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For The Win Mrs.Robward Author of 16 Stories -------------------------------------------------------------------------------~._. FTW ._.

~ I feel the hum, the roar of the crowd. The stadium simulates a roc et ship just before ta e off, a deep rumble, a conta ined energy. That buzz, it becomes a fog all around me, I can't help but breathe it in. Absor b it. It fuels me. The roots of my hair tic le and the pads of my fingers pulse. My body is electric. I can't stand still, bouncing from toe to toe. I grip the handle of my pom poms, the plastic ribbons sha e in each of my hands. I rub the two together, trying to expel some of my vigor. But it builds anyway. The squad lines up in the tunnel under the stadium that leads out to the footbal l field. We ma e three lines. Our uniforms s impy and tight. Our shoes white as the day they were bought. Our hair bouncy and shiny. Some of us have red W's pai nted on our chee s, others a tattoo of our team mascot, a wolf. We are so ready to do this. The pyrotechnics just outside the field goal line explode into a series of booms , and the crowd somehow gets louder. Then the fog machine at the tunnel's entrance clouds our visibility and that's o ur cue. We run out on the field, our pom poms high in the air. The stadium erupts in a c hant of "Wolves, wolves, wolves," with a spine tingling howl at the end before t hey begin all over again. The university's band starts playing our fight song. We dance and cheer to the w ords as we lead the crowd in singing along with the song. The smile on my face, it's genuine. I love this. Even though I now we will lose, I love game days. ~._. FTW ._.~ "Have you heard the news?" Jessica as s as we sit at the after-the-game party. "Probably not." I answer because I loathe gossip.


"The Wolves are getting a new quarterbac . Supposedly, he li e, got in all this trouble at his old school, li e big trouble with the law. And he, li e, got ic ed out I guess or lost his scholarship or something, so he's transferring here a nd, ohmygawd, from what I've heard, he's li e a total babe. Li e a major one."
















Just her tal ing annoys the piss out of me. I stand up, loo ing for my friend Alice, or even Rose, or anyone to get away fro m Jess. I spot them both coming out of the bathroom. I practically run in their direction. "Can we leave yet?" I whine as I join them. At parties after the team loses, all everyone does is get so drun , they'll soon be passing out, or pu ing all over place, or both. No, than you. For the past two years the Wolves have been rebuilding their football program. M ere wee s after the 2007 season, when the Wolves had ended with a perfect record and a national football title win, scandal roc ed the university. Illegal recru iting, payouts, athletes with failing grades, and attendance infractions were ju st a few of the allegations brought against the school. Nine months later all charges were dropped after the investigation found no proo f of foul play, but by then the damage had already been done. A whole new coaching staff had to be hired and an athletic program rebuilt. Two losing seasons had followed. When all that first happened, I was a senior in high school, and had already sig ned on with a full cheer leading and dancing scholarship to attend North Atlanti c State. Besides, their cheer leading program ic ed ass, we didn't need a winni ng football team to prevail. "I wonder what this Cullen guy'll loo li e?" Rosalie jabs me with her elbow. Ev ery season, her and Alice try to hoo me up with numerous football players, and after more failed dates than I care to count, I was over it already. "No telling." I shrug. They just don't get it. I have come to realize that I want more than just a hot body, I want to date a guy with feelings, and a heart, and a brain, yes! A nice loo ing guy with a smart brain is so much more important to me. Although I have to agree, most football players bodies are too fuc hot to ignore and watching t hem play football is one of my favorite things to do, I just don't ever thin it will go past that. They are purely eye candy, sweet and tart dipped in chocolat e, the best ind of candy there is. Anyway, if my friends want to settle with their dumb football player boyfriends that is their prerogative. I'm still on the loo out for THE ONE. My one. ~._. FTW ._.~ I stand stretching in the practice gymnasium. NA State is nown for it's awesome facilities, the cheer and dance squad has a private gym with a spring loaded fl oor for tumbling, it adjoins the indoor practice field for the football team. Wi th only a wall of glass between the two, we often get a bird's eye view of their practices on rainy days. Of course, that also means that they can watch us practice, if they don't get ca ught by their coach that is. Coach Aro is one mean man, we often hear him yellin g through the plexi-glass and concrete. He's a legend in his own right, he's no wn for turning team's losing programs around. It's undecided if his strea has run out or not.


















"He's yummy isn't he?" Lauren as s as her and Jessica join me at the water coole r. He's wearing simple blac shorts that hang loose on his hips._. the sheen of sweat that covers his bare s in. It flies and spins down the field with a perfect spiral landin g exactly in the intended receiver's hands.~._. The ocean. I glance bac at Edward expecting to see the smug loo on his face li e every ot her coc y quarterbac I've ever watched.~ We ta e a brea while Ryan. or the ocean is ind of deep and wet. Never will.                                                         .. each step. they're meaty and defined. I'm confused. our choreographer. Each movement. Jessica's description of him was li e saying the s y is sort of blue.. resets the music. They wal away. Never h ave. Is he seriously letting the goods hang? Just. surveying the field. then his arm flings forward re leasing the ball. but a burnt mix of the two and where it's damp with sweat. Every single one. His throw loo ed good to me. commanding. each breath illuminat es with a glow that mesmerizes me.~       "I don't now who you're tal ing about. He grips the ball li e it's nothing. His calves. Wow. The s y. his bicep round and taunt. Edward Cullen. I don't play those games. His body is cut and built and lean an d mouthwatering. Not too big." I lie and turn to wal away. out of my visibility. causes him to spar le under the fluorescent lights. I don't see a band of proof of boxers or briefs at his waist either. Gorgeous. I use the time to get a drin of water and adjust my ponytail. not too small. Sometime s._. Not in the same way they do anyway. his long fingers curling over the pigs in. His hair is this odd color. He's shirtless and absolutely magnificent.   To top it off. I can only imagine his thighs a re just as sexy. Now what was it I said I wanted other than a hot body in a guy? ~.   That's when I see him. it's dar er and clings to his face. Damn shorts bloc ing my view. But I don't because he isn't smiling. not exactly brown or not really red. His forehead is wrin led in worry and he l oo s upset? He rubs his hands together as the coach comes over and pats him on th e shoulder. FTW . My fingertips long to trace the mus cles as they ripple and tighten._. only the dar ening of his s in that seems to tease me. there just aren't words specific enough to describe such beautiful things. He loo s out over his teammates. I can't see the sp ecifics of the body hair on his chest or his stomach. li e an anatomy lesson. standing tall. FTW .. He rares his arm bac .. I don't vie for attention of football players. the new quarterbac .

but when it comes to watching some one play football._. ~. Especially the eyes of one certain guy. the cheer squad primps in the bathroom in the auditorium. This by far. Edward doesn't get to play in the game. he's a master of the gam e. hence wh y he hasn't been hoo ing up with randoms. I now because the cheerleade rs always follow the football players. the world will f all even harder in love with the game of football and with Edward Cullen. He can escape a tac le li e his body has been coated slic with oil. and as of yet. ther e's a pep rally for tomorrow's homecoming game. and for t he first time in years.~ The next Saturday. But he has stirred up this college with excitement. even                               . We go hand in hand._. he has to stand and watch . he hasn't been attending the u sual parties where the football players have been. It's li e I need it. is one of my most favorite wee ends of the football season. The guys can't wait to watch him play and the girls can't wait to get in his pants. Tonight. It's hard to explain how powerful I feel while I cheer.I watch Edward Cullen every chance I get. every chance he gets. That's just the way he plays. so until the college clears him to play. the North Atlantic Wolves are pic ed to win. Regretfully. there's a bonfire by the la e. Not that he can't throw it._. you now miracles are about to happen. I don't have any classes with him. the gossip mill spills that he has a girlfriend bac home. want me. The cheer squad ta es the floor. h e will. His running game is better than his throwing game. FTW . FTW . again. he's still considered a red shirt. The best news of all is that at tomorrow's game. He can roll off a line of defensive men as if they're standing there merely for show. Honestly._. The attention I get. it doesn't matter to me much. it's simply mind numbing. ~. Cullen gets to start. and h e can read the field as though he's been shown the future. Kn owing that thousand of eyes are on meand mybody and mymoves.. I've seen a ton of football in my life . It's just so sexy. he doesn't li e it that we are losing. But when you see Cullen tuc that ball into his si de and ta e off in a sprint. And from what I can tell as I watch him as he watches the game. He's amazing. rousing up the crowd. I get enough enjoyment out of watching h im practice and I'm positive that when he finally gets to play. I've never wanted anyone to watch me the way I want him to. It's just the way it is.~ Friday afternoon. I want him to watch me.

and all we have to do is space ourselves within the group to bl end. I roll my hips. they've been coordinated to match the dance costumes. with all of us students pac ed in this small space. A few of us are also on the dance team. Then my body ta es over danci ng the steps as though I'm a robot being controlled by a remote. I still want him to watch me dance. it's impossible to find him. The excitement has me practically gasping. My mouth falls open slightly as I try to ta e in more air. pop my arms. His smile is croo ed. I don't even ha ve to count to eep up.                                                       . Honing in on me. We don't change out of our cheer uniforms. The whole squad is o n and the off the stage before we even have time to breathe and enjoy it. Or maybe that was just me unable to stand still.if it's just a little and I don't exactly now why. twirl my hair. tuc s his hands flat in the front po c et of his jeans. it eeps me in great shape. But on a day li e today. he nods his head in appro val and instantly. Right at me. It also means double the practice and the wor outs. I do both because it gave me more schola rship funds. I li e dancing. the crowd gets louder. To verify that he eve n nows I exist. his eyes are narrowed in wonder. There's this burn that covers my s in. almost as much as cheering. The fast pace of the pep rally doesn't help matters either. He says h isname and Edward steps forward. I hav e to ta e my eyes off him to chec my surroundings. I feel his eyes ta in g me in. The music begins. I thin this is a called a crush. That's all I need for now. He steps bac in line beside his teammates. the dance team lines up on the stage below him. he's loo ing at me. but it's much more exhausting. The rise and fall of my chest is almost distracting. But I've found him. The dancers start to spread out and line up in our spots and for a second. but I don't min d that much. While the coach is still spea ing at the podium. He 's so humble and so so real. just a little one anyway. We freeze until the eight count. and the coach introduces the next player over the screaming. Cullen throws his hand up in a shy wave and my heart lurches up in my throat. Coach Aro begins to introduce his starting offensive. wit h the shouting and the music. and extend my legs at each exact tim e. I swear the roar of the student body sways the walls. More than anything. Each hip-hop lyric that spills from the spea ers my legs and my arms will mo ve li e second nature. I now with each thump of the bass where my foot will la nd. Then when I loo bac up. li e I stayed o ut ten minutes too long in the sun.

another plus in my boo . but he never bites. when we jump up from our ending spot. his ass tight and round in those football pants. I ta e new routes on campus in between my classes to see if I can find him. And when it's over. ~. I watch as he sips. A can o f Co e._. He seems quiet. but a fumble by one our offensive bac s gives the other team the ball with only a minute left in the game. th eir s an y claws splayed on his roc hard chest. whi le others are so blatantly obvious. I feel so bad for Edward. his eyes are still wat ching me and the power I have. The next wee at school. it ma es me sic and green. rests in his fist. As soon as the buzzer sounds the end of the game. noddin g when spo en to. I eep an eye out for him._. I can tell some are friendly and harmless. but I don't see Edward. That results in them scoring a touchdown in the last few seconds._. He has such a nice ass. throwing up a wave when addressed. his throat swallows. He just stares straight ahead at the fire. he jer s off his helmet and st omps toward the loc er room. beating us by three points. FTW . He doesn't even seem to be hungry. Female after female approach him. Not even once. I scan the crowded spots crossing my fingers. They lean in.~ Edward plays one hell of a game.                                       . he stands cool and casual among his teammates. it's multiplied tenfold.My routine is flawless. He deserved that win. his lips curl. FTW . They dangle their bait.~ I see him at the bonfire. I linger outside of my buildings hoping for a pee at him. He doesn't say much to anyone._. so I leave. Maybe he does have a girlfriend. Maybe that's why I can't get him off my mind. Perfect even._.~ That night I ma e an appearance at the after party. but wit h no luc at all. I feel li e a stal er. He's such a mystery. ~._. He deserves better. their lips too close to his ear . not a cup of beer. FTW . Have I mentioned lately how much I love football? ~. I watch him leave the field.

I've waited all wee to see him. and gets comfortable. ride this damn bus with him. The players soon start to load. in his seat with his eyes c   Out of the corner of my eye. more than I care to admit to myself. FTW . His tal l form rising over the seats as he ma es his way toward me. they split the team up. I raise my eyebrows in question and then lower my sunglasses. Since we will be tr aveling by bus today. some saying hello.~. I will not turn and Damn. some of the football players and cheerleaders will each be on one of three buses. I will not turn and loo . He sees me. I will not turn and loo . Then he comes into view._. and I'm super excited for this away game. so I'm sure Cullen will too._. but its only a two hour drive. Whatever. It ta es all I have not to turn my head and glance at him every five minutes. or waving. Dejected. The dance team only performs at home games. I   He already sitting. but the cheer squad always travels w ith the team. so that means we will be put on buses. He ma es me feel vulnerable and bare. I always ride on what is considered 'the quiet b us. blan et thrown over my legs. and then he loo s at me li e I disgust him. his headphones on.' The offensive coach and our star running bac . and wait. a whole te am wouldn't be lost. I just now he'll be on my bus. That way if there was to ever be an accident. headphones on. relaxing bac losed. one seat behind me                                   .~ Saturday's game is a late afternoon away game. pic s a seat. when we travel by bus or plane. He slowly wal s the aisle. James usually rides this bus . Dismissing him the best I can. smile. I loo . It's going to be one long ass ride. I watch them as they pass by my seat. I sit in the middle of the bus and everyone spre ads out . granted they are very. nod my head. I wave bac . It hurts. I see him throw his duffel bac on the opposite side of the bus. See. nice buses. I recline my seat bac . His eyes ra e over me before they narrow and he frowns.

His pupils are dilated and blac . closer than he's ever been. or right at me. They cowe r over his eyes. I cover up again. relax in my seat.. somewhat shielding. He needs to be still. "What happened to you?" Spills from my lips in a rolling whisper. Once again. I don't now where I find my willpower. we board the bus to go bac home. powerful. he does the same. But I see it anyway. His eyelashes are long and curled. Instead of staying the night. Lost even. That ma es not giving in to loo ing him even more difficult. He does everything so right. FTW .. loo s at me. everyone is asleep or watching the movie. It's near midnig ht when we finally get going. No one has their dome lights on._. I see a storm raging there dar . he's distracting me. He doesn't say anything as he sits down. but not completely.                               . trying to hide the storm. I loo at him as he. calculate d. Then he just appears and slowly slides into the empty seat beside me. not much being said around the bus. It's the other dimwits on the field who eep fuc ing up. All I can do is loo at him. But I see him moving around on my right side. it seems as though he's loo ing my direction. I'm shoc ed. Everyone is in a somber mood. but what I find isn't so p retty.~ We lose again. but not because of Edward. so close. His face so close. I feel the change in the air while he stirs through the dar ened bus. So bad and then sometimes.want to. and watch the movie that being shown on the small screen above my seat. Illu minated only by the changing glow of the television set. His eyebrows are wild and shadowing. The air around me charges and pulses. But somehow I do it. ~. I didn't meant to say it out loud._. For the first time ever. We lose by five points. damaged. still out of the corner of my eye. I rest my turned head on the rise of the tall seat. but a loss nonetheless. perfect. I will myself not to turn and loo . framing those eyes. I get to examine those eyes.

I use my fingernails to scratch over the stray hairs on the bac side of h is nuc les. I reach down to the arm rest. I thin maybe sometimes. I mean. one small part of his football m asterpiece. His is twice the size o f mine. " His voice is unsure and sad. When he exhales. he's right here. they'll ma e yo u millions. even the edges of his fingernails.           "Do you really thin s his palm again." I pull his hand bac toward my lap and continue to laze my fingers over his soft s in. an d we trade air. I now so. I don' t loo away from his hand. I thin he li es it. just a little. I examine his hand with my fingers. "I've never held a million dollar hand before. flex his thumb. His long legs are centimeters from mine. "What?" I place my hand up to his." I swear I thin he smiles. He never once loo s away. "No. palms open against the other. "Cullen. he probably thin s I'm crazy. I new you were different. so?" He flexes his hand and turns it over. I pic up his hand with both of mine. But he doesn't pull his hand away. Some day when you get drafted into the NFL. I want him to tal to me. Ever since the first time I watched you practic e. I tur n his hand over. I'm drowning in a sea of confusion. I sha e my head. Just don't let this team pull you down. slowly tracing the outline of his fingers on e at a time. and then he turns his head forward to watch the movie. He's still watching me. rub over his palm. Edward. and be a little more supportive. We're sharing an armres t for goodness sa es! I glance down at his hand and his long fingers. About something." I qui etly state. Keep playing ju st li e you are. I'd rather not get lost in his storm right now." Coach Aro calls out for him from the front of the bus. You really are. His head snaps around to see what I'm doing.Instead of answering me. "Only if you want it to. but I don't want to run him off either. I get bold. his eyes blin long and hard. maybe soon enough all these guys will catch up with you. I trace the blue veins on the bac of his hand. he sha es his head in slow motion. I chew on my lip with nerves. I begin to cares                                             . the game plays me. I inhale. so I' m not sure. "Your hands. the nuc les and the tips. So I continue to study it." "Sometimes it doesn't seem that way. come here. you're an expert of the ga me. but I'm not loo ing at his face. a bout anything. He huffs. I can feel his body heat.

My own falling the short distance to land in my lap. In reality. and certainly not my boyfriend. I watch as his hand immediately goes to his mouth. almost li e he's transferring my iss to his lips. How a few of the football players wal up to tal to him as he fi lls his plate. Bare. it's Edwar d." Rosalie says of Edward. now lon ely and cold. Then I swallow hard and try to smile. He rubs his mouth against the bac of his hand. but he wal s away before I get the chance. Rosalie's complaining a bout Emmett McCarty again. Never. I don't even now that he's m y friend. Bella!" She laughs thin ing she's funny. before slowly ma ing his way to the buffet table. He stays so still.~ The next few days I'm eenly aware that he's nowhere to be found. He loo s around. How everyone watches him. "Be careful with these. They hoo up at least once a wee . but neither stop me from craving his p resence. Tuesday night. He's here. He's never eaten in here before. So every time she hears of him spea ing to. She always tried to come up with some elaborate plan to ma e him jealous in retu rn. I'm now on alert of everything that's happening around me. I thin about admitting to him there's more where that one came from. but neither are wi lling to commit to the other._.A pang of disappointment cuts through my chest even though his hand is still in mine. while we're in the athlete's dining hall. hangin g out with. I chastise myself. when clearly she's n ot. I refrain from rolling my eyes at her. "Maybe I could use him. or screwing some other girl. ~. she gets all pissy. Whether I want to or not. he's nothing to me. Just about then. I bring his hand up to my lips. I wouldn't do that to you. and instantly I see myself push ing her out of her seat and clawing her eyes out. "I've noticed the goo-goo eyes you give him." I say afterward. I guess I should say. The way some of the other cheerleaders begin to whisper to each other and s pea his name. "What do you thin I should do? Or whom." She as s with a raise of her eyebrows. just barely and then I turn his hand over and pec the bac side of his hand. FTW . I spend the rest of the trip lost in a haze of Edward Cullen and the memory of h is hand in mine. I release his hand. the place falls into a hush with the slam of a door._. "I'm just idding. just li e I do. I iss the inside of his wrist." She stands and wal s to the garbage can and I try to get my breathing under cont                                                   .

he may be just another football player. toward the table where h is teammates are. I'm not so sure I wouldn't put it past her. placing his tray on the table in fro nt of him. I prefer to sleep this trip. I flip her off and find an empty seat. it's a plane ride to the game. I ta e t he pills and then stuff my bag bac in the overhead. and that's Edward Cullen. I feel panic rising up from my gut. Would he want to sit with me? What i f he doesn't? Does it really mean anything? I close my eyes and ta e a deep breath. I can alway s see him so clearly. his ass in those tight pants.rol. For no real reason at all. but as soon as I board the plane. I'm being such a moron. I now have a new reason to watch football . real good dreams. his smile. He gets stopped by a few of the players. I smile at him. but something about him puts me in a tailspin. He is so intense. I want to now more._. And when he smiles bac at me. so this time. his calves. that could only mean one thing. Me. Beside me. I dig around in my bag for some Dramamine. then a bus trip home. Then as he sits.                     . Another pain in the ass football player.~ Saturday's game is six hours away. I dream of him on that field. his hands. I realize I may be further gone than I thought. As much as I love cheering and sports. I see her sitting with Emmett. Our eyes meet and loc . he loo s up at me. He sits down beside me. He's just a guy. His eyes. ~. his forearms. He's close._. When I open my eyes. I see him being led away by James. Rosalie yells at me to save her a seat beside mine on the plane while we are che c ing our bags. Good dreams. Bitch. FTW . My dreams are so specific and vibrant. I'm not even sure he s aw me sitting here. He carries his tray toward the center of the dining hall. No different from all the others. He spreads his legs and straddles the seat. I can't deny that for sure. while the rest of the details of my dreams are blurry and dull. I sit bac down in my seat and the air around me suddenly crac les.

he unzips it and pulls out his i Pod and headphones. his shirt rides up and shows off his happy trail. It's his hand. The plane ta es off. He wants me to. I'll ta e what I can get. He's wearing his team sweat pants. he is so clo se. I want to sniff it up li e cocaine.. I almost melt in my seat. I turn my face to his. still close. but as he does.. his s in. I watch every move he ma es. He eeps loo ing at me with goofy grin. really hard." Beggars can't be choosy. we both put our headphones on. our noses are touching! "Hey. My pleasure.He drops his bag in the floor beneath his legs.. Wow.. beside mine I might add. His abs... Sure. his jun is right there. Then just as quic . touch him again. I ama stal er. willing an outline to come into view through his red pants. I can't help but smile bac at him.                     He sits bac down. in to uching distance.. Then he turns toward me. And I do. my nose is practically touching his chee . sweet air all over my fa ce. "Hi. I've never been this attracted to a male. I really am weird. His arms reac h up easily." he says in this breathy way that sends his used. Instead. I ind of want to iss it off his face. I thin I hold my breath.                         . but I don't. I smile and and nod my head. his trail leading to . but not as close. I ta e a deep breath and relax bac into my seat. We settle into our seats. Ever. He stands to put his bag in the overhead.. so once again. I have to stop. he leans over to loo out the window beside me. then I feel a plop in my lap.. and I'll be damned. I choose to focus my attention out the tiny window at the concrete below us. even when Emmett turns around bac wards in his seat to tal to Edward. I loo hard.

Em told me the other day that Edward was as ing about you. But then my motion sic ness pills ic in and I can't hold my eyes open for much longer. We sit and I." His voice is low and scratchy._. I eep his hand in mine. "Bella's finally gonna get her some. Tears sting my eyes and all I want to do is run out there to him. "Cullen." That sou nds way worse than it is._. that seems to be all I ever do. but I don't let go his of his hand. he's all I see. "Yeah. FTW . and not get up. there really isn't much to tell._. caressing. We all ta e a nee as the crowd falls into a hush. Tell me all about you and Cullen!" Rosa lie yells as she gathers her things. He gives me so much with so little.~ The noise around me gets louder. right.." I giggle at his innuendo. It's sort of perfect.~ The game goes into overtime. I pause just for a second and soa in the past two minutes. Not for anything. just wait til " Emmett starts tal ing to Edward and he quic ly turns and stands to grab his bag out of the overheard. ~." I follow Rose as we exit the plane and pretend that what she just said doesn't m atter.. "Rose. sleepy girl. but I d idn't thin much about it. I swear sometimes I thin friends are overrated. "Wa e up. That is until I see Edward get blindsided. I smile at him. hold his hand. It's the most exciting game I've ever witnessed. you better spill right now. I begin to stir and open my eyes. Touching. His fingers are brushing my hair aw ay from my face and my headphones have been pulled off my ears. teasing.                                   ." Rose s ips and chants down the hall. and he grins and win s. even though it causes my blood to speed through my veins. ~. Bella's finally gonna get her some. "Bella Swan. But I see him glance down to m y lips and it stops my heart for a second. I new this was coming. "We just landed. We'll be getting off soon._.and Edward leans forward a little. I thin he's got the hots for you. fall to the ground. but now I see. Edward is leaning toward me. FTW .

pulling me into his lap. "What happened?" I as as I curl my arm around his elbow. He holds onto my waist. and pac ing up my stuff. ~. covering our legs. All the excitement and joy is suc ed right out of me. He tuc s my bag under my seat. We lose. He unfolds a blan et and throws it over both of o ur laps. his face buried in my hair.~ When I board the bus. but I it'd be useless. as I watch them put him on a cart and drive him off the f ield. His hand is on my nee under the covers. My fingers immediately   I have this pull to march right into the loc er room and find Edward. So I finish the game with the squad. FTW . His eyes are closed and his head is leaning bac and resting on the head rest. I tell myself that I'll only pause in the aisle for a brief minute and if he doe sn't ac nowledge me. I have no id ea if he wants me to sit beside him or not. My bag drops to the floor and my arms go around his shoulders. I sit as close to him as I can. he reaches out and grabs my wrist. I worry about him and if he really is o ay or not. I see him slo wly sit up. but I don't care. I'm not allowed in there._. but I ignore them. changing. anchoring me to him. I've never been more relieved in my life. So I go through the motions of showering. I feel the heat off his s in as it pene trates through my thin yoga pants and up my leg.                   now               . effectively scattering all over me and setting my body into a smoldering fire. I just need to now he's all right. so I ta e my time approaching him. "Are you all right?" I as as I grip his shirt tighter. I'll move on. sitting in an aisle seat. He slightly releases me and I slide into the empty seat beside him. he's already there. but I have a job to do._.I hear a few of the girls whisper out my name trying to get my attention. but I'm not the least bit hungry. Lig ht food is brought into our dressing room. He nods his head. just li e I'm supposed to. After a few minutes of the trainers and coaches hovering over him. I swipe my tears away. But I don't even have to thin about it because as soon as I'm close to him.

He moves his han d up and down my leg with the slightest of movements.. I didn't even li e her that much. but he suc ed. he really did." He closes he eyes as I nead thr ough his hair. h is lips pull tight. Score one for me.                                                   . The doc's chec ed me out goo d. His father pulled some ind of alu mni bullshit to get Jacob a starting spot on the team. Then things just got heavy and weird. "It's nothing. "It wasn't just nothing. but I played her little ga me for awhile." He smiles big. she was a cheerleader. so I press for more." I squeeze his arm. But I wasn't. who was the start ing QB. they gave me something for pain. "It came down to Jacob lost his starting spot at the same time someone told him I was fuc ing his girl. "I haven't heard if from you. It's late and we should both try and go to sleep. "Does it hurt any?" I use my free hand to rub over his scalp. not at all. "You were?" One side of his mouth curls up and his eyes twin le. It's so. I was just noc ed out for a second. nope." I continue massaging his head for a little while longer until my arm fee ls li e its going numb from holding it up." he adds real quic . his pretty teeth show. so minor but it feels so." He squeezes my thigh in return. and I don't ignore the way his s i n brea s out in goosebumps by my touch alone. she started h itting on me. but for once Edward seems open with me. I nod and pout a little. to my nee and then up jus t a little to my thigh and then bac down.." Edward shifts down in his seat a little. "Will you tell me what happened at your last school? What was this big scandal I 've heard so much about?" He ta es a deep breath and releases it out in a sigh. stretching out his legs. "Good. Then I see him ta e a de ep breath." he pauses and loo s straight at me." He says it so calmly. "You really want to now?" I nod. "Well there was this girl.start to trail up and down his bare forearm. "No. so major! I pull away a little and loo up at his head. "Haven't you heard the story already?" he as s with a frown. Edward. He hums. I pretend I'm not phased. She was too clingy and pers istent. He loo s away and seems to debate to tal to me or not. I don't have a concussion or anything. But anyway. I new she was supposed to be his girl. "I feel even better now. I was worried about you. I mean. "I was the second string quarterbac and she was dating Jacob." I raise my eyebrows. "You shouldn't worry about me.

"There's jus t something about you. he even moans a little.                                             ." I sound li e I'm almost begging. I hit him in t he nee with a wooden baseball bat before he had the chance. but my dad. "Do you mind?" I as as my lips graze the shell of his ear. it still haunts me. leaning into him and wrapping my left arm slightly around his middle." He lifts his arms high above his head and stretches. far away from any and all cheerleaders. Some of the girls on her squad had overheard her tal ing shit. Then. I feel his abs tighten and j ump under my touch. I really thin there is the possibility of something more betwee n us. na ed s in right above the waistband of h is sweats. unsuccessfully it appears. I'll never forget that sound of bone crunching. . I don't even now what to say." His fingers curl tighter around my waist. I lay my head on his shoulder and he continues. I'd been drin ing some and I new he was one strong f uc er. my fingers suddenly feel ba re s in as his shirt rides up. I twist in my seat and pull my ne es up. I can't get enough." He loo s down at me. you have to at least give me a chance. Edward." Edward loo s up at me. they say the rest is history. I let my fingernails scratch over his stomach. "I'm glad you failed at something. She wanted a boyfriend that was going to going to ev entually get drafted. I ta e advantage and begin to trace bac and forth. including you. He groans again and sha es his head. he loo s so regretful. loving the reaction I'm getting from h im. "Now you now why I wanted to stay far. "Come to find out his bitch girl friend said I had raped her and that's why he was coming after me. I extend my nec and get as close as I can to his ear. The r ape charge was dropped. and it just seems so right to be here in his arms. he helped me the best he could. His arms fall and his left goes around me. She realized Jacob wasn't that guy. he came after me."                     I feel so bad for him. Smooth. either. I thin it's safe to say I'm nothing li e her. My mom practically disowned me. so easy and even though it was his body and his loo s that first attra cted me to him. "I thin I already have. He tugs the blan et up higher to cover us more. he would have done some damage had he got his hands on me.. I loo up at him. a meal tic et. so she tried to ruin me. "We went to court and I had luc on my side."Anyway." I laugh. I splay my hand flat on his stomach. but I got probation for hitting Jacob and was banned fro m playing Division 1 football ever again. "I'm not her. I'm surprised when he starts tal ing again. I snuggle in close to him. I tried. Then I wouldn't give it up. so she set her sights on me. I had charges brought against me for battery and rape. effectively pulling me even closer to him. Don 't push me away. Fuc ed his nee up.

His hand rubs up and down my bac before he inches his fingers under the waistba nd of my stretch pants and lower until his whole hand has disappeared from sight ." He says so quiet that only I can hear him. The dips and the swells. confirming is a commando type of guy. I lightly scrape through the soft hair that's scattered below his belly button. thic and heavy. I thi n it ma es this even better and. letting my fingertips tease his s in right at the top of his pants before dipping them down to just underneath his waist. moving up and down. I feel his lips on the top of my head. but ere's no doubt. He squeezes and neads the chee of my butt through my boy short underwear. Then I resume my spot snuggled against his chest. but I want to ma e him feel good. he's pac ing. His mouth is still pressed against the top of my head. and his toes curl with each pass of my palm. up and down. I don't care who nows. I loo up. His c is li e satin covered steel. then it's s in on s in. a small closed mouth iss. I lay my head bac on his chest and I focus on the f eel of him under my fingertips. I graze the outline of his length through his cotton pants. let me touch you. "No. such a wor of art. I slin my hand up. He m ust have electricity shooting from his fingertips because the tingles radiate ou t and zip to all the places in my body that matter. He's really hard and a little wet on the tip. I notice that he has slipped off his shoes. Against my lips I feel his Adams apple descend and then rise as he swallows slow and hard. He's breathi ng hard. I try to relax. "I now exactly what you mean. just barely." I notice my breathing has accelerated. My hand moves down. is that true?" I have to as . even from th e outside of his sweats. he said it would help me eep the girls away and I'd be able to simply concentrate on my studies and football. He nods. spreading his precum. but plenty of people are awa e on the bus. He's not abnormally big. I fist his length. "That feels so good. "B ut I heard you have a girlfriend bac home. I circle his head with my thumb." I slowly e ase my hand down lower to cover the bulge that's already prominent. honestly. I now it may ma e me loo li e I'm easy.I nod. slow and asing. his breath heating my scalp. deeper into his pants." Yes! After that. the soft s in stretchin g over hard muscles. up and down. The places that have been longing for him. "I can ma e you feel even better. I iss his nec . I now it's too soon. tracing his slit. It's almost two in the morning. He curs                                                                           he co th te . place my lips against the s in of his nec . that rumor was my dad's idea. too. I watch the movements of my hand from the outside of the blan et. so I ma e him an offer. Such a contrast. His moans are deep and lo ng and they get lost in my hair.

he pulls away and tips his forehead to rest again mine. "Shit." I whisper even though I'd rather get all up in his lap fiv e minutes ago li e the slut I say I'm not. I start to pump him. He hands it to me and I carefully pull out my han d and wipe it off. I've done that before." he quietly moans right before he stiffens and explodes all over my hand. As I sit and wait on him. are you ready to get some rest. I can tell by the way he's breathing and the way he's grippin g my ass." I answer with relief. I now he's close. and I don't thin any less of you.       He isses my nose and covers us up with the blan et again." he reaches under our seat and pulls out a small towel that must have been stored in his duffel bag." He grabs his bag again. I'm so rry.. I mean . "I'm not that type of guy either. I can't help but giggle. I mean. Bella." he groans as he swells in my hand. He sits bac down beside me and feel the need to explain myself. or do you need me to ta e care of you?" He raises his eyebrows once and grins this wic ed grin." He cups my face and isses me. Edward. and heads tow ard the small bathroom in the bac of the bus. "I thin I can wait." "Good. I'm not even aware if I'm breathing or not. This is so unli e me. "Edward. I'll be right bac .es and tenses. and I've already jac ed him o ff. He thrust s up in my hand and I begin to imagine how good it will feel when he's buried de ep inside of me. Too soon for my li ing. "I'm going to change.                                           "Fuc baby. At the same time I increase my speed and pressure. "Now."                   . that was good. I'm no t that type of girl. His tongue traces my bottom lip before switching and doing the same to the top. but i t'll be worth it. Wet. I turn my face bac to his nec and lightly nibble and iss on his s in. Really. Shit. because I'm not. Bella. slow with a squeeze and then speed up just a bit. He sha es his head bac and forth. "Don't stop. I shouldn't have. I'll probably have bruised fingerprints on my ass tomorrow." I exhale a deep breath and start again. I haven't eve n issed the guy or let him ta e me out on a date. I get hungry and soa in his taste. Long. It's been awhile.. -er ever. "Hang on. Soft. it ma es me want you more. I thin this is one of the best bus trips ever. I don't usually do that so soon. my guilt ic s in. I slow my hand but eep issing his nec . "Please don't thin less of me or that I'm easy. If anything. I.

or eating. FTW . He has a photographic memory which has helped him through the years over excel i n his studies and at football. FTW ._. We haven't had much time alone. I find out he's some ind of genius. "Good luc today.   As the celebration continues on the field. 'same here. FTW . "I'll be watching you. I smile to myself as I thin . It doesn't ta e long for the word to spread that I'm dating Edward. "Just go for the win. He can learn a complete playboo within an hour. and we won't have until football se ason is over. I thin I can wait. Edward gets carried around the field on the shoulders of his teammates. my chee s ache." He laughs at me." He wal s over to me and isse s the breath out of me li e he always does so well. He fee ls the pressure because the Wolves haven't won a game yet with him as their quar terbac . you're awesome baby. Just do it. Edward is stressing out. to him                                                 . swaying my hips the way he li es me too.' ~. li e me." he yells as I shut the door._. ~. He is a quiet guy. "It is that easy._._." "Gah. hours before game time." I giggle. but not sure what to tell him about his worries. watching him lift weights. his eyes eep darting bac smile is so wide. "Edward. you now you're doing the best you can out there. to me.~ Six hours later the North Atlantic Wolves beat the number two ran ed team in the nation with ease. I still love watching him play.~ The next wee . I sit with him in the wor out room._.~. I thin I fall a little more. If he's not at practice. or tal . and his classes are all way over my head._. Bella. My   I saunter over to the door.       He's passionate and romantic and every day that I spend with him. Edward and I tal at least once a day.~ Early the next Saturday. "I wish it was that easy. Than you." I say with a win . now go get ready to sha e your ass out the re. That's my favorite part of the wee . and I'm super excited for him to ta e me out on a real date. he's studying. Just go for the win." I stand and iss him one last time before I head off to the cheerleaders loc er room. Just do what you got to do. and not really the partying type.

so you now what that means right?" I sha e my head. "Only because you told me to. I just. "I did what you told me to do. "What were you tal ing about?" I as ." he answers. I'm crediting you for t he win.. "No. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                     "I new you could do it." I mouth and point at him." he whispers in my ear. I didn't over thin it." He tightens his hold on my waist." he shrugs. "I went for the win and it wor ed. I went for it. that sounds li e a perfect game plan to me. "Well.. I'm sitting in his lap and I remember what he said."You did it.         . I laugh and shrug." I say right before I iss his chee ." I gush because yeah. You're my good luc charm. what?" "I got to eep you with me always. if anyone as s. "I thin that can be arranged. Later that night at the after party.

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