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Risk Management Risk Type:

Technology Hardware doesnt work well Lack of testing Complexity of architecture Technology change Human errors Difficulty of implementation Lack of commitment Staff illness Disagreement between members Lack of roles and responsibilities definition Tools dont work well Inadequate knowledge about tools Lack of analysis for change of requirements Ambiguous, invalid or inadequate requirements Change/extension of requirements Unrealistic schedule Software finds no-takers



Tools Requirements


Sl. No.

Risk 1. Lack of analysis for change of requirements

Probability Low

Effects Serious


2. Ambiguous, invalid or inadequate requirements 3. Change/extension of requirements 4. Hardware doesnt work well


Moderate Low

5. Lack of testing 6. Complexity of architecture

High Moderate

7. Technology change

Very low

8. Unrealistic schedule


9. Human errors


10. Tools dont work well 11. Inadequate knowledge about tools

Moderate High

Trace the modules impacted by the change of requirements, maximize information hiding in the design Serious Reanalyze the requirements, ensure minimum impact on the rest of the project Serious Choose the nearest viable alternative. Catastrophic Ensure regular servicing and testing of hardware. Keep a backup of the software details on another hardware Serious Repair the modules which are found to be erroneous Tolerable Restructure and simplify the architecture of the software so that the developers can understand its nuances Insignificant Update the software to make it compatible with the change in technology Serious Extend the work timings of the team, and if the completion is still not possible, extend the deadlines of the various tasks Tolerable Test the software frequently and check for any human errors that might have inadvertently occurred Serious Look for alternatives for those tools Tolerable Deeper research should be performed

12. Difficulty of implementation



13. Disagreement between members 14. Lack of roles and responsibilities definition 15. Lack of commitment




16. Staff illness


17. Software finds no-takers Moderate

Make sure the team has adequate skills, and the team members are appropriately assigned the modules at which they are best suited Serious Team should try and resolve all conflicts in an amicable way Tolerable Roles can be reassigned in a team according to the expertise of the members Catastrophic Ensure that the morale of the team is kept high and it is sufficiently motivated Serious Reorganize team so that there is more overlap of work and people therefore understand each others jobs. Catastrophic Software with additional functionalities based on the feedback from the consumers is introduced.