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Professional truck drivers Free CDL Hazmat Practice Test PAGE 2

6/20/09 11:31 AM

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Free CDL Hazmat Practice Test Page: 2
8: Only one of these shipping paper descriptions for a hazardous material is
in the right order. Which one is it? a. Hydrogen Bromide, Non-flammable gas, UN 1048 b. UN 1787, Corrosive material, Hydriotic acid c. Corrosive material, Hydrochloric acid, UN 1789 d. Hexane, UN 1208, Flammable liquid

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9: A vehicle carrying explosives has crashed with another vehicle. You
should not pull them apart until: a. the shipper's loading foreman is present. b. the explosives have been placed at least 200 feet away from the vehicles and occupied buildings. c. at least 30 minutes have passed.

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d. all three of the above conditions are met.

10: You may not park a vehicle carrying hazardous materials within______feet
of an open fire.

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a. 100 b. 200 c. 300 d. 400

Page 1 of 3 a. lets the ERT ignore the ID number on the placard 13: When hauling hazardous materials. sharp points that might damage the cargo. 10. 400 11: Before loading or unloading any explosive. b. c. 5.html Page 2 of 3 . check the cargo space for: a. 50 d. loose floor boards or plates. 15. is something that only the shipper needs to worry about. d. a cargo heater that could start. 1 hour or 40 miles b.Professional truck drivers Free CDL Hazmat Practice Test PAGE 2 6/20/09 11:31 AM d. 20. b. c. 2 hours or 100 miles d. tells the degree of control needed during transportation. d. is another way of writing the weight of the package. 12: The transport index of a radioactive material: a. a. 2 hours or 80 miles c. 3 hours or 150 miles 14: To stop for railroad tracks. 35 c. whichever is less. all of the above. 20 b. 65 Ads by Google CDL Hazmat Learner Permit Test Hazmat Test Hazmat Safety Answers ANSWERS: 8: a 9: b 10: c 11: d 12: b 13: c 14: c Navigate http://www. you must stop your vehicle and check any dual tires at least once every_____. you should stop_____to_____feet before the nearest track.

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