Charles Merriam has advised that we should not get into the confusion of the definition of power because every day we see it in different forms and know quite well the meaning of power.” • Acc to Alan. dominance. whereas all these words have different meaning.• Different scholars have used so many other words which are synonymous to power such as authority. . influence. Because of this. • Acc to MacIver. OF POWER It is very difficult to give a single . regulate or direct the behaviour of persons or things. In fact. Ball. regulation etc. R. force. Power is an ability with the use of which you can get your order obeyed from others and in case they do not obey then they have to suffer a severe deprivations.” MEANING OF POWER AND DEFINITIONmeaning of the concept of ‘Power’. “ Power is the capacity to curtail. “Political power is the capacity to affect others behaviour by the threat of some form of sanctions.

“National power is that combination of power and capacity of a state which the state uses for fulfilling its national interests and goals. With the use of National Power a nation is able to control the behaviour of other nations in accordance with one’s own will.• the use of which it can get its will obeyed by other nation. • Acc to Hartman. “National Power denotes the ability of a nation to fulfill national goals.” • Acc to Padelford and Lincon. It involves the capacity to use force or threat of the use of force over other nations. It tells us as to how much powerful or weak a particular nation is in securing its national goals.” MEANING OF NATIONAL POWER AND DEFINITIONS OF NATIONAL nation with POWER National power is the capacity or ability of a .

National Power varies Nation to nation 6. 8. National Power is both Means as well as an End 3. 10.NATURE OF NATIONAL POWER • • • • • • • • • • • 1. There is different between the actual power and Potential power of a Nation. National Power depends on its Use. Integrated nature of National power . National power is an ability to secure National Interests 4. There are several elements of National Power 7. National Power is backed by Sanctions 9. It is dynamic in nature 5. It is not Material Power 11. Power is different from Force and Influence 2.

Psychological power National power is combination of Military Power. Economic power and Psychological power.KINDS OF FORM OF NATIONAL POWER • • • • 1. . Military Power 2. Economic Power 3.

Persuasion 2. Dominance . Manipulation 5. Reward 3. Force 6. Punishment 4.METHOD OF EXERCISING NATIONAL POWER • • • • • • • 1. Force 7.

ELEMENTS OF NATIONAL POWER • • • • • • • 1. GEOGRAPHY Size Maps Location Climate Boundaries Topography .

• • • • • • • • 2. zinc etc. Copper. Sulpher. Gold. etc) Environment . NATURAL RESOURCES Minerals Petroleum products Crude oil Uranium Coal. Green resources (valuable tree. lead. Iron.

Economic Development 5. Population 4. Leadership 10.Efficiency of Bureaucracy 11.• • • • • • • • • • • • • 3. Diplomacy 12. Education 14. Ideology 13. Quality and type of the Government 9. National Character 8. Intelligence network . Foreign Support and Dependency 15. Military Preparedness 7.Technology 6.

LIMITATION ON NATIONAL POWER • • • • • • • International Law and Treaties Balance of Power International Morality International Public Opinion International Organisations Collective Security Disarmament and arm and control .

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