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Forum: Environmental Committee Question of: protecting indigenous peoples from exploitation in the name of development Main-Submitter: Kuwait

Noting that there are more than 370 million indigenous people in the world, Noting with deep concern the way indigenous people are treated on all areas including rights, identity, and culture, Emphasizing that indigenous populations comprise 5% of worlds population, Recalling its resolution A/64/L.67 of 7 September 2007, in which it concurred and championed the abetments to protect the indigenous people from discrimination and intrusion due to exploitation, Declaring that the United Nations (UN) has a vital role in promoting and protecting indigenous people from exploitation in the name of development,


Suggests all member nations and organizations such as United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) and International Work Group for Indigenous Affair (IWGIA) to come together at an annual summit to share and improve methods and include facts and information related to the indigenous people in the education system for students of all ages, thus, protecting indigenous people and restricting firms from exploitation as to: a) decrease the number of people from being discriminated due to lack of education and the use of distinguished languages, b) develop the indigenous culture and identity as mentioned in articles 3 and 32 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, c) support and increase the number of schools where students can learn their aboriginal languages to reach the Second target of Millennium Development Goals, which ensure all children by 2015 to complete a full course of primary schooling, d) eradicate extreme poverty of indigenous people of unfair payment of receiving less than $1 a day, which contrasts to the First target of Millennium Development Goals due to maximization of profits of the firms.


Encourages the members of the Security Council to provide aids, funds and supports to ameliorate the current severe condition indigenous people are at by means such as but not limited to: a) improving and assuring the quality of information given from the government by: i) sending inspectors on random dates every month to ensure indigenous people are treated fairly and are protected equally, ii) including photos and statistics with the aids of specialists,

b) funding and giving both short-term and long-term aids to ensure at least indigenous people

meet the minimum standard of living and quality of life by: i) providing food and clean water to the indigenous people to increase the standard of living and thus improving the society as a whole, ii) providing resources to the indigenous people to produce more goods and services and hence improving the economy of the society;


Calls upon all indigenous people to work collaboratively with International Labor Organization (ILO) and NGO to acknowledge their identification and rights but not limited to: a) installing schools to teach them their own social, economic, and political institutions , such that: i) ii) indigenous people can learn that they occupy the lands, indigenous people can learn the specific manifestations (religion, tribal system) they have and had throughout their history, b) seeking and promoting social justice as well as recognized human and labor rights by means such as but not limited to: i) developing programs to empower indigenous languages through all mediums, including radio and television, ii) initiating laws to protect all indigenous people, especially women and children, from violence and discrimination, iii) implementing a program for monitoring the rights of indigenous people through installation of surveillance camera;

4. Request the government to improve the living conditions of the indigenous peoples by providing financial aid and by increasing the chances for tourism, if agreed by indigenous peoples, a) Creating job opportunities by increasing tourism, b) Money donated will be used to improve the living conditions and the environment for tourist attractions;

5. Encourage countries to refer to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous in order to protect indigenous peoples from exploitation in the name of development to make punishments stricter and harsher; 6. Trusts all member nations to raise awareness on protection of indigenous people from exploitation through

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) by: a) utilizing mass media to display the severe condition where indigenous people are at in MEDCs to gain more aids, b) advocating this issue through volunteering abetments and contributing material resources.