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ANAK KRAKATAU The Father, The Son, and The Tongues of Fire PART ONE

ANAK Krakatau, June 2009

In this series the prophetic implications of the Days of Noah will be examined with emphasis on the geologic, historic, scientific and very real metaphysical significance. The timing of this examination is significant: Genesis 7:11 records, In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. The opening of the fountains of the deep marks the onset of judgment for the Earth and the beginning of the Great Deluge or Noahic Flood. The description of the fountains may not necessarily be limited to the deep recesses of sea water. The “great deep” marks great distinction and is suggestive of the sealing of the great abyss being broken. The understanding of these fountains of Genesis 7:11 will give key understanding to the unlocking of the abyss of Revelation 9 and the great release of massive armies which have been bound for millennia. The surface and subsurface geologic events which have taken place in recent years are themselves preparatory to a very likely near future cataclysm. It can then be proposed that these fountains include the great volcanic chambers on the earth and under the seas. The properties and abilities of their contents, as well as their horrific intent and goals will be reviewed – and we will see why the Righteous Creator bound them far below, so long ago. We will also 1

see how and why this same Righteous Creator will permit this seal to be broken and the key to the abyss employed. Author and radio host Stephen Quayle was given a Great Endtime Panorama in a vision of future events over thirty five years ago. Years of study and research of Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian and other ancient texts, migratory and linguistic patterns of ancient civilizations and bloodlines, ancient cosmic and ancient spiritual warfare led to the publication of some of the most thoroughly documented materials in these areas. Stephen Quayle’s Genesis Six Giants, is repeatedly cited by authors and researchers as the most comprehensive work in its field and is the established benchmark in the study of primordial as well as contemporary genetic anomalies and their ancient biologic heritage.

Genesis 6 Giants, by Stephen Quayle

Much of what was included in Quayle’s Panorama was implausible even a decade ago. Western science in particular was difficult to reconcile. Included specifically were the eleven deep sea trenches and the distinct function volcanoes would have in the release of the demonic hordes of Revelation 9 as well as their improbable and bizarre, but likely correct identity. These understandings have been confirmed by the complementary research of other authors such as Tom Horn who explains the “dead things” from under the waters of Job 26:5 are:


. . . the ancient Rephaim, the giants of Canaan, and the phrase “are formed” is from the Hebrew, “chuwl,” meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix or genetic manufacturing.” As the age of instant access brings global events front and center, it continues to require dedicated effort to chronicle the marked increases in current earth changes. Seismic activity, the earthquakes in ‘diverse places,’ are repeatedly under-reported in mainstream media. But this same increase in seismic and volcanic activity is at the very forefront of Biblical prophecy. It is the subject of this examination, and for these purposes, other than noting the striking similarities in volcanic history and mechanics, we will investigate the singular properties of one very specific volcano: Krakatau, beginning with its history.

Krakatau, early 19th Century

The Pacific Ring of Fire, a 25,000 mile stretch of geologically active land extends around the Pacific Rim and claims the most volcanically region on earth. Hundreds of miles wide, this lethal swath stretches through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Mariana Islands, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and New Zealand. Geologic activity in region of the Indo-Australian plate brings urgent focus on a historically cataclysmic region: the Indonesian island chain’s Sundra Strait which separates the area’s two largest islands. Java and Sumatra are part of the Indonesian volcanic arc, sometimes described as a ‘kink’ which bends sharply with the east-west alignment of Java’s volcanoes contrasting sharply with the northwest-southeast alignment of the island of Sumatra. Records of ancient eruptions are found within the geologic record containing copacted ash and pyroclastic debris which, when analyzed, record at least two explosions in geologic prehistory. The Pustaka Raja, 3

the Javanese Book of Kings, records an earlier explosion of the volcano Kapi in 416 AD which created the “great abyss” which split the ancestral island. The ‘legend’ of the Kapi explosions is described: A great glaring fire, which reached to the sky, came out of the . . . mountain; the whole world was greatly shaken and violent thundering . . . took place; . . . the noise was fearful, at last the mountain Kapi with a tremendous roar burst into pieces and sunk into the deepest of the earth. The water of the sea rose and inundated the land . . . After the water subsided . . . Kapi and the surrounding land became sea and the island divided into two parts.

Uninhabited, Krakatau’s earlier regional eruptions took no defined course until comparatively minor eruptions in 1680 and 1681. The lackluster performances of these seventeenth century would lead serve to apparently justify the label of ‘extinct.’ On May 20th, 1883, the captain and crew of the German warship Elizabeth reported seeing a 6.5 mile high cloud of ash and dust rising above the uninhabited island in the Sundra Strait of Indonesia. After two centuries of comparative silence, Krakatau had begun to stir. Exactly 100 days later, at 1:06 PM on August 26, 1883, the mountain entered its cataclysmic stage beginning with an immense series of nearly continuous explosions propelling heavy ash 17 miles hurling searing pumice onto ship decks 11 miles away. The violent eruptions raged for more than fourteen hours until, on August 27 th, four massive explosions completed the event with the final blast becoming the loudest recorded noise, shattering eardrums and being heard 2000 miles away. The cataclysmic paroxysm occurred when all three volcanic vents erupted simultaneously. The combined force of these blew Krakatau apart reducing the size of the island by two-thirds before collapsing to a depth of 250 feet below sea level. These final explosions would produce an atmospheric disturbance worldwide. Travelling from the center of the now conjoined peaks, an atmospheric wave proceeded outwards to become a great circle, the voluminous ash circling the globe seven times. The ash would redden the skies and deposit ash in South and North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and the entire southeastern area of Asia and the South Pacific. The human death toll resulting from the explosions and associated tsunami activity would be calculated by Dutch authorities at over 36,000. The environmental impact would not be measured until decades later.

A horrifying spectacle presented itself to our eyes; the coasts of Java, and those of Sumatra, were entirely destroyed. Everywhere the same grey and gloomy colour prevailed. The villages and trees had disappeared; we could not even see any ruins, for the waves had demolished and swallowed up the inhabitants, their homes and their plantations…This was truly a scene of the Last Judgment. R.A. Sandick, Eruption on Krakata


The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1893 Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s familiar harrowing depiction, The Scream, is set against a fiery red sky, very much resembling the sky which was witnessed in the Eastern US and Europe following the eruption of Krakatau. Munch, living in Oslo at the time, would have witnessed this anomaly. I was walking along a path with two friends—the sun was setting—suddenly the sky turned blood red—I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence—there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city—my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety—and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature. Following Krakatau’s August, 1883 eruption, mining engineer and geologist RDM Verbeek issued what has become a reference study for the study of volcanism. Describing the “unparalleled catastrophe,” Verbeek continued: The volcano chose to announce, in a loud voice, to the inhabitants of the archipelago, that although almost insignificant among the many colossal volcanic mountains of the Indies, it yielded to none of them with regard to its power.

MINGLED MAGMA What was it about the 1883 eruption of Krakatau that made it so different and will these conditions like recur? Geologists believe it was the presence of two types of magma. Volcanoes which are the product of convergent plate boundaries are stratovolcanoes and usually consist of two types of magmas. The first type, felsic magma, has a lower melting point and crystallizes at lower temperatures. It is more viscous and filled with large pockets of sulfur dioxide which themselves can be 5

dangerously explosive. This lighter, silica rich felsic magma can itself become so thick that it can congest and form a type of seal, under which the darker, denser and searing mafic magma accumulates within the conduit chamber. The high temperatures of the mafic magma ignite the felsic above causing huge amounts of gas to themselves explode, ripping the walls of the volcano itself. The tremendous build-up of pressures in chambers which contain mingled magma create the most explosive and dangerous volcanoes.

ANAK, The son also rises. Following the 1883 collapse of the three peaks of Krakatau, the remaining one-third of the island bore no visible evidence of the horror recently unleashed. In December of 1927, 44 years after the catastrophic explosions that rocked the world, steaming debris catapulted through the waters above the collapsed caldera with activity continuing and, for the first time since the 1883 eruption, a basaltic rim appeared above sea level. The three former mountains had become one as if to fuse multiple chambers into a single, and possibly more deadly mass. Described by many sources as a phoenix rising out ashes, this cone, growing at a rate of sixteen feet per year, was ominously christened, ANAK, the child of Krakatau: the prodigal son had returned. As one of the fasted growing volcanoes in the world, scientists monitor the mountain on a continual basis wondering if ANAK is simply refueling for an even more powerful future eruption. Until 1927, Krakatau had become a legend, and it was out of sight and out of mind. In April of 2008, ANAK began another period of seismic and strombolian activity with short, punctuated explosions, numbering up to 120 on some days. Activity chronicled by Volcano and Discovery describes the monitoring personnel reporting active lava flows, emission of smoke and ejections of rock. This activity once again lessened until April of 2009, when frequent explosions produced ash plumes sometimes exceeding .5 miles in height. On June 15, 2009, ANAK’s observable disposition remained constant with no sign of weakening. An expedition earlier in the month observed that a new vent on the summit cone had filled a collapsed crater from 2007 and recorded loud blasts and small lava fountains. Most recently, a July 22 update notes that ANAK Krakatau has been quieting down to a few small explosions and the growth of a new lava dome in the new crater has slowed. This might suggest good news, but as geologists continue to assess the threat to the region and the world by ANAK Krakatau, the haunting days and weeks of comparative quiet between the first and last explosions of 1883 quietly intrude. Is this a calm before the storm in a repetition of the 19th century explosion, and if so, what other factors need to be considered?

COLLATERAL RISKS In Switzerland, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, the Hadron Collider at CERN is poised for an autumn, 2009 startup. Arguments both for and against the search for the God Particle at CERN have ignited passions and ethics among scientists, theologians and observers. Adding to the roster of serious considerations is the disquietingly fragile ‘product’ of the scientific endeavors: antimatter. Recently an integral feature of the 6

fiction of pop-author Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, antimatter is a highly volatile substance which ignites when it comes into contact with anything: including air. For this reason, the charged particles of antimatter are maintained in an apparatus known as the Penning Trap, which allows suspension of particles within an electric and magnetic field. In March, 2005, following the December, 2004 Banda Achi, Sumatran earthquake and tsunami, the CERN Courier released a statement describing the effect of the earth movements as recorded on seismic monitors at the Swiss facility: During the Christmas break, the hydrostatic level sensors (HLSs) in the ATLAS cavern revealed a new face of their capabilities. Installed by the CERN survey group to monitor any deformation or movement of the structure on which the detector feet rest, these sensors with submicrometre resolution coupled to the heavy ATLAS mechanical infrastructure took on the function of a seismograph. The signals recorded by the sensors are shown in the figure, which reveals two perturbations, one on 23 December starting at 15.45 GMT and the other on 26 December at 01.23 GMT. Seeing these unusual readings raised the question of whether they were connected with the earthquake off the Indonesian coast that gave rise to the devastating tsunami. While volcanism and seismic activity are dangerous at any venue, an interruption in the containment vehicles within CERN or other scientific research laboratories, nuclear sites or weapons facilities carries an exceedingly high risk. In response to a query regarding an increase in global earthquake activity, the USGS FAQ website maintains, Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant throughout this century and, according to our records, have actually seemed to decrease in recent years. This seems a stark contradiction to the chart provided by the same agency:

USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes between Magnitudes 6 and 8.


While witnessing the pronounced increase in tectonic activity and recapping Krakatau’s history and potential for future cataclysms requires sober respect, Krakatau’s legends, lore, science and prophecies present a far more disturbing destiny. These will be presented in the second part of this series.


Krakatau, 1883

Logic suggests (and I believe the facts bear this out), that there have been two rebellions against God: one that occurred before the Genesis account of the formation of the earth and another that caused that fall of mankind. S. Quayle, Genesis Six Giants

A decade ago, the inclusion of metaphysical concepts within academic recognition was considered problematic for researchers. Recent evidence from nearly every scientific, academic and cultural milieu is now being re-examined and reconsidered as, with astonishing acceleration, there is a recognition of and demand for expanded review: classical science and history have inadequately addressed the an enormous volume of seemingly irreconcilable fragments of history and reality. Archaeology, astronomy, physics, geology, linguistics – virtually the entire academic community - have yet to provide a uniformly acceptable explanation for the extensive roster of ancient sites which exceed 8

the technological capability of apparently indigenous cultures. Centuries of careful examination, measurement and comparison provide modern scientists and historians ample validation of authenticity, every fragment and remnant analyzed and documented. While cultural territories are fiercely protective of monuments and local lore, new study is applying ethnology to geo-cosmic models of ruins and landmarks and revealing a remarkable consistency in legend. A pattern has been chronicled by the ancients of the great civilizations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis when the gods ruled our Solar System. These gods whose memories seem to be imbedded within the very blood of history have an insatiable appetite for destruction and horror and can be heard by ancient echoes with vague remnants still calling. And patterns, by nature, repeat. Within a Biblical context, these “rebellions” and ancient myths are allusions to a fiery pre-Genesis judgment and a seemingly understated pause in the Genesis 1 record. What was of such profound nature and scope of consequence that the Scriptural record assigns an immediate darkness to the face of the deep? Why such an early mention of this “deep,” the abyss? There is little recorded of about the enormous world beneath the surface. Four books of the canonical text describe life, “under the earth,” as being subject to judgment. Why is it then that we have such difficulty accepting an underworld, and an abyss? A recent documentary revealed curious footage of apparent atmospheric energy orbs responding in congruence to like images below the surface at Stonehenge in the UK. If indeed these ‘entities’ are communicating in a highly organized manner, just what is it that they are communicating…and worse, to whom or what? Author and researcher Stephen Quayle, having compiled and published the most frequently referenced records of ancient and contemporary giants, cites Augustine as observing that these, “…men’s bodies were formerly much greater than now…their graves [being] laid bare by age or the force of rivers and various accidents.” Genesis Six Giants chronicles the early North American explorers and their encounters with giants: Vespucci, Sir Francis Drake, and DeSoto document the presence of native giants. A member of Magellan’s fleet reported being greeted by a native giant who stood “so tall, that our heads scarcely came up to his waist.” Coronado’s expedition logs note members of the Cocopa Indians “who could carry logs that six of the Spaniard’s couldn’t budge.” Out of place artifacts and practices are provocative as the suggestion of ancient giant civilizations participating in global commerce, ritualistic practices continue to surface. The August, 1883 eruption of Krakatau reduced the size of the island to one-third its pre-eruption size. The remaining third would collapse into the sea following the final four explosions. There is not a person alive on the planet today who has experienced the global effects of a catastrophic geologic calamity. In the nineteenth century, there were two such events. In 1815, the Indonesian giant, Tambora erupted in what would become the largest volcanic event in recorded history. The Volcanic Explosivity Index, VEI, would later rank Tambora at a suspected 7 of 7 on the scale. With a death toll of over 70,000, Tambora would also claim the most lives of any recorded eruption. Ejecting an estimated 38 cubic miles of pyroclastic material into the atmosphere, Tambora would be held responsible for the Year Without A Summer, which followed in the spring and summer of 1816.


Gathered with friends in Geneva, Switzerland for holiday, was eighteen year old Mary Godwin (later to become Mary Shelley) who, due to the “wet, uncongenial summer,” engaged in reading ghost stories and investigating the concepts of electro-stimulation, galvanism, as understood by physiologist Erasmus Darwin. This would serve to provide the science behind the supernatural benchmark, Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus. Similarly affected by Tambora in Geneva, was Lord Byron who initially challenged the group to a writing contest. Lord Byron’s contribution to the Year Without a Summer was the romantic poem, Darkness, an apocalyptic work written when there was a “celebrated dark day,” while another less familiar submission was The Vampyre by John William Polidori. Unaware of the global effects of Tambora, newspapers attempted to minimize the atmospheric anomalies while The London Chronicle reported sunspots large enough to be viewed by the naked eye: The large spots which may now be seen upon the sun’s disk have given rise to ridiculous apprehensions and absurd predictions. These spots are said to be the cause of the remarkable wet weather we have had this Sumer, and the increase of these spots is represented to announce a general removal of heat from the globe, the extinction of nature and the end of the world. The 1883 eruption of Krakatau likewise led to fertile literary composition. CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and HG Wells produced sumptuous volumes of elaborate mythologic fiction while Arthur C. Clarke’s The Songs of a Distant Earth featured colonists transported from Earth in the state of cryonic suspension following the eruption of the fictional volcano, Krakan and the smaller volcano, Child of Krakan.

Giant in the Solomon Islands World War II, © Stephen Quayle 10

BALI H’AI: “… come away, come away….come to me, come to me…” The haunting words of Bloody Mary as she sings of the fictional island in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific reflect the ancient and universal attraction that man has had for mountains and caverns. The ancient dwellings of the gods are themselves sacred sites, destinations for spiritual quests, but chief among these are those associated with volcanic activity. There is no more powerful drama on the face of the Earth than the wonder of a volcanic eruption. For some, reflections of Earth’s primordial rawness inspire, others feel hellish terror, but none would be unaffected. In 1989, Sierra Club Books published, The Edge of Fire. Author Robert Wenken assigns a full chapter to ‘Volcanoes and the Devil.’ Alice Bailey’s A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, discusses a people, a “higher grade of fire spirit,” the Agnichaitans, who form a vortex of fire in volcanoes, the “alchemists of the lower regions….” Occult writer John Scott maintains that “earthbound spirits from an old civilization” dwell within Mount Shasta. In the United States, more than 40 cults claim energy and inspiration from Mt. Shasta. Mount St. Helen hosts the volcanic cult, The Children of the Great Fiery One which claims demands for human sacrifice with eruptive retaliation if not satisfied. It was at the volcano, Le Puy de Lassalas in France that Raelian leader Claude Vorilhon of Cloneaid allegedly met with mystic teachers and the elohim aliens. Volcanic sites are often the scenes of paranormal activity and spiritual interaction. Sacred mountains are often associated with ritual performance, circling ravens and transformation. Biblically, ravens are first discussed in association with the flood of Noah as the first to leave the safety of the Ark. Volcanic folklore is frequently associated with the darker side of ravens. Hekla volcano in Iceland fields legends of flocks of ravens carrying hapless victims to a fiery death while other accounts of ravens serve as predictive harbingers. The name Krakatau itself has an associated etymology: Kraka is linguistically associated with raven, or crow; the tau often with bulls or centaurs. Both Lord Byron and CS Lewis had strong emotional ties to mountains in the United Kingdom. For some, the interest is less dramatic, but sites such as Nemrut Dag, Fiji, Sinai, Mt. Kailash, Ayers Rock, Untersberg, Mt. Shasta, Chitzen Itza, the Serpent Mounds and Apollonian Temples inspire an earthy yet universal connectivity with the expectation of a quantum evolutionary spiritual leap, the dawning of Aquarius, the cosmic moment which will rally a collective pantheistic spirit into an age of resonant peace. Researchers Linda Schele and David Friedel reflect contemporary philosophy: “…the world was alive and imbued with a sacredness that was especially concentrated at special points, like caves and mountains. The principal pattern of power points had been established by the gods when the cosmos was created. “So powerful were the effects of these rituals on the objects, people, buildings and places in the landscape in which the supernatural materialized accumulated, energy and became more sacred with repeated use. These ‘mythic‘ portals, sacred sites, holy mountains, mirror worlds, fairy chimneys and vortices are consistently identified as spiritual repositories. But is their heritage sacred or sinister? 11

LEGENDS AND THE FALL Author Andrew Collins, in Ashes of Angels, associates volcanic habitations with the fallen Djinn, descendants and loyalists of Azazel, whom Collins believes is synonymous with Cain. He further associates these Djinn as race of blacksmiths, whom, under the tutelage of Azazel, became proficient in the black arts of metalworking and alchemy: Not only would copper and lead smelting have become a sacred profession in its own right, but blacksmiths would have been classed as fire priests under the dominion of the genii (i.e., the Djinn) of the fiery domains… The significance of fire, and in particular volcanic fire... signifies the magical power by which the blacksmiths could change rock into metal objects such as jewelry, tools, and weapons. A. Collins, Ashes of Angels VULCAN: Who’s your daddy? Unlawful secrets, known in past times only to those few who seem to have acted as Satan’s agents in directing the course of this world, and are now recklessly offered to all men. The remembrance of that appalling scene, when their brethren were hurled by omnipotent lightnings into pits of darkness, would seem to be fading from the minds of the fallen angels…. …We may put aside all fancies borrowed from heathen mythology respecting the union of superhuman beings with mortal women…, …but we are also told that this union produced a stock conspicuous for physical strength … …and the usual course of sin, most frightful of insanities, is urging them on to the brink of the precipice from the abysmal depths of which the groans of their blasted companions ascend…G W Pember, Earth’s Earliest Ages Within the Roman, Greek and Egyptian pantheons, Vulcan, the son of the king, Jupiter, enjoyed little of the status he would come to command during and after the Renaissance. It would be the Swiss astrologer and alchemist Paracelsus who would entrench the deity as the patron of alchemy and the representative of the transformative potential slumbering in man: not yet enlightened and liberated to the higher spiritual man within. As the god of fire and blacksmithing, Vulcan controls the fires that cause “stones to sweat iron, silver and gold” from his forge beneath Mount Etna in Sicily. Author Tom Horn provides additional background associated with Vulcan in Apollyon Rising: His connection with “the seething energies of Lucifer” thus makes sense given that the myth of Vulcan closely resembles the fall of Lucifer and his subsequent position on earth. The relationship between Lucifer and possessing “the mighty strength of the war god” is explained by various Masonic sources as a reference to the Roman god Vulcan, the son of Jupiter and Juno, a sun deity associated with lightning and volcanic fire to which human sacrifices were made. T. Horn, Apollyon Rising, 2009


Vulcan riding on the back of a donkey, holding a hammer and tongs in his hands.

ANAK: Who’s your daddy? A people great and tall, the children of the Anakim, whom thou knowest, and of who thou hast heard say, ‘Who can stand before the children of ANAK?’ Deut. 9:2 The 1883 eruption of ‘Daddy’ Krakatau resulted in one-third of the island remaining while the Luciferian rebellion involved one-third of the created angelic realm. The silica and mineral rich Indonesian island mass may well have been an ancient breeding ground for extra-dimensional alchemical activity. Wyoming Sedimentary Geologist Charles Manske provides scientific perspective: Although most of the scientific community remains secular and even antagonistic towards God, many are beginning to realize that nothing makes sense without the framework of a Creator! I believe that the increased tectonism we are seeing is a direct sign of the enhanced reign of Lucifer over the earth. Demonic spiritual entities could easily arise from the depths of molten magma where they have been confined for centuries. Whenever I see an eruption, in these end times, I envision Luciferian demonic spirits encroaching upon the earth. I suspect such events will increase significantly in the next few years. The ancient rock outcroppings, volcanoes, temples and monuments have for millennia been used as gathering places for the spiritually enlightened. The comparatively recent understanding in the application of the high energy physics of sound and light, both with adaptable vibrational characteristics, have made these sites these popular gatherings for ritual chants and ‘mock’ sacrifices often employing ancient spells and mathematical harmonic codes in various 13

sets of tandem frequencies may well have measurable and far greater esoteric effects than even recently believed. Perhaps these ancient rocks carry more information and potential than one would dare imagine. But what will be the release? What will be the trigger mechanism? What will energize this latent information and what will be the message? Are the cragged lava beds destined to bring hell UP to the surface of the earth? Is it possible that the use of the platinum and other metallic elements to enhance structure is one of the many “workings of metals’ taught by Azazel? Can this perhaps explain the fear of a superconductive watery abyss which so terrifies demons? As conditions deteriorate will desperate practitioners be part of combined harmonic endeavors summoning activation via Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ with millions of ‘reconfigured and freshly energized entities” bound within the earth for such a long period? A cauldron as a symbol of transmutation: an exquisite flair.

Writing in the eight century, BC, the Greek poet Hesiod describes the nature and habitation of an ‘astral’ golden race: First, the immortals who possess the mansions of Olympus, created a golden race to articulate speaking men. They lived in the time of Chronos [Saturn], when he ruled in heaven…rejoicing in festal pleasures far from the reach of common ills. These god-men died AS IF OVERCOME BY SLEEP, buried in cultivated fields and lands which would spontaneously become fruitful and abundant. To the ancients, these gods were their benevolent, enriching harvest and stock as a measure of favor. [emphasis, smb]

In addition to providing classical documentation of ancient pre-history, Hesiod’s description of the ‘deaths’ of the ancient gods provides a concept of incomparable significance yet one most often overlooked in traditional analysis. That these ‘god-men,’ these part angelic, part human entities, died as if overcome by sleep. Having scrutinized hundreds of accounts of encounters with these creatures, Steve Quayle strenuously contends that these giants are dead only in the sense of being bound within a state of stasis, as Hesiod strongly implies. But why…and until when? Stephen Quayle’s answer drops like a stone: For a prophesied future event: a final massive eruption of demonic activity with the express purpose of serving their condemned ruler, Lucifer himself. The convergence of multiple prophetic catalysts may very well be the alert beacon signaling that this era of oblivious bliss may be coming to a terrifying and hideous end. Accounts from the Solomon Islands describe how the residents have for centuries lived with these creatures among them…with reports of active subsurface UFO events:


The first discovery is about how the people of the Solomon Islands have shared their Islands with ‘previously undiscovered to the modern world’s race of hominoids for millennia right to this present day, and for a variety of reasons explained, this has not been known about by the rest of the World, until now. The second discovery is about the whereabouts of hidden UFO Bases that I have found existing in the Solomon Islands for quite possibly the same amount of time, and how there seems to be a link between the Giants and the Extraterrestrials making the Solomon Islands their home. Dr. John Phillips describes “three great eruptions of demonic activity” which are contained within the historical narrative of Scripture. As outlined in Exploring the Pastoral Epistles, the first involved unprecedented Satanism in the days just prior to the flood of Noah. The second took place in the land just prior to the conquest by the Hebrews. Phillips is careful to note that both of these eruptions were characterized by a “giant, demon progeny on the earth.” [emphasis, smb] The third great eruption paralleled the public ministry of Jesus Christ. A final and fourth eruption of demonic activity would occur as the coming of the Antichrist approaches. John Phillips records that “modern spiritism was launched in 1848” when the practice of contacting ‘familiar spirits’ was begun by eminent persons within the scientific and literary communities. These seem to mirror well the interests and activities of Erasmus Darwin, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. As the ancient rumblings deep within the belly of ANAK Krakatau begin to strengthen, a cosmic clock continues and the hinges of hell are strained. The problem is not the abyss. The problem is what comes out of the abyss. The abyss is a place, it is a horrible place. It is without question that it exists, and it is, without question, dimensional. It is from that side: what has been invisible to our eyes, will be opened in such a way that the dimensional impact will be catastrophic. Russ Dizdar

Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, ‘Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.’ And the four angels were loosed…..for to slay the third part of men. And the number of the army of HORSEMEN were two hundred thousand thousand; and I heard the number of them. Rev. 9:15-16

THE EARTH WILL SHAKE We dream of ways to break these iron bars We dream of black nights without moon or stars We dream of tunnels and of sleeping guards We dream of blackouts in the prison yard Heartbroken, we found a gleam of hope Harken to the sound, a whistle blows 15

Heaven sent reply, however small Evidence of life beyond these walls Born and bred in this machine Wardens dread to see us dream We hold tight to legends of Real life, the way it was before We dream of jailers throwing down their arms We dream of open gates and no alarms Look to the day the Earth will shake These weathered walls will fall away. CS Lewis


NOTE: In Part One of ANAK Krakatau, The Father, the recent eruptive history of the world’s most violent volcano was explored as well as the contributory physical aspects of both the regional and global effects of the August 1883 event. In Part Two, The Son, the cultural, social and religious features associated with mountains, particularly volcanoes, were discussed with the strong significance attached by classical western mythological perspectives with strong emphasis on the associated cultural mystique associated directly, or indirectly with massive tectonic and volcanic activity. In Part Three, The Tongues of Fire, it would be expected that the fire and brimstone judgments as recorded in Judeo-Christian prophetic Scripture, with specific emphasis on the “ONE THIRD” judgments of land and sea as well as the dreaded opening of The Abyss of Revelation 8 and 9, would be examined. Indeed, these will be reviewed and assembled in what some may find to be an unexpected, yet Biblically accurate scenario. But as the Spirit has so specifically punctuated and repeated the threes and the onethird concepts, this third part of the ANAK Krakatau series will begin with the chilling visions of three contemporary proclamations as prophesied in Acts 2: 17, And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and YOUR YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS, AN YOUR OLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS… [emphasis, smb] Following these accounts, a review of the contemporary relevance the ancient Vedic epics provide as their application to the current geo-political and cultural impact is considered. It is to be emphasized that none of the visions described below specify the weight of recorded Biblical prophecy, but demonstrate the standard and confirmatory testament of the Acts 2:17 promise. 16

THE TONGUES OF FIRE: Modern Day Watchmen

The Vision of STEPHEN QUAYLE, 1972 Stephen Quayle was given a vision of a GREAT END-TIME PANORAMA. Included in this vision were glimpses of futuristic Ubermensch, super-soldiers comprised of genetically enhanced DNA capable of spectacular physical and mental feats transmuted beyond human resemblance years before Hollywood had begun to capitalize on the associated horror – within the safety of the silver screen. In 1996, as industrial pollution diminished the quality of the very air we breathe, Stephen Quayle sounded the alarm as genetically directed disease manipulation, often completely devoid of biological evidence for a specific disease strain. In Breathe No Evil, the prospect of deliberate population culling via a coordinated biological release is discussed. As awareness increases, these consistently prescient warnings take a more defined form within everyday reality. There remains however, one premonition that confronts both the mind’s eye as well as any recorded human experience, straining at first before eventually blasting through dimensional boundaries themselves. This vision, so horrific in scope yet insistent in recollection, involves a massive and nearly simultaneous bursting of the portals of the earth: the ‘chimneys of the gods,’ and the releasing of entities never intended for human eyes. The volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire would be the conduits, but the key, the triggering event would be the progeny of a now vanished ‘father,’ a primal embryonic ‘issue:’ the rapidly developing ‘seed’ of the once mighty Krakatau volcano, the “son of Krakatau,” ANAK. [emphasis, smb]

The Vision of HENRY GRUVER, 1990 WATCH WHAT I WILL DO! I was crying out to the Lord; and I said, "Lord, I need, to see something that will encourage Your people." And He gave me this vision. Then He began to speak to me through the scriptures cited above. It was simply me, searching out the Word to see if the vision was of God. I had never seen the context of these things before in the Word. I had never heard them preached. So, the Scriptures I have given to you are given as verification, through the Word, of what I will now relate to you. (If you find it difficult to accept this word, please search these Scriptures. Be a Berean. Search these things to see if they be true.) In vision, I saw missiles coming out of the waters of the Pacific Ocean. I saw airplanes coming in and they were heading towards certain cities along the Northwest. When it looked like they would come and do their devastation, all of a sudden, I heard a voice speak from heaven, like thunder. It said these words: "WATCH WHAT I WILL DO!” As the word was spoken, the mountains along the coastal range began to shake and tremble and puffs of smoke shot out of them-they reminded me of Indian smoke signals. However, they shot out in all directions; and hit into the paths of the missiles and the planes. Suddenly the missiles just 17

went, "Z-o-o-o-o-o-m!" Then they hit the ground, but didn't explode. They were duds. The "smoke signals" had destroyed the missiles ability to navigate. It destroyed their ability to fly through the air; and they didn't hit their targets. It was also like shields or domes came over certain cities. Even the contaminated air couldn't go into those areas. It went around them. I saw massive amounts of vehicles just coming in on our waters They were like ships opened up in the front, and all these personnel, carrying things, came out armored. Here they came, right up on our beaches, and all these thousands of people began to head out. I saw the proud look on the faces of those that were driving the vehicles. I heard, again, the thunderous voice from the heavens, "WATCH WHAT I WILL DO!” Suddenly, mountains puffed out smoke, and rivers of golden lava began flowing down a pathright across the beaches in front of the invaders. Terror came on their faces, and they turned back and headed to the sea, fleeing for their lives, as the waters behind them turned to steam. And the Lord said, "I have people in this land that I will not let them touch-for they are Mine! They are My chosen; and I will keep My chosen safe! For I have a work for them to do yet in this land, and in many lands."

The Vision of DAVID WILKERSON, April, 2009 AN URGENT MESSAGE I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message to all on our mailing list, and to friends and to bishops we have met all over the world. AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. IT IS GOING TO BE SO FRIGHTENING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO TREMBLE - EVEN THE GODLIEST AMONG US. For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires—such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago. There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting—including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath. In Psalm 11 it is written, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (v. 3). God is judging the raging sins of America and the nations. He is destroying the secular foundations. The prophet Jeremiah pleaded with wicked Israel, “God is fashioning a calamity against you and devising a plan against you. Oh, turn back each of you from your evil way, and reform your ways and deeds. But they will say, It’s hopeless! For we are going to follow our own plans, and each of us will act according to the stubbornness of his evil heart” (Jeremiah 18:11-12). 18

In Psalm 11:6, David warns, “Upon the wicked he will rain snares (coals of fire)…fire…burning wind…will be the portion of their cup.” Why? David answered, “Because the Lord is righteous” (v. 7). This is a righteous judgment—just as in the judgments of Sodom and in Noah’s generation. WHAT SHALL THE RIGHTEOUS DO? WHAT ABOUT GOD’S PEOPLE? First, I give you a practical word I received for my own direction. If possible lay in store a thirtyday supply of non-perishable food, toiletries and other essentials. In major cities, grocery stores are emptied in an hour at the sign of an impending disaster. As for our spiritual reaction, we have but two options. This is outlined in Psalm 11. We “flee like a bird to a mountain.” Or, as David says, “He fixed his eyes on the Lord on his throne in heaven—his eyes beholding, his eyelids testing the sons of men” (v. 4). “In the Lord I take refuge” (v. 1). I will say to my soul: No need to need to hide. This is God’s righteous work. I will behold our Lord on his throne, with his eye of tender, loving kindness watching over every step I take— trusting that he will deliver his people even through floods, fires, calamities, tests, trials of all kinds. Note: I do not know when these things will come to pass, but I know it is not far off. I have unburdened my soul to you. Do with the message as you choose.



For better or for worse, a contemporary empire has changed: hopes and dreams, doubts and concerns. The United States went from being “no longer a Christian nation,” in January, to being considered one of the “Largest Muslim countries in the world,” in June. Both observations are, in all probability, true, but trying to label the current President as a devout follower of either faith would bring immediate polarization to an already sensitive issue. But the zinger came seven months later when Newsweek Magazine reported the results of a poll which indicated that, …conceptually, at least, we are slowly becoming more like Hindus and less like traditional Christians in the ways we think about God, our selves, each other, and eternity. 19

Newsweek continued, The Rig Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture, says this: "Truth is One, but the sages speak of it by many names." A Hindu believes there are many paths to God. Jesus is one way, the Qur'an is another, yoga practice is a third. None is better than any other; all are equal. The most traditional, conservative Christians have not been taught to think like this. They learn in Sunday school that their religion is true, and others are false. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me." Citing Boston University’s Stephen Prothero’s “long framed American propensity” for the divine-delicafeteria religion" "very much in the spirit of Hinduism. You're not picking and choosing from different religions, because they're all the same … It isn't about orthodoxy. It's about whatever works. If going to yoga works, great—and if going to Catholic mass works, great. And if going to Catholic mass plus the yoga plus the Buddhist retreat works, that's great, too." And so, from three recent sources, citizens of the United States are finding themselves branded with religious affiliations of which they have very little knowledge. Until very recently, classical education in culture and history limited itself to the exploration of ancient Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and Western European epochs and pantheons. Gradually, and certainly a result of geo-political activity in the Middle East, the ancient societies of Sumer near eastern cultures have become a part of both academic and personal spiritual examination. Using less than one page of printed text, one of America’s most popular news journals provided an explanation, for some interested persons, for those pocket charms Mr. Obama keeps in his left trouser pocket. Included among the variety is the Luck Pocket Pebble, a “favorite” with Braille on the reverse:

Luck Pocket Charm


Another favorite of Mr. Obama is the four-armed monkey charm, the Indonesian variation of the Hindu god, HANUMAN. In June, 2008 The Washington Post reported the response among US citizens of Hindu heritage as well as the enthusiasm in India: "It's a big deal," said Bhavna Pandit, 28, a political fundraising consultant based in Washington who thinks the revelations will lead to new interest in Obama among Indian American donors. Pandit said news of the Obama trinket has swept across Indian American living rooms and through Indian newspapers and TV networks. She said the people she knows as "aunties and uncles" -- women and men from her parents' generation -- are suddenly taking note of Obama in a way they had not done before. "They think it's kind of neat. They rarely see our religion played out in the mainstream media in America." And, she said, "In India, they're like, 'Wow! The person who can be the president has a connection to us that's very personal.'


Mingled Talismans

But the deal gets bigger. In August, 2008, The Chicago Tribune reported that Indian politician, Brij Mohan Bhama presented then Senator Obama with a two foot high gold plated statue of the god Hanuman, which had been blessed by a dozen Hindu priests during a special prayer service, for 11 days before being sent to Mr. Obama. According to Mr. Bhama, [Senator] Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him.


Hindu Priests Bless Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman

GETTING TO KNOW THE ‘OTHER’ THIRD With the recent conferring of exotic religious associations to the population of the United States, it would seem reasonable to have, at a minimum, a Cliff Notes understanding of ancient Hindu traditions, their sources and of course the President’s specific preference of the god, Hanuman. Hinduism ranks third in member size among the world’s religions with more than a billion members and claims the oldest and most diverse in areas of philosophy, mythology and observances. The ancient Vedic texts offer rich accounts of the earliest ages Earth history when struggles for territories and powers actively dominated the Earth. The Mahabarata chronicles the events and epics of the Bhārata dynasty and offers genealogical listings of mortals mingling with gods and goddesses often producing offspring which are held in demi-god status. The Ramayana is a second Sanskrit epic, the history of Lord RAMA, the King, the Perfect Man, and his lifelong escapades with his faithful servant, HANUMAN, the monkey god and his monkey army against the Demon King, Ravanna. Having swept through Lanka during a daring rescue, Hanuman is said to have burned the fortress of Ravanna with the third part of his tail.



Hanuman, the devoted servant of Lord Rama Heavily influenced by Indonesian culture, contemporary author Arthur C. Clarke published Rendevous with Rama, a futuristic novel which named its alien starship, RAMA, designed to track near-earth objects following an asteroid collision in Italy on September 11, 2077. An earlier fascination with the Indonesia and a fictional volcano Krakan and the “child of Krakan” is reflected in another composition, Songs of a Distant Earth. 23

ATLANTIS IN INDONESIA In 1997, Professor Arysio Santos published Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found. With an impressive biography which includes a PhD in Nuclear Physics, Prof. Santos; academic disciplines were not limited to the physics and his prolific writings investigate the related academics of climatology, geography, comparative mythology and geology. With compelling documentation, Prof. Santos reconstructed the traditions surrounding the Lost Continent as described in the fourth century by Plato and other ancient sages. Using this multi-disciplinary approach, Santos reviews an approach similar to the Velikovskian hypotheses of Catastrophism. Within his research, Santos reviews the scientific evidence with comparative accounts of Atlantean apologetics in the Old World, the New World, and the Indonesian area. Citing the Indies as the site of the “Golden Islands,” Santo’s paleo-archeologic treatise includes the accounts and evidences of gods from above warring among themselves, cosmic sacrifice and primordial incest before experiencing a cataclysmic judgment. Reconstructing ancient maps as well as an abundance of sub-surface artifacts, skeletal remains, gemstones and extensive underwater structures, Prof. Santos asserts, as do many scholars similarly examining ancient surface and sub-surface structures, that a highly developed and technically advanced civilization experienced a short period of powerfully punctuated geologic events, increasing in cadence with violent earthquakes, sea-quakes, and massive volcanism.

The True History of Atlantis, Professor Arysio Santos Underwater exploration further promotes the concept of an Atlantean civilization in the southern regions of India. An established and recognized investigator of antiquities, Graham Hancock notes his findings: Cities on this scale are not known in the archaeological record until roughly 4,500 years ago when the first big cities begin to appear in Mesopotamia. Nothing else on the scale of the underwater cities of Cambay is known. The first cities of the historical period are as far away from these cities as we are today from the pyramids of Egypt. G. Hancock, The Underworld Central to Atlantis themes is the existence of a fiery Holy Mountain which Prof. Santos believes can only be Mount Meru. Prof. Santos discusses the uniformity of symbols associated with all of the proposed locations of Atlantis: two triangles (Mogen 24

David), beams of the Cross, the Lunar Crescent and the Pole Star. By using collateral evidence, Prof Santos cites the Krakatau Volcano itself as being a supreme archetype: first as a stately mountain peak, with a subsequent ‘castration’ resulting from the enormous explosions that reduced the giant to a gaping caldera. For the Pillars of Hercules spoken of by Plato, Prof. Santos suggests the ‘twin pillars’ of Java and Sumatra with the Sunda Strait as the divide and the mythic Mountain in the center. Another central, unique feature of Atlantis were its seas, rendered "innavigable" as the result of the cataclysm, as reported by Plato and other ancient authorities. As we mentioned further above, the seas of Atlantis were innavigable because they were covered thick with giant banks of floating, fiery pumicestone. This pumice was ejected by the giant explosion of volcanic Mt. Atlas, the one which caused the foundering of the Lost Continent… The Titans — and Atlas in particular — were likened to Serpents (or Dragons), and to "weak-legged", anguipedal, Civilizing Heroes such as Erychthonios, Cadmus, Hercules, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, etc.. All such indeed derive from the NAGAS ("Serpent-people", "Dragons") of India and Indonesia… With expanded travel opportunities, increased incomes, extended vacation times and of course Hollywood, the ancient civilizations of the Central and South American ethnic groups found a welcome application for their relevance within traditional North American study. It seemed however, that Western academia was closing in on two-thirds of Earth’s historic population centers and from the weathered and overgrown remnants of massive ancient civilizations. And with a comparatively scant two-hundred year period of dedicated cooperative investigation, a persistent but provocative theme emerges. Graham Hancock, explains: In some of the most powerful and enduring myths that we have inherited from ancient times, our species seems to have retained a confused but resonant memory of a terrifying global catastrophe. Where do these myths come from? Why, though they derive from unrelated cultures, are their storylines so similar? Why are they laden with common symbolism? And why do they so often share the same stock characters and plots? If they are indeed memories, why are there no historical records of the planetary disaster they seem to refer to? Could it be that the myths themselves are historical records? Could it be that these cussing and immortal stories, composed by anonymous geniuses, were the medium used to record such information and pass it on in the time before history began? G. Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods Why is it that near the mid-nineteenth century and the advent of Darwinian ‘science,’ millennia of oral, religious and cultural accounts became subject to an academic ‘pick and choose’ roster of ‘empirical facts’ which have so often been shredded by subsequent discovery?

Author and researcher Steve Quayle provides an answer:

… those legends, myths and oral traditions may not be as far fetched as we have been taught, and even would prefer to think. In fact, they may have a great deal of truth in them. But that truth points back to a period in time in the dateless past when great civilizations flourished with 25

scientific and engineering achievements were the norm and that still challenges the greater part of modern intellects. Reconfiguring the history of the universe has explosive implications, but alternative research in all disciplines is quickly realizing that there is no reconciliation without the inclusion of unseen realms or the incorporation of additional dimensions. But if this newer understanding is telling us that history is just the uncomfortable beginning, what then, can we expect of the future? And of that, it is exponentially more profound. Records speak of a cosmic war which took place in our immediate solar system, in a “time before time,” a geologic time approx 3,200,000 years ago; when a great deal of planetary damage occurred to the stones of fire upon which Lucifer formerly walked, orbital arrangement, rearrangement, disarrangement and polar shifts, and an exploded planet Krypton which became the Asteroid Belt. Stones of Fire, Orion’s Belt (a belt BINDS), The Pleiades: The Seven Sisters bound as well. Planets were actually gods, warring among themselves with ancient hi-tech weaponry scarcely comprehensible in the 21st century. Exactly how the ancient Earth became “without form and void” is hard to say. But there are several events that appear to have taken place which would have done the job, and thus, might have been employed by God to wipe the face of the Earth clean. Interestingly, both of these had the capacity to throw up massive amounts of soot and ash, thereby blocking the light from the planet, as is suggested by the “darkness on the face of the earth.” S. Quayle, Genesis 6 Giants

Mythology, religion, and ritualistic practices of different cultures throughout the world commences at least in part, from astronomical causes, including catastrophic impacts. By broadening the definition of "text" to include mythology, archaeology, art, religion, ritual and other historical evidence, a remarkably coherent but penetrating theme emerges.

Recorded discussions between authors Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have become some of the most frequently downloaded materials on the subject of ancient cultures and transhumanism on the Internet. Author Tom Horn recognizes that,

Something alarming has been happening since the dawn of time, which has been recorded in the history, holy books, and mythos of every great civilization. Ancient rabbinical authorities including Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood it. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, the Hindus, the American Indians, and virtually all other civilizations wrote about it. Beings of super intelligence sometimes referred to as "gods" descend through openings of sky, earth, and sea to interact with this planet's creatures.



Mid to late 18th Century Strong moral. religious, ACCEPTANCE of oral Beginning of THEORETICAL scientific accounts, tradition, authority enlightenment: Erasmus Darwin, Galvanization Late 18th Century Scientific DISCOVERY begins, Charles Darwin’s Gradual increasing ACCEPTANCE of Darwinism Caution for acceptance of previous historical ‘authority’ Early 19th to Mid 20th Century Scientific TRIALS, increase in technology, Social DIMINISHMENT of reliability of myths knowledge, archaeological travel ABANDONMENT of myths, replaced by science Scientific APPLICATION, continued refinement of technology

Late 20th to early 21st Century Scientific APPLICATION PRODUCES Cultural 'reawakening' of ancient myths MYTHICAL RESULTS Cultural CONFUSION as science replicates myth EVIDENCE that many MYTHS ARE EPIC ACCOUNTS Scientific DENIAL, marginalization of 'fringe’ oral, cultural accounts Sciences RELEASES the TERROR OF THE MYTHS

PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE CURSED, “UNDERGROUND” The Poetry of Barack Obama The Featured Exhibit in 2009 of Occidental College’s Library presents Barack Obama’s poems in Feast, the student poetry publication at Oxy. The 1981 issue includes two pieces as reproduced in the May 18, 2008 edition of The New York Times. One was a particularly conspicuous composition given a childhood enculturated in Indonesian tradition:



Under water grottos, caverns Filled with apes That eat figs. Stepping on the figs That the apes Eat, they crunch. The apes howl, bare Their fangs, dance, Tumble in the Rushing water, Musty, wet pelts Glistening in the blue.

The fig tree is historically emblematic of the State of Israel. It was Jesus Christ who communicated the singular sign which would mark one of the most prophetic events in Jewish and prophetic history: May 14, 1948, the birth of the newly established State of Israel. Now learn a parable of the fig tree: When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth his leaves, ye know that summer is nigh. So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door. Matt. 24:32, 33 Bill Koenig, White House Correspondent and author of Eye to Eye – Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel meticulously documents the dramatic repercussions of political intervention which opposes the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12, further confirmed by the Shoe Covenant of Genesis 13. 144 hours after the greatly anticipated historic Cairo Address to the Muslim world on June 4, 2009, the White House released a controversial photograph of a very unpresidential looking President speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Quickly noted in the press the Arabic custom of ‘showing the sole’ of a shoe as an insulting posture. In Jewish tradition however, the shoe is the symbol of a contract, a covenant relationship. Additionally, images of fig eating and fig stomping apes howling and baring fangs in underwater caverns is hardly comforting prose coming from a dignitary whose stated objectives are to participate, present and in theory, implement recommendations in the most politically and spiritually volatile region on the planet.


White House Photo, 6.9.2009 Within hours of the June 9th telephone conversation a large linden tree was felled on the North Lawn of the Presidential Mansion by a sudden storm. For a controversial presidency, a tree stricken down would be viewed by some as superstitious folklore, but for a President who regularly carries assorted idols and charms in a pocket, the smiting of a linden tree on the North Lawn may be suggestive of deeper mysticism.

The Fallen Linden Tree; North Lawn, 6.9.2009

The high winds which apparently caused the damage strangely did not uproot the tree: instead, this tree was snapped at its very foundation: the strongest portion of the tree. It is of note as well that the greatly heralded “Berlin Address” on July 4 of 2008 by then Candidate Obama took place Unter den Linden, the most famous street in Berlin, directly facing the Altar of Zeus and the great Babylonian Ishtar Gate located in the Pergamon Museum. The publication, Voice of America reports that on September 23, 2009, the United States will take its turn at the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council. September is typically the busiest month for the UN as it is the month when the world’s leaders convene for the annual General Assembly.


Expectations are high for the inaugural visit of a new president with considerable speculation and concern for upcoming Middle-East peace discussions. Curiously, this year, the U.S. presidency of the Security Council happens to coincide with this and offers the opportunity for important meetings at the highest levels: the “stars will indeed be aligned” as the meetings begin on the first day following the autumnal equinox of September 21. The ‘gathering’ of the G20 member states for the Summit being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania beginning on the evening of September 23rd.

OUT OF INDIA, by way of GOG In Indic ideas in the Graeco-Roman World, Subhash Kak of Louisiana State University suggests that much of the classical Grecian and Roman cultural traditions, pantheons and rituals have explicit similarities to the much older histories of the Indus Valley and Indonesian locales. All speak of gods who descended to become kings whose palaces were placed on mountain tops while their adversaries or challengers to their position were bound in the depths below them. These include the consistent themes of races of giants being cast into the deep and darkened abysses of the underworld. As civilizations advanced in skill and population, historical prototypes were employed in the construction of ‘man-made’ mountains which served as abodes for communities became a popular cultural theme. It is also recorded that these mountains or ziggurats also concealed portals to vast subterranean caverns where they would often interact with other species and civilizations. The universal legends of these gods tell a kindred tale. The equivalent of heaven in ancient Greece was atop Mount Olympus. Evidence of interaction with the multitude of demi-gods is sculpted in stone and etched in plaster. The High Altar of Zeus moved from Turkey to Berlin in the late 19th Century depicts warlike interaction between humans, gods and god-humans.

Battles of the Lapiths and Centaurs, GIGANTOMACHY 30

There is suggestive mythology that the Scythians, whose remarkable martial and hunting skills on horseback might have actually been the echoes of a barbarian centaur race which traced their first European appearance to ancient Greece from ancient Persia before migrating northward to conquer the greatly disadvantaged . Professor Arysio Santos, the above referenced author of Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, describes an unusual Indo-Grecian link:

Mt. Olympus, for instance, derives its name from the Greek Olmos Hippous, meaning “the Mountain of the Centaurs.” Moreover, the Centaurs (Khentarfos) derive their name and their myth from the Gandharvas of India, where Mt. Meru is called “The Mountain of the Gandharvas.” This fact shows the Indian origin of the myths of Greece. Again, the Holy Mountain - this time directly connected with an Atlas figure (Ayar Cachi) turned to stone – is found also in Peru as the Huanacauri of the Incas. In fact, whereever we find the myth of the Holy Mountain of Paradise, we are able to trace it back to Mt. Meru and the East Indies, that is, to Atlantis.

The Greek historian Herodotus, author of the largest body of classical accounts of the Scythian Diviners, notes that their religious practices involved intricate ritual practices of spells, curses and blessings: The Scythian diviners take also the leaf of the LINDEN-TREE, which, dividing into THREE parts, they twine round their fingers; they then UNBIND it and EXERCISE THE ART TO WHICH THEY PRETEND. [emphasis, smb]

While historic and linguistic identification of GOG has been somewhat elusive, it is generally acknowledged that by tracing Biblical migratory lineage, “GOG of the land of Magog,” most familiar in Ezekiel 38, is found to be north of Israel, most commonly associated with Russia. The National Security Agency of the US Government however applies an interesting initilism: GOG: the Government of Greece The recent photos of Vladimir Putin’s Summer, 2009 vacation might be suggestive of possible results of the high level Black transhuman biological research. Is Vladimir Putin signaling the return of GENETICALLY Re-ANIMATED CENTAUR WARRIORS? Is Mr. Putin’s skillfully arranged posture sending signals to the US Super-Soldier Programs?


Vladimir Putin, Summer, 2009 Oreins, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

VULCAN, THE PRIMORDIAL BLACKSMITH The science of transmuting once substance to another is one of the most highly sought abilities in the realms of the occult and esoteric. Vulcan, son of the god Jupiter, from whose name is derived ‘volcano,’ is emblematic of the transformative potential yet slumbering in man. Although not sufficiently ‘enlightened’ to the point of achieving the higher spiritual power within, contemporary mystics have high expectations that imminent earth changes will be the catalyst for this anticipated level of human spiritual and mental ability.


The Forge of Vulcan, Diego Velesquez

Tom Horn considers these changes by studying ancient and contemporary culture: Events unfolding since 9/11 portend a near future in which a man of superior intelligence, wit, charm, and diplomacy will emerge on the world scene as a savior. He will seemingly possess a transcendent wisdom that enables him to solve problems and to offer solutions for many of today’s most perplexing issues. His popularity will be widespread and his fans will include young and old, religious and non-religious, male and female. Talk show hosts will interview his colleagues, news anchors will cover his movements, scholars will applaud his uncanny ability at resolving what has escaped the rest of us, and the poor will bow down at his table. He will, in all human respects, appeal to the best idea of society. But his profound comprehension and irresistible presence will be the result of an invisible network of thousands of years of collective knowledge. He will, LIKE THE GOD VULCAN, represent the embodiment of a very old, super-intelligent spirit. Tom Horn, Apollyon Rising 2012 [emphasis, smb]

Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have ‘seen’ the coming changes through entirely methods. Both are scrupulous examiners of history and culture. Yet through an uncanny integration of unprecedented conceptualizations they have arrived at a singular epic and unavoidable conclusion: the immediate future will be a time of unparalleled cosmic disruption. It is highly unlikely that the circumstances and events that launched these disparate courses could ever be repeatable.


The hour is late, the data evaluated, the conclusions will be unmistakable. But what will be the trigger? What event, in this PANORAMA of possible mechanisms will light the fuse? The evidence was once speculative to this author and contributors. It is no longer. An ancient hate has spawned the seething catalyst. Technology has provided the method of discovery.

It has a name and it has a number:

ANAK Krakatau Latitude 6°06’06 00" S



…It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA …. … Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers - in this country, WE RISE OR FALL AS ONE NATION, AS ONE PEOPLE…. Remarks of President-Elect Barack Obama, Election Night, Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Chicago, Illinois [emphasis, smb] “A new birth of Freedom” was the theme of January 20, 2009 Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Before the 111th Congress and a live crowd of over 1.2 million, “Change” came to the historic shores of the River. Potomac, from the Algonquian is “something brought,” and it seems conspicuously appropriate. While “something brought” might be welcome words for some, the Algonquin Nation itself provides bitter deniability, as did the citizens of Troy. Eight months after assuming the office of the Presidency, Mr. Obama was again on the stage, this time front and center of the theater of the world, for a series of scheduled political events in the city that claims the distinction as the first Capital of the United States, New York City. … it is my deeply held belief that in the year 2009 – MORE THAN AT ANY POINT IN HUMAN HISTORY — the INTERESTS OF NATIONS AND PEOPLES ARE SHARED. B.H. Obama, Address before the United Nations General Assembly, September 23, 2009 [emphasis, smb] For one week in September of 2009, the United States’ waning political prestige left the District of Columbia and took front and center stage as the nations gathered for the opening of the UN General Assembly in New York. In a series of events that are only visible in retrospect, and still greatly clouded by the convergence of multiple catalysts, Mr. Obama’s recognition of this “point in human history” might be amended by only two words: “to date.” “ON THE SIDELINES” The New York Post described the “sideline” meeting between US President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s President Mahmoud Abbas as “extraordinarily rare.” The three, accompanied by their diplomatic representatives met on September 22 at New York’s Waldorf Astoria, the site where Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin purchased the Dead Sea Scrolls 55 years earlier.


Entry Hall The Waldorf Astoria, New York City Expectations were low for substantive progress for the three day “Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas Trilateral” sideline conclave, but the meticulously dressed mediator, wearing a dove-gray necktie with silver-tongued eloquence polished to its finest could not disguise the unmistakable directive. Details of the discussions were vague, and summarized in a four minute statement. … The United States is committed to a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. That includes a settlement of the Israeli -Palestinian conflict that results in TWO STATES, Israel and Palestine. In which both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people can live in PEACE and SECURITY and realize their aspirations of a better life for their children. … … And so my message to these two leaders is clear, despite all the obstacles, despite all the history, despite all the mistrust, we have to have to find a way forward. We have to summon the will to break the deadlock that has trapped generations of Israelis and Palestinians in an endless cycle of conflict and suffering….. B.H. Obama, New York City, NY, September 22, 2009 [emphasis, smb]


Photo: Charles Dharapak/AP Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Barack Obama and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009

Two pairs of two words that promise a clash of wills with eternal results. I WILL ALSO GATHER ALL NATIONS, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and PARTED MY LAND. Joel 3:2 [emphasis, smb]

For when they shall say, PEACE and SAFETY; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Th. 5:3 [emphasis, smb]


During the three days that followed the historic announcement, The Change that had arrived in New York took on an interesting assortment of roles, each of which consistently revisited the theme of the IsraelPalestinian flashpoint: A September 22nd address to the Clinton Global Initiative, a September 23rd address to the UN General Assembly, Presiding officer the September 24th UN Security Council opening before traveling westward to Pittsburgh to host the G20 Summit, and a ‘surprise’ announcement of Iran’s nuclear status on the 25th.

CAUSE AND EFFECT: Signals of a stronger hand Behold, they spew out with their mouth: swords are in there lips: for who, say they, doth hear? But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them; thou salt have all the heathen in derision. Psalm 59: 7, 8

In The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus contrasts New York Harbor’s Liberty’s purpose with that of her ancient Greek counterpart, the sun-god Helios as depicted in the Colossus of Rhodes. Standing 44 feet taller than the elder giant, Liberty’s message is nearly as familiar as her torch: “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she. With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

The Colossus of Rhodes

Liberty Enlightening the World Babylonian Goddess Ishtar

As the huddled masses entered through “golden gate,” to the cultural melting pot of the United States, there were no spiritual ‘baggage checks,’ but as freedom of worship has been the nation’s hallmark, so it has also been the instrument of its demise. Author Peter Levenda sees the United States as “a kind of a haunted house…what forces are really at work here?” Others find this spiritual amalgam more comparative to Revelation 12: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 38

Within several hours of the October 9, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize announcement conferring Mr. Obama with the prestigious award, an unusual and almost preternatural blog entry was published in Newsweek Magazine's The Gaggle: By cloaking its deliberations and through brilliant P..R., THE COMMITTEE GAVE THE PRIZE A SUPERNATURAL AURA, AS IF THE NAME OF THE WINNER WERE SPIT OUT OF THE MOUTH OF AN ANCIENT VOLCANO. [emphasis, smb] In Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel, White House Correspondent Bill Koenig lists four event clusters which have historically ranked as the costliest to the US both in human and economic expense: All of these major catastrophes transpired on the very same day or within 24-hours of U.S. presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of "PEACE AND SECURITY," sponsoring major "LAND FOR PEACE" meetings, MAKING MAJOR PUBLIC STATEMENTS PERTAINING TO ISRAEL’S COVENANT LAND AND/OR CALLING FOR A PALESTINIAN STATE. Are each one of these major record-setting events just a coincidence or awe-inspiring signs that God is actively involved in the affairs of Israel? [emphasis, smb]

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS An Ancient Endorsement or A Divine Response?

NOAA X-Ray Flux, 9.25.2009 Class C CME The above graphs demonstrate a very rapid increase in X-ray flux due to a perturbation on the sun’s surface in the form of a solar flare. This flare is revealed by the sharp peaks just above the date September 25th in both charts. Solar flares produce emissions of various kinds, but the X-ray flux, shown here, is scientifically very diagnostic…and spiritually penetrating. 39

While scenarios involving catastrophic hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and terrorist attacks are difficult to eclipse, one largely unreported but compelling event provides exceptional scientific and provocative spiritual interpretation. On September 25, within hours of Mr. Barack Obama assuming the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council and hosting the Opening Reception of the G20 Summit, two sunspots became visible on the surface of sun followed by the eruption of a Class C Coronal Mass Ejection. Wired Magazine reports that two sunspots appeared on a sun for the “first time in more than a year,” adding that “no sunspots have been visible on the sun for 80 percent of the days this year.” NOAA recorded a singular and dramatic spike at the precise hour the world’s media outlets and starry eyed devotees were elevating the “citizen of the world” to the “King of the Universe. Was this a cosmic acknowledgment of the resurrection and coronation of the “sacred feminine” counterpart of the sun god, Helios - an endorsement from the vast akashic records of the coming imminent ‘singularity’ ascension? Or might it be the shot across the cosmic bow of immediate and devastating judgment by the hand of a righteous Creator? ‘DIS-Aster, “bad star,” earned an early reputation of impending cataclysm. Since September 22nd, 2009’s comprehensive commitment to a “two states” on a “peace and security” platform as communicated by the President, the US has seen catastrophic geologic disasters in distant but decidedly direct areas. Suddenly a tightly worded affirmation takes on an entirely new concept: falling as a nation. On the very night a hopefilled Windy City announced the winds of Change which were coming to “America,” an unusual, and perhaps prophetic, inference was included: “WE RISE OR FALL AS ONE NATION, AS ONE PEOPLE” Earlier in this series the prophetic visions of three men were presented. An interesting pattern of time, geography and breadth is noted. At the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established. Deut. 19:5


The early 1970’s End Time Panorama of STEPHEN QUAYLE continues westward, far beyond and beneath the mainland of North America and into the deepest trenches and cavities of the earth itself.

The early 1990’s vision of HENRY GRUVER included military involvement and scenes massive volcanism on the Western shores of the United States. The early 2009 warning of DAVID WILKERSON included a foundational shaking, fires in cities of the US and inclusion of Psalm 11’s terrifying description of burning wind and fiery rain. David Wilkerson spoke of US mainland specifically, New York and cities of the US East Coast.


Since September’s trenchant “two states” assertion in New York, there has been a progression of disasters in both geography and intensity moving in a judgment pattern from east to west: flooding in Atlanta of a 500 year scale, wildfires in California and devastating seismic and tsunamic activity in American Samoa and Indonesia. Until the recent Presidential election there had been no discernable ‘political’ relationship between the US and Indonesia. In November, 2008, the association between them has become one of murky transparency and concern. The ensuing weeks have been comprised of markedly increased geologic activity. While seemingly distant, the deep stirrings beneath the surface of planet Earth are persistent and progressive - almost responsive and combative - and in a west to east contest. While the majority of the population of the US is pathetically self-involved, there is nearly unmatched spiritual engagement just beyond a rapidly thinning veil. This myriad of raging entities contests not only the Christian God, but among the lesser ranks as well. Territorial spirits, long recognized within a Biblical context, are now being re-examined by science while cultural myths surfacing as celebrated spiritual experiences.

A STRANGE QUARTET Volcanism, Solar Cycles, El Niño and Pandemics It has been demonstrated that Solar Cycles are tied to the El Niño weather pattern, and that major pandemics are tied to El Niño. Solar cycle 24 will likely peak between late 2012 and early 2013. According to Science Daily (August 28, 2009) the 11-year solar cycle, the stratosphere, and the tropical Pacific Ocean work in sync to generate weather patterns which affect much of the globe. According to John Jay Harper “solar flares have been equated with flu pandemics, as well as with increased earthquake activity and underwater volcanism.” The massive volcanic eruption of approximately January 1258, apparently in Central America or Mexico, caused a rain of sulfuric acid aerosols and tiny glass shards which changed the weather worldwide. Europe suffered cold weather and heavy rains which led to severe crop damage and famine. Pestilence and plague followed in 1258 and 1259, and very cold winters in 1260 and 1261 (Stothers, 2000). According to Dr. Freitas’ Sunspots and Disease (1984) six of the major influenza epidemics going back at least to 1917 were synchronized with the sunspot cycle (or solar cycle). In most cases, the flu virus was able to develop a new coat of protein in an “antigenic shift” making it resistant to the immunities which the population had built up. This coat may have developed due to “penetrating radiation” which was enhanced during periods of high solar activity. Oddly, a “new” type of El Niño has been forming much more frequently in recent decades, a “central Pacific” version of what was once almost exclusively an eastern Pacific phenomenon (September 24, 2009). This odd El Niño pattern leads to horrific drought conditions in India, and has been strongly correlated with flu pandemics, specifically that of the infamous 1918 “Spanish” flu. Hardest hit was India, with approximately 17 million deaths which followed on the heels of these severe drought conditions. The current 2009 El Niño is “moderate to strong” and mirrors the Central Pacific location of the 1918 version (Dr. Benjamin Giese, Texas A&M University, September 14, 2009). Aberrant El Niño anomalies have recently been discussed in radio interviews with Dr. Bill Deagle and research physicist Stan Deyo. 41

FURTHER SIGNS The Solar Eclipse of July 22-23, 2009 A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth so that the sun appears completely covered. The spectacular total solar eclipse of July 21/22 was observed in central China, northern India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and several Pacific Ocean island nations. From Mythic Times: Total Eclipse of the Sun an illustration of contemporary ‘ascension’ philosophy: The Total Eclipse of the Sun on July 21/22 2009 (10:35 pm edt 7/21, 2:35 am gmt 7/22) has been called 'the most significant of the solar eclipse of the century' by astronomers. Astrologers believe this solar eclipse lasting over 6 and one half minutes will have influence for the next 6 and a half years according to the formula of Ptolemy. In addition to it's extreme duration, this eclipse is significant becauseit occurs at the cusp of Cancer and Leo, one of the 9 'GATES OF INSPIRATION' in the year. EACH GATE IS IDENTIFIED WITH A GREEK MUSE, this one, Terpsichore, the Muse of Music and Dance:

Perhaps related to this Muse is the mystical magical MARY MAGDALENE whose feast day also happens to be July 22nd.

As if the political and pandemic issues weren’t enough for the U.S. government to worry about, NASA has been ordered to “bomb the moon” on October 9, under the pretense of a search for water. This 42

double-impact bombing will target a pre-existing crater near the moon’s south pole. For this bizarre mission, NASA will be utilizing their aptly-named Centaur booster rockets. TURF WARS The Territorial Lava Rocks of Hawaii Some of the most persistent, bizarre and repeatedly documented accounts come from visitors to the volcanic hills and beaches of Hawaii. According to legend, the Goddess Pele will curse anyone removing volcanic rocks or artifacts from any of her Hawaiian islands. This curse seems to involve all types of bad luck in ever-increasing doses, including job loss, serious illness and death. There are scores of websites and companies which provide individuals a means to return ‘souvenir’ rock taken from Pele to Hawaii. Once the content for tabloid sensationalism, the rocks themselves have recently been granted quiet examination status in the labs of progressive physics departments. Many volcanoes have similar accounts, but Pele in particular has a disproportionate frequency of unusual and troubling attachments.

Why would the Hawaiian lavas be more territorial than others? Perhaps the legends of Pele sacrificing her body in the building of her islands should be examined through the lens of the ancient accounts. Native Hawaiians talk of “Pele’s bones”, “Pele’s tears”, and “Pele’s hair.” Her bones are represented by broken lava pieces all over the islands. When the eruption velocity is high, Pele’s delicate hair is produced; when the volcanoes eruption velocity is low, she sheds her tears. 43

Pele’s Tears as scaled to a US dime

Former IBM engineer Marcel Vogel again asserts that crystals, granite and water all have memory: vibrations can be trapped within a material and stored to be later retrieved via lasers. Crystals, granite and other stones when interfaced with metal conductors can be activated by use of identical vibrational frequencies. Zacciah Blackburn of Sacred Sound, Sounding the Codes believes, What many do not know is that many ancient cultures anchored or stored their wisdom through vibrational frequencies in the stones of their ancient temples. It is not mere co-incidence many of the ancient stone temples of the world were made with crystalline embedded stones, such as granite, which are known for their properties to pass or store energy. It is no longer a mythical metaphorical approximation to speak of the ‘symphony’ of the cosmos. Stone monuments and rock outcroppings have served as sacred destinations for millennia, and though once confined to the realm of science fiction, the study of ‘exotic matter’ is now a cornerstone of the altar of quantum science. Volcanoes have similar appeal to spiritual questers, but their unmatched and violent unpredictability has historically drawn a far darker and exclusive following. Formed by heat and pressure, volcanic magma and ash are violently unbound, and launched into a foreign surface environment. For a serious scientist, the frequency and similarity of experiences described by the custodians of the goddess Pele’s spawn presents an uncomfortable hypothesis. Could these spirits represent demonic entities? We conclude that certainly, they could. Perhaps the various dissolved gases which are commonly found in magmas correspond to different demonic entities? 44

These dissolved gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), various acids, and elements such as nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H), and Argon (Ar). Water vapor (H2O) is the most common dissolved gas. Although these gases are mainly expelled at the surface while the lava hardens, could residual material be retained as trace elements, especially lining the gas bubble voids within the hardened rock? Indeed, residual material is retained in minor amounts within these voids. Certain harmonic codes may also be crystallized into the chemical structure of these lavas. And we know without a doubt that volcanoes are doorways to another “world.” Could this be the underworld described in ancient and contemporary accounts?. It has even been said that “volcanoes are Lucifer’s own reception area.” It is certainly feasible that demonic spirits from the abyss could be present in particular lavas and, more likely, in all lavas. THE RING OF FIRE The margin of the Pacific Ocean basin constitutes the Ring of Fire, a 25,000 mile long chain of volcanoes and earthquake-prone fault lines which also extends into the Eastern Indian Ocean. About 80% of the world’s volcanoes are located here, and 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur in this region.

Ring of Fire at Pacific Basin margin; Java/Sumatra to left of photo Although many different tectonic plates are located within the Ring of Fire, and these relationships are highly complex, there are some generalizations which can be made. Hawaii, for example, is composed mainly of basaltic (low silica), low explosive potential volcanoes overlying a “hot spot” in the earth’s crust. The volcanoes of Indonesia, on the contrary, tend to be highly explosive with lavas containing a higher proportion of silica. The Indonesian magmas and lavas also contain a higher proportion of dissolved gases, the main contributor to their explosiveness. The Journeys of Pele The Hawaiian legend that Pele came from “a foreign land” but is now “home” where she belongs and will never leave, is intriguing. Where, might we ask, is this foreign land? We know that Pele was consumed with wanderlust, and traveled from land to land. Perhaps she traveled the entire Ring of Fire? Perhaps she left evidence of her journeys within the hardened lava of these distant shores? Well, now she is home, on 45

the newest volcanoes of all, those of the Hawaiian islands, specifically having taken up residence on Kilauea. But where was Pele just before she arrived in Hawaii? To answer that question perhaps we must first trace the origins of the ancestral Hawaiians, namely the Polynesian people. The existence of pottery shards in the islands of central Polynesia resembling those found in Melanesia and even Southeast Asia provides a strong argument for an EASTWARD migration of ancestral Polynesians from Southeast Asia (including Indonesia and Malaysia). Additional evidence points to a 2900 year old fishing village in Tongo as the first true Polynesian settlement (i.e. without outside influence). These new Polynesians later moved into Samoa, continuing their general eastward migration. Finally, it is quite well established that Hawaii itself was first colonized by Polynesian peoples. Therefore, we can clearly identify an eastward-trending Pele journey from the Indo-Malay region to Melanesia, then Tonga, then Samoa, and finally Hawaii. We can only speculate as to whether or not she made other stops along the way. However, we now have a strong ancestral and spiritual goddess connection linking Indonesia and Hawaii. Genetic (DNA) evidence also supports this migration.

Pele, goddess of volcanoes and fire BOUND SPIRITS Everlasting Chains in Great Darkness... The amazing territorial aspects of the Hawaiian lava rocks have been discussed earlier in this section. Is there a geologic or chemical explanation for this stunning occurrence? Certainly, we could look upon the gases which were trapped within the magma as “spirits”, as spirits exist in gas form, after all. These spirits have an identity, as well as a “body” which they connect to. The body would be the area of their specific home volcano. Yet perhaps the primary reason that Pele is so territorial, is that she has at long last found a home- a home in America’s 50th and final state: a ‘jubilee’ of sorts. She is where she belongs. And America has yet another powerful goddess; this one guarding her far southwestern gate . . . Pele, the Indo-Malay 46

transplant. Concurrently, at America’s main northeastern port, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar beckons visitors. “THE DREAM THAT SHOOK THE WORLD”

The history of the father “Krakatau” has already been discussed throughout this series. A British version of this name also in use today to describe the parent volcano is “Krakatoa.” Keeping in mind that the name “Krakatau” has been in use since approximately the early 1700’s, what follows is a true, yet bizarre twist on the events of late August, 1883. In Boston, Massachusetts, on a Sunday night the 26th of the month, a reporter for the Boston Globe, Byron Somes, had far too much to drink with some friends, and decided to pass the night on a shabby sofa at his office. It was not to be a restful sleep! He tossed and turned, with vivid images pouring through his mind. He dreamt that there was a picturesque tropical island, composed of a large volcano, which suddenly began erupting furiously. In his dream, he felt that he was really there, as though he was witness to these events from above. He could hear the screaming and anguished cries of the islanders, sense the strong shaking of earthquakes, and feel the heat of lava and ash. He witnessed a fountain of lava exploding from the top of the volcano’s cone, and rivers of lava pouring down the sides, followed by a huge tidal wave hurdling toward a small village. Ships were tossed and turned wildly by massive waves and walls of pyroclastic mud blanketing the landscape. All the time, he kept hearing in his mind the word “Pralape.” At the end of his dream, there was a terrific explosion, and he saw thousands of people perishing from the lava, ash, and gigantic wave, after which the island disappeared abruptly into a subsea crater. Mr. Somes awakened in a start and staggered to his feet, dripping with perspiration, obviously intensely affected by what he had witnessed. He immediately wrote down his visions, scrawled the word “IMPORTANT” across the top, and left for his house. He did not report for work on Monday, still suffering the effects of his drinking binge and the disturbing images of the dream he had witnessed.


Apocalyptic Sueño (Dream)- Pralape Later on Monday morning, the newspaper editor went into Mr. Somes’ vacant office and found the paper marked “IMPORTANT” on his desk. Thinking it was a news story that had come in by telegraph during the night; he put it on the front page of the Boston Globe as a two-column story under a banner headline. Soon, other newspapers had picked up the story off of the Associated Press wire and it was widespread. None of these journalists could find the island “Pralape” on any current map, however, so they had to describe it as “a distant volcano.” Several journalists contacted the Globe headquarters, asking for more information on the event, or for any type of supportive evidence. Quickly, Mr. Somes was called into the chief editor’s office where he was asked for documentation on his sources. He finally had to admit that his story was only a dream, upon which admission his employment was immediately terminated. Afterwards, the Boston Globe management quickly typed up an apology letter to send out. However, it was never released, for reports of high tides being observed around the world were pouring in, and there was word out that the explosion had been heard all the way to northwestern Australia. Geologists were puzzled by seismological disturbances, and began to trace their origin back to the Straits of Sunda. Reports were soon coming in from ship captains who had witnessed the terrible eruption of the island of Krakatau. Several days later it was confirmed: the island of Krakatau had erupted massively on August 27, 1883, at essentially the same time Byron Somes was dreaming about the destruction of Pralape. Byron Somes was reinstated as a reporter for the Boston Globe. But what of the name Pralape? The Dutch Historical Society produced a map of the Indonesian archipelago which dated from the early 1700’s. On this map, Krakatau, in the center of the Sunda Strait, was listed by its ancient name in the indigenous native tongue: Pralape. The Byron Somes’ dream is today considered a classic case of clairvoyance, which can be defined as “seeing a scene at a location that is distant, and at the exact same time.” The origin and meaning of the word Pralape is likewise fascinating. In 17th Century Dutch, the root word pral means to flaunt, parade visually, or display. In the related Swedish language, pral pertains to a pretentious display or exhibiting. In Spanish, pral translates as main or of principal importance. Within the Haitian Creole text of the King James Version of the Bible “pral” means confounding. Moreover, there a linguistically similar word, Pralapre, in the ancient tongue of certain indigenous Indo-Malay people groups which has a reference to a translation of fire upwards.


A confounding, pretentious display of an upwards fire is certainly an apt description of this ostentatious volcanic island which changed the world in 1883, and whose rapidly evolving offspring is poised to change the world yet again, arguably in the very near future. NOAH’S ARK and KRAKATAU Mount Ararat & The Sunda Strait The fountains of the great deep In 2007, Rene Noorbergen, a highly respected professional journalist and foreign correspondent, published “The Ark View” in which he states the following: “In 1883 major newspapers around the world carried stories of the sighting of ‘a huge dark mass protruding twenty or thirty feet’ from a glacier near Bayazid, Armenia in the Ararat mountain range. Explorers spoke of strong superstitions and fear among the villagers, including the sighting of a ‘spirit of fierce aspect’ gazing from the upper portion of the structure. It was believed that the structure was most likely the remnants of the Ark of Noah, hidden until this time.” An expedition was organized in order to investigate the claims of the villagers, to be jointly carried out between the Turkish Commission and the crew of British Captain Gascoy. Curiously, “the expedition was cancelled because of seismic activity: on the precise days of the final catastrophic explosions of Krakatau.” [emphasis, cm] However, several Armenian villagers in later years did locate the ark. Probable, published sightings of Noah’s Ark on the general northeast side of Mount Ararat include: Sir John Chardin, 1600’s. Several villagers (unknown Armenian village) told Sir John Chardin that the ark was situated on the northeast side of the mountain, just above the gaping Ahora Gorge. Haji Yearam, 1856. He lived at the foot of “Greater Mount Ararat” in what was then Armenia. According to his family traditions, the Yearam’s were descended directly from those who came out of the ark, and had never migrated from that country. Mr. Yearam stated that “the mount where the ark had come to rest had a little valley surrounded by some small peaks about three-quarters or more up on the mountain.” He retells the story of some scientist “enemies of God” who attempted to find the ark to prove that it did not exist. These men hired local guides, and while attempting to scale the mountain an intense storm came up, wiped away the trail, and forced them to retreat. The Christian villagers took this as a sign that “God did not want the ark disturbed until near the end of the world,” when they believed that its presence would be revealed to the whole world. George Hagopian, 1902-1904. An Armenian villager who, as a boy, twice visited the ark with his uncle and actually climbed on top of it. He has been extensively interviewed about his findings, and these taped interviews are available today. His general description of the ark is as follows: “long, and made of wood like stone. It was near a very high cliff, sitting on a large rock and surrounded by snow.” These eyewitness accounts of George Hagopian are the most impressive of all ark accounts. He never varied his story over the years, he had a very good reputation in town as an honorable man not given to lying or fabrication, and he even took and passed a PSE (lie detector) test. Mr. Hagopian was interviewed by both Mr. Rene Noorbergen and Mr. Elfred Lee, and the transcribed interviews totally confirm and validate each other. These are important historical eyewitness accounts of the ark which are summarized by Spencer & Lienard (2009) as such: 49

“Most sources describe the ark as being between two-thirds and three-quarters of the way up the north/northeast side of the mountain (Ararat/Masis), in a small wooded valley surrounded by small peaks, near a high cliff, with part of the ark submerged in a small lake or swamp and partly covered with snow and ice. Most also describe the ark as being made of a dark brown wood as hard as stone, but with the grain still visible—like petrified wood. These reports are completely independent and span over one hundred years. [emphasis, cm] These reports would place the ark at an elevation above 13,000’ since the mountain juts out of a high plateau already several thousand feet in elevation. This is certainly at a reasonable enough altitude that many of the villagers from Bayazid in 1883 might have been able to actually view it from part way up the mountain. It is our contention that the ark will be revealed in the last days as a “sign” that we are indeed “as in the age of Noah.” This “revealing” might well take place after a seismic event, i.e. earthquake or volcanism. Mount Ararat is an active volcano. As recently as 1840 the Monastery of St. Jacob at the foot of the mountain, on the northeast flank, was buried by a volcanic eruption-induced landslide which covered the entirety of the ancient village of Agouri. God next allowed the massive volcanic eruption at Krakatau (1883), precisely 5,000 Statute miles away, to interrupt a planned expedition to the ark. Will God reveal the Ark of Noah in the near future? Will He use a tectonic event as a “Days of Noah” sign? COLOMBIA and Those who descended from the Sacred Mountain of Creation The Antipode of ANAK Harbinger of Destruction In 1962, Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor published his “Scientific Papers, Volume 4- Mechanics of Fluids” in which he discussed the massive eruption of Krakatau in 1883 and the subsequent gravity-controlled atmospheric wave which circled the earth several times. Mr. Taylor considered the “antipode” of Krakatau to be Bogota, Colombia. An antipode is that spot on the earth diametrically opposite of the starting point. Well, his was a rough calculation; the true antipode of Krakatau is certainly within the country of Colombia, but is about 135 mi. north-northwest of Bogota. It is essentially on the Yuma/Magdalena River at a point almost due East of Medellin.


Colombia, including the Yuma/Magdalena River Despite the similar appearances of the two rivers on this map. The Magdalena is significantly wider and more navigable than the Cauca to its west.

The antipode of Anak Krakatau is in yellow, near image center. It is approximately 2/3 of a mile from the Magdalena River. Geomorphologic features reveal that this location may actually represent an old meander loop of the Magdalena. Interestingly, the parent Krakatau is 2/3 of a mile from Anak Krakatau. Amazingly, the Krakatau antipode is also the approximate surface expression point of a subsurface three tectonic plate juncture, an extremely rare type of contact point. These three tectonic elements are the South American, Nazca, and Caribbean Plates. The following map shows the surface juncture point of these plates.


Note surface juncture point of Caribbean, Nazca, and South American Plates in NW South America (Colombia). The actual subsurface plate juncture point is represented by the Yuma/Magdalena River Valley. As might be expected, this portion of Colombia, since it is within the Ring of Fire, is an extremely volatile area tectonically. There have been nineteen major earthquakes of greater than 7.0 magnitude since Spanish colonization within this limited region of study corresponding to the Yuma/Magdalena River Valley. Some of these quakes were so powerful that damage was incurred 250 miles from the epicenter. Eyewitness accounts by villagers refer to “mouths opening” near the Yuma/Magdalena River, and landslides which blocked the main river channel. In keeping with the complexity of the tectonic environment at this triple plate juncture, a single earthquake can be associated with different geological faults (Lalinde et al., 2004). This is a foreboding prospect from the point of view of future earthquake activity. In addition, there are 6 volcanoes (3 active) within 120 miles of the antipode, with the nearest one (Nevado del Ruiz) a mere 95 miles distant. The Nevado del Ruiz was responsible for Colombia’s worst natural disaster in 1985 (over 25,000 people killed), but it is still volatile. Most of the people were killed by mudslides yet, incredibly, the true explosive potential of the volcano has yet to have been tapped! Nevado del Ruiz also killed about 1000 people in the Yuma/Magdalena River Valley when it erupted in 1845, the year that Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” was published. The Yuma/Magdalena River Valley encompasses a triangular, wedgeshaped region between two branches of the Andes Cordillera; the river flows north from its Andes source to the Caribbean Sea. According to maps obtained from the USGS, the itself, in the antipodal area, trends along two large thrust faults. According to the thesis work of Rolon (2004), as well as the published paper by Jones (1995) a diverse variety of fault types exist in the Yuma/Magdalena River Valley region. The mountain ranges to its east and west represent the crumpled margins of the Nazca and Caribbean oceanic Plates which have been subducted under the South American (continental) Plate. The scenic Yuma/Magdalena River Valley achieved fame in the movie from 2007 entitled “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

Active volcano Nevado del Ruiz. The Yuma/Magdalena River is to the far right. 52

There is a working theory within the scientific community that as the earth approaches approximate December 21, 2012 galactic alignment there will be an increase in antipodal “harbingers” in relation to massive earthquakes and volcanoes. This is due to the recently more direct sun to core-of-earth communication channel as alignment approaches. The theory involves the idea that the earth’s core, receiving a signal from the sun on one side, may transfer this signal directly through to the opposite side of the earth. This effect is expected to be enhanced as the earth’s magnetic shield continues to deteriorate as well. The new Solar Cycle 24 will only exacerbate an already fragile geologic situation. Incredibly, just days before publication of this article we read this headline “Red alert in southern Colombia after eruption of Galeras volcano.” The eruption of Galeras appears to be an antipodal event related to the destructive 7.6 magnitude southern Sumatra earthquake only hours earlier which killed at least 1000 people. A recent example of antipodal mirroring is the tragic Sichuan Province, China 7.8 magnitude earthquake of Spring 2008 and the near-simultaneous erupting of its antipodal Chilean Chaiten Volcano (which occurred in conjunction with its “own” 7.8 magnitude earthquake), according to published reports. It is thought by many that the Sichuan earthquake represented a CERN- or HAARP-induced event; this is possible, but whatever the trigger, natural or man-made, we are beginning to see a pattern of antipodal tectonic activity mirrored around the world. According to Finglin Niu of the Carnegie Institution “It is possible that the strength of faults and earthquake risk is affected by seismic events on the other side of the world.” [emphasis, cm] A review of historical seismic data from the Colombian Eastern and Central Cordillera certainly suggests that a major earthquake is imminent (within the next few years) in the antipodal area of western Colombia, specifically the Yuma/Magdalena River Valley (data from Damate et al., 2004). A massive earthquake has not been seen in the specific antipodal region since the Honda quake of 1805 which killed 111 villagers along the banks of the Yuma/Magdalena. Another earthquake of specific historic interest is the Timana quake of November 16, 1827 which led to the appearance of numerous ground cracks through which gases were released, killing mice and serpents. This quake also triggered the eruption of the Purace Volcano, and there were reports of other volcanoes exploding simultaneously.

THE YUMA RIVER “Those who descended from the Sacred Mountain of Creation” Magdalena River, Colombia The Magdalena River is also called the Yuma River- “Yuma” is a Spanish word derived from the Quechan (Yuma Indian tribal) language meaning “THOSE WHO DESCENDED FROM THE SACRED 53

MOUNTAIN OF CREATION”. The Magdalena/Yuma River, as in like manner of the Biblical Mount Hermon, has strong – and very dark - spiritual overtones. A SON IS BORN: The number of a man. The amazing fact that the cone of the son Anak Krakatau is located at precisely 6 degrees, 6 minutes, 6 seconds South Latitude was discussed at the conclusion of Part Three of this series. This distance is approximately two-thirds of a mile (0.666 mi.) from the central cone associated with of the eruption of the father Krakatau in 1883. The massive eruption in 1883 that shook the world resulted in the virtual disintegration of Krakatau, and the formation of a deep caldera where the volcanic vent once stood, a “hole in the ocean floor” forty times deeper than the surrounding seawater (according to geologist Charles Mandeville of the National Museum of Science). The shallowest present-day Sunda Strait water depth in the main channel is about 65’, so that would be a very deep caldera indeed. Fortunately, there is additional evidence pointing toward a more specific original caldera/water depth post-Krakatau eruption. These depths range from 980’ or more (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia), 1000’ or more (Johnson, 2004; Thornton, 1996), and greater than 885’ (Rosi et al., 2003). The most important water depth figure, however, is an actual measurement done by the RDM Verbeek survey in October of 1883, two months after the great eruption. His crew was unable to reach the bottom of the caldera with a lead line 200 fathoms (366 meters or 1201 feet) long. Therefore, the caldera depth was greater than 1201.” An analysis of all this water depth information leaves these authors convinced that the depth of the caldera post-1883 explosion was approximately 1200’-1300’, or essentially 1260’. The number “1260” is an important number in Bible prophecy, as it specifically references “the 70th Week” (Daniel 9:27), specifically in this case the 2nd Half, or “Great Tribulation,” a period of 1260 days. It should be noted that the 1883 explosion of Krakatau registered atmospheric waves which circled the earth 7 times according to World News and Prophecy (2004). Seven times around the earth is 2520 degrees, the Biblical number of division.

The outline of the “eye” of the caldera post-1883 eruption represents a depth of 885’, which means that the eye itself is significantly deeper than this. It is our determination that a depth of the caldera eye of 1260’ is reasonable, and is certainly conceivable that this depth would be a prophetic number given the amazing coordinates of the volcanic cone itself at Latitude 6 degrees, 6 minutes, 6 seconds South. 54

Volcanoes M. Rosi, P. Papale, L. Lupi, M. Stoppato; © Firefly Books, Ltd. 2003 The Eye of Primal ANAK , at birth, a depth of 1260’ This extremely deep caldera formed in a very similar manner to that of Crater Lake, Oregon, a manner which volcanologists refer to as “simple collapse following voluminous pumice eruptions.” From the base of the Crater Lake caldera (bottom of lake) to the top of the rim is about 3000’. Certainly, an explosion as massive as that of 1883 Krakatau could form a caldera less than half as deep as this! With the volcanic cone at the Latitude of 6 degrees, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds, its connection to the magma chamber straight below, and the chamber communication with the core of the earth (according to Charles Mandeville), could we then say that Anak is the gateway to hell itself? The depth of the abyss, a portal to and from the underworld? Indeed we might. Discovery Earth’s producer, Larry Hanlon, calls Anak a “a rare window into Earth’s mantle” and “a natural laboratory” (L. O’Hanlon, 2008). There are fault lines running directly under the island. The upper magma chamber is located at a depth of about 9 km, based on S wave attenuation studies, and a larger chamber lies at a depth of 22 km and beyond (Harjono et al., 1989). Anak is located directly above the subduction zone of the Eurasian Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate at a “kink” in the boundary which formed in 1988. According to Widiyontoro and Hilst (2006) the subducted slab takes a “detour” at this location. This kink has led to crustal thinning and additional melting under Anak Krakatau, which makes the Sunda Strait a type of “rift zone.” This rifting, or thinning of the crust, is felt by the deep hot rocks as decompression, which causes the rocks to melt into magma. Magma then buoys upward and eventually erupts. This erupting lava is basaltic (mafic) in nature. The second type of magma is the more felsic variety (andesite to dacite) created by the Indo-Australian Plate subducting under Sumatra and Java. As the subducted rock goes deeper, it’s baked by heat from Earth’s mantle; trapped seawater which reaches rocks of the right pressure conditions can then help melt the rocks into magma. This is how the two distinct magma sources can both contribute to the chamber of ANAK. As discussed earlier in the series, stratovolcanoes with mingled magma are the most volatile of all.


The magma source for Anak is still mainly basaltic (dark and silica-lean) currently; however, a clue that Anak is “going critical” will be a change in lava to a lighter-colored, silica-rich, more viscous andesitic or dacitic lava. This could occur anytime due to the melting going on directly underneath Anak, which has hastened in the past 21 years since the plate boundary kink developed. This is the reason that it is feasible Anak could soon explode violently once again, relatively soon after its last massive eruption in 1883. A mechanism for supplying the andesitic to dacitic (felsic) magma to the chamber of the volcano could be earthquakes in the general vicinity. With the crust already so thin, earthquakes of at least 7.0 magnitude could really help speed up the process of magma channeling. Therefore, close observation of quake activity in the general Java/Sumatra and Sunda Strait region is essential. Indeed, just days before the publication of this article, a destructive 7.6 quake in West Sumatra was felt at the Anak Krakatau monitoring station! However, there is another, related, clue from history. According to Newhall and Dzurisin (1988) earthquakes were felt in western Java and eastern Sumatra 5-6 years before the catastrophic 1883 eruption, and in northern Australia up to 3 years before the eruption [emphasis, cm]. This is extremely significant due to the tectonic plate boundaries involved which are, by the way, converging faster than most other plate boundaries in the world due to intense heat from the core in this area of very thin crust. It is absolutely frightening to recall that the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004 was related to a massive 9.3 magnitude earthquake off of Sumatra. If we take this date as the “starting point” of recent earthquake activity, and move forward 5 to 6 years, it appears that we might be on the cusp of an Anak Krakatau eruption. The activity in the general Australia/New Zealand area may also be on the rise as demonstrated by the 7.8 magnitude quake earlier this year, the recent 5.3 magnitude quake near Papua New Guinea and most recently the Vanuatu quake of 7.4 magnitude. Anthony Wright, in his 2003 essay “Ghosts of Krakatoa” comments on his first close view of the son rising from the waters of the Sunda Strait, as he traveled toward it in a native sea dinghy “we rounded a devastated cape and rejoined the current of the Selat Sunda, to face Anak rising from the pale waters, raw and embryonic.” [emphasis, cm]


SYNCHRONIZED CHAOS To Charles Mandeville, ANAK “is an angry teenager.” Indeed, or a young man already over 1100’ high and growing several inches per week. [emphasis, cm] “The mountain [Anak Krakatau] is no longer silent. It is gurgling, rumbling, steaming, convulsing. Perhaps it is preparing for Revelation 16:20. In any case, it is preparing, once more, behind the scenes, to be heard and seen by the entire world. Are God’s children similarly preparing?” (Johnson, 2004) [emphasis, cm] After the massive eruption of Krakatau in 1883, only one-third of the island remained. Could the future eruption of Anak the son be three times greater than that of Krakatau his father? These authors believe that indeed it could be. All of the pieces are in place, with the main one being the “kink” of 1988. All the remains now is, first, an initial trigger to bring the felsic magma material into the magma chamber, where it will both mingle with the basaltic material and make the vent more explosive. This will serve to “get him ready.” Secondly, there must be another trigger to “set him off.” The second trigger mechanism for the unleashing of the fury of primordial ANAK will be examined in Part Five. A recently identified and named astronomical body not only HOLDS the key to the Abyss, but provides the inescapable description which can aptly be understood as raging hoards already straining in anticipation of imminent release. While these creatures have been repeatedly portrayed within Biblical commentary, it is only through the end-times “increase in knowledge” spoken of by Daniel that this army and their attendant coterie of chaos can be understood. Ancient texts of ancient witness have written and warned. Friezes, pottery and artwork are explicit. Throughout the world, indigenous cultures repeat the accounts of their wizened elders, thankful for being spared the horrors that their progeny will one day know. And as the powers of heaven are shaken, all of mankind will quake in terror upon seeing “those things which are coming upon the Earth.” This enraged army forged in Hell itself, is bent on the consummation of and a species and the fulfillment of an ancient agenda. Larry O’Hanlon finds a fitting motto for the legacy of Krakatau: is a volcano that “ALWAYS DELIVERS.”

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