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Day Of Defeat: Afrika

A Day of Defeat: Source Mod

Level Documentation
By Don Elliott
Project Overview
Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter: Day of Defeat: Afrika is a sequel to the
popular online, multiplayer first person shooter DOD: Source. DOD: Afrika will be
available for the PC over Steam. The game will be categorized as on online, multiplayer
first person shooter.

User Interface:
The user interface in the game consists of the user customizable control scheme.

Using WASD and the mouse buttons the player will be able to move and play as
in other FPS.

Movement/ Interact Mode:
This section describes how the player will move and interact with objects and
players within the jungle environment. The game is fully 3D and the player controls the
set up at the interface for simplicity.

The player will be able to determine the location of the next desired control point
by viewing their maps, mini maps and the flag icons at the top of their GUI.

During the game the camera is a fixed first person view except when the player is
dead, waiting to respawn. During that time, the player, enters a spectator third person
view. At that time, the player may cycle through their teammates and opposing teams

Mission Features
3D Skybox: the allies will be able to request a barrage attack which will focus at
the railway near the German Africa Corps barracks. There will be a hidden switch,
between the cliff and the railway which will activate the jungle rain for a yet to be
determined length of time.

Other Development Considerations
DOD:A will be capable of playing at the same detail levels as DOD:S. After
testing to see if the hardware can accept exploding trees, this feature will be added.
Advice from a technical advisor to determine whether the graphics/rendering abilities of
the DOD: S specifications will allow for exploding trees.

One Minute of Game Play
To better illustrate all of the gameplay elements working together, here is a quick
walkthrough of the dod_CampZero map. The players spawn in their respective spawning
areas: the beach for the allies and the barracks for the axis. The primary objective for the
allies team is to capture all five flags will the axis’ objective is to control the five flags for
the allotted amount of time. The allies team must make their way off the beach up one of
three routes: a path up the cliff via a vine climb, up the native road or creek and focus on
capturing the German Africa Corps controlled flag points. The Germans must decide
where is the best place to set up to defend the flags from the allies.

There are five flags: a church amongst an old, native settlement in the jungle trees as well
as a railway, POW camp, German Africa Corps barracks and a large concrete bunker
which holds a Howitzer. There are three ways to access the POW camp, the main
entrance, the side entrance and a secret underground entrance that begins in the creek and
leads to an outhouse in the middle of the camp.

Audio Design
DOD: A will utilize DOD: S audio.

Basic Map Design
Detailed Description
The main object of the game is for one team to capture all the control points,
either the flags or demolition objectives. On the first map, dod_CampZero, the Allies
initially spawn on the beach, in landing craft, while the Axis players spawn at their

The Player will encounter different game play scenes of mini environments.
Beach/ cliff battles, the church capture and re-capture, creek attack and defense scenarios,
railroad battle, the barracks Axis spawn, and the POW camp.

The environment will be completely 3D, rendered to emulate the sensation of
being in a WW Two, Northern Africa battleground. Additional effects such as HDR
lighting, smoke, fog and sun blooms, will be added.

The world will be populated with colourful plant life, palm trees, historic church,
native dwellings, a large bunker, water, creek, creek plant life, POW camp, Howitzer
Guns x 2, Axis barracks, and secret tunnel.

The player will take the role of a World War Two Soldier. Throughout the game
the player will be referred to as the player name they provided for themselves. As the
player progresses through the game, they will work with other players as a member of a

Inside the main game screen the player will encounter the choice of soldier
classes and factions.

The menu screens will be muted khaki tones, but very easy to comprehend. There
will be a map and mini map available to the player during the game, as well as a separate
screen which shows place/ team score totals (kills, deaths, control points captured).

While playing the game, the player will be able to interact with the environment,
team mates and enemies.

Northern Coast of Africa Environment:

• Tropical, light brown sand, water, jungle foliage, palm trees, vines, rocks
• Rubble, bridges, church, POW camp, native dwellings
• Secret tunnel (from creek into POW camp)
A natural continuation from DOD: S, the German regime has fallen in Europe,
now the Americans focus their efforts on the Northern Coast of Africa.

The German Africa Corps are holding Allied prisons in a POW camp. The Allies
must gain control of the camp and surrounding areas. The Allies, supported by the Navy,
attack from the beach, up the cliff side, past the native settlement, church and through the
jungle to the POW camp. Once this mission is completed the Allies move one step closer
to denying the German world denomination.

Asset List
• Palm Tree
• Jungle Under Brush
• Roots
• Vines
• Church
• Pews
• Cross
• Altar
• POW Hut
• POW Outhouse
• POW Cafeteria
• POW Storage Building x 2
• POW Guard Towers
• POW PA Tower x 2
• Light Towers x 12
• Native Buildings x 4
• Storage Shelves
• Red Cross Supplies
• Lunch Tables
• Lunch Benches
• Bamboo Bridge x 2
• Railway Bridge
• Railway line
• Axis Barracks x 2
• Axis Bunker
• Axis Tank
• Howziter Gun x 2
• Sandbags
• Rocks
• Japanese Characters x 5
• US POW NPC x 12
• Weapons: SMG, MG, Rifleman, Sniper, Support
• Radio Box
• Photo of Emporor
• POW Beds