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Project Brief

General Description The module enables students to work in interdisciplinary teams using an adequate scientific methodology in a management and business area. Specific Description Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN - Research and Technology Innovations Department in Munich) is looking for new ways of measuring innovation performance, measuring the progress of innovation, innovation project tracking, and finally key performance indicators (KPI) for innovations. Project Description On January 17th 2012 the Executive Board of Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) has approved to find new ways of measuring innovation and identifying key performance indicators (KPI). Successful technological innovation is a powerful weapon to create competitive advantage. That is why companies invest a lot of money in the research and development of innovative products. But how do companies know that the money is usefully spent? How does NSN know that the money is useful spent? What is missing is the presence of valid and reliable measures of key innovation characteristics. This would lead to a higher quality of business case forecasts and makes actual revenues of new products transparent and cause actions to meet target. Within the automotive industry typically KPIs are applied widely and this in a structured way. The culture of production facilities soon brought essential KPIs into live such as Six Sigma schemes and other KPIs to measure and cause improvements. Even today many KPIs for innovation are related to incremental improvements. Since the mobile access to the internet - always on- anywhere has appeared and has been commodity a multitude of opportunities is given to the complete automotive industry. Totally new business models with disruptive potential such as mobile car services, energy, multimedia and entertainment will enter and change this industry. One example is the rewarded technology to prevent accidents by online video evaluation to identify critical situations in the streets. To measure such progress within innovations traditional KPIs which concentrate on incremental improvements will fail. Thus KPIs are needed to measure the impact of new products and services for new or even future markets. The students work as a two (competing) groups. It is the objective of the groups to come up with a composite measure of NSN’s output related innovativeness. This includes a discussion and understanding of a typical KPI for innovation, selection of KPIs according to phases within an Innovation process and according to an innovation strategy (e.g. open Innovation).
Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you should have acquired:  The latest knowledge about car communication technology:  Knowledge about the organisation of the corporate innovation process and its management  Competencies how to manage a project, for example: o identify different task for team members; e.g. team leader o time management

04. NSN (project brief and introduction to innovation mgt) Munich. Building 41 (Rotunde). presentation. project report Optional: chapter 8 Contact Details / Kursevaluation Contact You can request a meeting anytime. deliverables chapter 3. (present your lab KPIs) skype.augsdorfer@haw-ingolstadt.php?id=560 Login Password: SS2012 Evaluation Please evaluate the course at the end. 81541 München Moodle Moodle Seite: 17. +49 (0) 172 526 4604 or Skype: Fabian. (classify KPIs) Munich.2012 04. Tél.2 Assessment                       Credits This course is credited with 10 ECTS (4 SWS).05. 15. At the end of this course you will receive a:  mark for this class  a special certificate that you have worked with NSN Deliverables  10 page report about KPIs  Max.30 hours 11:00 hours 11:00 hours 09:00 hours 09:00 hours 11.2012 12.2012 23. The link for course evaluation can be found at: http://www.schlage Meeting place: NSN Munich: St-Martin-Str. (present automotive + communication lab) skype.04. room V113 (Kick-off Meeting) Please note: as we are dealing with highly sensitive data you will have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) . deliverables: KPI (chapter 2) .2012 16.05. (present lab players and network) Munich. NSN. deliverables chapter 6.03.schlage@nsn.2012 20.surveymonkey. deliverables chapter 5.00 hours 09:00 hours 11:00 hours Ingolstadt.haw-ingolstadt. NSN. 10 min a video showing how you reached the results (not boring to watch!)  Final / intermediate presentations Assessment criteria:  Quality of project report: quality/quantity of KPIs (30%)  Quality of video (30%)  Quality of presentation and R&D lab model (30%)  Project participation (10%) Meetings 20. deliverables chapter 4.2012 22.06.05. deliverables video.03. Email: peter. Its best to send an email beforehand. It helps us to improve the project. +49 171 374 9698 or Skype: peter-x-1000 Email: fabian. Tél.