Dedham and Agenda 21: How an unelected official controls a town.

This letter was sent to The Dedham Times and The Dedham Transcript-both weekly papers. Neither one of the papers ran the letter. The editor of the Dedham Times refused to stating to me that I don't live in Dedham, When I asked a friend in Dedham to send it under his name, the editor called this friend and was very rude. Both Dedham Papers should have thanked us for our work in researching this subject and send reporters to investigate Dedham's environmental officer and Dedham's Sustainable Advisory Committee. It looks like Dedham is becoming the town in the novel This Present Darkness.

Dear Editor: Dedham is one of the oldest towns in the Commonwealth with a proud history. It has a board of selectmen, and town manager who all take an oath to uphold the U.S. and Massachusetts Constitutions. The selectmen are answerable to the voters of Dedham. However, there are a few other governing entities in Dedham-one local , one state-wide, Green Communities, and one international, ICLEI-International Council for Local Environmental Initiative that appear to be running the town. The Dedham Sustainable Advisory Committee is run by Virginia LeClair, an unelected, nonresident who was hired by the town. Her newly created job is environmental coordinator. She was the one who urged Dedham to join Green Communities. Green Communities was created by the State of Massachusetts as a means to fight global warming. She is well-educated and wellintentioned but has little understanding of the U.S. Constitution, and property rights and believes in the gospel of the discredited global warming. When Dedham joined Green Communities, with no input from the voters, Dedham agreed to, among other thing, adopt the so-called stretch codes making it more expensive to build, and establish the Town's so-called carbon footprint (baseline) and reduce it by 20% in five years. One of the means of establishing the baseline is to install smart meters in the homes of Dedham residents so Virginia and company will know exactly who is using too much energy by their standards. Mrs. LeClair and her Sustainable Advisory Committee also successfully lobbied the selectmen to join ICLEI-an unconstitutional government to government international agency which was set up to implement the United Nations' Orwellian Agenda 21. One of ICLEI's goals is to connect local towns with the United Nations. Last Spring, we contacted members of Dedham's selectmen and the one who bothered to respond told us that he never heard of ICLEI. What was the incentive to join Green Communities and ICLEI? Was it to address man-made global warming which has become increasingly discredited or were the selectmen "bribed" with taxpayer's money? Since joining Green Communities and ICLEI, Dedham has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. and Massachusetts taxpayer money to build solar panels, and other projects. To quote form Mrs. LeClair "It is the biggest carrot that the state is dangling in front of the communities right now." (Pragmatic environmentalism Sept 27, 2011). Dedham, unknown to its most of its residents, its selectmen and possibly even Mrs. LeClair, is adopting the UN's Agenda 21 whose promoters, like Maurice Strong, consider the American middle class to be the biggest threat to the world due to its consumption patterns-single family homes, meat consumption, use of automobiles, etc. Good stewardship of the world we live in and wise use of resources are both worthy endeavors. Adopting measures based on bad science, accepting state and federal money for town projects, belonging to an international organization, that among other things, believes in a redistribution of the wealth, and using the residents of Dedham as some sort of Green Community testing ground are wrong. The people of Dedham should demand that the selectmen revoke their memberships in ICLEI and Green Communities. Readers who would like information on the above are welcome to contact me: (857) 498-1309 Harold Shurtleff 12 March Ave. West Roxbury, MA 021

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