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Santosh Kumar Singh Bangalore


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Seeking a position to utilize, enhance my skills and abilities in the industry which offers professional growth while being resourceful and flexible. Experience Summary             Having 3.9 years of Experience in JAVA, J2EE Technologies. Hands on Experience in Servlet, JSP and JDBC. Hands on Experience in Struts and Hibernate Frameworks. Hands on Experience in Spring Framework. Hands on Experience in JSF Framework. Hands on Experience in J2EE Design Patterns. Hands on Experience in EJB. Hands on Experience in Web Services (REST, WSDL, SOAP). Good understanding Web Programming like CSS, HTML, JavaScript. Good Implementation Knowledge XML Technologies like DOM, DTD, SAX, Schema. Experience in Process Automation Tools like Log4j. Familier with Framework like Ajax and JUNIT.

Professional Summary   Software Engineer in Logica ( Bangalore) from Sep 10 to till date. Software Engineer in Mphasis (Bangalore) from Aug 08 to Aug 10.

Educational Qualification   C-DAC From C-DAC ACTS Pune in Feb. 2008. B.Tech (Information Technology) From UPTU Lucknow in July 2006.

Employees. instead of registers thus saving space. Applying for loans. Junit Project Details: Project#1 Project: Client Role Environment Team Size Duration EIB(European Investment Bank) European Investment Bank Team Member Java. on line bill Payment.  Due to dynamic storage of data there will be no loss of the same due to overuse in due course of time. Schema : Eclipse . : HTML. The features included in this project are creating the account. Technologies Application/Web Servers XML Technology IDE RDBMS CM Tool Tools : Win2000/NT/XP : Java. REST 8 k May 11 to till date Description: Banking is user friendly software which can be used by Business people. Family. SAX. JSF. The previous system will counter all the problems faced by the existing user. Apache Tomcat. MyEclipse : Oracle. DTD. . Struts. JBOSS.  Reservation details for hotels. To overcome the problem of manual system the company decided to make the system online. WebServices : Struts. JDBC. Spring. and Students etc. SQL : JSP. The expense of the agency will get considerably reduced. tickets will be stored in the database which will reduce human data redundancy errors. Hibernate. Servlet.Skills Summary            Operating System Languages J2EE Technologies Frameworks Web App. ANT. Spring. Ajax : Weblogic. Hibernate. MySQL : CVS : Log4j. XML. JavaScript. Oracle. JBoss : DOM. The following features will be included in the final software:  Data will be stored dynamically into the database. EJB. JSP. packages.

Struts. JSP. implementing Convertors. implementing Hibernate Mapping Documents. JSP. Hibernate. Eclipse 9 Aug 09 to Aug 10 . Written Page layouts using Tiles Framework. Current Account Module and Credit cards Module. This System allows the Customer Care Executives and Other Teams of the Bank to Solve the Problems reported by Customers.K for their internal use. Responsibilities:           Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible Responsible for for for for for for for for for for Understanding Functional Specification. Injected Spring DAO’s into Spring Services. JDBC. implementing Page Layouts using Tiles Framework. Written Form Beans and their Validations using Validation Framework. implementing Validations. Written DAOs and their implementations With Hibernate. implementing JSPs for the Presentation implementing Bean class for the controller logic. Written Custom Validations as per the Requirement. EJB3.K.Responsibilities:          Written JSP’s as per the Requirement. EJB2. Belgium Team Member Java. implementing Intercepetor for code reusability. Project#2 Projects: Client Role Environment Team Size Duration Project Description: BCSS is an Barclays Customer Support System which is Developed for the Client Barclays Bank. This application will be used by Customer Executives of the Bank to provide the support for the customers of the Barclays Bank. JSF. implementing DAOs with Hibernate. Injecting the Spring Service in Action Class. Barclays Customer Support System Barclays Bank . U. Team Member Java. We implemented Savings Account module. Oracle. Eclipse 9 Sep 10 to Apr 11 Project#3 Projects: Client Role Environment Team Size Duration Fortis Insurance Fortis Insurance Company. Implemented Action Classes. implementing Business Delegates and Session Facades. Oracle. Writing the Persistence Class and Corresponding Mapping Documents.U.

Implemented Action Classes. Eclipse 9 Aug 08 to Jul 09 Project Description: This is an internet based application for United Health Care System. . The main theme of this project is automation of the Insurance System and processes all activities through online. Implemented Form Beans and their Validations using Validation Framework. which Involves defining policies. policy specifications. schemes. Written DAO’s and their implementations With JDBC. Implemented Action Classes. Struts. policy bonus in flexible periods. where an individual can access the application and made the payments through online. Insurance system also maintains the database of the Branch Managers who deals with the Agents which in turn deals with the Customers. Tomcat. Written Business Delegates. First part is the Registration module. The agents are involved in the process of the customer policy registration and the commissions are based on the targets achieved by the agents. Written DAO’s and their implementations With Hibernate. Oracle. Written Hibernate components. Validation and tiles xml document. Called DAO’s into Business Delegates. which consists of different modules. US Team Member Java. facilitates the premiums flexi-pay modes. Hibernate. Implemented Form Beans and their Validations using Validation Framework. Responsibilities:         Designed JSP’s as per the Requirement. which is used to register the patients through online and t he Second Part is the Login module. Updated Struts configuration file. Responsibilities:      Implemented JSP’s as per the Requirement. Implemented Custom Validations as per the Requirement. This Project is mainly subdivided into two separate parts.Project Description: Insurance system automates the management of insurance activities. policy terms and conditions. JSP. policies registrations by the customers. Here the main advantage of this system is to access this database globally for authorized users. Project#4 Projects: Client Role Environment Team Size Duration UHCS (United Health Care System) United HealthCare.