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Integrating the Company’s Offer and Access

Chapter 13


Place ACC ESS Promotion


What is Promotion ? Information and Exchange Values

Promotions seek to accomplish four goals:
Aspect of the marketing mix concerned with 1. Make potential customers aware of products
the most effective techniques for selling a product 2. Make them knowledgeable about products
3. Persuade them to like products
4. Persuade them to purchase products

Promotional Objectives Promotional Strategies
1. Pull strategy appeals directly to consumers
1. Communicating Information
who will demand the product form retailers
2. Positioning Products Product
 Positioning is the process of establishing an identifiable
product image in the minds of consumers
3. Adding Value
4. Controlling Sales Volume
2. Push strategy encourages wholesalers or
retailers to market products to consumers


The Promotional Mix Consumer Buying Process & Promotional Mix

Four types of promotional tools :
1. Advertising
2. Personal Selling
3. Sales Promotions
4. Publicity and Public Relations

What is Advertising ? Advertising Strategies

Promotional tool consisting of paid, non-personal • Persuasive advertising seeks to
communication used by an identified sponsor to inform influence consumers to buy a company’s
an audience about a product. products rather than its rivals’

• Comparative advertising directly
compares two or more products

• Reminder advertising helps to keep
the product name in the consumer’s mind

What is Advertising Media ? Six Steps in Preparing the Advertising Campaign

Variety of communication devices for carrying a Identify Target
seller’s message to potential customers
Set Budget
 Television  Internet Advertising
 Newspapers  Data Mining and Date Warehousing

 Direct Mail
for Internet Advertising Define
 Virtual Advertising Objectives
 Other Advertising Channels
 Magazines Create
 Outdoor Advertising Message
ID Media


Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005) Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

The Building Block in Ad
How to make a Headline

Unique Selling Proposition Showmanship

The Ads where The Ads where
there is something to say there’s nothing to say
• Terus Terang Philips Terang Terus • Bikin motor Kamu secepat
Client Agency •

Kartunya Satu ATM nya Banyak
Gantinya Ngopi / Kopi Banget
• Asyik Berat Beng Beng
• Harga Wah Semurah Curah • Sekuat Macan
• Nyikat Gigi Nggak Nyiksa Gusi

Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

Unique Selling
Preposition (USP)

Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005) Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

Advertising Agency

• Menjawab creative brief dari client
• Membuat ide/konsep yang unik dan relevan
• Menang pitching
• Dapat award
• Bonus lancar

Quoted from:
anna Mr. Attan (2005)

Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005) Quoted from: Mr. Attan (2005)

What is Personal Selling ? Personal Selling Situations
Promotional tool in which a salesperson
communicates one-on-one with potential customers
 Retail selling

What is Telemarketing ?
Use of telephone solicitations to conduct the
personal selling process
 Industrial selling

The Personal Selling Process What is a Sales Promotion ?
1. Prospecting and Qualifying
Short-term promotional activity designed to stimulate consumer
2. Approaching buying or cooperation from distributors, sales agents or other
3. Presenting and Demonstrating members of the trade
4. Handling Objections
5. Closing
6. Following Up
Types of Sales Promotions
Personal Selling Tasks  Point-of-Purchase (POP)

 Premiums $ 00
 Order processing
 Trade shows OFF
 Creative selling Any
 Contests Brewed
 Missionary selling Coffee

What is Publicity ? International Promotional Strategies
Promotional tool in which information about a company or
Emergence of the Global Perspective
product that is transmitted by general mass media
• Global perspective is a philosophy that directs marketing
toward a worldwide rather than local or regional markets

The Movement toward Global Advertising
Four factors to consider:
 Product Variations
What is Public Relations ?  Language Differences
• Cultural receptiveness,
• image differences
Company-influenced publicity directed at building goodwill
with the public or dealing with unfavorable events
Universal Messages and Regional Advertising Skills