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Elbit Systems Skylark Mini-UAV System

• Recent Successes in Mini-UAV competition: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • Selected by Israeli Defense Forces following national tender and formal flyoff tests. Only system to succeed in IDF tests.
Selected by advanced European country following international tender. Delivered to international customer in Asia. Others (Confidential).

Meets mandatory conditions for wide spread Mini-UAV system for ground/special forces operations: ♦ Man portable - System of 3 UAVs carried by 2 men on back packs ♦ Minimal setup time - less than 10 minutes including mission planning ♦ Simple and highly automatic operation - advanced flight modes, no complex
operation/tools, no external pilot required, easy graphic interface

♦ ♦ ♦ •

Automatic and accurate UAV recovery - simple command, no run way needed, air bag protected - no damage Reliable and Robust with quick turn around time - need only to change battery & fold air bag Affordable with simple maintenance and low life cycle cost

High and Cost/Effective Performance: ♦ High quality picture, gimbaled & stabilized day or night payload (field

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Wide payload coverage sector - enables holding on to a detected target during UAV maneuver Stabilized payload + high zoom enable detailed observation of targets such as humans, monitoring their actions, etc. Endurance - enables flight to mission area and intelligence collection - 90 minutes (with rechargeable batteries) Mission radius supporting over the hill operations - 10 km Capable of operating in high elevation mountainous terrain - flight ceiling up to 15000 ft ASL Large speed range - high dash speed with optimal loiter slow speed (24..60 knots) Effective autonomous flight modes - enhance mission effectiveness Highly ergonomic, advanced ground control unit - tactical display, video, advanced map functions, image recording, graphic mission planning & control Silent and covert Multi air vehicle system - team of two deploys system of 3 UAVs, provides time & mission flexibility (future growth - concurrent control of 2 UAVs)


un 0019MD-00 skylark-short-brief for UVS.doc


Skylark Characteristics and Performance Summary Proprietary Information

2005 Page 1

can be connected to wireless LAN tactical COMMs (system enhancement option) ♦ Enables real time live video transmission .doc 0019MD-00 Skylark Characteristics and Performance Summary Proprietary Information 2005 Page 2 .• Connectivity and Commonality: ♦ Light Weight Remote Video Terminal (RVT) option ♦ Enables tactical communication with nearby forces .can be connected to Elbit's VSAT system to enable real time live video transmission to remote units/HQ (system enhancement option) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ un 0019MD-00 skylark-short-brief for UVS.

.5 kg Complete system transport . Video replay. stabilized Endurance .-120 deg in Pitch and +/.doc 0019MD-00 Skylark Characteristics and Performance Summary Proprietary Information 2005 Page 3 .10 minutes Automatic (hand held) launch Day/night payload. Wireless LAN and VSAT (SATCOM) video transmission enhancement options Robust and reliable system Only Mini-UAV system selected by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).10 km Speed .by two people in back packs (see system composition) Setup time . line of sight and terrain coverage computations Tactical display including air vehicle position and payload trace as well as tactical information Video recording concurrent with video display.24.15. • • • • • • • • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ un 0019MD-00 skylark-short-brief for UVS.90 minutes (with rechargeable batteries) Mission radius .3 air vehicles. 1 mini ground control and data link Autonomous flight modes: ♦ Fly by route ♦ Fly to coordinate ♦ Hold coordinate ♦ Fly by camera guide (air vehicle slaving to the payload) ♦ Lost link procedure ♦ Recovery maneuver Silent electric motor Ergonomic operation tray Raster/Vector/Ortho photo map display with DTM..Skylark System Characteristics and Performance Summary • • • • • • • • • • • Maximum take-off weight – 4. Selected by international customers worldwide.60 Knots Ceiling .90 deg Roll).000 ft ASL System composition . gimbaled (0.