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PANELA Adapted from a Greek basket cheese, the milky and mild cheese has a texture similar to high-moisture mozzarella; softens with heat but does not melt; use in cooked dishes such as enchiladas or crumble over tacos or chili; can be sliced and fried. It is also served as a snack (bontana). Substitute: Ricotta QUESO BLANCO Mild, meltable cheese similar to Monterey Jack. Substitute: Monterey Jack QUESO FRESCO Translates to "fresh cheese". The U.S. version is soft, moist, milk and crumbly cheese for sprinkling over enchiladas or black bean soup or crumbling onto a salad. Sadly, most the versions in the U.S. do not melt very well. In Mexico, the cheese is used to stuff chiles or for quesadillas. Substitute: Feta REQUESON Fresh, mild, curd-like cheese similar to ricotta. Used in filling and desserts. Substitute: Ricotta


ANEJO Aged queso fresco. Use crumbled or grated. Substitute: Romano

Medium Cheddar. grating cheeses. It "strings" like mozzarella when heated and can be used in quesadillas and other cooked dishes. Usually sold sliced. firm. similar to a mild cheddar or Monterey Jack.ASADERO Also called queso quesadilla because of its usefulness in that dish. or Mild Cheddar OAXACA Mild. asadero melts well and can be used for nachos or burgers. chile con queso.Substitutes: Mozzarella or Armenian String Cheese. Substitute: Parmesan ENCHILADO . dry grating cheese. Use as topping for beans. "ahumado" means smoked. Softens but does not melt. also known as queso menonita because it was introduced by the Mennonites. Muenster or Teleme (referred to as a "poor man's brie" from California) CHIHUAHUA Melting cheese. cheese sauces or casseroles. Monterey Jack. Substitutes: Muenster. Substitutes: Fontina. Typically braided and shaped into a ball. slightly tangy cheese similar in texture to mozzarella. COTIJA Salty. Caesar salads and many other savory dishes. Monterey Jack. Use in queso fundido. sometimes referred to as Mexican Parmesan. SEMI-FIRM AND FIRM. Look for a spicy version too which is flavored with cherry pits. DRY CHEESES CHONTALENO AND CHONTALENO AHUMADO Dry.

and enchiladas. Manchego is actually a cheese from Spain. use in cooked dishes or as a snacking cheese. Crema is a heavy cream similar in taste to créme fraiche. similar to cotija anejo but coated with mild chile or paprika. tacos. Thicker versions of crema are used as additions to sauces and the thinner crema is used as a topping for tostadas. or make your own. melts well. .Literallly means "flavored with chile". Substitute: Munster CREMA Not really a cheese but a dairy staple in Mexican cuisine. This is a gratable cheese. Substitute: Créme Fraiche. firm cheese similar to a slightly aged Jack. with some nutty character. Substitute: Feta MANCHEGO Mellow. Substitute: Pecorino Romano QUESO CRIOLLO One of the few Mexican "yellow" cheeses very similar to Munster.