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INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT A Project is a bridge between theoretical and practicl knowledge.

It helps a student to understand the nitty-gritty’s of real corporate world. I, as a student of MBA of RPIIT, Karnal at BILT The Project title LABOUR WELFARE .” Products with its Competitors” involved a deep understanding of company’s various products and comparing it with the major competitors. The basic objective of the project was to know the opinions of workers towards labour welfare measures. The Oxford Dictionary defines Labour Welfare as betterment of work for employees relates to taking care of the well being of workers by employer’s trade union govt. and non-govt. agencies. The concept of labour welfare cannot be concisely defined b’coz of the relativity of the concept. However, efforts have been taken by the expert bodies to do each his own way. The importance of labour welfare was recognized as early as 1931, where Royal Commission on labour stated that the benefits, which go under this nomenclature, are great. Importance of the worker who is unable to secure by himself 20 yrs. Later, the planning commission realized the importance of labour welfare, that “in order to get best out of worker in the matter of production, working conditions need to be improved a lot. The working conditions should be such as to safeguard his health and to protect against occupational hazards. Despite phenomenal rise in wages there is still lack of stabilized work force. Labour Welfare is a flexible concept and part of social welfare, conceptually & operationally. Consumer is the central point in every business. Now-a-days, attracting and satisfying customer is more difficult than producing the goods. For any product, many brands are available in the market. Every company wants to increase its market share. Now buyers dominate the market. So seller has to make a lot of efforts to attract and to persuade the persons to purchase his products and services. Advertising is an important means to influence the potential customers. It is an important tool of communication and promotion.

. Companies ranging from multinational corporations to small retailers increasingly rely on advertising to sell their products and services.Evidence of increasing importance of advertising is clearly reflected from the increase in advertisement expenditure of almost all business units. customers have also started giving due importance to advertising while making purchase decisions. Advertising influences consumer attitudes and purchase behavior. Moreover.