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Roll Number

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EXAMIATION (YEAR) ____________

Proposed Examination Center PERSONAL DATA (To Be Filled In Block Letter) • • • • • • NAME ___________________________________CNIC NO REGISTRATION NO FATHER’S NAME_________________________CNIC NO DOMICILE DISTRICT DATE OF BIRTH GENDER Male Female



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MAILING ADDRESS PHONE #____________________________E-MAIL______________________

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Detail of Examination passed on the basis of which, want to appear in B.Ed Examination.
Name of Examination Roll No: Year Marks obtained Max: Marks Group (Science/Arts) Board/University

B.A/ B.Sc/Equivalent M.A/ M.Sc/Equivalent C.T (General) Roll No & Year of the Last B.Ed Examination if (B.Ed Compart) Roll No_____________Year__________________ (Attach attested copy of DMC) Subject in which to be Examined:(for fresh and full failed candidates) in case of compartment Tick ( ) the failed one. •

Compulsory subjects
Perspective of Education and School organization and class room 2 Contemporary social issues management 3 Education psychology, guidance and counseling 4 Evaluation techniques 5 Curriculum and instruction 6 Functional English 7 Islamiyat (for Muslims) / Islamic History (for non-Muslims) Elective Subjects (See details see on the backside of the form) Method of Teaching Elective 8 10 9 1

5. A degree of B.E. (in figure) _________Rupees (in words) Vide NBP University of Malakand Campus branch receipt No.No Subjects 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation Foundations of Education Educational Planning and Management Comparative Education (Developed. He/She is still in service without any break and will continue till the commencement of B. Examination (attach service certificate separately). Non teaching personnel are not eligible to appear as private candidates in B.A/ M. B. List of requirements attached.Ed. 3./ Private recognized school after successfully qualifying the C. General Rules and Regulation For Private Male and Female Candidates Serving in Private Recognized Schools 1. 3. have been checked with the original record and found correct. Details of Method of Teaching and Elective Subjects Method of Teaching: A. Private candidates (other than late college students/ Regular) are to get their forms.Ed. CNIC 4./Private/Recognized School w. Migration Certificate (For Fresh Candidates only) He/ She has remitted Rs.CERTIFICATE I certify that particulars of the candidate.T (General) course result upto the last date (without late fee) of the submission of form for B.O. Modern Approaches to Teaching 8 9 10 11 12 13 Women’s Education Special Education Computer Education (only for regular students) Multi-Grade Teaching /Co-operative Elementary /Secondary School Supervision Educational Law. service record and photographs attested by the principal of the concerned school. 4. 2. The period of eligibility of the candidates appointed in a Govt. OR Through (Service Certificate for Private Candidates only) It is further certified that he/she has been serving as a teacher in education department Govt. examination in all papers. which are given overleaf. Principal /Head Master/Head Mistress Govt.A/ B.DMC (Last Exam) 2. . Candidates referred to above can avail a maximum of four consecutive chances including the initial one. the candidate must be in service within the jurisdiction of the University of Malakand. He/she fulfills the requisite conditions and becomes eligible to appear in the examination under the regulations of the University of Malakand. Teaching of English (compulsory) 2.f to He/She is currently serving in since____________as a Permanent teacher.T (General) course. A regular certificate of C. Developing and Rapidly Developing Countries) Democracy in Education (Teaching Learning Environment) Creativity and Learning. Two years continuous teaching service in a Govt.Sc in 2nd division will also be eligible. Humanities Group 1. At the time of submission of examination form to the University. shall be counted from the date of declaration of C. Examination.Sc from a recognized University with full subjects and not less than 2nd class marks 3rd division graduates with M. The candidates from private recognized schools seeking permission to the B. ( Male/ Female) All private candidates working in private recognized schools should produce current two years recognition letter issued by the competent authorities. Candidate Thumb Impression (compulsory) District Education Officer (Male/Female) Dated: _____ / ______ /200 Regulation: (Private Male/Female Candidates) 1.T(General) or its equivalent examination (only for male candidates). Select any one of the following (a) Arabic (b) Pushto (c) Urdu (d) Pak. Photos 3./ Private School Paste one picture (1x1) here Attested on face side Signature of Candidate Dated: _____________ Counter signed by Note: The candidate will affix thumb impression in the presence of attesting authority. to clear all the papers.Ed.Ed examination in private capacity should produce the service book with up-to-date entries which should be signed by the concerned school principal and duly countersigned by the director of education (Schools) male and female respectively. non-production of which will render the candidates ineligible. 1.__________Dated Demand Draft No _____________dated drawn on Bank Branch. Science Group (For Regular Students Only) Science Group students will choose two from: (a) Teaching of Physical Science (b) (c) Teaching of Biological Science Teaching of Mathematics Elective Subjects (Select Any One From The Following) S.e.No Subjects S. duly signed by him/her. Failing this would require fresh appearance in B. 2./ recognized school and appearing privately.Ed. I checked the following list of requirements attached.Studies (e) Mathematics. 4. Examination. to be countersigned by the D.