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Written and produced by Ryan Perret as Scuba Steve Kane Oakley as Captain Kano Ross Johnson as The Dairy Farmer Kiern Thomson as Cilik BANG! Emma Harvey as The bounty buldge hunter

Leading ROLE Played by

Jon Lo staring as LEEking Dong
(really its himself but he likes to pretend that he is a super hero!!!! So do me a favour and go along with it for F*! ACTUALY I better not write that hmm. Sake!?


One day a very young small Chinese boy called jon lo ..Oops I mean
leeking dong

Was on his way to the local pokamon village to get another peackachoo at the miss kittychoo due to various medical problems that his past has short!! Forgot!.
Not to be misunderstood as that song! Hes a Short Short man! because belive us! he is well endowed for the ant tribe of tiny pei neauss . very cultural people indeed.

He noticed Captain kano in the corner of the room. With a glance leeking as he walked over, he approached captain kano to share his darkest secret! The secret of the Lost Buldge!!!!!!! With this knowalage captian kano remembered these wise words and would take them to the grave.

3 years later. . . . .

Captain Kano and scuba steve where chilling out in their secret lair . . . The burglar van!! .

aka local shop. . deals with no wheels!! When All of a sudden the bounty buldge hunter arrived . . with a swift shuffle of her footish style fetish she leaps to lay on the power couch of buldging delights. Leeking dong unaware of the bounty bludge hunter presence comes striding into the room wearing his sonic the hedgehog boxers and to her surprise she sees that leeking has no buldge!!!!!!!! She hides her amazement until he embarrassingly leaves the room!! Captain kano I couldnt help but notice that leeking dong has no buldge!! Ah you seen that says kano. . can u keep a secret ? . . he asks. Of course she replied intrigued by the story to unravel. It all started at a young age he tells me, where he was involved in a street fight with cilik bang and the dairy farmer. Apparently he stole the dairy farmers milk that was due to be shipped of to a chocolate distribution factory to be made into friggos. . On the the way out leeking dong tripped and spilt the milk all over cilik bang. . he was most un-impressed with this as it was his duty to fight the

tougher than tough the whiter than white the cleaner than clean and when it called for it to be down right lean mean dirty cleaning machine. With a raging spray of marigold madness cilik bang throw the first punch . leeking cowered away saying

Oh me so sorry sir Me no like anoy angry cleaner man . The dairy farmer turns up drifting to the side of mr bang as he follows through with his mighty udder surprise sucker punch. Pof pof bang bang The noise delivered by the dairy farmer and cilik bank combined!! All of a sudden a major accident occurred as the dairy farmer attacked leeking with his steel stale ale collector (steel bucket) . With a mighty swing he im-paled jons - oops leekings ball sack! Infecting it with the shrivel up and disappear disease. From one mighty rusty swing leeking lost that thing!! !wow! . . the look on the bounty hunters face as she takes this horrible story on board. She replys Does this mean he cant have any kids?? Captain kano laughed! Ha ha haaaa ahh She then replied that would be why I seen no buldge

Later that day. . . .

Leeking dong walked down stair of the burglar van to see captain kano and scuba steve sitting there. Captain kano shouts Leeking I think you should come here I have some thing to tell you . . . Awwww what went wong captain kano I was speaking to the bounty buldge hunter earlier and she noticed u had no buldge so I told her that you have no balls!!!

Aww why would you do that!! Aww bloody hell you guys .. awww I tell her that I have !! I use my extra extension of my power pussy kitty pad!! And tell her I wrill. Captain kano--- ha ha ha ha ahhhh haaaa Scuba stev--- ahhhhhh hahahahahaha ha haaa A few moments later captain kano receives a s.m.s message from the bounty hunter stating that you lied to me about leekings balls!! Ha ha ha said captain kano .. Legend!!! He replied. And that srivels up the story Until next time Remember kids ur balls will not just disappear if you get hit in the sack by a metal bucket!! Its only a cover up story made up by about his small spider monkey, button mushroom, smugglers penius!! The tales of a young Chinese boy LEEKING DONg!

Credits and thanks To all those that made this story possible

Ryan perrett

Kane Oakley

Kiern Thompson

Ross Johnson

Emma harvey And of course the sonic the hedgehog wearing Buldge hiding Jon lo...

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