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144 LED Game Console Featuring original recoded clones of two classic games: Sna e and Tetris!

by Art 2010 Note: This is not an official Tetris product.

144 LED Game Console - Bill Of Material

Schematic diagrams are included in this pac age and hosted here: http://farm5.static.flic http://farm5.static.flic See a collection of YouTube Demos and latest news here: Use the file "pic.hex" to program the 16F877 or 16F877A microcontroller. When you've constructed the circuit, power it with 5 Volts (or 4x AA batteries i n series). The Message scroller should start straight away. pressing buttons will activate effects. To play Sna e, turn the unit on while holding down the DOWN button. To play Tetris, turn the unit on while holding down the UP button. To see the sprite test demo, turn on the unit while holding down the LEFT button . To program a new text message via PC serial port, open a terminal program and set the serial port to 19200 baud 8N1. Connect the PC serial transmit line to the pic portd.2 (this port is also connec ted to an LED column). Turn on the unit while holding the RIGHT button. Now you can type in a message a little over 100 characters long. Sna e: Guide your sna e to the pellet to grow one unit larger for every pellet eaten. Don't crash into the walls or any part of the sna e's body! Tetris: Manuever the falling pieces into position so that they loc in with maximum space efficiency. The more rows you fill in at one time, the more points you are awarded. The game ends when you can not fit another shape in the well. This project is provided for free and without warranty.

001 001 018 145 001 009 018 004 001 002 001 001 001 004

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Microchip Pic 16F877 or 16F877A microcontroller 40 pin DIL soc et BC549C or similar Transistors LEDs (144 of one colour, and 1 of another for the power/error indicator) 20 MHz Crystal 330R Resistors 1K2 Resistors 10K Resistors 4K7 Resistor 22pF Disc Ceramic Capacitors 0.1 uF Monolythic Capacitor Prototype Printed Circuit Board (display) Small Prototype Printed Circuit Board (joypad) Momentary Push Buttons

You must assume responsibility for any errors or omission in the provided materi al. I made three units and they all wor fine for me, but I can't guarantee your wor . Please respect my efforts and do not re-release modified code without my permiss ion. If you'd li e to design a PCB layout, go ahead, and please send me a copy :) Cheers, Art.