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January 1995 16€939




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Riqhi 402 0 . 0 1 1 0 0 . 0 8l/4-20 x 1/2' Tamper ProolScrews 4020-01178-08 l/4-20 x 1/2' Het-headEolt 432601124-32 t/4-20 2' Hex-h€ad x Boh 4320-01124-56 t/4-20 3 l/2'Hex-head x Bon '12 470G00032. 1 3 5 4 6 01.CONVERSION PBOCEOUBE Unpackmalorialsfrom carlonand cherk for obvioussigns of damage. Use checktist below besurekitis complole.1 3 8 5 8 l6-9939 20-i0140 20-10166-05 20-10166-08 31-2303 31-2304 Tamp€r Prool Wrench T27 Tamper Prool Sc€w BnT15 Tamp€r Prool Sc€w B T27 Mafquee Arlwork.008-265 x. to IIEMDEgCFIPTION Neon H€ader Assembly a-19993 A 5343-45736-10 IO EPFIOM U A-5343-45736-11 U11 EPROIJ! A-5343-457 -12 U12EPBOM 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 a-5343-45736. andSuooll ForOrllllnq Tumino and Scr€ws 1"or 1 1/8" Diam€ter Cable ior Holes 7/16 Sockst 7/16'Wrcnch ard Tl 5TodB 4420-0141-00 1 2 2 I T27TorxB supp supp t t .U I 3 E P ROM 13 H -1 4004 H.1 9 4 9 2 01.1 0 1 -13€11-2 Marquee Mountinq B€ckel 0t .067FlatWasher 4702-00014-008 22 5 7 97-14511-00 Linkinq Cable Notäll mounling nardware this kftwill be used.€xirahasbeenprovided. ln F€commended Tool.1 3 8 1 1 .625x.

Olt '1 .SETUP INSTRUCTIONS install NOTE:To BASIC KlT. Tumpow6r andunplugboh games. marquseexlrusions marquees bothdbinsrs. 2. as €hown6bove. Remove lM sid€s ro b€ faslsn€d iog€ will b€ reusedlo molnt head€r ass6mbly). Kii . Unlock open and reardoolE.lollow starred instruclions only. Boll the lr/o cabin€lstogelhd using hadwarc. 1/2' t x N1a eaLl tz) '5. Rsmovo wlll not bo us€dwlihlhe n6onhoadsrasaembly on Detuxe only. outsr cabinetsides(sav€lt s boll.lrcn lhe spa.rLirh Emovd lor dn*ino crrny.) iour bolrsand nutslrom alongcabinetlop and back€dg€s(r€mo!€onty '3. Bomov€one boll Änd nlt lrom top.e 2 . The exirusions and on '4. (P. )/1 2r | .

simpty ä 1'or 1 1/8'dtamer€r of or ule hde saw. A Jig saw may be us€dit caß is tak€navoidwiß tocations insido maqu€€ areas. t" .LOW'A FRONT BRACKiT '6. Us€ü|€ddlling lsmptata matkcabt€hot€tocaüorc ro (r6mptat€ üe tasipag€in is lhrs boo*|e0.xtstng hotas cabinsi Dd[ä s€deaot on top. drdeisr hores aoundih€penmetercirEt€. &€. 3 .Flap tempkte roddl hot€ opposing over tor csbtn€1.rew!.l 7. 6tarwashüsard thrc6tamp€r llai washers cablngl trom bas€. hsralllow6|lrcnrbacket. Scr6w bEctsl In place using existing ihe hardwaro. Align templar€ wiü. Remov€ pool s.

rew through cabin€i. iollowing 4 . hslallnsn h€ad€r assembly.slar washeßand iai washsß. tngd üghtinb headsrmouniing blackets. Withthe T27screwbit. tvo Nopte. ßmovetüb tamperproofsc€ß. hex-h4d scr€ws. page). and lrom spar€partsbag. tiris is whereh€adermounüng bracketswill lasten (se€ "rOP V1EW CAB|NETS" OF above). S. starwash€6 andttal washers fromouler edg6ol eachcabinottop. sid€ol h4der ass€mbly. f4 ur-o BAC I\ - FA\ L 44 zz I ]Eq DF RV ) I \' N! ' :RA' []T S panellrom Romov€ melalback headdassembty.20r t/2. Adjustfroni n€onhousing flushto rionl edgsof cabinel!. €) Replaceltte lwo bolts pfsviouslysaved rrcm oui€r csbiner€ides.(see"HEADEF into PLATES'.h€n light6nmouniing scrsws. pef slar washers llar washeG bracker.8. using hsiarr hgadermounring brackgtsusingtrc 1/4. rh€ next steprcqulrc. th€T15sc€w bit. ft w t makethalob d@h easleL d) Räisenem h€ad€r assembly atignmouniing and bEck€tswith iotes in cabansls.hs€rl p€vioosly r€moved scrsws.theywill be r€us€d mount heÄder to the brackets. S6r screws aside.

Conn€clledd Iamp€ble (oEng6-violst) wh@lboad al localion (H-19492) Y4abls (H-14CO4). locatodundff cPU boad ehi6ld.lh€n hrough ihe €xisiingnolchssIn back ot cabinolmärqu6s a€a6. bill AC conn€ciY{€bl€ ro Ac lin€voltag€ cabls. NOTE:Ih€ cabansi tluoß6c€ntcäbl6s aE rculEd lhrcugh lh€se notch$.lhroughlop hole ol €achcabin€i. conn€crY+abiElo billäccspror cabl6(il us6d).AC and lluor€sc€ni cabl6. botnsam69 on 5 . Ac lo 'Conn6cl llnklng csbl€ {5797-145i1-0o) oilhor 2s-pif.cdnoclor. RouieonE€ach. g) Conn€ct cabl€saslollo{/sl 1o P7. so li will bs necassary pushth€rn 6sid6ro run rhe conn€croß to thrcugh.Conn€ctbolh AC cablss (Hn9492)to conn€ciolslocai€dai r€ar ol h€ad€r ass€mbly. D. Connsclfluoresc€ni cabl€ AC !o Disconn€cl acc€plor cabl€(il us€d).

CUTER CABINET S]DE HEADER PIATES Ch€ck makssuroall lighlswoft by switchlng pow€.nomülo spar€parb bag- rq RolrEtällroär m6ial panel on hoadff ass€mblycsletultyio avdd pinchlng 6 . io boh gahss. to On n€w 'DIr}3€rl maqu€€ 6rt usingsmallplasüc€xüwlonsto ßialn adwo* ro bact dd€ ot gla$. 'R€iruiall maquee €xtusionsior BaslcKlt. tont or hoadsruslngth6 T27 scßw bil sD( l/+20 x 1/2 tanper plool scrswq star washoß and flät |va8hsß. D Scßw rslt and dghl hsadd plal63on botlim. Slid6glassbact Inb vroodgroov6s.

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D|PSdr Srrülg! lbr llnl(6d06n€3shoütdb€ a! nrkws: lJr qü|.CRUISNUSAIJNKING KIT MANUAL AMENDMENT IMPORTANT INFORMATION! : . (PlF l) DlPsüidrz(U94 SwE oN(unk on) sw8= oN (Masr€d Alt G.rD (PLy.r 2) DIPSwlbh (U94 2 =ON (Linkon) SWG Swo--oFF(shv6) .