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1) Natascha Singh former Head of South Asian Marketing (3yrs) - current Global Marketing Officer Age: ~30 ; Single

e Education: Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad From: Outskirts of Delhi Espoire Indian office is in Gurgaon 2) Mazur Vasylko Head of Eastern European Marketing Jacques Dubois Head of European Marketing Ravi Narayan Head of South Asian Marketing Ed Johnson CEO of Espoire Brian Davis Head of North American Marketing 3) Espoire Rev: 1.42 B Amore Pacific #42 in non-food products Not in F500 b/c rev bellow 4B Competitors: Loreal; Avon; Maybelin BS: Global -> Glocal Target Market: Smart, Independent, Risk Taker, Confident Women Various Colors for various regions 4) War Room -> Set the stage/ Candy Bribery ->Drop the bomb/ State your point People are defensive to change, hence you need to set them up first to be open to new ideas. 5) Lorex, Dr. Pepper, Transformers | 3 stars from different continents; local ads with each star, anniversay line 6) Top Company India, runner-up in South Korea, Global high end brand Glocalized products; great quality Loreal, Avon, Maybelin 7) The internet is THE global market place. Localized websites show inconsitency, while localized ads improve PR as it makes each region special. 8) Genious! She was not only able to change her perception, but she was able to adapt to the global market change and add value to the current developed markets. Global marketing does not mean standardisation. It means unifying inputs and resources and build a mainframe that can be easyly customized to each region. This does not take away from the local market, and provides all the products world wide. Singh got this! 9) Yes it makes sense. Airports are the one place where people are waiting for hours in a relatively small building. The only activity is to shop or eat; therefore, advertising in an airport is very crucial for a company that is selling products. The flyers have money, otherwise they would have taken the train/bus. Lots of stewardess are women and they are in an airport the whole time. They managed to glocalize their product on a global scale in the airports. 10) A CCS-GETSL FM = looking for all events that impact a company from the outside Consumers = Everyone, even the little girls in the outskirts , competitors = its getting stiffer and they are catching up

, suppliers = distrubition went viral , Government = .Economics = there is the demand even with a scare of wealth , Technology it gets cheaper to imitate the competitor Socio-Culture = Trends are changing, little girls read US magazines 11) You might not win a popularity contest but you will get the job done He tried to motivate her, but at the same time he had to be realistic and let her know that business is not something for the faint of heart. Glory days are nice, bad days are hell. He only cares about the job getting done 12) She is like the CEO of Ann taylor Christine M. Beauchamp 13) a. / b. / c. / d. / 14) Global TV contest | Limited Edition High Quality Product | Olympics 15) CEO- COO- Global Marketing SVP Regional Marketing VP. Sub Regional Marketing Directors 16) a. Have Natasha take charge of Global Marketing b. Focus on a global strategy with glocalized specific products c. Go big or go home | Its a war zone d. Find out what your own vision is e. Have a global perspective and follow up on natasha 17) Glocalize not standradise