Presidential Forgery

In 8 images on 10 pages • shortest eMagazine I ever publsihed

by Jeff Prager

Analysis 1A

Image Magnification = 4,000%. In this image we see a distinct difference between the color of the letters “ccepted by Reg” (the capital ‘A’ not included) and the “19” and the “1” in “1961”. The color of the type is very obviously different. On the next page we turn off one layer of 9 total layer groups with 27 layers, 31 if we count background layers. On the next page we turn off one of the 27 layers in one of the 9 layer groups. The font is the same but the ink wasn’t the same. Smart people are sometimes not so smart.

Analysis 1B

Image Magnification = 4,000%. Here we turn off just one of 27 layers in 9 layer groups. Look at the image on the previous page and then look back at this one. This is sophisticated forgery unless, like me, you have $3,500 worth of software and can examine the document properly. These images were taken when the long form Birth Certificate was first posted some time ago. Last week I downloaded the long form Birth Certificate from the White House web page once again. It hasn’t changed. Barrack, you’re my president. What’s up with the layers dude? We perform this same analysis (one at 6,400% magnification) on the following pages. As here, the next page is “layers on” and the one after is “layers off” and the forgery is obvious and certain. Inarguable.

Analysis 2A

Analysis 2B

Analysis 3A

Here we see that the “e” is of a distinctly different color thatn the “Non” and we also wee the center of the “e” is colored gray, not green as in the other letters. On the next page I’ve again turned off the appropriate layer. The “e” disappears because it was created ar a different time and with different equipment than the rest of the letters seen here.

Analysis 3B

Analysis 4A Here we CLEARLY see that the “o,” the “,” (comma after ‘o’), the “g” in “give” and the “i” in give as well as the “A” in the left box are absolutely different from the rest of the type. A child could tell the difference. Again on the next page we turn off the appropriate layer of 27 total layers (31 with background layers included) of 9 layer groups (3 layers per layer group).

Analysis 4B

This is not a masterful Forgery But its enough to fool most of the 300 million Americans, but not me.

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