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OTI 1 PMR SAMPLE ANSWER Section A : Guided Writing

Thank you Mr. Chairman. A very good morning to the respected principal, Tuan Haji Mat Zali bin Bakar, beloved teachers and fellow friends. I am Aaron Mustafa bin Aziz, the President of the Peer and Guidance Club. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to enlighten you on how to make and keep friends. Ladies and gentlemen, Friends play an important role to us. Friends can help us overcome challenges as well as bring fun, happiness and joy in our lives. But how do we make and keep friends? First and foremost, when you meet someone new and you wanted to make friend with him, you can start by shaking his hand firm and warmly. Make eye contact with him as the eyes are the window to your soul. Do not forget to smile. Smiling will makes you appear friendly and people will be more attracted to you. Then, do not forget to introduce yourself to your friend. You dont want him to wonder who you might be. After the introduction, you can start the conversation. Making conversation is one of the important ways to make and keep friends. My dear friends, Keeping friends is not as easy as making them. As we know, friendship needs to be nurtured and cherished so it will last longer. To be a good friend, you must always spend time together with your friend. You can do activities and also share common interests together. You can start by sharing your meal with your friend during recess. Besides, you can play or even do homework together. Learning will be more fun as your friend can help you whenever you have problem with your lessons. In addition, in order to be a good friend, you must prove to your friend that you are loyal and trustworthy. So, whatever secret you friend might be telling you, keep it as a secret and never repeat it to anyone else. If your friend lives far from you, always keep in touch with him. You can e-mail him, call him or just text him. Members of the floor, A good friend will always accept his friends weaknesses. So, never judge your friend. You may not agree with him but you should respect him for who he is. When he makes mistake, rather than judging him, you can help him to put things right. You should also accept all the differences between both of you as you are happy with the similarities. Last but not least, be a good listener. A true friend will always know how to listen. Always give your support when your friend needs it and stand by him through thick and thin because a friend in need is a friend indeed. In short, good friends will never ask anything in return for their friendship. Do remember, bosom friends are the second closest people to us after our family. After all, friends are among the best free things in our lives. So, go ahead and make friends. Thank you for your attentive listening.

OTI 1 PMR SAMPLE ANSWER Section B (A) : Poem i. From the wheelchair for the rest of my days / wheelchair

ii. We should be brave / courageous / united Section B (b) : Novel Based on Around the World in 80 Days written by Jules Verne, I would like to write on a character that I like the most. As we know, this story is set on 1867 when a wealthy but meticulous bachelor, Phileas Fogg accepted his friends wager that he could complete his journey around the world in 80 days or he would lose his 20,000 pound bet. In the story, I like Phileas Fogg because he is a kind man. For example, in one event, he and his French butler, Passepartout had to stop at a village surrounded by thick forests on their way to Calcutta from Bombay. This was due to the 50 mile incomplete railway. To continue their journey, Fogg bought and elephant named Kiouni. On their way, they saw a group of bandits pulling over a girl. Right on that time, Fogg made a decision to save the girl, even though she was a total stranger to him. He was willing to risk his life as he was a kind man. At the end of the track, he presented Kiouni to his guide, Ali. Last but not least, Phileas Fogg is a kind man when he would always help his butler, Passepartout whenever he was in hot soup. When he was jailed in Calcutta for illegally entering a temple, without hesitate, Fogg paid 2000 pounds for his bail. Then, on their way to New York, when they were attacked by a group of outlaws, rather than leaving his butler and continued his journey, Fogg and 30 soldiers went on a search for him. He also rewarded the soldiers with $5000 for all their help. In short, I learn to be a kind person from Phileas Fogg. He taught me that we should always help others even though they are strangers because kind deeds will always be rewarded. In the end, despite all the obstacles, Fogg won not only the wager but also the heart of Aouda, the girl he saved. They settled down in London while Passepartout remained his loyal butler.

Section C : Summary 1. pass through some rapids 2. welcomed and entertained us 3. served food by their woman 4. took a walk in the rainforests 5. stopped at the waterfalls to rest 6. visit to an old longhouse 7. we brought along some gifts 8. we were offered tuak or rice wine