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Gelatine Flowers Gelatine Flowers

Need: Powdered gelatine (one sachet per colour) 3 tablespoons water (per sachet of gelatine) 28 gauge wires (or smaller) in green and white Mugs to mix gelatine Lustre Paste colouring Oasis to put your dipped flowers in to dry

To finish Flower stamens (colour/style to your choice) Florist tape (1/2 width)

1) Bend all your green wires into leaf shapes. If you want to do different style leaves do them in bunches of three. Bend all the white wires into petal shapes, but make sure you do them in bunches of five to ensure your flowers have the same shaped petals.


Make up a separate batch of gelatine for each colour you want to use as below:

a. Place three tbsp cold water into a mug. Add ½ teaspoon of lustre and add your colouring. Beat well to ensure all colouring is mixed in. Then add a sachet of gelatine. Once you have added the gelatine DO NOT BEAT THE MIXTURE as this will cause bubble, stir very gently. b. Slowly heat up the mixture. You know it is ready when you can remove a spoon and the back of the spoon is smooth. There will be gelatine lumps if it has not mixed yet. Leave the mixture in the hot water while dipping to ensure it does not dry up.

Dip into the liquid and lift out very slowly. start by taping one leaf ensuring the twisted wire is covered by the tape. therefore only tape one petal at a time.3) When ready to dip your petals and leaves bend the shape plus twisted wire so the shape can be dipped horizontally into the liquid. Once all three leaves in place tape down the rest of the wire. This can be stored in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer. Hold for a couple of seconds till the film settles. 10) There are two ways to finish off your flowers – corsage or long trellis . If do this a few times may find it gets thick and need to add a tiny bit of boiling water. (I found that my oasis lasts a lot longer if I section it out with drinking straws . Make sure you do not move the tape down the wire until all five petals are in place. 6) To reheat. 9) For the leaves. tape around the bottom of the stamen to hold it together. however only for 5 to 10 seconds at a time until melted and ready to use. When flower is composed tape down the wires to keep together. wrap very tightly in cling film and put into heavy duty food bag. put into a mug and can use either hot water or can microwave. 4) Do this with all of your shapes and leave to dry. Once hardened can cut out of mug with a knife. 8) Add and tape up one petal at a time at the very base of the petal – the twisted wire should be covered by the tape. Then lift out completely and place stem into a block of oasis to dry. Compose all your flowers this way. Tape this leaf into place and then add a third leaf to the other side. take the mug out of the hot water pan and wait for it to harden. Tape down the wire approx 1 cm and add another leaf. Only takes half an hour but best to leave overnight until the gelatine film feels like paper.only takes half an hour but well worth it! I've also done it with larger straws to dry my cake pops in!!) 5) To reuse your mixed gelatine. If you tape them all at the same time the petals will slide up and down. 7) Once gelatine has dried then ready to tape flowers up. Bend your flower stamen in half (can use a couple/different colours etc to your preference) and using florist tape.

keep taping down the wire. c) Add another two leaves. ring.g. Keep going in this manner until your trellis is at your length. . then add a set of leaves to either side. hair piece a) Tape up a leaf wire from a couple of centimetre down. c) Then add two more leaves one at each side. d) If you are making a ring. b) A couple of centimetres down add one flower then another flower. bend the trellis round and then use the tape to secure it into a circle. Bend and adjust flowers/leaves to suit. e) To finish the corsage tape the last three/four leaves facing inwards towards the flower.Corsage a) Tape up a leaf wire from a couple of centimetre down. b) Then add three flowers to the centre of the corsage. then add a set of leaves to either side.. tape the flowers from a couple of centimetres down so can arrange flowers when corsage is complete. Long Trellis – e. d) Continue adding leaves and flowers until your corsage is size you want it. Keep taping the wire down the wire to make longer. candle holder. f) Finishing taping all the wires down to the bottom. again leaving a couple of centimetres free.