Strengths Task achievement: the learner successfully covers many areas and recounts the story of his/her

most memorable birthday. The learner will be happier because he/she can tell friends about past experiences. Good use of linking words. e.g. but, and, because.

Weaknesses Verb formation in the past, forming past simple. For example "I hided". This might cause the learner's interlocutor to not understand. Accuracy of pronunciation: individual sounds and sounds in connected speech e.g. party.

The learner shows that he/she has very good control of the basic syntactical structure of English sentences. This is a strength shown throughout the task. Accuracy of lexis: incorrect choice of An example of this might be "They word that could confuse listener made delicious food for me, I didn’t Example: increase, custom expect anything". Having this a strength will mean that the learner can communicate effectively.

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