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0 Introduction
1 .1 Origin of the Report

The course instructor Mr. Syed Habib Anwar Pasha, orally authorized the task of writing a marketing plan by individual. We selected a product and worked independently. The last submission date of the report is December 17, 2011.

1.2 Objective: Our main objective of this report is to learn some of the facts of marketing plan. This marketing plan is the result of our action learning. This marketing plan is to learn the techniques that are used for marketing plan and gaining experience by practical work. I have some other objectives. Such as: o Capture the competitor market share o Pulling the target group customer o Try to hold good position in the market

1.3 Limitation I have faced some difficulties to making the marketing plan. The limitations are: • • • Lacking of information. A hard task to do individually. Limited time.


Chourapara.0 Marketing Plan of Flour: Product:   ACI Flour Figure: 1 kg Product Ingredient:  Pure Natural Wheat 2 .2. Narayangonj. Hygienic HDPE pack has been used for packaging which is scientific and very much environment friendly. ACI Pure Flour corporate office is in ACI center. Management: Chairman: Mr. It has got its own factory in Dewli. The mission of ACI Pure Flour Limited is to capture the demand and supply of whole wheat based product in Bangladesh. World famous “Ocrim Machine” has been used in production. In production ACI Pure Flour is using completely automated European Technology.Within the very short period of time ACI Pure Flour has become the most familiar brand in the day to day life of the consumers.0Company Background: ACI Pure Flour Limited is a sister concern of ACI Limed which established in January 2008. Arif ud Dowla Directors –Syed Alamgir 3. Anis Ud Dowla Managing Director: Mr.

66 tk 5th Unit Cost Price Position Packaging 37.16 tk 4th Master bag 37. 485 per TK.00tk 3rd Master bag 36. 480 per TK.0 Consideration of Competitors: Table # 01 Compt. 492 per TK.4. 448 per Master bag p Master bag 37. Brand Brand Position Pricing ACI 3rd Teer 1st Ifad 4th Fresh 2nd Utsob 5th TK.50 tk 1st Master = 12pcs bag Master bag = Master bag = Master bag = Master bag = 12pcs Distributor vehicle and Tv Billboard N/A 12pcs Distributor vehicle and Tv Billboard N/A 12pcs Distributor vehicle and Tv Billboard N/A N/A 12pcs Distributor his vehicle and Newspaper Distribution Distributor and vehicle his and his and his and his and Advertising Tv Billboard Sales Promotion N/A 5.0 Our position: 3 .20 tk 2nd Master bag 35. 460 per TK.

good distribution. Known Brand. Good quality. Low price Awareness: 4 . Well quality. Very well known Brand. 7. Very well known Brand. 1 2 3 4 5 Brand ACI Teer Ifad Fresh Utsob Attributes Good Brand Image.0 Perceived Value: Table#02 SI. Pricing Advantage. reasonable price Brand image.0 Buyers and Target Group: There areReseller Group: Bakery and confectionary. good distribution Developing Brand. fresh quality. 6.Consideration of Competitor Company we can see that we are enjoying 3rd Brand and 1st pricing position. No. Good Quality. good distribution Different brand image for low class people. Retail shop. all class of people. moderate quality. Restaurants Consumer Group: All age group.

65 Ifad Fresh Utsob Figure- This figure shows the awareness (%) for 5 brands. 85 Ifad. 1 2 3 4 5 Brand ACI Teer Ifad Fresh Utsob Awareness (%) 70 85 65 75 50 Awareness (%) Utsob. 70 ACI Teer Fresh. 75 Teer. No. 50 ACI.0 Target Segment:  New target group: 5 .Table#03 SI. 8.

Customer has mentally doubt about the product quality Proposed Positioning:  Serious in maintaining freshness and Quality 6 . 9. Usually the large numbers of this class people buy open flour.  Niche Market: We will try to capture the competitor market share directly and indirectly.0      Our Challenge: Reducing the competitors market share Make habituated the social elite class consumers towards our products Introducing the product to the rural consumers heavily Keep the existing users as dependably onto our product.  Against Competitor: We will try to place the market share position against our Competitors and also try to capture the users.  Usual Group: As traditionally we will try to attract Lower class and middle class people existing and new  Rural Segment: We will try to focus on rural areas in different strategy.This year our focus would be best attracting Lower class and middle class people.

7 .0 Implementing the plan: For the proper implementation of the plan. 10. there different phases are going to be implemented one after another. Niche Market: We will give inspiration to the dealers and also give them incentive for niche market. Rural Segment: For rural segment our advertisement will go through radio. 11. Against Competitor: We will set new low price to overcome the challenge according to against of competitors. seminar.0 How we take this challenge strategy: New target group: As reach people are involve with club. and festival so we will go through these places at an attractive package. Maintaining the pricing Product Specifies:  Real freshness product  Batter quality  100% assurance of purity. Usual Group: For usual groups we will give advertisement on TV and satellite channel to remind them.

 We will give some sample to the Super store. 2nd Phase (May’12-August’12):      We will make some attractive display program for increase the sales We will give different promotional activities We will sponsor a TV program for the housewife’s Sampling activity will be continuing. We also arrange team.  We will launch a new product 1 Kg in this period.  We will upgrade the packet color. household consumers. We distributed Hat pakha to public in pahela Baishakh. They song on truck & a huge number of public crowd joined the team. More Specifically: 8 .  In this phase we will take push selling strategy.  We celebrated a dazzling Pahela Baishakh in 2012. We will arrange “Gomer Dame Atta Bikroy Karjokrom”.  In this phase Motivate the dealer and retailer for increase the sales.1st Phase (January’12 –April’12):  In the first phase we will develop our sales team according to our priority based target.  We will give some billboard on metro city and highway to take a space in consumers mind. On different TV channels.We also arranges team.We decorated four trucks & branding our products.  We will grading the dealers on performance basis and upgrade them by using different motivational tools.  We decorated four trucks & branding our products in pahela Baishakh. More Specifically: We will celebrate a dazzling Pahela Baishakh in 2012.  We will give some TV ad.

2011 Launching Date: January 01. Steps before launching: 9 . At this phase we will evaluate our plan.  We will conduct “Gomer Dame Atta Bikroy Karjokrom” for serving the poor income group people. Starting from cash discount to many bumper offers for each master bag purchased by shopkeepers. 2012 Selling area: National Distribution: Dealer Based.ACI Pure Flour distributed atta to destitute with only 25 tk Kg. More Specifically:  We will take up Medical Campaign for the workers of different bakeries in Dhaka city. ACI Pure Flour will continuously arrange this camp through out of the country. The program was taken into consideration when Rice & Atta sky socketted . Atta was 48 Tk Kg. 3rd Phase (Sep’12-Dec’12):       We will review the plan is action or not We will reduce the ad on television We will give a merchandising plan for retail outlets. We will conduct a trade offer for its retailer month long. Pre launching Activities: Production Date: December 25. We will attend a china friendship conference center in the Dhaka for the world food day at Bangladesh. As a part of Social responsibility.  We will participate a whole day program the world food day at Bangladesh Chine friendship conference center in the Dhaka. We will arrange the Medical Campaign for the workers. ACI Pure Flour took part from sense of social responsibility in serving its customer with pure & hygienic food.

Rajshahi. Some free sample will be distributed among some target consumers in some special part of the Dhaka city. Setup a distributors lifting plan 3. 1 2 3 4 5 Distributor Sorif traders Yusuf Backery Sunny traders Mostafa traders Rahim traders Area Mohammadpur Farmgate Dhanmondi Rumpura Wari The above distributor will market the product on 20 January. ctg. 4. Other Activities: • • • Banner 1050 pieces Limited posters. 5. 30 shops will be selected for sampling in metro city. 1.We will take some pre launching activities for testing the product as well as customer satisfaction. Survey: A survey is to be done in the above area on the following subject • Test performance report • Pack observation in retailer psyche • Customer behavior to the product • Any complain occurred and also the reason. Leaflet Distribution Shop Campaign: • • • Free sampling in Dhaka. Sample required 500 packets 10 . A questionnaire will be used to judge the satisfaction of the customers. Before launching the product a test marketing to be done in Dhaka city 2. In Dhaka city the following distributor will market the product first Table # 4 No.

Road campaign.2012 Press conference. Rajshahi. Campaign in Agora. The approximate participant is 250 people Road Campaign: • • • • Band party Music 7 pick-up for Dhaka city and 2 pick-up for Ctg and 1 pick-up for Rajshahi. Ctg.Campaign in Agora in Dhaka City: • • Buy 1 packet and get one free. on the 11 . News paper coverage (Five National). Product to be sold from the pick-up at discount rate Billboard: • • • At first 5 billboard for Dhaka city It will move to take a certain time for another cities The cities are: Dhaka. Campaign program launching day: • • • • • Launching Date: January 01.

 High Use quality of & 100% pure foreign product. as a result they are losing a potential market share. No extra highlighting in general & super stores for consumers. “AC flour” talks quality and gives quality to its customers.  computerized technology   12 .0 SWOT Analysis: Table # 05 Strengths  “ACI flour” has a strong financial condition and support from its parent company.   “ACI flour” has plant updated with the   manufacturing  capacity to meet the demand. It has selected a good relevant products brand name other for its whereas firms products are always available in posh urban areas but in some urban places they fail to provide the product in time. Lack of people awareness Not well coverage in e. coverage  “ACI flour” has achieved a strong brand image.12.  Though distribution they have good system. “ACI flour” has achieved a good competitive advantage through its distribution coverage system. Weakness   Market size is small.medias Lack of information about this production in the perspective of Bangladesh Existing noodles industry is the main competitor for this industry suffering from it.

Price of labor not so high in Bangladesh In our country there are different area where are establish factory. In our country legal political influence is not so good because every time we are facing long time legal process Raw material is available so its price is also low. Chances of market growth are well in future. Its not so difficult location availability. In this product person don’t need any personal knowledge and skill not important. Threats • • • • More competitors Lack of experience for this production Lack of skilled labor Lack of information about this production in the perspective of Bangladesh • Existing noodles industry is the main • competitor for this industry Price wars with competitors. • • • • • 13 .Opportunities • • • Can be surprised competitors. Price of technology is average.

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