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Spring Quarter, 2012 MWF 1:00-1:50 pm, Franz 1260

Instructor: Benhur Lee E-Mail: Office: BSRB 251a Office Hours: Fri 4-5 pm

Viral Pathogenesis
This course would be presented in 3 interdependent sections, and will focus on viral pathogens that infect mammals, especially humans. Students will learn how viral pathogens enter and replicate in their host cells, how the host responds to the virus, and how the dynamic interplay between hosts & viruses lead to the various pathogenic manifestations exhibited during viral infections. The last half of the course will be devoted to HIV.

Teaching Assistants:
Arnold Park, Nicholas Webb, Lab: BSRB 267 Phone (Lab): 310-206-8792

Textbook: Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity 2nd edition, N. Nathanson et. al., eds. (2007) reprinted as course reader @Ackerman Union also available as ebook rental, search for book title and editor 3 library copies available

This course is designed with graduating seniors in mind. The goal is not to accumulate and regurgitate a body of facts, but to understand the experimental science that led to our current understanding of viral pathogenesis. The aim is to learn about the scientific discovery process, and how to apply them.

Mid-terms and Finals

Mid-term I will be closed booked Mid-term II and the cumulative Final will be open book, open notes. No computers (or any other technologies other than pen and paper) will be allowed during any mid-terms or the Final.

An understanding of basic immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology is required. Discussion sections and exams will require familiarity with concepts learned from MIMG 185A. MIMG 102 is suggested but not a pre-requisite. 1. 2. 3. M185A required pre-requisite unless specific waiver is given by the course instructor Chem153A required pre-requisite M012 suggested but not required.

Mid-term I (EVENING)
Closed book

Wed, April 25, 5-6 pm

Course Structure

Franz 1178 (NOT Franz 1260) Mid-term II (EVENING)

Open book, open notes

This course will consist of ~ 28 (50 min.) lectures (3X/ wk), and discussion sections every week. Discussion sections are either devoted to in-depth analysis of concepts presented in class, or discussion of primary research papers pertinent to the material presented at lectures. If papers are to be discussed, simple quizzes (510 min) will be given before the discussion to ensure students have read the paper.

Wed, May 23, 5-6 pm


Franz 1178 (NOT Franz 1260) Cumulative Final Wed, June 13, 11:30-2:00 pm Final will be open-book, open notes.

Discussion Quizzes: 15% (4 quizzes total: 3%, 3%, 4%, 4%; see course schedule) Mid-term I: 20% Mid-term II: 25% Final: 40%

Viral Pathogenesis