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2004-2005 Aprilia Mille

I n s ta l l a t i o n I n s t r u c t i o n s

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Power Commander USB Cable CD-ROM

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Installation Guide Power Adapter Power Commander Decals Dynojet Decals Velcro

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Faceplate Buttons USB Port

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The ignition MUST be turned OFF before installation!

You can also download the Power from our web site at:

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i908--411 2004-2005 Aprilia Mille - PCIII USB - 1

The sensor is located on the back side of the throttle i908--411 www.PCIII USB . C 6 Unplug the wiring harness from the throttle position sensor (Fig. 2 3 Fig. Lift up the front of the fuel tank. B). 5 Loosen these bolts Repeat steps 3-4 for the left hand side. B Align the PCIII connector to the stock wiring harness as shown below. A). body.powercommander. C).1 Unplug this connector Remove the seat. A 4 PCIII connectors Plug one of the leads from the PCIII in line of the stock connector and injector (Fig. Disconnect the wiring harness from the injector on the right hand side of the bike by pushing up (squeeze) on the spring clips from the injector connector (Fig.2 . PCIII connector align with the Stock connector The square edges of the spring clip side of the stock wiring harness PCIII square edges Spring clip Stock TPS connector 2004-2005 Aprilia Mille . Fig.

The wire color can vary from Wire tap bike to bike.D).5v when it is open. i908--411 www.5v when the throttle is closed Attach the grey wire from the PCIII to the wire tap. Ground wire from PCIII Fig. To verify the corWith the ignition on the wire should have around and 4. with the alcohol swab before attaching. Y ou your local dealer. Make sure to clean both surfaces Note: It is recommended to use the Dynojet O2 controller (part the PCIII. 9 Attach the ground wire from the PCIII to the negative side of the battery (Fig. #76125002) in conjunction with will allow you have full control This O2 controller Fig F over the fuel curve by eliminatalso have the option of having your ECU set to RACE mode using the AXIONE tool from ing the closed loop area. E 10 Install the PCIII in the tail section using the supplied 2004-2005 Aprilia Mille .E).3 .PCIII USB . 8 . If you ECU is set to RACe mode you do NOT need the O2 controller.powercommander. D rect wire use a voltmeter to check the wire.Grey wire from PCIII 7 Attach the supplied wire tap to the middle wire (Fig. Fig.