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For the big bang to have happened there must have been an imbalance at the start of the universe

, for if there were to be a collision outside of time which ended in the creation of matter there must have been more energy/matter than there was anti matter or the equivalent. Throughout history we have seen that creation has come through destruction it is the constant stripping and rebuilding of civilisation which makes way for the new one to emerge. Like a phoenix from the ashes the re-born structure often appears the same if not identical. Take for example the destruction of a plain via a volcano. This destructive force destroys the plain with fire and brimstone yet it will rejuvenate. Like a phoenix from the ash it raises the same as before, this method of recycling I will name re-birth. So from looking around us the pattern which we see is that from out of destruction emerges the same. Very rarely does destruction ever change anything; this rarity is what I believe led to our creation. Modern physics will dictate that this big bang came to be after particles collided with one another to produce an excess of energy, from small amounts of matter seem to be huge amounts of energy which is how we harness this energy from fission, the constant splitting of atoms leads to a release of energy but not a creation. It may also be argued that empirical evidence will lead you to the observation that this sudden release of energy would not have been able to occur outside of time and space as this is the point that we are trying to reach via rationalism. Would it not be more obvious to suggest that to create something wholly new you must amalgamate something? This fusion effect I would suggest can be empirically verified to create many more wholly new things rather than the destruction which we are trying to suggest. Take for example the creation of a baby; the production line must be created through fusion of a sperm and an egg. Take for example the production of literally anything we see in the world, it is the fusion or combining of elements which we see produces a whole host of WUNDERBAR. Atomic fusion is a process similar to fission as it produces excess amounts of energy. It is what stars use to create energy and all known elements. It is the continual fusion of hydrogen the most simple particle we know consisting of only 1 proton and neutron. The continuous fusion of these Lego bricks of life can make anything from iron to gold. The creation of these particles depends upon the state of the star. A star burning like our sun with a lot of energy produces only helium. Which is the combination of two hydrogen atoms? As the star becomes a black hole going through a process of self destruction which necessitates the creation of all other “heavier” elements such as iron, gold, copper etc… this happens because the star having released so much energy becomes so vastly huge its own gravitational pull creates an implosion as it collapses in on itself , becoming ever denser and denser. In fact some stars named black dwarves become so dense that a single penny sized piece of it would be so heavy that it would fall straight through the earth as there is nothing denser than it which could stop it from moving.