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Term paper On Customer satisfaction of Grameenphone limited

Term paper On Customer satisfaction of Grameenphone limited

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Md. Moktar Ali Associate professor Department of Marketing University of Dhaka

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Md. Masum-ul-Hoque ID: Md. Ehsanul Hoque ID: 41018044 Md. Amin ID: Department of Marketing University of Dhaka

Date of submission: 8 August, 2011

We also tried to match the theoretical knowledge and the direct experience gathered during the preparation of the term-paper. Any clarification required & query needed regarding my report will be gratefully acknowledged. We are very pleased to be able to submit the term-paper on “Customer satisfaction of Grameenphone limited”. Ehsanul Hoque ID No.Letter of Transmittal 08 August. In this report. 41018043 Md. Amin ID No. we have tried our level best to make a good combination of learning from the Business statistics. Md. Masum-ul Hoque ID No. we have tried to be as descriptive as possible for the convenience for the reader. Moktar Ali Associate professor Department of Marketing Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Sub: Request for acceptance of the term-paper Sir. The obediently Md. In every sphere of the report. In developing the report. 2011. we have followed the format and instructions given by you. 41018003 Md. 41018044 .

GrameenPhone is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its products and services. Customer care center is indispensable part for the service provider since most of the people of our country are illiterate. Hence through this report I have tried to find out GP’s position in cellular phone industry and the services that Grameen phone is presently providing to its valued customers & their satisfaction level. Grameenphone holds almost 61% market share of telecom industry that is out of every 10 users 6 belongs to Grameenphone. Coming up with innovative service is easier than making subscribers aware of services. quality with more conveniently for the customers. Push-Pull. it means that out of every 9 people one is using cell phone. At the point of view of Bangladesh essentiality of customer service in telecom sector is in rising demand. the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services. Grameen phone as a market leader in this industry should revise its service packages. 15 million people out of 140 million total citizen of Bangladesh are presently using cell phone. In the third world country like Bangladesh the amount of users is amazing.Executive Summary This Project Work has been prepared as partial fulfillment of requirements for the Business statistics course. Recently. and Information related services at the early growing stage. Otherwise. Hence. the company knows in near future. Now a day the concept of customer service is widely used with the service of mobile phone companies. When a product or service is introduced in the market in order to inform the customer about the product and service as well as to provide after sales service the most feasible way is customer care service. in the long run new innovation services will not give its ultimate success. the company is trying to maintain the leading position in non-voices services as well like SMS. Introduction . Because. voice based services will reach to the maturity stage which will make the business growth constant to some extents. These services are working as a building block to increase GP’s service value. A comprehensive survey was conducted to know about GP’s present service condition that is providing to its valued customers. As a market leader. So GrameenPhone marketing strategy should be “Profitable growth & expanding market share through satisfying existing customers”. Due to increasing of excessive competition in business environment customer care is getting more preference day by day.

market followers are trying to attract other operator’s subscriber.4 million subscribers. customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Hypothesis Service quality has a significant positive influence on increasing customer satisfaction Methodology . there is an emergence of studying the related factors of the customer loyalty in the context of Bangladesh GSM telecommunication system for GrameenPhone to preserve its’ market share. to maintain the leading position in the market GrameenPhone has to identify the factors related to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The first year after the GrameenPhone was launched. Therefore. So. Robi is the market follower having 1 million subscribers. A relational study on service quality. Statement of the problem In the GSM mobile telephone sector in Bangladesh vast competition has emerged. switching cost and trust with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in GrameenPhone. the subscribers now have various alternatives to choose according to their convenience. With time both the operator extended their coverage and service feature. So. Within a short period of time SHEBA Telecom joined the market which is now named as Banglalink with a new management called Orascom. GrameenPhone is the market leader having more than 2. As the socioeconomic status of the country does not provide further possibilities to increase the growth of the industry. Banglalink is also increasing its market share by providing various types of attractive offers to capture the existing market. the leading GSM mobile telephone system in Bangladesh. Purpose of the study The purpose of the study was to present the relationship between service quality. there were no other operators using the GSM technology.GSM technology was introduced in Bangladesh from 26th march 1997 by GrameenPhone. From 1998 Robi started their operation using the same technology to serve the subscribers of Chittagong.

the data will be analyzed with SPSS. Pie charts and written interpretations. Data Analysis For the analysis of the collected data a primary or rough analysis will be conducted to validate the questionnaire for gathering the adequate information. · After getting all the questionnaires filled up. The questionnaire survey will be the most effective method to collect data for our study. All the necessary data for this project will be collected by making a survey on people who are using the Grameenphone’s service and also who are working for GrameenPhone by asking them to fill up the questionnaire. the research was limited only in Dhaka city. It will not be possible to conduct personal interview because of time limitation. further change in the questionnaire will be made. time constraint led to get narrower outcomes and finally. Firstly. 2011 to August 1. questionnaire survey will be the most appropriate one for this study. 2011 Literature of review . Limitations of the study The study was limited by a number of factors. · For secondary data. the knowledge constraint of the researcher was another limitation for this study.Interview Method: . Research timeline From May 9. To gather Primary data questionnaire will be developed. Secondly. Data Collection Data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. Will be helpful and the Annual reports and internal official information if accessible. · For this research the survey will be conducted on 20 respondents. The data analysis will be conducted using SPSS. Thirdly. The results will be represented through Bar charts. If the gathered information is not up to the mark. web site of Grameenphone Ltd. Therefore. sample size was very small to present the proposed scenario. Collection of data was not that difficult as GrameenPhone Ltd is a leading fast generation private telecommunication Industry in the country.

They noticed that some of the ten dimensions were correlated. V. Bitner. 1994). In this present study these dimensions will be used to measure the service quality. 1988. credibility. reliability. assurance. communications.. 1985. Lehtinen and Lehtinen (1982) gave a three-dimensional view of service quality consisting ‘interaction’. 1992.tangibles. 1982. competence. Churchill. and the two constructs (service quality and attitude) are viewed as similar (Parasuraman et al.e. responsiveness. (1988) have developed a service quality measure. Gro¨nroos. Paul peter (1999) added that customers want performance to be consistent and dependable. . and ‘corporate’ quality. 2002). and Zeithaml. (2003) the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately is the reliability. Booms. and understanding. (1988). 1988. They also added that service quality can be split into technical quality which means ‘what is done’ and functional quality which means ‘how it is done’. Cronin & Taylor. Allport (1935) defined attitude as “a learned predisposition to respond to an object in a consistently favorable or an unfavorable way. (1991) based on the result of an empirical study on five service companies. 1994).Service quality According to Berry et al. 1983.. courtesy.. 1990. Parasuraman et al. Parasuraman et al. Definitions of service quality hold that this is the result of an evaluation process where customers compare their expectations about a service with their perception of the service to be received (Lewis & Booms. Bolton and Drew.. ‘physical’. service quality has become a significant differentiator and the most powerful competitive weapon which all the service organizations want to possess. 1991. and tangibles. empathy. & J. responsiveness. Jr. Gilbert A. Bitner & Hubert. security. & Tetreault. SERVQUAL was revised later by Parasuraman et al. Lehtinen & Lehtinen. M. access. The researchers developed ten general dimensions named. it is viewed as similar to attitude (Sureshchandar et al. Numerous researches have been delineated service quality as forms of attitude – a long run overall evaluation. 1984. SERVQUAL which reasonable of the overall service quality dimensions. Dimensions of service quality Reliability According to Philip Kotler (1999).” As perceived service quality portrays a general overall appraisal of service. They refined it and finalized the instrument composed of five dimensions include reliability. J. Bitner. a global value judgment on the superiority of overall satisfaction with the service. i. A.

2000). Rousseau et al. facilities. (2003). trust becomes irrelevant. (2003). M. Singh and Sirdeshmukh. Jr. Bitner. trust can be build. 2000). Trust was viewed as one of the most relevant antecedents of stable and collaborative relationships. and Zeithaml. the customer should not only perceive positive outcomes but also believe that these positive outcomes will continue in the future. M. when customers trust brands they also form positive buying intentions towards those brands. Bitner. & J. Gilbert A. According to Lau and Lee (1999). J.Responsiveness According to Philip Kotler (1999). and Zeithaml. Geyskens et al. 1998. Paul peter (1999) added that customer look for quality in the equipment. A. Singh and Sirdeshmukh. assurance means the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence. Doney and Cannon (1997) added that the third party also must have the ability to continue to meet its obligations within the cost-benefits relationship.. and communication material of an organization is the tangibles.g. A. if one party believes that the actions of a third party will bring positive outcomes to him. Bitner. V. Jr. the appearance of physical facilities.. Trust is sometimes conceived of . Anderson and Narus (1990) postulated that. Blois. Churchill. personnel. equipment. M.. A. Therefore. 1998. Paul peter (1999) added that customer must see service provider as ready and willing to perform. and communication materials used to provide the service. Churchill. because without vulnerability of the trustor upon the trustee. and Zeithaml. 1996.. Assurance According to Philip Kotler (1999). V. as one party trusts another and develop positive behavioral intentions towards the other. A. V. M. (2003) responsiveness is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. Tangibles According to Philip Kotler (1999). (2003). In business studies. Trust Trust is consistently related to the vulnerability of the trustor (Bigley and Pearce. Empathy According to Philip Kotler (1999). Gilbert A. Bitner. 1999). J. & J. V. The centrality of trust in market a relationship is made evident by the many research and some wide literature review are already available (Castaldo. and Zeithaml. individualized attention to the customer. trust has been found to be important for building and maintaining long-term relationships (e. empathy means the provision of caring. J.. J. 1995..

2003). According to Feick and Lee (2001). Such attitudinal measures have an advantage over behavioral measures (e. as Ganesan (1994) pointed out in a business-to-business context. and referring the company to other customers (Heskett et al. 1992). Their definition implies that levels of service loyalty can be assessed by attitudinal measures such as the ones based on intentions to repatronize a service provider. 1994). repurchase intention (Cronin & Taylor. repeat patronage) in that they can provide greater understanding of the factors associated with the development and modification of loyalty (Oliva et al. Customer satisfaction The most common interpretations reflect the notion that satisfaction is a feeling which results from a process of evaluating what was received against that expected. customer loyalty has been measured as the long-term choice probability for a brand or as a minimum differential needed for switching. Berkowitz et al. Fe and Ikova (2004) added that the perception of the word . the purchase decision itself and the fulfillment of needs or want (Armstrong & Kotler.. 1992) and willingness to pay a price premium (Bitner & Zeithaml. Czepiel and Gilmore (1987). According to Duffy (2003) loyalty is the feeling that a customer has about a brand which ultimately generates positive and measurable financial results. 1996).g. Customer loyalty Customer loyalty represents the repeat purchase. Kotler (1999) also noted that satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectations which identifies feelings of a person resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations. performance or credibility trust and benevolence trust. He also sated that customer loyalty is a figure that may be measured directly as measuring the actual repeated sales to customers. 1996.1999).having two components. define service loyalty as a specific attitude to continue in an exchange relationship based on past experiences. Bitner and Zeithaml (2003) stated that satisfaction is the customers’ evaluation of a product or service in terms of whether that product or service has met their needs and expectations. Improvements in retention and increasing in the share of the company are the obvious economic benefits of customer loyalty. Several earlier studies identified customer loyalty in several ways such as attitudinal approaches focused mainly on brand recommendations. resistance to superior products (Narayandas.

it has been argued that actually responding to dissatisfaction (e. The model integrates the two constructs and suggests. Researchers have also identified customer satisfaction from a multi dimensional nature and view overall satisfaction as a function of satisfaction with multiple experiences with the service provider (Sureshchandar et al. Earlier. (1993) found positive relationships between service quality and repurchase intentions and willingness to recommend. Sureshchandar et al (2002). In more recent studies Spreng and Mackoy (1996) addressed the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction by using the model developed by Oliver et al (1992).. have emphasized that the two constructs service quality and customer satisfaction do exhibit the independence and are indeed different constructs from the customers’ point of view. (1993) and Cronin and Taylor (1992). Cronin and Taylor (1992) focused solely on repurchase intentions. In the study by Cronin and Taylor service quality did not appear to have a significant (positive) effect on repurchase intentions (in contrast to the significant positive relation between satisfaction and repurchase intention). complaining directly to the company or complaining to a third party) is . Staelin. Bitner (1990) developed a model of service encounter evaluation and empirically supported the effect of satisfaction on service quality. Woodside et al. by Boulding et al. while Boulding et al."satisfaction" influences the activities which we conduct to achieve it. (2002) identify that the survey result shows that there are high relationships between service quality and customer satisfaction. 2002). & Zeithaml. 1990. among other things that perceived service quality is an antecedent to satisfaction. (1989).g. Furthermore. Boulding. Relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction The empirical studies show that two constructs service quality and customer satisfactions are conceptually distinct (Bitner. whereas Boulding et al. Kalra. (1993) focused on the elements of repurchasing and willingness to recommend. among others. Bolton and Drew (1991) also proposed that satisfaction leads to service quality. Relationship between service quality and customer loyalty The relationship between service quality and customer preference loyalty has been examined. 1993). supported the causal relation of service quality and satisfaction with data collected in the area of health care. Sureshchandar et al. Spreng and Mackoy (1996) showed that service quality leads to customer satisfaction.

8%). Baridhara Dhaka ‐ 1229. They started the hard work of the developing the infrastructure facilities in the country. History of the company GrameenPhone Ltd. On the other hand. Crosby and Stephens (1987) investigated loyalty in the insurance industry and with regard to retailing. Telenor is the state owned telecommunication company of Norway.. 1990). GP is a joint venture between Bangladesh and Norway. and coverage also in the rural areas at the most favorable prices. (1993). customer patronage was investigated in relation to service encounter failures by Kelley et al. Bangladesh is a developing country. and Public (5%). 1997. one of the biggest Non Government Organizations of Bangladesh. The commercial launch was on March 26. They have already made approximately $125 million investment to GP and will reinvest their profit share to GP. (GP) is the market leader in the mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. GP did not take much time to start its operations. prepared to take calculative risk. . customer service. In 2008 it went public. Grameen Telecom is the sister concern of Grameen Bank. Rust and Zahorik (1993) related service quality perceptions to consumer loyalty in banking. Per capita income here is very low.negatively related to the level of service quality (Beardon et al. GP has a dynamic management composed of business people with a profile drive. established companies with solid international reputation. The shareholders of the company are stable. 1996. Principally GP was established in 1995. GP aims to provide the best possible technical quality.2%). to as many customers possible in Bangladesh. The license agreement was signed on October 31. Yi. 1979. The address of its Head Office is: GP HOUSE. Very few people have access to telecommunication. But due to government policy. GP did not permission to start their operation. Grameen Telecom (28. It has operations in different countries of the world. Presently the shareholder status of the company is Telenor (61. In this situation GP started their operation here. Major shareholders were Telenor (68%) and Grameen Telecom (32%). GP’s aim was to develop one GSM cellular mobile communications network in Bangladesh in competition with two other GSM operators and one AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) operator. Institute (5%). Bangladesh. Bashundhara.

aims at providing reliable. Such services will also help Bangladesh keep pace with other countries which will help in reducing existing disparity in telecom services between urban and rural areas. GrameenPhone started their business approximately 11 years. convenient mobile and cost effective telephone services to the people in Bangladesh irrespective of where they live. GP has reached its break‐even point in the year 2000. They gained success from the very beginning of their operation and were capable enough to hold the success year after year. . GrameenPhone was awarded license to operate as a mobile telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh on 28th of November 1996. The key to achieve this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together. CITYCELL. Grameen is the leading celluluer Net provider in Bangladesh. Inspiring people to find new ways. Company vision We are here to help. It officially launched its network on 26th of March 1997 and went into commercial operation on 15th of April. widespread. Being respectful of differences. This vision will be achieved by: • • Knowing customer Expectations Knowing us . Mission statement Grameen Phone Ltd. The company made its first net profit of $ 3.The GrameenPhone network is designed with latest computer assisted design technology. GrameenPhone main competitors are ROBI. BANGLALINK. Making it easy to buy and use our services. Get this right and Telenor will be a driving force in modern communications and customer satisfaction. Delivering on our promises. Since then GrameenPhone has been operating in the market for a long time. During this time GrameenPhone went for different types of mergers as well as acquisitions. in the fourth year of its operation. AIRTEL & TELETALK.7 million during the year ending in December 2000. One of the strongest sides of GrameenPhone is its customer’s service and relationship.

Keep Promises Everything we set out to do should work. Values Make it Easy We’re practical. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers' lives easier. we're here to help. This is a huge advantage of GrameenPhone. which is operating in different countries around the world. Though City Cell had started their operation beforehand. . Grameen Bank is one of the largest NGO. which has the better communication all over the country. modern and fresh. or if you don't get it. We do not impose one formula worldwide. but they were unable to reach the general people. Everything we produce should look good. Market Leader ‐ GrameenPhone is the first organization in Bangladesh. No jargon. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We are passionate about our business and customers. Be Respectful We acknowledge and respect local cultures. which have reached to the general people. So. No waste. We strive to bring energy into the things we do. We believe loyalty has to be earned.• • • Organizing us Connecting Bangladesh with ease and care. We're about delivery. the people are being used to with GrameenPhone. Being user friendly. Be Inspiring We are creative. not over promising ‐ actions not words. in Bangladesh. SWOT analysis Strengths Good Owner Structure ‐ GrameenPhone has the best owner structure in the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. Again. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. We don't over complicate things. Telenor is one of the largest company.

this is highly encouraged to apply new strategy for the better performance. So.Network Availability ‐ GrameenPhone has widest network coverage and a large number of BTS station (Tower) all over Bangladesh. which are related to GrameenPhone are skilled and effective in their own job responsibility. Brand Name of Grameen Image ‐ Grameen Bank is well known all over the country because of its appreciable activities in financial sector for poor people in Bangladesh. Sometimes it creates problem because employees are used to with the previous strategy. GrameenPhone is able to earn a healthy amount of revenue. Weaknesses Culture Gap: In GrameenPhone management. Different Ideas create problem: In Grameen Phone. GrameenPhone is strict to follow its ethical standard. which gives them financial soundness. Financial Soundness ‐ Because of effective planning. when the name Grameen has been added with this telephone company. The reason behind this is the Human Resource department of GrameenPhone follows ethical strategy to recruit new employees. . Director from technical is Indian and many more employees come from different country. employees from different country are existed. Suppose. The Managing director is a Norwegian. Skilled Human Resource ‐ All the staff. Access to the Widest Rural Network through Grameen Bank ‐ Through the help of Grameen Bank. this was easier to GrameenPhone to reach the rural area of Bangladesh. Effective Support Organization ‐ GrameenPhone have shared the idea from the employees of Bangladesh Railway and Grameen Bank. sometimes there may be lack of understanding due to cultural gap. who are experienced and was able to provide precious guideline for the operation of GrameenPhone. the organization gets a huge exposure due to this Grameen image. That’s why. That’s why the company can provide better connectivity in most of the area of the country. High Ethical Standard ‐ To keep the quality of service.

Different Departments are not Working Together ‐ The interconnection of the department is little bit weak. Problem Contained Offers – Recently all most all of the new offers of GrameenPhone are having some technical problems. The pricing of these products and their billing policies are different which also difficult for a user to understand. the market for outside of the country is also expanding. people need the connectivity not only in the country. Incomplete Messages through Promotional Activities – Most of the time the advertisement of GrameenPhone do no clear the appropriate messages. most of them are also so confusing to understand. Opportunities Economic Growth of Bangladesh ‐ The economic growth of the country will increase the expansion of telecommunication industry. GrameenPhone is also delaying to solve those problems which is only raising the dissatisfaction level of its subscribers. New and Better Interconnect Agreement ‐ GrameenPhone is going to have agreement with T&T to have better connection from land phone. this is easy for GrameenPhone to achieve the major portion of expanded market because of its leading position. The reason behind this.Complicated Pricing Structure: GrameenPhone has lots of products. Huge Demand for Telecom Services ‐ The market of telecommunication is expanding. Not only that. City Cell or Bangla Link to have better internal connectivity. Either they are not working at all or part of the services of those offers is disabled. The organization has agreement with other operators like ROBI. As a result subscribers get the wrong meaning of what has been said to them. From 1995 to 2006. Not only that. So. Increased Intentional Activities in Bangladesh ‐ As international activities increased in the country. So. but also out side of the country. there is a huge change in telecommunication sector. . there is no exchange program for employees to work between departments.

So. So. Now the price of handset has decreased and the low income people want to get connected through mobile phone. Any one can make damage to these BTS station and this is also difficult to arrange proper security for these stations. Flexibility of Mobile Phone ‐ Communication through mobile phone is popular because the land phone connection between inter city is costly. that’s why the devaluation of Taka decrease profit from financial point of view. with the change of Government. Risky Position of Valuable Resource ‐ The organizations have a large number of BTS stations which are spread all over the country. Political Instability ‐ Political instability is another threat because. So there is a chance to achieve more subscribers and more market share. Devaluation of Taka ‐ As the investments occurs in foreign currency. this is easy for mobile phone companies to provide services of ISD call and international roaming. Mobile phones are also easier to carry and because of its lower cost and portability. Upgraded Technology Used by Competitors ‐ New mobile phone operator like Bangla Link are establishing their channel with latest technology. The government also put restriction for the work permit of foreign employee. So. this is difficult for any multinational organization to cope with new policies.Declining Prices for Handsets – Few years ago the people of low income could not effort mobile phone services due to the high price of handsets. New International Gateway ‐ As BTTB has established new gateway to connect internationally. people are getting more dependent on mobile phones than land phones. Non‐co‐operation of Government for the Revenue of BTTB ‐ Government des not want to provide the better services from BTTB to other operator due to remain competitive . this is the disadvantages for GrameenPhone. Foreign Company are threatened because they may have risk to back their investment to the country. Threats More Rigid Government Regulations ‐ Government is becoming restricted for taking away currency from the country. policies are also changed. Whereas GrameenPhone using the stations which are five years old.

These officers are responsible for managing the operational activities and operating level employees.Customer service division GrameenPhone follows a 3-layer management philosophy in Bangladesh. Our strategic focus areas ahead are: · Customer · Operational Excellence · People · Sales This will certainly facilitate our endeavor to improve business and organizational efficiency. . These two layers represent the management level of GrameenPhone. These are Directors. customer and employee satisfaction and contribute to meet our ambition: “ to b e the best . Managers have the authority next to directors. Directors are the departmental heads that are responsible for the activities of their departments. Officers are the next persons to stand in the hierarchy The CEO is the top most authority of all the levels. information and greater sales focus through advanced telephony and written interactions. The division is the main bridge for reaching the customers and providing them all sorts of reactive and proactive after sales service. They are the typical mid-level employees of Grameenphone’s organizational hierarchy. Here focus on the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction at GrameenPhone which relates with after sales services. there are direct and indirect factors that influence customer satisfaction.class Cus tomer Servie in Asia to gain competitive advantage for Grameenphone in the market place” Customer Satisfaction Factors of GP GrameenPhone is a fast growing mobile company. Customer Service is dedicated to serve the valued customers of Grameenphone round the. In mobile telecommunication industry. Managers and Officers. 365 days a year.

but the operations are done manually. After that she/he can get information regarding the bill. A GP subscriber needs to dial 123 to reach this service. Then he needs to wait for few seconds. It’s free of charge for the first minute. After that the subscriber reaches the Customer Manager. 1. . quality of airtime goes down.148 to reach GrameenPhone Helpline.148 subscribers are first welcomed by an automated and standardized process. A GP subscriber needs to dial 122. are the most important customer satisfaction factors. Here focus on these step by step. In some case.2 per minute. It is a computer aided information base to afford immediate access to the information about the subscribers.Airtime Air time is the core offering of GrameenPhone. Helpline: GP is the first company that introduced 24hours helpline in Bangladesh. This is automated helpline service. 121. quality of airtime depends on the ratio of subscribers and transmission base station. the customer relations officer does not need to take help of information system. GP has extensive after sales customer care tools. In this part of my paper I tried to focus on the existing operations of the helpline service of GP. This will enable us to understand the importance of the helpline service. 2 Interactive Voice Responses (IVR): This newly introduced service by GrameenPhone. bank name that receives GP’s bill and so on by choosing different options. After dialing 122. There are some queries that are much more personalized and the CM needs to get into the account of that particular subscriber to provide the service. from the second minute the subscriber needs to pay tk. credit policy. usage. etc. She/he just provides the information and the subscriber keep the phone. It the numbers of subscribers are increased without developing the network. The subscriber explains his/her problems to the CM If the inquiry is regarding general information. the subscriber just keeps the complaint/ request and later action is needed to be taken. So. CM starts the conversation with a greeting. quality of communication network availability. 121. After Sales Services After sales services is very important in the mobile telecommunication industry.

Sylhet. GrameenPhone has seven customer relation centers and 380 GPSDs which Provide services all over the country. These after sales services are very crucial to keep subscribers satisfied regarding GrameenPhone. For clear understanding. Interpretation of Survey Data 1. Rajshahi and Khulna and GPSDs situated all most everywhere in Bangladesh. Chittagong. the overall satisfaction has been divided into satisfaction with the package and satisfaction with the after sales service. Do you get the service what you need when you go to GrameenPhone center? Frequency Strongly Disagree Disagree 1 2 Percent 5 10 Cumulative Percent 5 15 . In these information centers the subscribers can come directly with their problems like billing. handset problems. the data from these questions are tabulated below.3. These Customer Relation Centers are situated in the prime divisional head quarters like Dhaka. the survey was conducted among twenty GrameenPhone subscribers. But there are some problems that cannot be solved there. Subscriber need to come physically to deal with that problem. address change. SIM change. etc. Survey Findings In order to measure the satisfaction of the customers a series of questions were asked to the customers with the help of a questionnaire. Information Centers: Most of the problems of the subscribers are solved by the helpline service. As already mentioned. it was conducted in the information center as subscribers from different areas in Dhaka come to this center.

Does the customer manager give you right information? 9. Does your provider fulfill your need with the current product and service? 6. Do you get the service quickly? 10. Does it take long time to reach Customer Manager in 121 hotline? 3. The EDGE service of GrameenPhone is very good? 7. Do you satisfied with the network coverage of the provider? 5. Price of GrameenPhone’s different package is affordable? .Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 6 6 5 30 30 25 45 75 100 Responsiveness Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 2. When you buy a new service does it activated quickly? 4. Does the customer manager behave well to you? 8.

66 .70 1. speed up their service etc.262 .000 . and moderate.60 3.250 .800 . Deviation 1. offer different package.750 .70 1.967 .15 3.124 .902 5.900 .344 df 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 Sig.75 3.600 .53 -.349 .185 .951 .00 3.27 . package speed.167 .826 .142 1.157 4. Grameenphone have to take necessary action to increase customer satisfaction by lowering their call rate.13 .32 .760 1.35 -.850 Lower .204 .150 .20 .26 Possible strategies to improve customer satisfaction • Analyze the market in a regular basis and find out what customers need and want in the area where subscribers are not satisfied like call rate.44 1. .000 Mean Difference .000 3.216 .000 .53 1.251 .157 5.001 .80 3.875 One-Sample Test Test Value = 3 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Responsiveness Tangibles Trust Speed Price Airtime Facilities Behavior Internet Utility t 2.000 .18 1.910 .000 .25 3.213 .53 .967 .684 3.25 .196 N Responsiveness Tangibles Trust Speed Price Airtime Facilities Behavior Internet Utility 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Mean 3.255 .80 .262 .07 -.688 6.05 4.90 3.20 . (2-tailed) .25 4. Error Mean .788 .216 .107 1.000 .50 1.030 1.050 1.176 .44 Upper 1.745 .One-Sample Statistics Std.002 .85 Std.250 1.

Create strong Brand image by different promotional activities which catch people’s emotion and feelings so that subscribers will be very much loyal. they can offer free SMS and call services on the special occasions. • • • • Offer various kind of package in their product so that their subscribers can match with their preference. From the analysis of the survey results and Customer Satisfaction. do something for the poor people. That is already reflected in their market shares with other operators in the market offering similar products. • Capacity of the helpline should be increased in the peak hours because in peak hour pressure of calls is high and customers need to wait long time to get the service which decrease customer satisfaction. help the government to give education to the poor children. it is clear that GP’s subscribers are . Fulfill corporate social responsibilities to create a good image in subscribers mind. so that subscriber can understands all the product and service. By organizing different events. donating money.they can introduce price pack and can sell the package at a reduced rate. features and services.• Communicate with the customer in easiest way like sending bangle sms bangle voice service. • GrameenPhone has to provide different types of consumer promotions such as. • Send greetings message on special occasions to the subscribers which increase customer satisfaction. So recruit more efficient customer manager to increase customer satisfaction. If GP does not take care of these issues then it will be difficult for GrameenPhone to keep the current market share intact. their customers are not fully satisfied with the company’s current products. Offer various services with their connection so that subscribers can enjoy various services at a single device. many subscribers still watch BTV and listen radio so they have to give advertisement in BTV and ‘Bangladesh betar’ and in this way Grameenphone can increase customer satisfaction. Conclusions Although GrameenPhone is dominating the market of mobile telecommunication industry in Bangladesh with the major market shares.

dissatisfied with different services of the company. Therefore. . My observations make me believe that if GP follows these recommendations. it will enable them to achieve a sustainable distinct competitive advantage and to run smoothly with loyal subscribers & market leadership. Moreover. Also it will enable GP to achieve the ambition of Customer service Division of “To be the best in Class Customer service in Asia to gain competitive advantage for GrameenPhone in the Market Place”. the Customer Satisfaction is very standard in the marketplace. I recommend some courses of action.