am to 5pm and Sunday, March 25th from 1pm to 5pm. this will provide participants with certification to become Local Church Servants, the first step toward becoming Christ Servant Ministers within our denomination. if you are wondering what this is all about or would like to register, please call me at 215.659.6986. if you want to know more about what it means to be a Christ Servant Minister, feel free to ask those who serve our church as suchElaine and george Cahlink, Carol Chapman, Shirley Chapman, and tom Kerrigan. May god richly bless you today and always. rev. Jane McCarthy

Co n F i r M At i o n CLASS 2012
Billy Ackerman Tommy Ackerman Kevin Bryson Sophia Dell Sean Doody Justin Fernsler Kyle Kellenbenz Emanuel Pittman Nate Pittman Drew Tracey

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

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notE oF thAnKS
Dear Friends, Words are not sufficient enough to express my gratitude to all of whom I met during my time at Jarrettown Church. I was simply overwhelmed with the love and generosity that was extended toward me for my good-bye tribute. The testimony of notes, cards, Love Gift, and other precious thoughts, gifts and hugs will always sustain me as I pursue new roads to travel as I continue to be our loving Lords disciple. My years at Jarrettown Church, where I had the distinguished honor to serve as your visitation Pastor, helped me to grow in my relationship with Christ. Many of you opened your homes, lives and hearts and let me in. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your Christian love. In my personal book of time, this four year chapter of my life spent serving God at Jarrettown will go down as one of my most memorable and rewarding ones. God bless all of you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Yours in Christ, Gerry Brooks

MArCh SCrAPBooKing
Change of weekend dates
Scrapbooking sessions will be held the weekend of March 16th and 17th. we will meet in the Friendship center on Friday March 16th from 6 P.M. until 10 P.M. and then again on Saturday morning from 10 A. M. on through to 3 P. M. Come join us and work on your projects or learn a new craft. we are willing to teach you and we all learn new ideas from each other. there are also papers to get you started! PLease bring a brown bag for your scraps. Snacks and drinks are provided on Friday and coee and danish will be there for you to enjoy on Saturday morning! Any questions call Eleanor Stevenson 215 918 1999 or Debbie Ackerman 215 654 8064.

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

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JArrEttown ChUrCh BrUnCh

All ages are invited for good food and fellowship on Palm Sunday April 1st -12 noon

Sign up in the lobby! Community Egg Hunt April 1st 1:00 pm (following the brunch) Help is needed with the tasks below: Donate plastic eggs and/or wrapped candy to be put inside eggs and place them in the collection boxes in the lobby starting March 11th Help greet and run the hunt on April 1st Help clean up following the hunt Thanks in advance for your generous support!

BUS MiniStry
Drivers for the month of March are as follows: 3/4 3/11 3/18 3/25 Ron Smith Bob Ewart Dave Heacock Stu Gentry

JUMC Young Adult Ministry College and Career

As we seek to kick o the young adult ministry, we are continuing in our tradition of sending care packages to our college age students. in April, we will be sending these packages to our students in college to encourage them and help them relax and get through their finals. We need your help in two ways: 1. If you are a college student, please send us your updated college mailing address. If you are a parent who has a college student, please send us their updated college mailing address. 2. We will need financial contributions to purchase supplies for these boxes. They include candy and other snacks. We also need finances to purchase the boxes and to buy the postage. Please pray and consider helping us with this ministry. thank you for your help in advance! it is always a blessing when our college age students know that they are loved and cared for by our church community! Blessings, Nick Agazarian Youth & Young Adult Pastor Liz Bratton Young Adult Leader

If there is a need to get a hold of any driver, the phone numbers are as below: Craig Fernsler . 215-816-5835 Bob Ewart . . . . . 267-240-6399 Ron Smith . . . . 215-205-2377 Burt Jones . . . . 267-475-2874 Dave Heacock . 267-303-2261 Stu Gentry . . . . 215-659-6059 If anyone else is interested in being a driver of the Church bus, please contact Craig Fernsler. (We need more drivers). You must have a Pennsylvania CDL (Commercial Drivers License). If you cant drive during the regular Sunday 11:00 service, we also need drivers for other special occasions as they occur. Please call Craig Fernsler cell (215-816-5835) to arrange for the use of our church bus for any church related function, or email address: Craig Fernsler Bus Coordinator

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

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Childrens Ministry
Activity Bags Activity bags are available for use during services. Look for the rack next to the Welcome Center in the lobby or ask an usher. Each bag contains stories, crayons, games, puzzles with scriptures, etc, to help children who attend the service.

S U n DAy S C h o o L 9:15AM
If you have questions about Sunday morning classes and/or which class is best for your child, please contact Jean Graber.

# We continue to collect socks for homeless. There is a collection bin in the hallway by the restrooms. We will be giving # We had a bowling party on January 15th # February 11th we will be serving a meal at Manna on Main Street Facebook pages to check out Socks for Shelters and Welcome Church

Preschool Class
Leaders: Marjie Scott & Debbie Ackerman For Preschoolers who are about 2 and ready to participate in a class (preferably potty-trained). If you are unsure if your child is ready, talk to the nursery staff or one of the preschool teachers.

F U n F r i DAyS
Themed events for children in 1st 4th grade take place monthly on Friday nights from Oct through May. Contact Jean Graber for more information or for currently scheduled events. 16 children attended the January Minute-towin it Fun Fridays.

Kindergarten Class
Leaders: Dr. & Mrs. Almond, Norma Coupe, Robin Michener Children in Pre-K and Kindergarten will feel loved while learning about Jesus love and the wonderful world God has created for us.

ChiLDrEn on A MiSSion!
# The Sunday School is sponsoring Madina through Compassion International. Your childs Sunday School offering will go towards our $38 a month commitment. # We continue to collect socks for homeless. # Explorers volunteered at Manna on Main Street in February. # We will be attending the Welcome Church service in Logan Circle on March 25th.

1st -4th Grade Class

Leaders: Christine Kratz, Shawn Petroff & Carol Moffatt Meet in the 1st & 2nd grade classroom (Childrens wing).

nUrSEry CArE
Nursery Care is available for infants through 2 during the 9:15 Sunday worship service. There is also a Sunday School class for preschoolers at 9:15 SeptJune. If you require nursery care during the 11am Sunday Service please contact the church office by the previous Friday and we will be happy to provide a qualified nursery staff person. Stop in the nursery for a brochure with nursery information and policies. If you are interested in volunteering in the nursery contact Jean Graber.

5th & 6th Grade Class

Leaders: Ken Popp & Donna Gastner Meet in the 5th & 6th grade classroom (hallway under sanctuary).

thAnKS to:
# Becky Conrad for helping with Fun Fridays in January, February & March # January MOPS volunteers: Maxine Tyree & Kelly Graber # February MOPS volunteers: Maxine Tyree, Maria Lein, Florence Baxter, Aleen Kradzinski & Carol Moffatt

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

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Youth Ministry
we have been continuing in our youth ministry in the month of February as we have looked at what it means to live a transformed Christian life. (romans 12:2) we have also studied what it actually means to have real, authentic faith. we went bowling in January at thunderbird Lanes and it was a great night of fun! Check out our group photo. the entire Spring 2012 schedule has been sent out in the mail, so check it out and get ready for awesome events!


# Sunday, March 18: Trip to Arnolds Fun Center! See Nick for more details. # JR High Mission Trip: Ocean Grove, NJ (July 22 July 25) # SR High Mission Trip: North Topsail, NC (June 23 June 29) Blessings! Nick Agazarian Youth Pastor 267 243 5490

January Bowling Thunderbird Lanes

March 2012
A = am P = pm

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

8a Mens Bkfst 8a Sat Sanctuary 9a Pray-4-U Walk 7:30p Indep. SinfoniaSanctuary

2 7a Mens Devotions-FC






*Sunday School Schedule: Sunday Services 8a, 9:15a & 11a 9:15A Toddler&Infant CareFC - Friendship Center Toddler+ Rm FH - Fellowship Hall Childrens Wing: PR - Prayer Room PreK-4th Grade Sunday School CR - Choir Room Adult Ed. Wing: BRC - Bible Resource Center Sunday School - 9:30A DSM - Dresher School of Music Small Group - BRC L - Library Youth Sunday School - ARK

7p Sacred Rhythms-BRC

6a Mens Dev. -FC 12p Blood Drive-FH

8a Sat. Sanctuary 9a Pray-4-U Walk

*Sunday Schedule


10:47a Confirmation-FH 12:15p Worship Team

Jarrettown United Methodist Church

4p Indep. Sinfonia Concert-S 5:30p Youth Group

7p Choir

7p Church Council-FC 7:30p Praise Band

7:15p MW Service 7:15p Susannahs Sisters-BRC 6p Girl Scouts-L 7p Sacred Rhythms-BRC

7p Fun Friday-FH

11:30a Priscilla Cr. 9:15a MOPS-FC





8a Sat. Sanctuary 9a Pray-4-U Walk 10a Scrapbooking 11a Van Gogh Trip 6p Scrapbooking-FC 7p Coffeehouse-FH


*Sunday Schedule


10:47a Confirmation-FH

12:30p Mission Trip Mtg 5:30p Youth Group 7p Indep. Sinfonia-FC 7:30p Praise Band 7:15p Susannahs Sisters-BRC 7:15p Mid Week

7p Choir

6a Mens Dev -FC





7a Mens Devotions-FC 8a Sat. Sanctuary 9a Pray 4 U Walk 9a Christ Servant Ministries-FC 6p Girl Scouts-L


*Sunday Schedule


10:47a Confirmation-FH 5:30p AFF @FH 7p SPRC - FC 7:30p Praise Band 7:15p MW Service 7:15p Susannahs Sisters-BRC

4p Arnolds Fun Ctr 7p Indep. Sinfonia

7p Marthas Circle 7p Choir






8a Sat. Sanctuary 9a Pray-4-U Walk 10a No Sew Blankets-FC



*Sunday Schedule 10:47a Confirmation-FH 1p Christ Servant Ministries-FC 2:15p Welcome Church at Logan 5:30p Youth Group 7p Indep. Sinfonia 5p Philabundance 7:30p Praise Band

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7p Choir 7p Trustees-FC

7:15p MW Svc.-FC 7:15p Susannahs SistersBRC

7p Explorers Egg Hunt

the newsletter of Jarrettown United Methodist Church 1460 Limekiln Pike Dresher PA 19025-1116 (215) 646-4129 FAX (215) 646-6912 Email:

Rev. Dr. Sharon Barley - Sr. Pastor (Interim) Walt Unterberger - Assoc. Pastor/Christian Growth Jean Graber - Director of Childrens Ministry Nick Agazarian - Youth Pastor Sheri Melcher - Organist/Choir Director Kathy Tavani - Administrative Assistant Bill Conard - Custodian Jane McCarthy - Deacon Office Hours: Tuesday Friday 9 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
All materials submitted for publication in Footprints MUST be received by noon on the 7th day of the previous month. Materials received after that time will not be included, but will be considered for future publication. Making Disciples Relieving Suffering Glorifying God

MA r C h 6t h B Lo o D DrivE hErE
The Red Cross bloodmobile will be here on Tuesday March 6 from 1:30 to 7:15. You can donate either whole blood or double Red Blood cells (a specific time appointment is needed for double red). To schedule an appointment or if you have questions about eligibility, see Al Chamberlin or reach him at or 215-643-3668. This region collects less blood than our hospitals need, so plan to donate if you are able.

(Address Service Requested)

Jarrettown United Methodist Church 1460 Limekiln Pike Dresher, PA 19025-1116