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Bow Thrusters / Tunnel Thrusters

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Bow Thruster with Hydraulic Motor Platform

Bow Thruster with Oil Reservoir

Bow Thruster / Tunnel Thruster History Harbormaster Marine was a pioneer in the development and application of Bow Thrusters / Tunnel Thrusters to commercial vessels. Initially used in the bows of ferries and tugs, these versatile control devices soon became popular in offshore oil servicing boats and larger ocean-going craft. They permit unassisted maneuvering alongside of oilrigs, vessels, loading platforms and docks - and provide precise control at slow speeds through locks, narrow channels and bridges. Today, Harbormaster Bow Thrusters / Tunnel Thrusters are found in applications all over the world where precision vessel control is needed.

Bow / Stern Thruster Position This BT-400 replaced an existing Tunnel Thruster. It has a custom length thruster with specially sized mounting/adaptor rings to greatly simplify the installation. For dynamic positioning and station keeping. Because the Harbormaster Tunnel Thruster is relatively small in its awthwartship dimension.In The Hull The Harbormaster Tunnel Thruster is installed athwartship in a tunnel low down in the bow. BT-400 Tunnel Thruster – Repower Special . Sometimes a second unit is installed in the stern. Existing athwartship tubes can be used without the need to reposition them. maintenance and removal of the mechanism are often accomplished without dry-docking. With 180° thrust -90° to either port or starboard -. Complete overhaul.the Tunnel Thruster gives added maneuverability and control for docking and slow-speed operations. as many as five Harbormaster Tunnel Thrusters have been used in a single application. it can be installed in a ship with fine entrance lines and can be located in the optimum position for maximum turning moment.

means low parasitic power losses from input to output . The Bow Thruster / Tunnel Thruster Package The Harbormaster Bow Thruster / Tunnel Thruster consists of a cylindrical weldment. Complete drive mechanism lubrication is through a flooded system. together with our efficient mechanical gear system. Azimuth and through-the-hull thrusters are also available. The gearbox.Tunnel / Bow Thruster Adaptability Harbormaster Marine manufactures the Bow Thruster / Tunnel Thruster with an input flange in either the vertical or the horizontal position. however we build them for rugged service by using many of the same components as our continuous-duty Harbormaster Outboard Drive Units. long life and quietness. is equipped with sight gauges to show the thrusters oil level and give visual proof of tightness of seals. Four models cover a wide variety of HP and RPM ranges. with diameters from 36" to 120". Helical-cut gear sets are constructed from steel forgings that are lapped and matched after grinding. which keep water out of the mechanism. Quality = Long Life Bow Thrusters / Tunnel Thrusters are normally operated only for limited periods during docking and maneuvering. and a Kaplan type propeller with blades working in close proximity to a corrosion and abrasion resistant wear ring. High Efficiency Harbormaster fixed pitch. Shaft seals are the positive face type and rarely need replacement.and the highest thrust in relation to tunnel diamete Bow / Stern Thrusters Designed and Built to Maintain High Thrust Over a Long Life     Forged steel gears and propeller shafts Gear sets are lapped & matched Abrasion & corrosion resistant tunnels Tapered roller bearings     Extra heavy duty construction Three-point pod support Extra thick "chill rings" control distortion Bronze components where required . Drive gears are case hardened. This provides extra long life and reliability. supporting near its center a right angle gear box with input shaft. Forged steel shafts are mounted on tapered and straight roller bearings. electric motor or hydraulic motor. gas turbine. coupling. the entire Bow Thruster / Tunnel Thruster gearbox running submerged in oil. and propeller shaft. connected to a gravity tank 10 feet above the load water line. spiral bevels designed for shock resistance. four blade Kaplan-type propeller. Customer-supplied power may be in the form of a diesel engine.

B Dimension 36. 18. 61. 49.0 in.25 in. Range 150-200 250-350 350-400 500-550 A Dimension 13. 50. To view additional Bow / Stern Thruster specifications.19 in.75 in.81 in.63 in. Inc. 31.   Precisely engineered shim sets Special seals Four-blade Manganese Bronze propeller  Vertical or horizontal input shaft positions Bow / Stern Thruster Engineering Data Model BT-200 BT-340 BT400 BT-550 Input RPM 1800-2100 1200-1400 1200-1400 1200 H. C Dimension 26.81 in. contact Harbormaster Marine.81 in. D Dimension 33. Bow / Stern Thruster Installation Sketches . 15.19 in. NOTE: For other capacity Bow / Stern Thrusters. 54. 39.5 in. 50. 76. 29.25 in.7 in.63 in. E Dimension 42.P.0 in.0 in.25 in.75 in. 15. 39.81 in.5 in.5 in. click on the Model link ABOVE. 31. 42.

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