Troublemakers: Malefics Out of Sect


he traditional concept of sect is one that is extremely important in the judgement of a planet and its ability to produce what it promises. Sect has its origins in the Hellenistic tradition and unfortunately, due to the loss of much of the Hellenistic astrological corpus, the principles of sect have not been transmitted fully. It is only over the last fifteen years, through the efforts of modern astrological translations, that astrology is developing a greater understanding of sect. The Greek origins of ‘sect’ comes from the term, hairesis and means ‘choice’ or ‘option’. On-line sources define it as:
taking sides, choice, course of action, election, decision; this term (plural, haireseis) refers to any group 1 of people perceived to have a clear doctrinal identity.

The concept centres on the idea of choosing a specific view, or belief system. This meaning of sect has been passed on in our language when we speak of religious sects. Christianity has various sects from Greek Orthodox to Baptist; Judaism has the Hasidic sect while Islamic sects include the Shi’ite and the Sunni, to name a few. Our English term sect however is derived from the Latin, seco which means ‘to cut’ or ‘to divide’. Sect then can be considered in two ways: as an option or choice which represents a specific view or mindset; and a division. They are not contradictory but, to my mind, describe astrological sect quite well. Additionally, the concept of choice and division also reflects why it was considered so important in traditional astrology.

Greek Thinking
In order to understand both the concept and its importance we must first come to grips with the Hellenistic mindset. Greek philosophy had roots in pre-Socratic principles which were elaborated on by later thinkers such as Aristotle and Plato. The basis of this was that all matter was made up of opposing principles: active-passive, masculine-feminine, lightdark, and so on. Additionally, there were four qualities which described the composition of all matter and how it acted and reacted. These four qualities were: HOT, COLD, WET and DRY. Two of these are active qualities: HOT and WET and the others are passive qualities: COLD and DRY. The planets partake of these qualities which help define and describe their nature. HOT – movement, action COLD – slowness, passivity

WET – connection, adhesion DRY – separation, isolation

Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. Copyright M Garcia ©2011


being diurnal in the morning figure and nocturnal in the evening figure. with the Sun as leader includes Jupiter and Saturn. and the interval of the day happens to be more masculine because of the heat and vigour in it. Determining Sect How then do we determine sect? It is as easy as night and day. Ptolemy described them thus: “. Jupiter and Saturn rejoice being in a diurnal or daytime chart2. and the star of Hermes [Mercury] common in regard to this.since the two most conspicuous of the intervals which make up time are these. they are forced to produce their better side: Saturn in sect is upstanding. they apportioned it to the heat of the day.. with the Moon as leader includes Venus and Mars. They too. Venus and Mars rejoice being in a nocturnal or nightime chart3. since the star of Kronos [Saturn] is productive of cold. they apportioned it to the moisture of the night. Sun. Moon. Planets and Sect The seven traditional planets are then divided into two sects or factions: the diurnal sect. but night is more feminine because of its moisture and gift of rest. The Moon. not however for the same physical reasons but for the opposite ones. The nocturnal or night planets. are with their kin but more importantly. they have accordingly handed down that the Moon and the star of Aphrodite [Venus] are nocturnal. is made akin 5 to the sect that provides the tempering. stalwart and protective in a nocturnal chart. but that the Sun and the star of Zeus [Jupiter] are diurnal. the nocturnal sect. Venus and Jupiter were considered benefic and Mars and Saturn were considered malefic.. The diurnal or day planets. in meeting with due measure by mixture. respected and credible in a diurnal chart while Mars is courageous. Whence. being in sect gives moderation and so. And they also assigned to each of the sects the two planets of the destructive essence. they make their beneficial character greater. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 2 . thus each star.” Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. But since the star of Ares [Mars] is dry. though when unfamiliar to the destructive stars hold intercourse with them. For. especially with the malefics. when stars that are similar to stars of a good mixture become familiar with them. they 4 undo much of the affliction. They are with their kin and so will act and produce (within dignity and condition) the best of what they promise. Mercury is again special as it can be either diurnal or nocturnal. For.moving slowly to stand apart Mercury can be either HOT/WET or COLD/WET depending on its position in relation to the Sun.The seven planets therefore act according to their qualities: • • • • • • Sun – HOT/DRY – moving quickly to stand apart Moon – COLD/WET – moving slowly to make connections Venus – COLD/WET – moving slowly to make connections Mars – HOT/DRY – moving quickly to stand apart Jupiter – HOT/WET – moving quickly to make connections Saturn – COLD/DRY .

Robert Hand in his monograph. with the heat provoking it to action while the and light of day gives Saturn focus and allows it to stand out in matters of discipline and structure. Mars is at its best when it can act with this sense of connectedness rather than simply taking action because it can. its evil becomes lighter and decreases.if in its own place. their drive is to move quickly. they say that the star of Hermes [Mercury] 6 is common indeed. on the other hand. Saturn becomes less cold. to Selene 9 when it is of the evening.. Sect provides the planet with a context which helps it act in the best possible manner. Dorotheus of Sidon tell us: “A malefic. slowing down its actions and the moisture of the night provides Mars with a sense of connection. is placed nocturnally in order to slow it down and counter rashness and its accompanying dangers. that is the drive is to connect. Nocturnal : Moon.. Mars.they often magnify the fortunes. Thus a diurnal planet will go about its activities in an active and forthright way while a nocturnal planet will do so in a reactive and responsive manner... the Sun and Jupiter belong to the diurnal sect because the HOT quality unites them. Saturn’s dominant quality is COLD. Mercury as we said before.. Ptolemy tells us that the Moon and Venus belong to the nocturnal sect because they have the quality of WET in common. Night and Day quotes Antiochus: “. whose dominant quality is HOT and its driving force is to move quickly. In Sect and Out of Sect Sect therefore provides a planet with a particular way of doing or seeing things according to its sect of choice and as a consequence of this ‘belonging’. it familiarises itself to this 7 8 [light]: to Helios when it is of the morning. Venus. while if the benefics are 10 badly situated. when the malefics are well situated.. Mercury can be either Nocturnal or Diurnal. Porphyry says: “. Jupiter. for in whatever figure (schema) it may happen to be present..” 11 Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. its driving force is to move slowly and it is placed diurnally in order to provoke action.Having established the nature of the planet [benefic or malefic] and their sect as per the Greek notion of hairesis. the planet can then produce the best of what it promises. Planets are grouped as Diurnal: Sun. can be of either sect depending on which planets it is associated with.. Saturn. Mars.. Mars and Saturn are placed in the sect contrary to their nature is a way of ensuring that the malefics can act in a ‘less destructive’ manner.” Ptolemy then goes on to say that the malefics are each given a sect which is contrary to their nature. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 3 . they hinder them” Another traditional astrologer. Mars. by being placed nocturnally. would be less hot.However.. The fact that the two malefics.

There are two other factors for sect: • • A planet’s placement – that is whether it is placed above or below the horizon A planets’ sign – these too. To summarise then. Conversely. Aquarius]. are diurnal [Aries. destruction and loss as a consequence of apathy. for a nightime or nocturnal chart. and nocturnal [Taurus. Sagittarius. A malefic out of sect is a planet whose destructive nature is emphasised: Saturn is destructive through restriction and remoteness while Mars is destructive through rash action and disconnection. find the malefic that does not fit into the sect of the chart and you will find the ‘troublemaker’. Its power is lessened and minimised.The inference then is that a planet was affected by being ‘in sect’ or ‘out of sect’. Capricorn. Saturn ‘out of sect’ produces ignorance and apathy and action only from necessity. For a daytime or diurnal chart. and when it is out of sect it does not have the support to produce the bounty in promises. whereas little is said of the other two. are made more malefic in quality while the quantity of their power is not lessened. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 4 . is the most important of the factors as this is the one that is continually mentioned in many of the Greek texts. the condition of the chart i. Firmicus Maternus tells us that Saturn ‘out of sect’ causes the greatest difficulties. ‘Out of sect’ malefics will always cause some level of difficulty for the individual and this will be emphasised by its condition [essential and accidental dignity]. sect should always be one of the first things to look for. lack of action or ignorance. Applying Sect to a Chart When delineating a chart. cancer. Simply put.e. Gemini. its power being diminished and expression inhibited. the ‘out of sect’ malefic will be Mars because Mars prefers to be in a nocturnal chart. Thus. this diminution of power is different for malefics than it was for benefics. However. being ‘out of sect’ suggests that the planet is in foreign territory much like a stranger in a strange land unable to access familiar things and so uncomfortable and alienated. on the other hand. Aquarius. Benefics out of sect have their quality and quantity reduced – they cannot produce all the benefits that their nature promises. the ‘out of sect’ malefic will be Saturn because it prefers to be in a daytime chart. A malefic on the other hand. whether it is nocturnal or diurnal. Malefics. misfortunes. Pisces] According to Robert Hand12. comes from a mindset of separation and destruction and when out of sect becomes more dangerous and destructive as it does not have the support system that would otherwise keep these tendencies in check. Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. a planet that is benefic coming from the mindset of increase and fruition. and the first planet to consider is the ‘out of sect’ malefic. Scorpio. Leo. Virgo.

let us look at how we can apply this and look for the troublesome planet in a chart. physical danger and action without thought of consequences. Winehouse led a turbulent life punctuated by drug and alcohol addiction as well as a propensity for physical violence and self-harm. was an English songwriter and performer credited as an influence in the rise in popularity of female musicians and soul music. and also for revitalising British music. Modern astrology would also consider the out of sign conjunction of the Moon-Neptune and the Sun -Neptune square as indicative of her addictions. This is a nocturnal chart and the ‘out of sect’ malefic is Saturn in Scorpio in the 6 th house with a Capricorn Moon making an applying sextile. Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses suggesting that loss and calamity (8th) and beliefs (9th) are the underlying factors brought out by Saturn . Additionally. at her home in London as a result of alcohol poisoning. A m y Ja d e Wi n e h o u se N at al C h art 14 Sep 1983. Saturn ‘out of sect’ is in trouble suggesting difficulties with a propensity to injury and calamity as it is in the 6th. Saturn rules the 8th and is the Moon’s dispositor. Wed 10:25 pm BST -1:00 London. instinctual actions which cause mayhem and destruction. He tells us that Mars ‘out of sect’ causes perils as a consequenc e of raw. separation. U nited Kingdom 51°N 30' 000°W10' Geocentric Tropical Whole Signs Mean N ode 00° ‹ 00' 00° Ü 00' Ï 08° ‹ 30' Ì 11° Š 54' 00° Š 00' 00° 00' Ý 00° ¶ ‰ 00' 00° ‰ À 26' 26° 28' ˆ 29' ˆ 05° 19' ˆ 04° 00° ‚ 00' ¿ ½ 00° ˆ 00' 00° Ë 20° É 00' 26' 17° ‚ 15'Œ ‚ 56' ‡ 59' 01° † 27° ƒ S 32' 12' „ „ Œ 01' 29' … … ¾ 00' Á ‡ 00° 00° 20° 23° 23° 21° „ 00' ¼» 00° … 00' ¸º 00° † 00' Amy Winehouse. although a sextile must be taken into account as Saturn is the Moon’s dispositor and as such is obliged to give something to the Moon which.Mars ‘out of sect’ produces rashness. Having outlined the basic tenets of sect. Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 5 . Winehouse was found dead on 23 July 2011. in this case is harmful and destructive to the body (Moon). the Moon in Capricorn is in detriment suggesting that lunar issues will cause difficulty for her. The aspect to the Moon.

Tue 10:50 pm PST +8:00 Long Beach. running away from realities or the consequences of struggling against restrictions. and terror in all things as it is in the 12 th. Saturn is problematical for Woods and anything hidden or kept secret will always be a potential danger. C A 33°N 46'01' ' 118°W11'18'' Geocentric Tropical Whole Signs Mean N ode R ating: AA Lois R odden Astro D atabank 00° ‚ 00' 00' 00° ƒ ̼ 23° 00° Ý 00' 17° 15° 00' „ 00° ‚ ‚ 55' 33' Œ ½ 00° ¾ 01° Ü 29' Ü 00' „ 06'Œ 00° 00° … 00' 24' 25' 59' † 39' 10° † 21' ‡ 57' ‰ ‰ ‹ 00' 00° Ë 00' 24° … 26° † Ï 11° Á 00° 06° ‡ 00' ¿ 19° 28° Œ 18' 31' ‡ ‡ º Š 00° 00' 30' ˆ 23' ˆ 08° 12° 22° ¸ 00° É» 00° ˆ 00' À ¶ ‰ 00' Tiger Woods is a professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Uranus. The aspect to Uranus suggests that the consequences of Saturn’s actions come as a result of either provocative conduct. and in the 12th there is already the indication that the difficulties he experiences come from secrets or hidden enemies which will be destructive. it is retrograde and is in a square aspect to the modern outer planet. Saturn rules the 5th and 6th so here we have an indication that sensual delights (5th) and obligations (6 th) will be underlying factors. With Saturn out of sect. Additionally. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 6 . This is also a nocturnal chart and the ‘out of sect’ malefic is Saturn in Leo in the 12th house. Saturn in Leo is in detriment. Saturn ‘out of sect’ is in trouble suggesting difficulties with a propensity to anxiety. Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. Woods’ ‘undoing’ was the revelation of marital infidelity and the ensuing scandal saw the breakup of his marriage and the erosion of his reputation.T ig e r Wo o d s M al e C hart 30 D ec 1975. captivity.

The Moon conjunct the Ascendant makes this even more difficult as emotional security and stability are tied up with the actions of the Ascendant. This is a diurnal chart and the ‘out of sect’ malefic is Mars in Pisces in the 12 th house. including the women's singles title at Wimbledon a record 9 times. loss and fatalities (8th) are the underlying factors brought out by Mars. Venus is also the ruler of the 7 th so here we have the ruler of the 7th in opposition to the ‘out of sect’ malefic – a big pointer to the matters that Mars will affect. this Mars already tells us that trouble is brewing and that it comes as a consequence of haste.M a r ti n a Na vr a ti l o va N atal C hart 18 Oct 1956. Czechoslovakia 50°N 05' 014°E26' Geocentric Tropical Whole Signs Mean N ode R ating: A 00° ‰ 00' 00° Š 00' Ì 05° ‰ 59' 00° 00° 00° ¾É ˆ 00' 00° ‹ 00° 00' ˆ ˆ 48' 39' Œ ‡ ¼ 13° ‹ 00° À 00' 29° † 58' 25° ¸ 35' 14' † 14' † 09° 40' † 01° 19' … 21° 25' … 58' Ü 00' º 00° Ï † 00' ¶ 12° Ü 37' Ë 14° 00° Ü 18' ½ 14° » 00' „ 29° Ý 00' 42' „ Á … 00° 06° ¿ 00° ‚ 00' 00° ƒ 00' 00° „ 00' Martina Navratilova is a former tennis player and a former World No. Thu 4:40 pm -1:00 Prague. The opposition to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction suggests that over optimism in relationships triggers the conflicts or the oppositions. 1 . who is also out of sect and in fall and Jupiter in detriment. brought down by the Mars. Mars is in opposition to Venus. It brings hidden conflicts and motivations out into the open and the person suffers for them. Mars rules the 1st and the 8th suggesting that her own motivations (1st) and crisis. Additionally. Mars is the ruler of the Aries Ascendant suggesting that her dealings with the world are driven by a need for freedom of action realised through independence and challenge and as a consequence of actions in what seems (to others) conducted with seeming disregard for anyone. Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. rashness and a seeming lack of connection. winning 18 Grand Slam singles titles. out At first glance. difficulties ensue. out of sect in the 12th. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 7 .

and to whom she has paid inordinate ly large sums of money.Navratilova was a brilliant tennis player. The fact that it is out of sect will be of detriment to her and this may come in the form of risks or conflicts. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 8 . This is a diurnal chart and the ‘out of sect’ malefic is Mars in Aries in rulership in the 10th conjunct the Moon and Jupiter. Jolie was very troubled and later commented: Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. an honourable warrior and an active and energetic leader. As a teenager. haste and a lack of connection will be disruptive and public or. pleasures and children (5th) together with career and status (10th) will be the source of difficulty in her life. Mars is in rulership and dignified and one would say that a planet in dignity must act in the best possible way according to its nature hence Mars in rulership is a brave risk-taker. Wed 9:09 am PD T +7:00 Los Angeles. C alifornia 34°N 03' 08' ' 118°W14'34'' Geocentric Tropical Whole Signs Mean N ode R ating: A 00° Ü 00' 00° Ý 00' ̽ ¶¼ 00° 10° 17° 13° Ü 17° Ü ‹ 00' 00° 00° ‚ Ï 00' Ü 42' Ü 25'05' 52' Š 00' 28° Ý 33' ¸ 13° ‚ 00° º 22° ‚ 19'Œ 25' 00° ƒ 00' ‰ 00' ¾ » 28° 00° Ë „ 00' 23' 17° ƒ 09' ƒ 28° 53' ƒ Œ 47' † Œ20' ˆ 10° Œ24' ˆ 00° À É 00' 00° ˆ Œ 31' † 28° 00° 06° … 00' Á 00° † 00' ¿ 00° ‡ 00' Angelina Jolie is a successful actor noted for promoting humanitarian cau ses and cited as the world's "most beautiful" woman. Mars rules the 8th where a person’s loss becomes another’ s gain and Martina’s losses have always been to the advantage of her ex-lovers. Her life is littered with ex-lovers who have caused crisis and mayhem in her life. The consequences of action. The fact that the Mars also conjuncts the Moon suggests that this may also result in some level of physical harm. an outstanding athlete and a great champion but her Achilles heel has been her relationships. Mars rules the 5th and 10th houses suggesting that sensual delights. A n g e l in a Jo l ie N atal C hart 4 Jun 1975. anger. as a result of public actions or status. the latest in 2010.

Night & Day: Planetary Sect in Astrology. C Tetrabiblos.aspx?ID=300 [accessed 14/11/2011] 2 th th A diurnal or daytime chart has the Sun above the horizon i. Chapter 5. For some reason. Chapter 2 as quoted by R Hand. In summary. Next time you look at a chart. the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain. Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer who has been involved with astrology since 1990. in any of the 1 to 6 houses.wikipedia. “who is the trouble maker?” You may be surprised at just how close to the truth you can get. Carmen Astrologicum [trans] D Pingree. 5 Ptolemy. Night and Day: Planetary Sect in Mari can be contacted on 08 8563 9182 or check out the website at www."I collected knives and always had certain things around. Trans J Ashmand. feeling some kind of release.e. {accessed 15/11/2011] 1 Troublemakers: malefics out of sect. Chapter 7. Part I. Book I. Jolie was required to undergo extensive martial arts training." Here we see the risk taking and the literal translation of Mars as knives and her fascination with them. Page 6 13 Sourced at http://en.astromundi. Page 87. tribulations and calamities that befall a person. 12 R Hand. which offers a four year course in astrology as well as special interest workshop and Master Classes. every chart will have planets in and out of sect but the important ones to consider will be the ‘out of sect’ malefic as it will literally describe the difficulties. 10 Antiochus. 2 trans. R Schmidt. Mars continues to provide Jolie with both success and difficulty even down to the fact that her body is covered in tattoos: another expression of Martian nature manifested in her body and also reflecting the Mars-Moon conjunction.e. 1993. in any of the 7 to 12 houses. She runs a consulting practice in Adelaide and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI. Mari Garcia th Copyright Mari Garcia 2011. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider made her an international superstar. 6 This is a reference to aspects. Copyright M Garcia ©2011 9 . 2009. 8 Selene is the Greek name for the Moon. 9 Porphyry as quoted in The Astrological Record of the Early Sages: Definitions and Foundations. 7 Helios is the Greek name for the Sun. Project Hindsight. Book I. Ascella Publications. it was somehow 13 therapeutic to me. working to its strengths and propelling her to promised success via the vehicle of physical prowess. even the ‘good’ that comes out of it still takes its toll on the individual. In 2001. page 21 11 Dorotheus of Sidon. 4 Here we have the notion that a benefic planet is a planet whose nature is improved when that nature is reinforced while a malefic is a planet whose nature is made better when it is negated or counteracted. Essential dignity may help the planet to some extent but because of the nature of malefics.dictionaryofspiritualterms. maybe feeling alive. 1995. Keep abreast of developments at Astro Mundi on FACEBOOK. Vol. Here we see the Mars. Definition found at http://www. ask yourself. ARHAT. She has lectured widely both in Australia and the USA and has published articles in Australia and overseas and writes for several local and national publications. The ‘out of sect’ malefic can to some extent be seen almost as an ‘Achilles heel’ as the person will struggle with the outcomes brought about by the actions of the planet. 3 st th A nocturnal or nightime chart has the Sun below the horizon i.

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