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Every time I have been to Venice I have had an amazing holiday.

Not only is the city incredible for its history, it is incredible for its food, its architecture, and its uniqueness. I have been in both summer and winter and would suggest that either of those seasons is perfectly fine for a visit. In summer it gets very hot and crowded, and in Winter it is not crowded but can be a bit on the cold side. If you are interested in old Churches, this is the place to go – there is one around every corner. The ambience of the city is one of mystery and rich culture. I recommend the Hotel Bauer which is just a few meters away from the San Marco square (the heart of the city). One of the best things about Venice is that you can leave your hotel and just start walking – you don’t need to worry about maps as you will eventually find your way back to the hotel. This is also an excellent way to explore the tiny dark alleys. Be sure to go for a trip on a gondola – but be prepared to pay big for the privilege – it is not cheap – on my last trip it cost me 75 Euros for 45 minutes.

VENICE is a totality. In its present state conservation it is a unique phenomenon, a unique example of total harmony, of utter purity and of the unity of a civilization. It has come down to us intact for one simple reason: it is built on water. Since the water has not changed, Venice could not change

is the outlook that turned inert materials into a living. the statues. We appreciate them because our eyes are 1. It inspired the builders. . Here at last we come to the reason why the whole world speaks of Venice and is right to do so.6 metres above the ground. the disproportionate? In Venice nothing is out of proportion. breathing city--civic spirit! It bursts forth here as it does virtually nowhere else in Western civilization. For those who seek to see to what innumerable peaks of perfection a healthy system can lead humankind. in the proud and cheerful Venetian populace crowding the city's streets. the pedestrians. we are now ready to appreciate all the differences of scale and all the subtlest nuances of this ensemble. squares and magnificent waterfront. the water are all part of a wonderful unity. Civic spirit determined everything in Venice. Venice is an extraordinary example. the paintings. I The result was the joy of creation and of participating in a collective act. \The streets. and they are the instruments with which we measure things. I have shown you how far this "decorative art" (what a pathetic term that is!) can extend. and the happy outcome of the enterprise may be seen today. It breathed a beauty that is both palpable and omnipresent into everyday items. The third factor influencing the character of the place. five or ten centuries later. it created the great public palazzi. more than problems of transport and housing.either! It has remained entire. What is the value of the gigantic but out-of-place. thanks to its watery setting.

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