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Objective: To serve the needs of customers who are using internet, have access to internet and are willing to do business online. Purpose: In, this digital world, no one can be isolated with the effect of digital/electronic media. Hence Business is no exception. The modern society has quickly adapted with the

evolution of technology. Hence with the advent of internet and its applicative

services such as E.F.T. and E.D.I., commerce too adapted, it and survived with co-

existence. Hence In today's world having an online presence gives an industry cutting edge advantage over any opposition. It gives not only global market reach but also a quick response/feedback regarding the quality of products and services that are offered to the customers, hence it refines

reach and our target customers.This step will create the blue print of ecommerce enterprise. This analysis will decide the content of the website. Analyzing the nature of the products & services to be offered:. In this we will ascertain our need. to whom we are marketing.the business cycle and gives a competitive growth. get feed back from other users and hence can be effectively convinced to do business. (iv) Complete operation of Products: that means customer can not only select. but compare. Steps Involved: 1. To whom we are presenting. Value addition: various utility services can be attached with single service. Benefits:(i) (ii) Global reach: Due to global presence of internet. After having suitable data in raw form we will refine it and position it onto our . (iii) Customer satisfaction: Since due to quick business cycle and quality in delivery of services improves the level of satisfaction in customers.

google. Hence after doing all above we get a content which has to be put on model (revenue model). Purchasing a Domain Name: In internet. A typical domain name such as: 2. Domain name is the unique name given/chosen by you for your enterprise depending upon availability. international corporation of Assigned names and number (ICANN) is the body which manages domain name which are registered through various registrars (websites) like go dady. siffy. sales based or advertisement based and transaction based. which actually along with www forms the universal resource locator (URL).com word wide web name of company It's level of domain as well as shows nature of enterprise here (com: commercial) . Domain name is that unique address of your website which is to be typed in browser. it may be subscription ( . (ii) Second level domain: These are also paid domain names but are little bit unsuitable or off Such as (.The last part of domain i. There domains are most popular as they are to the point/short express/reflect websites. Those and the clearly nature of organizations which do not intent to be of some commercial nature can use These are 3 types: (i) Top level domain : These are paid domain names such as. com/net/in etc shows nature or purpose of the company and express its identity to a (iii) Free domain names: These domains do not requires money to be paid for registration. such as (. bigger name and size.e. .

Hosting web pages: The websites developed has to be hosted on serves which are 24x7 operational. The amount of web space will be decided upon the size of the website. PHP. Dynamic Pages: There are coded pages integrated with data bases which provides them value addition to their content and making it much richer than static pages. These are of two types (a) Static Pages. . connected to internet. . 4.Hence a company according to its budget and need can purchase domain names. Hence a company decides its web designing according to its content/services/products to be offered.ASP. A web host hence is a hardware which along with its software gives the website its presence on internet. . The better you pay the butter web host you will get. After this the content are coded in various web languages such as HTML.JSP. (b) Dynamic Pages. Those servers are called as web hosts. Coding of Pages: The collected data after analyzing is distributed according to the blue print. 3.

For eg. After hosting the web page. google. news. Live Indian News. next step is to get register with a popular search engine for e. Breaking News. the user will find your webpage in the results.g. . It is done through a popular key word chosen. Then the most suitable Key words will be Indian news. That means whatever of there terms are typed in google.: If we are producing a website to offer India related news services. This process today forms the back bone of ecommerce websites and some where decides the longetivity of its existence.5. This whole process today is known as 'Search Engine Optimization'.

In this step money is drawn through Automated clearing houses network. the world saw a wide spread phenomena of e-commerce. Working : Firstly create Paypal Founded: In the year 2000 by Peter Theil and Max with its services solved this problem by facilitating individuals to send/receive money through e-mails. Problem: At the beginning of the 21st Century.Case Study : Pay Pal www. Do online shopping. But majority of this supported B2C payment. Solution: Paypal. but ignoring C2C concept. Hence. hence various payment systems developed. there was no payment system which facilitated individual to individual or 'Peer to Peer' transfer of money. The party who receives money is notified through e-mail that money is waiting. Online business expanded to billions of dollars. Now the receiver exercises its Paypal account either to transfer it in . Use Paypal to pay money.

1. (ii) Through online advertisements.9% of transaction. Success: . Strengths: (i) Very simple & easy to made individuals to receive money through credit cards/ debit cards. Legal & taxation issue (iii) Chance of misuse by Criminals / terrorists. Profit making: (i) Through Transaction Charges account. (ii) (iii) (iv) It is very fast and hence it acts as catalysts in online shopping or business. Paypal. Weakness:(i) (ii) Subjected to frauds. It is directly linked to bank A/c 24x7 Payment is possible (while time limitation is there in RTGS as and NEFT). or may request a paper cheque or can transfer it to other institutions.

Majority of e-commerce websites such as e-bay. both including business and individual clients. in their services.More than 230 million accepts Paypal as method of payment. thus making its credibility more and major boost. .