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Ipoh is the capital city of Perak Darul Ridzuan. It is approximately 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur on the North-South Expressway. The official population as in 2007 is 710,798. Ipoh developed into one of Malaysia's main cities around the turn of the 19th century due to the booming tin mining industry. During the British colonial era, Ipoh was Malaysia's second city for administrative purposes. There are several notable buildings from the British Colonial era such as the railway station and the town hall. The population of Ipoh is majority 70% of Chinese origin. As the capital of Perak Darul Ridzuan, Ipoh is the administrative center, commercial, sporting, cultural, financial, political, religious and educational.

Figure 1.0: Ipoh Map (Google Satellite view)

healthcare.This report will evaluate the sustainability around Ipoh town. Picture : Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) landscaping For Ipoh landscaping design.0) Urban Design Picture : Ipoh building architecture Ipoh town buildings are influenced from British tradisonal design including the architecture and landscaping. employment. green space. food. The evaluation will be based on urban design. This town arrangement. economy. recycling and air quality. eco footprint. 1. Most of the building function is for office and business use. appearance and functionality of towns and cities expecially in city center are good beacause of the building is just near to each others. waste. MBI field is the best place to describe about the . education. climate changes. transport. biodiversity. the outdoor and public spaces to achieve environmental and socio-behavioral is in the good rating.

wish is good for the environment. it also has important role in ecosystem function to recycle the water.0) Waste Municipal wastes are managed by Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh or MBI and human waste are manage by Indah Water Konsortium (IWK). Senivasagam and Ipoh padang for the citizen to play and enjoy its beauty. stabilizing climate and soilfertility. Ipoh has a number of reacreation park such as Taman Dr. Besides arround of the town there are a lot of trees. Picture : Ipoh Padang and Ipoh River 3. 2.landscaping. This place where the citizen gather if there is any activities or event around Ipoh. MBI will collect the trash or municipal waste every two days per week for every place in the town however IWK will manage their .0) Biodiversity Picture : Ipoh – A boganville city Ipoh is a city with a rich diversity of biological resources. Picture below shown a tree with a lot of birds at Ipoh Padang and the second picture is Ipoh river crose the Ipoh city. and flowers covering the land. besides this is the center of Ipoh town.

In addition the suburbs area they are a lot of green space for the environmental activities such as tree planting. as the effect the percentage of green space are very high. same thing goes to the agriculture source. Their service can be evaluate as moderate services because of sometime the trash will produce bad smell which is no good for the people around. Figure : Garbage Bin Figure : Behavior minority of Ipoh citizen 4. however Ipoh doesn’t have the source in the Ipoh town to supply the fresh food such as fish and also the at every house yearly. Alternatively the fresh food will be imported from the other district of Perak such as Manjung. For the land use. this can be avoided by collect the waste three to four time per week. MBI also provide garbash bin around the Ipoh town to the citize (as in the first two picture below). They just throw the rubbish on the road and etc. besides the new construction site are in slow rate. however minority of the citizen don’t have the good awareness about cleanliness.0) Eco Footprint There are about 710 000 population of Ipoh. Ipoh has a lot of green space because of the high total area of Ipoh are high. .

Its take about 2 hours and 30 minutes travel by car. People from suburbs going to the city center to get job with government agencies or private sectors. four trips daily. flight and train. 6.5. Most of Ipoh citizen are using car and motorbike to transit from one place and minority as Ipoh citizen are using bicycles as their transportation. ETS is the best way to use to move in and out from Ipoh. this is a good social environment for a developing cities.0) Transport Ipoh is located 200 km from Kuala Lumpur. this is the way for Ipoh citizen who do not . environmental friendly to the users. besides suburb are plenty of housing area with. a few flight operators are operating at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Terminal in Ipoh. furthermore ETS will take only two hours duration and RM30 per person in five trips daily. it is cheap (economic) easy to access. The last option is. bus.0) Employment Ipoh town citizen are employment based on business and for the suburb citizen are industrial bases. The alternative ways travel to Ipoh is by train. Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) provides two type of train from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. Train Shuttle is the conventional train cost about RM22 per person in three hours duration. this is the place where all the buses pick up and drop off passenger from and to all over Peninsular Malaysia. Generally. by car. time saving (social). Ipoh city center consist a lot of shops and a few numbers of housing area. Train Shuttel and Electronic Train Service (ETS). travel to Ipoh is by flight. Medan Gopeng is the main bus terminal in Ipoh. There are a few ways transit from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. Shuttle bus and taxi services is the only public transportation in Ipoh.

have own transport to travel and commuter within the Ipoh area. As a conclusion transportation in Ipoh can consider as good except of the shuttel bus services. The location of the school are very strategic because of parent can drop their children while on the way the to work. primary school. secondary school and college are the formal education serve in Ipoh town. Besides government school such as SMK Anderson. and most of the bus is old bus and it produce bad smoke from the exzos. From my observation the bus services in Ipoh can consider as bad because of there is no time schedule for the bus service. . Transportation : Buses. SMK Teknik Lebuh Cator and SK Tarsiciont Convent. bicycle. international school also available at the center of Ipoh town.0) Education Ipoh is a wide area with the high population of people. Shuttel train. Car and Shuttel bus 7. The road condition in Ipoh can consider as good because of the maintenance service by Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia Ipoh branch. Most o the road in Ipoh are asphalt pavement and only few road in Ipoh are using rigid pavement. Kindergartens. and the bus conductor are not friendly to the customer. therefore a lot of school are required to cater the increasing of people especially children from age 4 until 19 years old to get the formal education. ETS. The bus and taxi are using distance rate.

As capital city of Perak. some of the collage provide the hostel for the students.0) Healthcare Figure : Private hospital around Ipoh town.For higher education there is a few private institution are located in Ipoh such as Cosmopoint. but it is also for people outside from Ipoh especially for secondary and higher education. As a conclusion the education institution in Ipoh not just for Ipoh citizen. . Higher education institution at Ipoh :Cosmopoint and Royal Collage of Medical 8. Royal Collage of Medical and etc. there are seven government and private hospital located around Ipoh (pink cloude is the location of hospital). which is not provided at the other district of Perak state. Ipoh provide a lot of health centre around the town. The servis is not only for ipoh citizen. Map below shown the health centre in Ipoh town. This will attract people to study and live in Ipoh. This is because most of the hospital in Ipoh town is the speciallist hospital. however its for people around the Perak state.

This space is the place of the natural habitat.Map: location of Healthcare center at Ipoh town. surface runoff and etc to balancing the ecosystem. stabilizing climate. Figure : Goverment Hospital – Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun 9. The total area of 643 km2 .0) Green Space Picture : Ipoh recreation area Although Ipoh town are full with the building. . there are a lot of recreation are in Ipoh town that can be as green space at Ipoh. there is a lot of other space.

Temperatures show little variation throughout the year.3) 15 (5. Ipoh's driest month is February which sees 70 mm of rain fall on average.1) 17 (6.9) 9 (3. mountain-building and continental gas concentrations. changes in greenhouse Climate data for Ipoh Month Record high °C Average high °C Average low °C Record low °C Precipitation cm (inches) Jan 35 Feb 36 Mar 36 Apr 36 May 37 Jun 36 Jul 36 Aug 36 Sep 35 Oct 35 Nov 33 Dec 35 Year 37 32 33 33 33 33 33 32 32 32 31 31 31 32 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 17 17 17 20 21 21 20 20 20 20 20 18 17 20 (7. The city's average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.5) 18 (7. These include such processes as variations in solar drift. Ipoh sees high precipitation throughout the year.8) 19 (7. radiation. The wettest month is November where on average 320 mm of rain is seen.7) 27 (10. 2010 through January 10.7) 234 (92.7) 22 (8.0) Climate changes Ipoh features a tropical rainforest climate.5) 21 (8. and deviations in the Earth's orbit.6) 22 (8.9) 7 (2. Factors that can shape climate are climate forcings.10. averaging 2340 mm of rain per year.1) Ipoh yearly local Weather:January 10. 2011 .6) 32 (12.

12. There is a lot of chinese stall around the Ipoh. .11. Ipoh town are based on business oriented. food are one of economic contribution at Ipoh. but most of the land are use to build building to do business. Besides.0) Food As far as chinese cuisine is concern. they come to get the food around the Ipoh town. If we google the word “Ipoh Food”. A lot of hotel around Ipoh are provided to the tourist. there is a lot of blog people far from Ipoh wrote about Ipoh food. Besides there is also a lot of Malay cuisine available around Ipoh town. They are plenty of shop lot in the Ipoh town. As conclusion.0) Economy Picture : Shop and Office lot around Ipoh As mention above. This can be conclude Ipoh economy depend on tourism. Ipoh has the best choice. hotel and office. tourist will come to Ipoh in short period before they go to other place to enjoy the Ipoh heritage. Ipoh doesn’t have huge land for agriculture. Ipoh is a heritage town because of a lot of British building still exists until now.

bus is the heights contribution because of most of the bus in Ipoh is the old bus. CONCLUSION Ipoh cannot be classified as sustainable town because of the social. This is maybe happened because of the stste government dose not run the recycle campaign.0) Recycling Ipoh citizen are lack with the recycle awareness. In Ipoh city center the air pollution is contribute by transportation. On the other hand there is no recycle bin found in the town. Only in certain areas are practicing recycle program. economy and environmental aspect are not balance.0) Air quality Ipoh air quality can be measure at the moderate condition except at the industrial area.Picture : Ipoh heritage (Railway station and High Court) 13. It will produce bad smoke which is not good for human. . There is a lot of thing can be make to improve the Ipoh town to be more sustainable to reach a green and sustainable town. The industrial area in Ipoh also will produce bad smoke. however some of the location of factories are near with the housing area wish is also dangerous to the people and environment surrounding. 14.