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humor and play can makes us more relaxed. We also can get more benefit of laughter. triggers the release of endorphins and protects the heart. Laughter not also can makes us feel good but it also keep us be a positive. disappointments and loss. Humor and laughter is the priceless medicine. creative. when we laugh with one another. As laughter. It’s also can keep our relationship be fresh and exciting. laughter gives us the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and hope. joyful and balanced perspective. with laugh we can solve our problems and be more creative. Laughter cans makes us relaxes the whole body. a positive bond is created. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress. 175 words . It also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. optimistic outlook through difficult situations. Besides that. connects us to others and keeps us grounded.Laughter can binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. inspires hopes. Besides that. Furthermore. focused and alert. It also lightens our burdens. pain and conflict. boosts the immune system. positive.

It’s because laughter can binds people together and makes us feel good and gives happiness.OPINION OF THE ARTICLE LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE My opinion about the article ‘Laughter Is The Best Medicine’ is absolutely right. . I agree with what the article talks about because laughter is medicine which is fun. our creativity will flourish and new discoveries for playing with friends. we can go along way toward making us feel better. humor. We no need to pay to make us laugh. The ability to laugh. Shared laughter is one of the most effective tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting. Humor takes us to a higher place where we can view the world from a more relaxed. connect us to others and keeps us grounded. Just hearing laughter primes our brain and readies us to smile and join in the fun. a positive bond is created. When we laugh with one another. positive. Laughter also powerful antidote to stress. We can be a positive person. Humor and laughter strengthen our immune system. focused and be alert. We can get more benefits of laughter such as physical health. It’s also lightens our burdens. connect with others and be more creative. co-workers. and play become an integrated part of our life. diminish pain and protect from the damaging effects of stress. As laughter. free and easy to use. acquaintances. With laugh. Laughter is good for our health. Laughter also gives us the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and hope. mental health and social. and loved ones will occur to our daily. play and have fun with others not only makes life more enjoyable but also helps us to solve problems. we can feel relax and our heart will be protected. disappointments and loss. optimistic outlook through difficult situations. boost our energy. Even we just smile. joyful and balanced perspective. inspires hopes. pain and conflict. creative.

Maybe there’s right. Some people have says. in my opinion. So much benefit we can get with laughter and for me that’s true laughter is the best medicine in this world. laughter can gives us more energy and be positive person to fight our diseases. Sometimes.Finally. we can find way how to solve our big problems. when we laugh. Maybe some people don’t know that we’re in pain for that time because we always show our sweet smiley and always laugh. got problems. . when we always laugh. with laugh we can feel much better if we are stress. If we get in serious diseases. we always look younger and beautiful.

But. we can improve our knowledge about English. Puan Miziana@Suhana Binti Saboo because she was teach me and all my friends how to do a good summary and she was give a lot of explanations how to finish this course work very well.REFLECTIONS Firstly. Thank you very much to my English lecturer. it’s long ago. once again i would like to thanks’ to my English Lecturer. Not so long. I was log on in the Internet to find information’s about summary and I also find in the internet about the suitable article that I want to summarize. I know. I remember about the format and I also gets more information’s about the article. it’s not so easy. I was forgot how to do the good summary. Before I do this course work. when I want to do the summary based on the article that I found. I’m really grateful to Allah because finally I can finished this coursework and pass up at the right time. Beside that. When I was do the summary. When I was Secondary School. Next time. For me. But. but I also known benefits of laughter. I can increase my vocabulary and grammar. Find the main point and understand about the article and after that we can do a good summary. So many year has passed away. Finally. I do not only know how to do a good summary. its look like so easy to do it. the title of article that I summarize. I can improve my knowledge in English. just 150 words in one summary. when I was do these courses work. I’m not good in English but I must try to finish this course work very well. I must read the article carefully. Puan Miziana@Suhana Binti Saboo because she was teach me and all my friends how to do this course work very well. I already heard and know about summary. when we heard title ‘Summary’. my English teacher already teaches me about format of summary in English Language. With that. I will try in my own . Thank you also to all my friends because to give many ideas and cooperation how to do and finished this course work. I must read more articles in English and try to do summary about the article.

13(B) .to do much summarize and I can improve my English language. So many benefits I was get in this course work and feel enjoy when I was do this course work until it’s finish. Reflection by : HASNAH BINTI ABDULLAH 820601-04-5030 PPG PRA 2. This is so important because if I’m not improving my knowledge about English how I want to teach my preschool students.