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PROBLEM DEFINITION The problem lies between the two context i. Technical System – Latest technology plays a vital role in the field of invoice record keeping. Also the time and manpower is also less required. It became easy to record and handles the record in very structured and organized database which is connected to computer.e. Manual System – This type of system is very time consuming and very bulky to handle. between the manual system of invoice recording and automation system of invoice recording. This include very long and bulky paper work which has different prone to error and also unstructured. .

Informative. Structured and organized recording. The reasons behind the need of invoice management system are as follows: • • • • • Fast and Accurate data. Low cost of recording.NEED FOR INVOICE SYSTEM Invoice system is very vital to the business enterprises. Reliability. INVOICE SYSTEM RECORDIN G INVOICE DELETING & MODIFYING DATA SEARCH RECORDS .

25000 to operate and manage the invoices of the business i.FEASIBILITY STUDY It is refer to that study which is conducted to check the need and viability of the project. ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY With the manual system it will take approx Rs. The study mainly lies between the three main types: TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY The invoice system only needs 1 to 2 persons to handle the invoice of the business. OPERATIONAL FEASIBILITY The invoice system is very much feasible in context of the operational reliability. It’s a lengthy process but can be easily perform by any personnel with minimum skills. But in case of the technical system it only takes Rs. It is very easy to handle and train the employees for operating the invoice system. If we use the manual system it will take 3 to 4 personnel to handle the invoice include the cost of paper and many copies of invoices. It can be implemented easily but only problem that a user face is that he has to record all the past record of the invoices for the proper functioning of the system. It also takes cost to store such a large number of invoices. But in technical invoice system it will just need a computer and a person to record the invoice and a print copy of invoice to the customer.e.10000 to operate the invoice function including the salary of employee and electricity charges. salary of 4 persons. . It checks how the project is profitable and reliable to the business. Personnel just have to be known basics of the computer and some 3-4 basic command of Structured Query Language (SQL).

8. Make main menu and join all the form with that menu by MDI form and Menu editor property of VB. • MS – Access. • HDD Space – 1 G. • RAM – 32. 3. These are as follows: Hardware Requirements – • Pentium II or IV. Login the system and record invoices. 2. Design all forms in VB.B. Generate report of the invoice which has to be printed for the customer. • CD – ROM Drive 52x Software Requirements – • Windows 95. 6.IMPLEMENTATION For implementation of our project user need some minimum Hardware & Software requirements. • MS – Word. 5. Main menu now show all the forms. 7. Make software in Visual basic which includes invoice system.0 or higher in the system. NET or Higher. Choose what form to be open. 4. . Steps of Implementation 1. • 200 MHz processor. First install the Visual Basic 6.

refund of sales return. It show all the requirement and procedures which is needed to handle our invoice in the system.SYSTEM ANALYSIS System analysis is the most important part of our project. BLOCK DIAGRAM SALES DEPARTMENT Product details. sales inquiry and status Query. query handling Invoice Management System RECORD KEEPING Search information and records Data Storage Data Access New product entry. search result of data. amount. etc. Sales return. Sales enquiry. Deletion of records DATABASE Product details. Status of the records . Modification. sales return Provide database of invoice CUSTOMERS Product invoice. Generation of invoice. Specification.

For this purpose we have to define the Entity-Relationship Diagram: E-R Diagram Product Type Product Name Product ID Description Price ADD PRODUCTS DELETE UPDATE SEARCH Conduct By Customer Name Price Product Type Product ID Description . This shows the working of the system and also the functionality and need of the system.SYSTEM DESIGN In this phase the design of the system is defined.

Date Address Product ID Product Type Price Discoun t Customer Name Amount Receive d RECORDING ADDING SEARCH Conduct by Amount Receive d Customer Name Discoun t Date Price Address Product ID Product Type .

Date Product ID Product Type Address Amount Receive d Customer Name Amount Refund SALES RETURN DATA FLOW DIAGRAM .