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Company Profile 2009


PO : 1869, Ruwi, PC: 112 - Sultanate of Oman, Phone: 24816303, Fax: 24812225, Email:, Website:

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Al Khalili is established in 1975 by HE Sheikh Salim bin Hilal Al Khalili and has evolved within three decades into a corporate group to be know as Al Khalili Group of Companies Now the Companies. Believing in keeping the base strong Al Khalili has invested extensively into its Human Resources and its training. Al Khalili values the need of the client first and foremost and brings products and services based on it. group involves in multifaceted ventures in the Infrastructure arena of the Gulf. The fast paced growth of the organization was based on its development in its excellent infrastructure and expert employees. The commitment to 3 . Al Khalili believes that its greatest strength lies in its lowest employee turnover ration in the Middle East and ahs major number of the employees working more than a decade. Giving its staff a secured professional ambience.

experienced and goal-oriented professionals who are continually trained to operate in the Sultanate of Oman as well as in the international environment. unsurpassed value and strict adherence to the committed delivery schedule. Our greatest asset is it’s personnel’s—a team of qualified. Al Khalili understands its commitment to the society and consciously conduct its business adhering professionally to it. invests to develop them through consistent training programs and arrange for professional interaction with each other. 4 . Al Khalili has evolved a business philosophy that optimally suits the current global commercial environment.quality at affordable prices has seen the organization in a commanding position to its competitors. In its very basic form this philosophy entails a combination of uncompromising quality. Al Khalili understand the value of its employees welfare and constantly strives to provide the best ambience for them to work.

The following are the services being undertaken by the division: 1. Firewalls & WAN/LAN optimization h) Customer Flow (Queue /visitor) Management i) Point to Point Wireless & METRO Networks 5 .With advent of rapid expansion in the last decade the Al Khalili’s Electromechanical Division catered to many prestigious projects including those of government sectors. Installation & Monitoring) f) Wireless Survey & Carpeting g) VPN. IT INTEGRATION a) Servers & Storage b) Switching & Routing c) IP Telephony d) IT security e) Data Centers (Design.

Wireless Long Hauls. SWAN.2. 3. TELECOMMUNICATION & WIRELESS INTEGRATION a) Small Digital ISDN switching devices suitable for SOHO applications (SBDX) b) Digital Integrated Voice and Data Server/ Digital Integrated Voice and Data Server c) Coral CTI Products (Active Office SUIT) d) UMS (Unified Messaging System) e) Stand Alone. POWER PROTECTION a) UPS & Invertors b) Servo Stabilizers c) Generators d) Special Application Batteries 6 . Fully Integrated DIALOGIC Based VMS & Customised IVR Solutions. f) Metro Networks.

SECURITY & ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS a) CCTV – Analogue. b) IP based CCTV for WAN & LAN networks c) Unified networks for Security & IT application d) Homeland security devices e) Baggage screeners. ELECTRICAL WORKS a) Building electrification works from conduits laying up to LV Panel installation.e) Solar Power Applications 4. Main Power Connection and Testing & Commissioning b) Substation Works c) Light Fittings and Luminaries 7 . Digital. Back Scatter scanning units. f) Access Control Systems g) Fire Alarms 1.

MECHANICAL WORKS a) Hot and Cold water supply system b) Drainage System c) Sanitary ware supply and fixing d) Fire Fighting Installations and Equipments e) LP Gas piping works f) Sewage Treatment Plants g) Plumbing Maintenance Works h) STP Maintenance Works 8 .a) b) c) d) External Services for Buildings Structured cabling Fire Alarm Installation Electrical Maintenance Works 2.

the following: a) Ducted type Air Conditioning works b) Split Units c) Package Units d) Cassette Type Air Conditionings e) Central A/C System f) Window Type A/C System g) Chiller Plants h) General Maintenance Works 9 . The services span to. but not limited to.from designing and initial ducting. conduits up to mounting the units and testing & commissioning as well as maintenance. HVAC WORKS Al Khalili Electromechanical Division undertakes all type of air conditioning works for the buildings .3.

000 1.000. mechanical.000. Ahmed Mohd.000 300. Salem Hilal Al Khalili/ Al Khalili Shk.000.000 300.000 1. Saeed Hilal Al Khalili/ Al Qasim Shk. Al Essai/ Al Khalili Ministry of Health/Al Qasim Ministry of Health/Al Qasim Ministry of Health/ Al Badi Ministry of Health/ ICC S# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DETAIL Judiciary Institute al Al Khuwair Higher Technical College at Shinas SINCO Accommodation at Masirah Commercial Complex at Ghubrah New Commercial Complex at Ghubrah Filling Station Warehouse at Ghala Health Centre at Sumail Health Centre at Izki Extended Health Centre at Saham CONSULTANT Panorama NEO MOD Ibn Bhalla NEO Kadiri Consultants Gulf Engg Consultancy Gulf Engg Consultancy Gulf Engg Consultancy Gulf Engg Consultancy VALUE (RO) 2.000 900.000.500.000 500. plumbing and Air Conditioning Works in the following projects: CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs / Al Qasim Ministry of Manpower / Saif Al Ajmi Ministry of Defense/ ICC Shk.000.800.Al Khalili’s Electromechanical Division has completed all electrical.000 2.000.000 4.000 350. 10 Health Centre at Al Ansab 10 .

000 375.000.000 5.000 2.000. modification at SQU 16 New Technical College 17 Industrial Bank of Oman at CBD Area 18 Auto Mart at Al Khuwair 19 Trowers & Hamlins Office at CBD 20 Golden Pearl Jewelry at Qurum 11 . 11 Health Centre at Birkat Al Mouz 12 Sohar Refinery Company 13 Oman Housing Bank at Sohar 14 Barka Power Plan 15 Female res.000 125.000 10.S# DETAIL CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Ministry of Manpower/ Al Qasim Sohar Refinery Co.900.000. Muammer Enal Power SQU RGO Tinley Simmons Huckle & Partners/ Tinley Simmons - VALUE (RO) 390.000 25./ Al Rawahi Oman Housing Bank/ Saleh Al Kindi Enal Power/ AES/ Dogluous OHI SQU / Al Khalili Royal Guard of Oman/ Decor Industrial Bank of Oman/ Decor Gulf Auto at AlHarthy/Abou Nabil Doglous. OHI Shk.000 8.000.000. Salman at Qurum CONSULTANT GEC Sohar Refinery Co.000 102.

at Al Khuwair 24 Int’l Golden Furniture at Al Khuwair 25 New Drama Hall Modification at SQU 26 27 Halli Borton World Wide New Office at Al Khuwair New Jewelry Shop at Al Harthy Complex 28 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 29 Advance Learning Centre Sultan School at Seeb 30 HSBC Branch at Muscat 12 .000 15.000.000 22 Al Kangroo Restaurant at Wadi Kabeer 23 Khalil & Khalili Est.000 45. Abdullah Al Khalili Shk. Sulaiman (Bahrain) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sultan School / Al Qasim Duglous OHI CONSULTANT — — — — SQU — — — Muammir Huckle & Partners VALUE (RO) 85.000 10.S# 21 DETAIL Shell Oman Marketing Office at Mina Al Fahal CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Shell Oman/ Tarmac Alawi Silver Star Trdg.000 50.000. Shk.000.000 15.000.000 72.000 600. Ghazali SQU Hali Burton Oman Shk.

000 6.000 350.000 13 .000 250. Salem Hilal Al Khalili/ Al Khalili Diwan of Royal Court/ Al Rawahi Int’l Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Tourism/ Services Trading OHI Group Al Buraimi Group Diwan of Royal Court CONSULTANT VALUE (RO) 60.000.000 110.S# 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 DETAIL OTE Car Show Room at Wattayya HSBC Branch at Muscat Shell Filling Station at Al Ghobrah Bait Al Baraka Palace Health Centre at Al Khuwair Health Centre at Al Amarat Al Bustan Palace Hotel OHI Telecom at Al Khuwair Dream Tourist Village at Seeb Seyyid Tariq Bin Taimour Mosque at Seeb CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Saud Bahwan Group Duglous OHI Shk.000 545.500.000 Diwan Royal Court GEC GEC Tinley Simmons — Al Kamal IDC

Al Qasim Trdg. Salem Hilal Al Khalili Sultan School / Al Qasim Al Qasim Tradg.000 500.000.000 650.000.000.000 350.000.000 350.500.000 1.000 3. Ministry of Health/ Al Badi Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Health/ Al Qasim Ministry of Health/Al Badi CONSULTANT — — — — GEC GEC GEC GEC GEC GEC VALUE (RO) 225.S# 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 DETAIL Rainbow Car Wash (Shell Fuel Station at Al Ghobrah Staff Accommodation for Sultan School at Seeb Qurum International Hotel at Qurum Commercial Building at CBD Extended Health Centre at Rustaq Health Centre at Musanna Health Centre at Suwaiq Health Centre at Barka Health Centre at Liwa Health Centre at Hafeet CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Shk.000.000.000 500.000.000.000 14 .100.000 500.

Ministry of Health/ Al Khalili Ministry of Health/ Al Khalili CONSULTANT GEC NEO NEO NEO NEO — GEC Azri VALUE (RO) 350.000.000 25.000.000 100.000 350.S# 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 DETAIL Health Centre at Khabourah Nursing College Complex Oman Tourism College Child Care Centre French Embassy Air Conditioning Works for Palm Guarden at Sohar Health Centre at Bidbid WHO Office Block at Al Ghubrah CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Ministry of Health/ Al Badi SQU Ministry of Manpower SQU French Embassy Gulfar Engg.000.000.000 150.500.000.000 3.000 152.000.000 15 .000.000.000 350.

000.000 180.S# 59 60 61 62 63 64 OXY DETAIL CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR OHI OHI Ministry of Manpower Sakr Ministry of Manpower Ministry of Manpower CONSULTANT Huckle & Ptnrs — VALUE (RO) 350.000 26.000 100.O.000 Earnest & Young HO Ministry of Manpower—H.000. Counter building Sakr Software—|Server room Shinas College—Access Control & CCTV International Maritime college— Server Room & CCTV 16 .000.000.000 14.

000.800.000 2 Ministry of Manpower — 5 GEC 3.000 3 Ministry of Education - 300.O .Low Voltage & Small Power systems Technical College IT Labs—Various Locations Ministry of Education—Various schools IT labs M&E Works at Female Residence Complex at SQU M&E Works at International Maritime College at Sohar Tebodin — 90.S# DETAIL CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR CONSULTANT VALUE (RO) 1 Tebodin H.000.000 17 .000 4 SQU/ Al Khalili Ministry of Manpower/ Al Khalili NEO 850.

000 7 8 GEC GEC 125.000 125.000.000.Salalah M&E Works at Health Center at Mawaleh M&E Works at Health Center at Sawadi Commercial Building at Al Ghobrah Maintenance and Services of Air Conditioning.S# DETAIL M&E Works at Tertiary Care Clinic at Sultan Qaboos Hospital . Salem Hilal Al Khalili/ Al Khalili CONSULTANT VALUE (RO) 6 Asie Etudes 1.000. IT.000 10 Al Khalili Group — 100.800.000.000 9 Design Consultants 450.000 18 . Telephone.000. Power protection System in all branches and headquarter of Al Khalili Group CLIENT/ MAIN CONTRACTOR Ministry of Health/ Al Khalili Ministry of Health/ Al Khalili Ministry of Health/ Al Khalili Shk.

Sheikh Qais Salim Hilal Al Khalili Group Managing Director Sheikh Talal Salim Hilal Al Khalili Dy. Managing Director Jude A Gerard General Manager 19 . Managing Director Sheikh Sult Salim Hilal Al Khalili Asst. Managing Director Sheikh Bassam Salim Hilal Al Khalili Asst.

Commercial Registration Certificate Specimen Signature Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate Tender Board Registration Certificate ROP Certificate 20 .