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people are not just employees but family.30-DAY INDUCTION PROGRAM Company has a multi-layered 30-day Induction program for the new recruits which covers business. EDGE With the aim to gain that extra edge in customer service. It has following Training and development programs going on. leading to tremendous growth and gains for the individual and the organization. They train all our employees worldwide for technical and soft skills for employees at all levels that hone an individual's business. cultural and behavioral training. company has rolled out a training tool billed ‘EDGE’ (Employee Development Growth and Empowerment) for its infrastructure services division (ISD). This. Company's knowledge management commitment is built around the EDGE Program which is a consciously developed program aimed towards making the company a 'learning organization'. powered by ownership and freedom to experiment. skills and experience of all our technical specialists across the globe. will enhance the servicing efficiency of its professionals. So. The faculty is drawn from HCL and the industry. The areas of focus include both hardware and software . thus helping them to smoothly transition into the Comnet way of life. according to the company. The training will be imparted to cement cross-functional team skills of employees. an organization where growth is measured not just by profits but also as . They provide access to the combined expertise.INTRODUCTION At HCL. the senior management/veteran Comnetians are invited to take special sessions on Comnet culture under value and culture training.wide with over 3000 students. The focus has been on industry-experience and focus on 'real world' practical training. Company believes in empowering people to help achieve their goals – goals that are achieved by the coming together of talent and innovation. This guarantees a high quality of support for customers in their core business processes. technical and managerial skills.starting from basics in hardware and networking to server related and security. Company has a friendly. technology. unlimited empowerment to execute their dreams and the rare opportunity to be an entrepreneur. HCL has the career development centers span India . employees get endless freedom to experiment. collaborative culture where they believe that they learn from each other. like an important member of the family should. As a very important part of the Induction program.

company has started customized training and education services to produce employable manpower. training mediums vary from Training & Development @ HCL. For a brief period they are exposed to an environment of simulated training. Customized to the industry . the employees are then awarded certifications. the top twenty are selected for the program. Based on the evaluations that are carried out on the basis of the rankings they receive from the tests. which in turn describes the necessary tasks in supporting customers at all levels. MANAGEMENT TRAINING Since Managers play a key role in ensuring that their team members are groomed as respecting and tolerant individuals. Accordingly. Apart from customer sensitivity from the employees’ standpoint there are a set of objectives that these training programs are meant to attain. This format is crucial to having a specific focus in approaching customer service. to video broadcast to captive classroom training etc. It also becomes the mode to enhance self-reliance and selfempowerment in handling large complex projects.the synergetic growth of each of its employees. there is an online test for company professionals across the nation. Under EDGE. company also sponsors employees for training programs/certifications for external organizations like Cisco etc. the Top Gun School for Sales and Star Tech program for technical Based on the performance in the initiative. It exposes the professionals to a structured pattern of learning. company has some sub-programs focused at training dedicated groups like. The tool is deployed through a host of learning programs and star tech programs that is designed for the technical professional is the lead initiative by which the company aligns it to the overall training interventions of the organization. The EDGE training is set up to follow the professional development (career paths) within the organization. Depending on the employee capability and interest. HCL'S EDUCATIONAL SERVICES In HCL’s tryst to enable quality training to our ‘young’ country. company also provides Leadership Training Programs and Managerial Skills Programs to them. Employees are also allowed to take sabbaticals to pursue management & other higher studies.

Company is offering a comprehensive Sales and Marketing training on IT products. company has started a unique Program for fresh graduates who have a passion to achieve. during which the candidate undergoes Sales orientation classes alongside Technical grooming on IT. It is proposed to be a yearlong training with 3-4 weeks of residential Instructor Led Training (ILT). IT Products. Company aims to take a set of young people. . The intention is to produce candidates who will have capabilities to be productive in such areas of IT services where such training is successfully completed. The year long program will include 6 weeks of exhaustive class-room and practical training conducted by experienced professionals of HCL. Sales & Marketing Training Program To cook a new CEO in its employees. Job oriented IT training program To meet this mammoth requirement of employable engineers. The program is targeted at bright and fresh Bachelors in engineering candidates. On successful completion of the program the candidate would get a certificate from HCL and also could land with Job opportunities in the IT industry as well other business organization including our company. Trainee will be eligible for a monthly stipend after completing it. affiliates and group companies. HCL's offerings for Education Services are as follows: 1. Network Operating Systems. and set their minds on fire. Security and other IT Infrastructure Services. After the completion of the program candidate is considered for a suitable opening in HCL and also for an Executive Management Program conditional to good performance during service. the remaining period is On-Job Training (With Stipend as applicable) at HCL offices. HCL has launched a IT Infrastructure Management Training Program. 3 . The remaining period would be live sales experience under the vastly experienced HCL staff. Services and Solutions. Service and Solutions. 2. The Program focuses on providing hi-tech Training as per the curriculum to the selected candidates in the stream of Computer Networks.requirements our educational services are focused towards technologies related to IT Infrastructure and IT Sales. Technology.

The program focuses on preparing a new breed of technocrats who would be smart business developers also having a right blend of technical know-how. SDLC. 3. . Candidates could also be nominated for a Executive Management Program from an Management Institute of good repute. The year long training would be mentored by the vastly experience HCL employees. testing. Implementation. maintenance and overall engineering environment. Testing. Maintenance and soft skills. Certified Software Engineer Program The program focuses on preparing a well equipped software engineer who will have capabilities in dealing with the most challenging software development. In addition to technology training we shall also focus on developing the soft skills of the trainee to bring out a complete engineer from a fresh engineer. The Program focuses on providing hi-tech Training as per the curriculum to the selected candidates in the stream of Software . The program involves class-room training followed by On Job project work at any office of the company. The intention is to produce candidates who will have capabilities to be productive in such areas of Software where such training is successfully completed.Development. Support. The year long training would have a mix of class room and on-job project work with stipend.

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