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THE SPEAKING TREE Mind,Involution & Evolution Georges van Vrekhem

How did life appear in matter How does an organism consisting only of matter produce consciousness The mindbody problem remains vividly discussed though unexplained,and the present gross materialistic stance of neurobiology,that all is matter and that consequently life and consciousness are (epi)phenomena of matter,raises more questions than it answers The universal scheme behind terrestrial evolution may,in Sri Aurobindos view,be outlined as follows.There is the silent Brahmn,the Ineffable,which can only be known by the highest spiritual experience.One and the same is the active Brahmn which manifests its inexhaustible infinity in endless time and timelessness.Manifestation has been and will be always at the top of gradations of eternal manifestation in the worlds of the three ultimate attributes of the One: sat existence,chit consciousness,ananda bliss.The fourth domain of this upper hemisphere has been called Super mind by Sri Aurobindo.It is the manifesting consciousness of the One,truth-consciousness,absolute knowledge that is absolute truth and power. This Super mind is not something like the human mind at its highest potential.It is a supra-mind from which our human mind derives,but which is as different from it as the sunlight is from the ray of a distant star.It is what some scientists have intuited behind the complexities of nature,what is present in nature and supports it everywhere.It is the real mind of God.In fact,it is what is called God in the purest sense. From the domains of the Super mind descend the worlds of the lower hemisphere,those with which we are more familiar: mind,life,matter.Seen as such,the One has projected itself into its contrary,which means that below matter already an astonishing degree of organisation (as modern science has found out) there are still deeper,darker levels,those of the subconscient and of the inconscient foundation.Nevertheless,all is and remains the One in every

differentiation: Matter too is Brahmn,and so are life and mind Ours is not a typal but an evolutionary world.As all possibilities exist in the One,there was,and always is,also the possibility of taking on the appearance of its contrary: infinite oneness becomes infinite fragmentation;light becomes darkness,truth falsehood bliss suffering,eternal existence death There is,on the other hand,the full awareness of the apparent insignificance of planet Earth in the universe That matter is energy had become a supposedly platitude till the atomic bombs showed what the equation could actually mean.To the acceptance and understanding of the equation matter=energy= consciousness,the mind of humanity has not yet arrived,although it is one of its oldest occult truths If material energy is that powerful,what may be the power of consciousness which it contains Powerful enough to create galaxies,black holes and multiple universes,and to perform wonders of the subatomic world which can be represented schematically,but which surpass the imagination. All the (typal) worlds are on the Earth,and to imagine a clean cut or irreconcilable difference between them is ignorance: here and not elsewhere,not by going to some other world,the divine realisation must come.But this is another matter.From Evolution,Religion and the Unknown God.