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Group: ________________________ CHILDREN’S BOOK PROJECT Competency-Based Evaluation Form

Part A – Written Presentation Degree of mastery A B C Structure All the main elements Few elements are Several elements are mentioned missing missing The plot is well developed and includes all parts Highly related to the context of the story and fully developed All elements are very clear in the story The plot is mostly developed, with a few part left out The plot is not fully developed and is missing major parts D Too many elements are missing E No elements included Nothing is done

Steps of the project (brainstorming, outlining, draft…) Plot


(situational irony,verbal irony, personification, onomatopoeia,metaphor)

The plot is not developed and is missing many major parts Related to the Somewhat related to the Few elements related context of the story context of the story and a to the context of the and developed little bit developed story, not developed Content All elements are Most elements are Some elements are generally clear somewhat clear not totally obvious

Not related to the story and not developed. Many elements missing and not clear

Number of words Vocabulary/ word choice (addressed to children) Mechanics (Grammar / Sentence structure / Punctuation) Characters

More than asked A Always appropriate, varied No errors

Good B Generally appropriate Few errors

On the limit Language

Under the minimum

C D E Numerous errors in word Wrong words, highly No words linked choice, little variety repetitive to a children’s story Several errors Frequent errors Incomprehensible

Characters are described with vivid details

Characters are described with details

Characters are described, Characters are simply Characters are not with some characterictics mentioned without described details

Part B. Reinvests Understanding of text

A Narrative text All the events are well organized

Degree of mastery B C Structure Most of the events are A few events are organized logically organized logically Coherence Adapts ideas from the Selects text appropriately, information to support flows generally well basic ideas, flows somewhat well The drawings mostly The drawings are not lead to the fully developed and understanding of the lead to interpretation story of the story Fluency Selects ideas Selects basic ideas and appropriately, details basic contributes to build information to the understanding of the understanding of the legend legend

D The events are mentioned, but not organized logically Select some of the basic information, without support, is not linked

E No logical order

Text is linked with Easily adapts ideas the exposure, the from the text, flows narrator and verb very well tenses are respected The drawings easily lead to the understanding of the story Selects and organizes ideas appropriately, leads to build understanding of the legend.

No information selected, no support. No link


The drawings are not Nothing is done representative and lead to interpretation Selects few ideas without support, no contribution to the understanding of the legend No ideas developed, leading to the understanding of the legend

Link with the written part (paragraph) and the title (main idea)