How Christianity was started This Awareness wishes to remind you that the story of Jesus, the first

written word, was that which was put down some 80 years after his existence on this plane; that It wishes also to inform you that the composite known as the entity Jesus was that which was put together from a variety of information. This Awareness indicates that essentially, under Constantine, the concept of the Catholic or Universal, (Catholic meaning Universal) religion, the official Roman religion, as that which was a composite of various religious writings which were brought together to form that which is known as the Christian religion. That many of the writings were assembled from various sources, and brought into, and comprised those books of the Bible. The Evolution of the Bible This Awareness suggest, there is a book by Loyd Graham titled Deceptions and Myths in the Bible; that this book goes into the origin of the stories that have been related in the Old Testament, especially in the Old Testament, which were literally taken, in many cases word for word, or concept for concept from earlier writings. For example, the story of Noah and his four sons having been taken from writings which long predated the stories in the Old Testament and which used terms and names for the sons which were identical to those reported in the Old testament. This Awareness indicates that the story of Moses as having been stolen from a Syrian myth that had come down in relation to an entity names Misis. This Awareness indicates that a great number of the stories within the Old Testament were simply the result of the Hebrew priests attempting to create a set of myths and stories by which they could organize their own religion, their own philosophy, in order to form a more cohesive society in those days. This Awareness indicates that the works of Loyd Graham go deeply into finding these earlier stories from Babylon, which was the source of the story of the garden of Eden, through Syrian and other cultures and Indian records and stories of India. This Awareness indicates that even the New Testament is assembled from patterns related to stories taken from earlier sources, such as Zoroastrian, Mithrain, Krishna, Buddhism, and Egyptian, and others, in which many verses are literally paraphrasing earlier writings, and many of the stories attributed to the story of Jesus, were lifted directly out of these other writings. The story of Jesus at the well, as one which was taken from earlier writings. This Awareness indicates that it is of importance that entities realize the origins of the Bible did not come from the pen of God, but came from the earlier writings in different cultures and nations at the time these Hebrew priests put this work together. This Awareness indicates that these countries who were plagiarized then became labeled as heathen,- nations whose philosophies were heathenistic, but this was only after their stories had been stolen. How symbols influence entities This Awareness indicates that throughout most of this (past) 2000 year period of the Piscean Age, entities have become more inclined toward open and shallow interpretation of stories at face value, rather than looking more deeply at hidden meanings. It has been the advent of psychology to bring back the significance of symbolism, for in Freud's concern for the dream state, it emphasized the significance of symbols and as symbols began to become more significant, entities began to recognize symbolism in other levels that had previously been ignored or forgotten. This Awareness indicates however, in the past most of the emphasis in secret schools was on symbolism rather than on rational messages. This Awareness indicates that the rituals that have been come down in churches, especially the Catholic church are actually symbolism; the bowing of the knee on the altar, and the various rituals that take place have certain symbolic meaning and this

This Awareness indicates that if entities cannot and do not receive training or teaching in the significance and meaning of symbols. the Real Christ? The invented story of Jesus) This entity Apollonius of Tyana is the central figure of a certain religious order that was prevalent at that time in Rome and his life was incorporated into the Holy Roman religion or Catholic version of the Christian epic which became the official Roman religion in approximately 300 AD. Another aspect of this composite moved eastward along with the Holy Family. This was of course an astrological religion. the entity also having certain miraculous powers. they become victims of those who understand the power and control available through the manipulation of symbols. which the Catholic Church made every effort to eradicate and destroy and remove any trace of the information surrounding that entity. The composite known as Jesus This Awareness indicates that the combination of the many different Roman religious orders or organizations. the entity was slain and put upon a cross.symbolism is that which the subconscious understand better than the rational mind. you have to realize that Jesus was a composite of different entities and the name was chosen several hundred years later at the Council of Nicea. the descendants of the Holy Family into the New World. How the Jesus Myth was created First of all. one aspect of this composite known as Jesus moved west to India. Krishna for example. taking the Holy Family. This Awareness indicates that this energy of Apollonius was incorporated. wherein there was the sun and the 12 houses or signs. but which the Templars made every effort to preserve and to promote and carry on that Holy Bloodline. so that all could accept and subscribe to it. forming a composite in which the central heroic character was the Son of God. a Universal religion that incorporated all of the aspects of the various religions. The Influence of Apollonius of Tyana (Read also about Apollonius of Tyana. even to the point of some hundred years later. This Awareness indicates that this was incorporated in the story of Jesus and the Apollonius story was also part of this story. and was recorded as having been the entity known as Jesus. and lived there to a ripe age. being born of a virgin. the different religious sects. was one of the religious cults and groups in Rome. or raise from the dead or move into states of suspended animation. wherein the entity Constantine ordered the various religious sects to come together and create a single religion for Rome. and his story was merged with that of Apollonius of Tyana. whose intent and purpose was to help save mankind. This Awareness indicates this was known as the Holy Family. and there were also entities whose religion was that of sun worshipping. Catholic Church Tried to Destroy Jesus and His Family Thus. there was also energies of several other spiritual leaders of Roman religious sects whose stories were also brought in and there were those spiritual personalities or deities from other Roman religious orders whose histories or religious myths came from other cultures. including that of those who can heal by touch. and for his efforts. and into Kashmir. and these sun worshippers had their story of Jesus in which the sun god had 12 disciples and these 12 disciples of course reflected the 12 signs of those who were the sun worshippers in Rome. but who was hanged for his efforts. of India. such as some of the masters of India have demonstrated in various times throughout history. through Newfoundland and into what was . and bore a child through Mary Magdalene. having 12 disciples. The story of Krishna as that entity who came into the earth born of a virgin and who attempted to save people from error and sin.

but many objected because Zeus was a Greek God and the Romans wanted nothing to do with Greek gods. but it is much like that action of trying to bring all religions together. Hesus Christos and Christos meant the Clear One. their religion would not be recognized or legal in Rome. or several different entities. the entity know as Christ in the Christian mythology. There Were Many "Christs" Prior to Jesus There was a black Christ or Christed One in certain cultures and other cultures had their version of the Christed One. the entity that contributed to the composite known as Jesus went westward. is still to be determined. or Enlightened One. The further name of Christ was originally Christos. is not the true story. being a composite of many different entities. and Krestus or krest meant the height or the top. from Buddha." It was a neutral word. and therefore. This Awareness indicates that Krishna is the Indian version of a Christed being. buried in the Christian religion. when they sought for a further defining term to call their . New World Order Also Creating A Mythical Christ for the New Age It is a creation of a myth for the people of Rome to center on." It was neutral. when you approach or seek the truth of the matter. to Confucius. because the Jesus of the Bible. No one was completely satisfied. these entities were not totally satisfied. much as is now being created by the efforts of the New World Order to establish a new religious order. In India it was known as Krishna. or centerpiece of the religion because it meant "Neither He nor She. which Rome could use as its own god. while another entity who contributed to the composite known as Jesus went eastward. and the entity known as Mohammed and the entities of Eastern religions. The term was used even as far back as Atlantis.later to be called the United States. Whether this will be the culmination of a being known as the Antichrist for some. still others. and the name that came eventually to the forefront was the name Jesus. The name Jesus was chosen as the name of the hero. most of those came and put their best effort into giving their particular religious dogma and values and their deity into the compromise that was formed which became the Holy Roman Catholic religion. Many names including Zeus were Considered There were those who had proposed the name Zeus. This Awareness indicates what occurred in Rome was a political effort by Constantine to gather the energies of conflicting religious groups and to bring them together to stop the warring and fighting between these groups that was tearing Rome apart. a One World religion that all entities can use as a kind of compromise. or the New Messiah for others. This Awareness indicates that in this sense. and there were the various other types of Christs. The Greek had a character whose name was Krestus. The action of Constantine was that he informed those religious leaders of the various warring sects in Rome that if they did not come together and join in some kind of compromise religion. or a name that was neutral. or Jesus the Enlightened One. This Awareness indicates there were of course. This Awareness indicates that in attempting to discuss the story of Jesus in a traditional way opens a Pandora's Box of discrepancies. thus. There were many Christs prior to Jesus. but each had contributed part of their religion and they could feel secure that their religion would be preserved." This Awareness indicates that in this action. or Hesus (pronounced heysoos) and it was a Hebrew term that meant "neither He nor She. Therefore they sought to find a Roman name. whereby in time. "catholic" meaning "universal. to the various different religious leaders of different religions of the world will all be partially represented in a new composite. The Christed entity had been traditionally recognized long before this time.

and had reincarnated and was indeed the entity Jesus the Christ. or some other entity who died upon a cross in the company of thousands of otherwise who died upon the cross during that time. the concept of Hesus Christos. Once it was assumed that he was dead. by moving into a state of suspended animation. to suggest that Krishna had moved into the time known as the Christian era. he gave the appearance of being dead. and therefore. This Awareness indicates that this would appear to be some kind of evidence that some entities . Krishna for another. other cultures previous to the Christian story. This Awareness indicates that in understanding that these entities were each contributors to the story of Jesus the Christ. he was removed and placed into a tomb. it would imply that Krishna reincarnated and carried on his work in the Holy Land during the time of early Rome. lived in the area of Nazareth. and healing the blind man can be found in earlier religious writings from other composite in the new religion of Rome. for example. but much of the information attributed to the composite was information relating to other entities: Apollonius of Tyana for one. These are documented in earlier cultural writings from other areas of the world. This Awareness indicates It realizes this is extremely confusing to many people. that this entity had a following and was the one who was crucified on the cross. nor does It care whether entities accept this. Jesus the Christ was the result and most entities could accept that because they had no hostility toward either term. it might actually have been a shroud that covered someone else: Apollonius perhaps. This Awareness is only dedicated to giving truth as it sees it in response to questions asked. and later resurrected. were associated with and reflections of the story of Christ. Biblical Miracles and Stories Came from Earlier Sources This Awareness indicates the story of the water in the well and washing the feet. It does not expect entities to fully understand this. one can see how there could be many different forms of evidence of the Christ story continuing in different directions. How Jesus Survived the Crucification This Awareness indicates it appears that the story of Heysoos of Nazareth. This entity had learned. even if it were the genuine shroud. The argument would be as such: There is a great similarity between Krishna and Christ. This Awareness indicates there was of course an entity whose name was Hesus and this entity came from Nazareth. and were included in the Christian story as part of the total composite of a mythical creation that could serve as a religion for the Roman people. This Awareness indicates that this is the entity who went with Mary Magdalene in the direction of France and England. the art of moving into suspended animation and when the entity was crucified. it was presumed that he was the Christ. The Value of the Myth is Real but Historically is false The value of the myth is absolutely totally real. but the historical aspects have been distorted so that when people speak of a shroud that covered Jesus. This Awareness indicates that the entity from Tyana went westward toward India and many of his experiences later were attributed to. and therefore. and its effect on entities is absolutely totally real. This Awareness indicates it would also be possible for entities to trace Krishna through certain forms of evidence. and the Sun God of the Roman sun worshippers Helios as another. because of these and these and these events. there was an entity Jesus of Nazareth who was one of the various entities in the composite. that the entity Heysoos of Nazareth in his sojourns had learned much from studying with Indian teachings. therefore.

simply because that's what everyone is doing. unless it was understood that the story of Jesus was a composite which included information that came from the story of Jesus of Nazareth. that is. and therefore.would accept and further the belief that Krishna was an earlier incarnation of Jesus the Christ. the religion grows ever so-quickly and becomes much more established in a material sense. when a religion becomes well-funded by a people. whose lives paralleled Jesus. to Question! . those few people fade and others take it on. This Awareness indicates that it tells of the various parallels to the Christian story from earlier writings of other cultures. so to speak. such as the washing of the feet. They simply accept the claims promoted by the religion and its promoters. it makes more entities feel the religion must have validity. and then they become fanatical about their religion. healing the blind. ( * C. discussing Christianity and religion. Most people never stop to question the origin or the validity of their religion. money becomes extremely important in a religion and when money begins to take on its extreme importance. It is hard to get started. the more quickly and easily it is accepted without discernment as to its validity. entities will take extreme action to hide any challenge or to quell any challenge to the religion. even in some of the exact situations. the stronger the growth of a religion. and similar teachings to that of Jesus and also the Virgin Birth and being hanged or otherwise killed for this effort. something to that effect. a total of 16 saviors in all. The Book: "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors or Christianity Before Christ This Awareness indicates that there is a book which entities should study if they are further interested in this. these down to details. This Awareness indicates that as entities see their religion growing. This Awareness indicates it has also been accomplished in a number of other religions. a religion struggles from the belief of a few people. and raising of the dead. At the beginning. This Awareness indicates that it is like a streamroller or a locomotive.C stocks this book) This Awareness indicates that the Krishna parallel is the one which contains the most similar experiences. This Awareness indicates that eventually. It is titled 16 Crucified Saviors or Christianity Before Christ*. but once it starts rolling.A. At some point. and therefore its roots become strong and it grows even without close examination. Awareness has Discussed the Last Taboo Area (Why people accept a religion without much question) This Awareness indicates that It has covered an area that It previously listed as one of the last areas of taboo. and without questioning. or why would it grow so much. information that came from the life of Apollonius of Tyana and other great teachers that had been studied by those who put together the Christian doctrine. Remember: Always be Allowed to Doubt. including the Mormon Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses. This Awareness indicates in other words. wherein the hero of those earlier cultures and writings experienced or acted out the same kind of activities as did the later Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. This Awareness indicates that it is amazing how religion can get started and grow and become so powerful. the religion is eventually accepted by others simply because someone says "This is the one!" and that is enough for some entities. Jehovah's Witness and Mormons Prevent Challenges In some cases. This was done in Christianity. but there are also a number of others. it is almost impossible to stop. they jump on the bandwagon.

the Jamins. the Gnostics. which you hold clear. the Greek Pan . This Awareness indicates it also borrowed from the Caldean and Babylonians and brought these together to form a structure which became a lifestyle. the term "deva" of the Hindu philosophy became gradually distorted and translated to "devil. borrowed from other various mystery schools around the world to put together the philosophy. This Awareness indicates that during the Medieval times when various artists would draw these principles into personified beings. and therefore. in secret schools. believe something. This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew religion borrowed heavily from concepts of the Egyptians and Babylonians. How the Devil Began This Awareness indicates that the tendency of religions of that time was to imply that theirs was the best and others were in error.This Awareness indicates that it wishes entities to recognize the need for always being allowed to question. and not be forced into belief of anything. This Awareness indicates essentially. You may accept something partially. but keep some of your doubts at all times in order to evaluate the concepts and ideas. This Awareness indicates that essentially. the location of the Middle East made this the crossroads for many various religions between the Orient. likewise. a society during those times would pick and choose various religious aspects from different origins and put together their particular religious belief system in order to control the masses. this include Egypt. including Tibet and Persia. in turn. This Awareness indicates that likewise. much of the Hebrew philosophy of the time was greatly influenced by these various religions. the various religions would tend to make the deities of other religions appear to be as false gods. and many other religious philosophies. than present economic and political systems rule the people's minds today. did not really begin taking root in its present sense until centuries later. which pick and choose from political systems in order to set up a proper system for controlling the masses. That therefore. the Christian religion borrowed from the Mithraism. that the concept of a devil in a personified sense such as is commonly understood in fundamentalist teachings today. one which is not closed by some programming. the entity Jesus traveled during the missing years from place to place and studied in mysteries schools. for that creates a healthy mind. but one which can evaluate. religions ruled the people's minds as much as. India and Egypt. (The Law of Gratitude is given) Did the Devil Originate at the Time of Jesus? (How the Passion Play and Religion Ruled the People for Ages) This Awareness indicates that the Lucifer terminology as that which related to the Babylonian god. This Awareness indicates that the term "devil" as that which came from the Hindu devas. they draw heavily from the Greek concept of Pan. Tibet. names were changed and altered. the mind is never truly thinking until it turns and question everything it knows. This particularly drew on the Essene system for lifestyle which. was compiled from various teachings. but of course. to explore. that the Christians. That in this sense. that these as gods or certain types of spiritual beings who were rulers of various concepts and ideas akin to the Hindu philosophy. in order to make this individual for their own people." This Awareness indicates however. while their religious deities were true gods. including India. that at that time. (This Awareness indicates this may be somewhat strange to modern religion followers to think that such concepts ever existed) This Awareness indicates however. as well as the Babylonian and Hebrew philosophies. the Sadducees and from Tibetan and Indian religious systems. This Awareness reminds you. the teachings. not too unlike nations today. that this term Lucifer as in reality meaning light. study and explore from evidence. these various Essene teachings drawing heavily from what the entities felt to be the most compatible for their needs. if not more so.

by dogma. there were many entities who were so strong in their belief in the devil that they actually saw the devil personified before them. entities would be amazed at the overlapping relationship and similarities between the various religions. this all closely related to the confusion of Pan and that which is the concept of the devil . energy which is given tend to create the manifestation for which the energy is given. refer to him as "the devil" . and have no basis at all for existing. just as entities can be so extreme and certain in their belief of angels that they see them personified before them. but for some reason. by repetition. entities do not quite conceive of the possibility that their deities and the principles of their religions and their beliefs have also been borrowed from other cultures. entities can. This Awareness indicates that during the Dark Ages."There goes the devil. That likewise. and thought creates with energy. the existence of the devil and may insist that the devil is well and healthy in the earth and may use their energy in focussing the attention of others upon the devil. This Awareness indicates that likewise the worshipers of light may also contribute to the Dark Force being by recognizing the power of the devil.being part goat and part human. therefore. This Awareness indicates there are entities even who move into such identification with these forces as to personify the Force of Darkness. so that a personification of the image may be actually seen by others. This Awareness indicates this action also energizes the devil's energies. by rote. led people to believe that the devil was an entity with horns and a tail. along with the belief that some entity runs around calling himself "devil' and others. entities may begin understanding how cultures borrow various concepts and words from each other. That there are. How Energy Follows Thought This Awareness indicates that as has been given before. This Awareness indicates that the term "scapegoat" and the concept of the devil being symbolized by a goat. help to contribute and give energy to these concepts. or are evil." This Awareness indicates that this as but a creation of the human mind. that this entity often depicted as having horns and a tail. This Awareness indicates that the word "divine" also comes from the Hindu term "deva" That the terminology in languages whereby entities begin to note the interrelationship of words between cultures and various languages. in turn. feeding energy of a certain nature to a physical being can also turn that entity into what would appear to be a devil or a god. in fact. that they are right in their present worship and religious views. This is a simple realization and is commonly understood by most entities. depending on the way the energy is given and the type of energy given. The Principle of Remaining Ignorant (How Hypnotic Techniques are Used) This Awareness indicates that if entities would take the time to do a comparative religious study (and there are hundreds of books on the subject). simply assume by faith. This Awareness indicates that in various teachings of pagans and witchcraft there may also be entities who. or are ignorant. during the Middle Ages. by repeating the programming they have received. and all others are of the devil. recognizing him in passing. that in this way. This Awareness indicates that most entities. identifying so much with the dark forces using the symbol of the goat-man as an image of the devil. This Awareness indicates that this. however. may even get into the practice of devil worship. in fact. beings who have a negative nature who are identified with the darkness of those qualities which entities associates with as evil. That energy follows thought. . the devil worshipers can create an energy field in which a Dark Force being may enter and may use that energy field according to the belief systems of those who believe in that being. That this action of feeding energy to the spirits allows these spirits to have the necessary energy to manifest temporarily into the physical plane.

believe something. (The Law of Gratitude is given) Sumer Religion was Handed Down by Extraterrestrials This Awareness indicates that the Christian religion drew from many different sources. "Repeat the name of this deity again. which you hold clear. and the rules that were laid out for the creation of mankind. you may insert the name Christ. This is the only truth there is. Read only these words. or are all of these using this system. Watch this bauble. Chaldean. one which is not closed by some programming. when these extraterrestrials were involved in their genetic experiments. listen only to my voice. and Akkadian. to Question! This Awareness indicates that it wishes entities to recognize the need for always being allowed to question. these are the holy words.except under the premise of false religions. but one which can evaluate. my voice is all you hear. study and explore from evidence. and yet evolving out of Hebrews teachings. again. This Awareness indicates that the principle of remaining ignorant is to keep entities from discovering what is. and became part of their ancient legend or mythologies which are now called religions. these are the only words of truth. many of these ancient writings wound up with the Greek and the Hebrews. creating the Cro Magnon man. This Awareness indicates this likened unto a hypnotist holding a bauble or pendulum or trinket or crystal before the subject's face. never turn. the great ancient culture that existed long before Egypt. again. even before Caldea. you may insert the name Mohammed. do not look at the false deities of other hypnotists around you. This Awareness indicates that these writings were preserved down through several subsequent cultures: Babylon. again. and these entities coming down from heaven or coming down from the sky. by hypnotizing them to look only what you want them to look at. This Awareness suggests you may insert the name Krishna. never look. to explore. again. and on down. never listen to what they are saying. it also embraced other religions that went back even further. The Hebrew religion was basically its immediate parent. There was the time of Sumer. All is false except this. beside you. moving this back and forth and saying to the subject. the one which you are looking at and listening to is bound to be their right one and there is no need to question your own self. This Awareness reminds you. The Sumer religion was based on stories handed down about extraterestrials. You may accept something partially.] Remember: Always be Allowed to Doubt. Read Bramley's "The Gods of Eden" for info on Secret Schools . again. and you will find that essentially they are all using the same hypnotic technique of shutting out all questions and closing the mind through hypnotic suggestion to accept only that which they promote. Listen only to my words. you may insert the name of whatever religious system. behind you. and even the Egyptians. the mind is never truly thinking until it turns and questions everything it knows. watch this name. and not be forced into belief of anything. never question the power and righteousness of this particular deity. over and over and over. listen only to these words. however. Listen only to my voice. [ This Awareness indicates that obviously. read no other words. you may insert the name Allah. and eventually. again. for that creates a healthy mind." This Awareness suggests you take this kind of hypnotic programming and insert various religious deities in as the name of the bauble and ask yourself which is using this system. but keep some of your doubts at all times in order to evaluate the concepts and ideas. All others are lies. or before the Hebrew. watch this crystal. This Awareness indicates that entities might even be shocked to discover that the other religions often feel the same about them. This is the only possible truthful way. but the message this Awareness is giving may have applications to others who are following other paths.

down through the ages has evolved without great change. Water and Earth. ritual and concepts which. in some cases. ( *This book is permanently stocked by C. And the story surrounds this entity's experience and his love of humanity.C. The "Shin" added to Jesus represents the element Akasha. This has been discussed previously. This in relation to the statements by many religious leaders that the Bible is "God's Word" and that God wrote the Bible. This Awareness indicates that if you wish. The Gods of Eden*. for it can be better understood in reading that book. This Awareness indicates that if there is that which you can refer to as a conspiracy. and there is little point in this Awareness going back over this material. The name Jehovah is Yod He Vau Heh. and Vau Heh. that a great portion of the Bible has been lifted from earlier writings of other cultures. have exploited others in the name of Jesus. for Jesus would not have participated in or encouraged such butchery. that are clearly references to reincarnation. it would be in the way the churches have promoted Christianity for the purpose of raising money for their churches and whereby the.This Awareness indicates that if entities wish to know something about the so-called conspiracies of the secret Schools. all of these various entities are drawn together and made to become one character. Air. who took out references to reincarnation from the New Testament but did not manage to get everything and left certain areas. The Piso Family Who Wrote the Books of the New Testament This Awareness indicates that still other earlier information on the deception in the New Testament has to do who really wrote the books of the New Testament. or have butchered civilizations in the name of Jesus on the grounds that they were heathen. the letters on both side of Shin represents Fire. Deception in saying the Bible is "God's Word" This Awareness indicates that there is still the other aspect of what may be termed deception in the Biblical stories. this Awareness refers them to the Bramley book The Gods of Eden* for these Secret Societies that were established by the extraterrestrials and filled with priests who were to help to mold the thinking and help to guide the culture of these ancient civilizations is well described in this book.) The ET's Set Up Secret Societies and priesthoods This Awareness indicates. that briefly. the extraterrestrials set up Secret Societies with a secret priesthood designed to help control and manipulate the societies through religion. The meaning of the Hebrew Yod He Hin Vau Heh This Awareness indicates that the name Jesus in Hebrew is spelled Yod He Shin Vau Heh. the Cosmic Consciousness attribute of the Divine Creator. The Yod He. This Awareness indicates that much of . however.A. This Awareness indicates that these of course are symbolized as personified beings and written of in the ancient schools by priests as though they were persons. Conspiracy When Justinian Removed Incarnation References This Awareness indicates another area of what may be termed conspiracy or deception has to do with the action of Justinian. in a way that molded entities into the society which the extraterrestrials foresaw and sought to promote on this physical plane. and thus. equate the Shin or Akasha as representing this Awareness consciousness. so that in the case of the story of Christianity. individuals. or certain phrases. It is well understood when reading through Biblical passages and comparing to other earlier writings. Yod He Shin Vau Heh represents a 5th element or that of Akasha which is the Divine Spirit.

Books of Matthew. was one whereby he broke certain Universal Laws of the Galactic Confederation in creating Adam and Eve as servants to tend his garden. Bright. but the society preserving this information is still very much alive. but not necessary so. and began this race which was a duplicate of his own karmic self.the information was written by a family. and there is information about these entities and how they coded their own works so that they received credit for the writing. is available for $ 6. the books of Matthew. This Awareness indicates that even the Book of Revelation was written by the Piso family. and you can find these coded references in the New Testament which fits with the code of the various writers of the Piso family. Luke and John Written by Pisos This Awareness indicates. Mark. the Piso family. This Awareness indicates that entities who wish to check this further can write to the address. a secret society that down through the ages has passed this information to various people and which can still be found. This Awareness indicates that the important thing about the Christian religion is that the symbolism of the story has been a great influence on society. to make it develop into that which held high ideals.00 from the Abeland Reuchlin Foundation. * These entities having gone through certain competition with each other at one point. and brought to Earth at the time whereby they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. by Abelard Reuchlin. and has served many and served them well. This Awareness indicates as has been indicated previously.*The True Authorship of the New Testament. all of which is explained in the material that they make available to the public by writing to them. generally are followers of the Old Testament. Jehovah indulged in the action of duplicating entities and duplicated Adam in his image. and information on this is available and has been mentioned previously. This Awareness indicates that essentially the early Hebrews were the clones of Jehovah or the offspring of such clones. These entities not alive today. Kent. has been a glue to hold society together. there are also the bright. whereby their own family competition regarding who will do what. judgmental. to make it grow. even unworthy of their claim as Christians. This as having spawned a society. with an address given to allow entities to find more information on this family who wrote the new testament. and John were not written by Matthew. PO Box 5652. duplicated Eve in a kind of feminine counterpart of Adam using a different approach. There is also the opportunity for entities to join a membership of this organization if they so desire. There are some who detract from that beauty who are hostile. This Awareness suggests the editor repeat the address for the Piso family information in this reading. Mark. for example. but by different Piso family members. and for five dollars receive a small booklet that explains much more in detail in regard to this family. glorious and beautiful aspects of this religion. This Awareness indicates that these entities as having been created on the planet Mars. This Awareness indicates that the majority of Christian adherents are as beautiful as any people on earth. This Awareness indicates that the action of Jehovah as has been previously indicated. Mark and John. WA 98064 The Hebrews and Jehovah This Awareness indicates that the Jewish people whoever that may be. This Awareness wishes to elaborate briefly: The actions of Jehovah created through the DNA . Glorious and Beautiful aspects of Christianity Even though there have been dark sides of Christianity down through history. created between them the need to couch their material in certain codes and certain numerical properties to assure that they always got the credit for the particular book of the New Testament which they wrote. but the majority are very beautiful people and their faith has helped many on this plane.

to the action of keeping track of the genealogy. and fulfilling various prophecies which Jehovah had promised to fulfill and thereby diffusing or duplicating the actions of Jehovah but on a different level. and was born. as has been explained previously. and this entity is in the process of reversing the forces which he unleashed. the mercy and the healings indicated a God of love and mercy. and remained in contact with these space beings while moving through the various places which Jehovah had touched. assisted to reverse the forces which this entity Jehovah began. This Awareness indicates the entity being King of the Hebrews. This Awareness reminds entities that the term "Jehovah" as likened unto that which applies to a tribe of space people with one named Yahweh as the leader. which. love of power. It was for this reason that the entity Jesus came from the Intergalactic Confederation. and Jehovah at present is not in the process of destroying humanity and saving his own. considered Jehovah to be a renegade immortal and has since curbed Jehovah's behavior and has sentenced this entity to bring back the energies which he unleashed upon this Earth. and was crowned with a cross of thorns. diffusing the Hebrew clan.duplication a race of Hebrews. This Awareness indicates that Jehovah has had to reconsider his plan for harvesting or rapturing his people and destroying those who were not his own. vengeance and a feeling of being righteous and superior to others. as it is sometimes called. This Awareness indicates the entity as having to give up on that program. This Awareness suggests there was a deficiency in the gene of Jehovah. or Galactic Man. love and mercy. and through them to others . vengeance and glory but of humanness. This Awareness indicates this entire action. This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah had promised to come back with great power and slay the enemies of the Hebrews and take them away to the promised land. The entity Jesus came back as a babe in the manger. while helping this entity to be a good scientist. but a messiah not of power. giving himself for others. This Awareness indicates that these entities are working on this Earth to undo some of the energies which have brought about much conflict through the Hebrews and their programming by Yahweh. did not allow the entity to understand qualities of mercy and universal oneness. jealousy. but the entity Jesus began an action which diffused and scattered these people all over the Earth. This Awareness indicates the Intergalactic Confederation. This Awareness indicates the entity as having been vain and self-centered -. Jehovah Planned to return and Harvest his People (Jesus Comes to Thwart this Plan) This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah had intended to return at the proper time and to take those who were his creation away from this planet. This Awareness indicates all this being inherited through the genes from Jehovah. but rather is in the process of balancing out the energies of this planet in order to bring about harmony and to undo the harm which he unleashed when began his operations. to another place. This Awareness indicates the entity as having passed this on to his followers. after having moved into Terrestria from Celestria. and in doing so. rode into Jerusalem on an ass. the entity is also making repayment for his own karmic purposes. and this entity as being the force behind this action. and the entity opened the Hebrew religion for Gentiles also. and in this manner made the harvest a near impossibility.a megalomania. and many of the Hebrews began to believe this entity was indeed a messiah. who were basically reflections of Jehovah--these entities reflecting the rebellious attitudes of Jehovah and carrying on certain attitudes of superiority. This Awareness indicates the entity Jesus. This Awareness indicates Jehovah had created many laws to identify his people. this again diffusing the Jewish of Hebrew religion. Adam and Eve. to his duplicates. ranging from circumcision to diet and to other forms of behavior. and through these entities moved into the earth plane. This Awareness indicates this entity had intended to mark his people that he might come back and salvage them. and to destroy the remaining entities upon this planet.

That there have been civilizations upon this Earth which have been highly advanced. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that those who did not have that memory were deprived of immortality. did not have certain qualities which linked them to the Immortal Realm. due to the symbol used on their ships. and that many of these entities while being artistic and adept at dealing with material physics and materialism. that the Universe is filled with inhabitants not too unlike entities upon the earth. the Satanists. their spaceships. and in many instances superhuman. from an inner memory.How Jehovah kept the clones confused) Much of "Science Fiction" is not Fiction This Awareness indicates there are many entities in the Immortal Realms. associated with those who are the Galactic Confederation often referred as the Serpent People. This Awareness indicates that the Universe is not as most entities have been taught to believe. and as having been influenced also by Luciferians and those who were associated. for they have experienced repercussions in their efforts to gain control over lives and energies of others. the Luciferians. This Awareness indicates that these entities also have a super technology and often a superconsciousness. This Awareness indicates that these entities protected their chosen tribes with their technology. This Awareness indicates that many miracles of the Old Testament are recordings of the spaceships which were piloted by the group of space travelers known as Jehovah. and many of these are of very unusual nature. Parting of the Red Sea and other Miracles were the work of UFO's This Awareness indicates that the gods and the lords of old are not mythical characters. both the Luciferians and the Jehovahites. but these entities since that time have separated as there has grown a mistrust between these entities. these being of all types. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities intermarried and brought into that DNA memory chain and the genes the concepts of immortality through these memory genes. there are many planets in the Mortal Realms. and therefore many of these entities adopted the philosophy of atheism. This Awareness indicates that essentially the Luciferians and the Jehovahites as now becoming more humane and less competitive in their behavior-these entities beginning to learn the meaning of the power of Love. but this is also changing. This Awareness indicates this particular planet has been heavily influenced by such a one--the entity Jehovah. with spiritual development that super-exceeds anything presently known. there are many more in the Immortal Realms--these entities are often capable of moving between realms and through space from planet to planet. and many of these have great powers and also have strange ideas. This Awareness indicates there was a time when the Natas or Satanists and the Luciferians worked together. which had the capacity. though they are supernormal.of the Hebrew group. (For further studies: The Ten Commandments . the capabilities of effecting what in those . This Awareness indicates that there has been a closer tie between the Luciferians and the Jehovahites. and the Jehovahites for thousands of years. so that some of the Hebrews have the capacity to believe in immortality from an intuitive level. or those who are followers of Jehovah. not believing that immortality actually existed. these are in process of transmuting and merging back toward the Galactic Confederation. This Awareness indicates that this Earth has been watched and has been visited by many entities from other systems and from other planes. This Awareness indicates that these entities have been to and from the Earth many times. much as have been indicated in your science-fiction movies and stories. This Awareness indicates that this is largely due to the intense battle of consciousness which has been raging upon this Earth between the Wanderers. but rather that this was retarded in their consciousness as it was also retarded in the consciousness of Jehovah because it had so little significance in his consciousness. This Awareness indicates that in this particular case. nor are these entities supernatural.

or Lord. as likened unto that which is related unto cloning. wherein this word can be read with the an image of a spaceship. can show entities how they may discover this for themselves. This Awareness indicates your present scientists are reaching a level whereby they also may soon become capable of creating that which you call clones. This Awareness indicates that the entity Jehovah. and can assist entities in finding ways whereby the behavior of an entity is encouraged rather than enforced--this Awareness suggests that then the teacher is showing responsibility rather than mere reckless control over his or her followers. 1978) .times would be considered as "miracles". but one who was capable of creating through the use of certain cosmic and universal principles. This Awareness indicates that in both cases the term "Lord " may be used. whereas the nucleus of that egg is removed. fires or other disturbances of a magnificent and terrible nature. is implanted in an incubation system to allow the clone to develop. This Awareness suggests that entities in reading the Old Testament stories. this entity then proceeded to attempt to mold and create and direct those clones by using the motivational behavior system of punishment and reward. and that development will be in the exact image of the entity from which the cell was taken. creating his special followers for tending his garden and for personal experiments. such as the annihilation of the soul--that such concepts and such fear producing ideas being used against entities to keep them in line. This Awareness indicates this has been done upon your plane by others than your own scientific establishment whereby entities have been cloned and created. This Awareness indicates that the entire Western civilization as being reflections of that kind of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that often the pilot or commander. This Awareness indicates this does not in any way detract from the concept of the Universal God. but the reference may be interchangeable between the meaning of the personality or the spacecraft. This Awareness indicates that the present spiritual organizations who stress the fear and punishment. creating thunderbolts. was confused with the spaceship itself by the writers. but this does indicate a difference between a personality God and an Universal God. may. or Jehovah. whereby the cell of an entity is taken and the nucleus of that cell is placed within the egg of a female. there will be much clarification of meaning. and at other times their Lord is flying above. particularly wherein the punishment is that from an unknown cause. earthquakes. This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah as being an Immortal being. 11. being created in the image of Jehovah. yet this entity as not the creator of the Universe. but then closed against the Egyptians. or the lord of the spaceship. That at times they speak of the Commander. creating forms. to force them into certain levels of obedience--this is but an old way which has been used for eons of time to keep entities enslaved and ignorant. This Awareness suggests that if an entity teaching this can give the clear source for his information. find that when they substitute the word Lord. This Awareness indicates that such statements regarding entities not touching the Lord as the Lord comes down upon the mountain--that any entity who comes close or touches will surely die--that this in relation to the radioactive energies and the high vibratory energies of the spaceship. Cloning This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah essentially was creating the Adam and Eve (Hebrews). walking with a particular person. This Awareness indicates that the parting of the Sea occurred from energies of a particular type of spacecraft which repelled the waters to allow the followers to pass through. Jehovah a God of Power and Money The suffering of the Jewish culture (Excerpts Revelations of Awareness Newsletter Oct. in their imaging. or what may be termed unknown fears: fears created by concepts which may or may not be valid. This then.

This Awareness indicates this as such an unnecessary tragedy brought on by these philosophies that allow nations. This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew or Jewish culture moved for these thousands of years through the world using the economic systems in a manner that allowed advantage to those who followed the Lord God Jehovah. yet this culture throughout history has felt itself to be in conflict with those who were not of that particular religion or culture. This Awareness suggests that the cruxification of Christ as a symbolic action wherein the entity Jesus moved through the passion play and gave his life as a sacrificial lamb to the end of the age of Aries. (the Shin being the 5th element). as a god of power. individuals. whereas the Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh as being the key to the link between spirit and matter. and to seek revenge after revenge. to the point were the Jewish culture began to question and wonder. This Awareness indicates that when entities follow the god of power. "What have we done to deserve this treatment?" This Awareness indicates that in this manner. This Awareness indicates that these entities took on a kind of sacrificial lamb experience whereby they became the victims of the sacrifice to the forces that followed the god of power. This Awareness indicates that the Jews in Germany as having moved into the concentration camps and other forms of death in a passive. as a fisher of man entering into the Piscean Age. the age of David. This Awareness indicates that the god. "Enough! I shall not take my revenge. having given his life to create a kind of example for the Piscean Age. This Awareness suggests that this Yod-He-Vau-Heh as having been a key to the kingdom of the material plane. This Awareness indicates that the Nazi movement emphasized this even more greatly. to mercy. there was a deep examination of the basic quality which the Jewish people and their philosophy and their attitudes expressed towards others. its religious and ethnic pride and background which it could point to for identification. I shall stop the Wheel of Karma (Reaction-Balance) right here. was said to have been slain by the Jews. the powerful jealous god which represented the qualities which controlled the material world. and does not serve the purpose of constructive living. favoring one people over another. ties this back into Spirit. people families. This Awareness indicates that this is also an action of passion play acted on a grand scale with a cast of millions. that the US Labor Party presents much . until entities look carefully and say. This Awareness indicates that in the story it is said that the Jews said: "Let his blood be on our heads and on the heads of our children. This Awareness indicates this entity . This Awareness indicates Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh as their spelling for the name Jesus.This Awareness indicates that the Jewish culture had as its heritage. This Awareness indicates that Jehovah basically is a money god. Jehovah. This Awareness indicates these forces as that which create the matter in the universe. the Christian and the Jewish cultures have been emphasized for the last centuries in a manner that allowed the Jewish people to feel a kind of stigma in relation to other cultures. likened unto the lambs going to slaughter.--insensitive to levels of humanity. to slaughter one another or to sacrifice themselves for some belief or cause that is unnecessary. they may serve that god only so long as they themselves continue to feel themselves insensitive to feeling. to love. This Awareness indicates that the repercussions of the cruxification of the entity Jesus as that which also carries down through the ages." This Awareness indicates this statement as that which has assisted in creating hostility toward the Jewish race by those who followed the Christian doctrines and teachings. lust and greed." This Awareness indicates that there is certain information regarding the action of World War 11 which can be extremely shocking to many Jewish people. This Awareness indicates that the conflict between the Muslims and the Jewish. meek manner. the Mohammed and the Jewish. as basically defined and described as a god of power which the forces of the Jewish or Hebrew culture worshipped and exemplified as an ideal. This Awareness indicates that the Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh. This Awareness indicates that the Wheel of Karma (Reaction-Balance) continues to spin and spin.

This Awareness suggests that it is a question of whether entities wish to believe in Santa Claus. who have since transcended time and space and moved into that which is Celestria. This Awareness indicates that this would be much like the concept of raising robotoids for food. This Awareness indicates it behooves entities not to plant seeds of hostility toward any particular race. and any status of being. once worked closely. the entities who created the environment and who allowed the persecution of the Jewish people were. and may cause some hostility to be directed towards this organization. or Satanists. of Jewish origin. This Awareness indicates that likewise. is potentially capable of reincarnating into another race.of this information (This reading given in 1978-Ed ). is to undo the energies which had been set in motion and to assist in bringing about greater peace and harmony on this plane. the Jehovah have been put on a kind of probation by the Galactic Confederation. finding more pleasure and receiving feelings of power from these energies and these expressions. which was placed here approximately one million years ago by a race of entities known as the Els. in the cult known as Zionism. Their punishment at present time for the actions of the past. and pressed the issues which led to World War 11. This Awareness indicates that entities may read the book. The Natas being more concerned with sadism. and the Luciferians were not so caught up in the sadism of the Natas. Dope Incorporated (for information on the role of the Zionists in World War 11). in part. the Jehovah worked hand-in-hand with the Luciferians in their conquest of certain portions of this planet. but more concerned with using energies of others for their own purposes (not having such sadistic qualities as the Natas). broke down as the Natas found they could not trust the deceptive Luciferians. when reincarnating upon this plane. This Awareness indicates that essentially. or Elders. or the Brown Race. to a large extend. but this too. whether this be Oriental. . and that it will be no doubt be rejected by some. any nation. the Luciferians and Natas. The Elohim Plant a Huge Computer in the Bowels of the Earth This Awareness indicates that deep within the bowels of the Earth is a computer* . This Awareness indicates that the Jewish people have suffered much-undue criticism and undue hostility--much of this because certain forces of Zionism have hidden behind the dress. This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah as being more concerned with vanity and appetite being reaped from their own creation--the Jehovah feeling justified in this action since they were creations from their own cells. culture. or the Latin nature. according to their ability to grow. or whether entities wish to explore realities-whether entities wish to be told lies. a situation that needs to be balanced and reconciled. How many more would you like to see sacrificed before you cease in this stupidity of bigotry? This Awareness indicates that each entity. status or nation. whether of poverty or wealth--the potential is determined by those needs which will give the entity the greatest spiritual growth. This Awareness indicates that at present time (reading given in 1978-Ed). it boils down to the fact that the persons who began setting up Hitler. which is beyond the understanding of present science. This Awareness indicates this information can be quite shocking to many entities. any area. Gipsy. Bigots Beware! You Could Reincarnate Into the Race you Dislike This Awareness indicates that there are still entities who have hostility toward the Jewish people. having an alliance with one another. behind the skirts of the Jewish people. This Awareness indicates that any entity has the potential of reincarnating into any culture. behind the cloak. This Awareness suggests that this as. for indeed they may return to live a life within the skin of that culture which they have directed hostility towards. Jewish. Caucasian. but generally the Jehovah and the Luciferians did not cooperate with one another for any long period of time. or whether entities wish to discover what is. Black. This Awareness indicates that in earlier times.

This Awareness indicates that essentially. This Awareness indicates that these Elohim are those mentioned in the Book of Genesis." while at the same time. which affect certain areas of consciousness and which read and receive impressions from consciousness) This Awareness indicates that these entities had the wisdom and understanding and capabilities of creating planets by manipulating magnetic forces and electric fields so that the mass would move into these vertices to create those planets. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. universal particles of Being. which in your English translation states. but as somewhat petty beings who became jealous. This Awareness indicates that essentially. the entity Jesus. This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus was. or the unified consciousness of all the entities who were One in the universe. a teacher of civilization--this entity. The entity Jesus as coming back and personifying love and mercy. This Awareness indicates that this entity as having come from Celestria. not one of the Jehovah. therefore the translation as inaccurate. Elohim created the Heavens and Earth". and of great protection. was a great disappointment and was totally unacceptable to the Hebrews who were told through their religions. and having descended into the physical plane for this special mission. from mother to daughter." This Awareness indicates that this as reference to the consciousness. each place which Jehovah and the Jews. or rather these entities known as Jehovah entities... each as having its own individuality unto itself. possessive. and the true meaning. Gods created the Heavens and the Earth. was unacceptable to many of the Hebrews. or those entities who were the followers of the Elohim--the entity Jesus as being an Elohim himself. This Awareness indicates that the entity Jehovah. but was one who was an offspring of the Elohim. who created over 100 laws for their followers. "In the beginning. that their god was a god of power. and the passing down of their history from father to son. created the light by joining together.Elohim being translated into the word God. creating demands such as "Thou shalt not kill. had experienced and made sacred in their teachings. but one of the Serpent People. or universal atoms are the atoms which make up the body of the Universal God--yet. in fact. who came from the Universal Consciousness--that. This Awareness indicates the Hebrews were expecting a spaceship of Jehovah to return in power and slay their enemies. coming and claiming to be the Messiah. but an Elohim This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus was not the son of Jehovah. These entities known as Jehovah. and follow the magnetic field set up by these forces. and descended to Earth in an action designed to liberate the Jews from the control of Jehovah--the liberation taking place through his action of following around the areas. a culturist. which appears upon the scene many billions of years later as a genetic expert." This Awareness indicates the original writing stated. in itself. were represented not as the Universal Creator. which were impossible not to break--some laws even conflicting with other laws. and these entities. demanding that Abraham slay his first born son. That these entities may be likened unto universal atoms. Jesus Not a Hebrew. vengeance.(* That these computers do not have moving parts but rather relate to christals which emanate energies. this story . or Hebrews. even though it is part of the Universal God. and created the matter by exploding outward. This Awareness indicates the word Elohim as being plural. "In the beginning. demanding. and one who would slaughter and slay their enemies. in effect. were not the divine universal creators-these being as tribal gods for those clones which they created and left to multiply fruitfully upon the Earth.

the kundalini fire." this as a symbol for their spaceships--that the serpent as also seen in many cultures: the Egyptian culturer.which the entity Jesus told. is nothing more than an undeveloped human being--an entity who has not yet evolved to the point wherein he has seven chakras. That the entity did move. being referred to as the "Serpent people. and the Atlans or Tyrantians seeking to create a power-hold and base for conquest within that. and that these entities were classed as something on the order of the present day heretic. in an effort to gain control of this Earth in order to use that computer previously mentioned. being in between. This Awareness indicates that the serpent. as being correct. arms and legs. That this as an entity of high consciousness which was concerned with the experiments and controls and the slaves which were being created through the cloning process of Jehovah entities on mars. or God. but that the Jehovah continued. were simply playing gods in their own way--likened unto renegades or small-scale creations inside a larger creation. the serpent discussed in the Book of Genesis as being an Elohim. a snake. This Awareness indicates that essentially. or the entity who was teaching his clone. or cosmic consciousness. What does matter is that there is an ancient past history upon this Earth. This Awareness indicates that the entity. This Awareness indicates that this entity as expressing humility and mercy and love in a manner that totally contradicted the power force which the Jehovah had exemplified. This Awareness suggests that this not as being a reference to the snake as entities believe from the reading of the Jehovah book of Genesis. This Awareness indicates that these entities. instead of coming in a spaceship of great power to Jerusalem. or what may be presently termed a fringe scientist. This Awareness indicates it matters not whether entities recognize the Elohim. That the Jehovah entities were not concerned with the overall-good of the universe so much as with their own projects and creations. moving up the spine into the head. This Awareness indicates that the Elohim. This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah entities were not related unto the entities of Orion who were creating extreme power and control trips of moving from planet to planet for conquest. and the snake as you know today did not have arms or legs to walk around in or did not speak to entities in the manner described. Eve. in fact historically. a person who was a follower of the Elohim. or kundalini energies rising from the base of the spine unto the pineal and pituitary. This Awareness indicates that the serpent. organs. as the Creator. This Awareness indicates that the Space Confederation had warned the Jehovah entities against this kind of program whereby slaves were created through genetics of the cloning process. yet the Jehovah entities were somewhat between that which may be called the followers of Lucifer. the Incan culture. and did use genetic influences and experiments upon this entity and removed his arms and legs and made this entity into the form which resembles a serpent. This Awareness indicates that in one sense. to all the places which has been prophesied by the Hebrews and their scribes. and this had a disturbing effect upon many. however. or snake has existed longer than Adam and Eve. This Awareness indicates this as symbolic of the spinal fluid. Jehovah did capture that serpent person. coming up over the head of the entities. wherein the serpent was made to crawl upon his belly. This Awareness indicates that this as being as particularly isolated case of vengeance rather than a universal creation. wherein the serpent was seen as headdress. known as the snake. wherein the larger creation was being watched by the Elohim. or the Universal God. this entity rode a donkey into Jerusalem. wherein the Lord would come and return. which would then give . and there has been a battle taking place between the Forces of Darkness and Light. and that which may be called the followers of the Elohim. with the Jehovah creating their own small empire within that. This symbolism of the serpent as related unto higher consciousness.

527.great power in controlling planets nearby. 2000-5 no. 2001-9 no. 333. Issues nrs: Oct. 87-1 no. (These files "How the Jesus Myth was Created" contain excerpts from the Revelation of Awareness Newsletters with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter. 543) . 11. 1978. 88-12 no. 306.