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1) Game Overview 2) Installation Guide 2-1) Getting Started 2-2) Registration Instructions 2-3) Installation Instructions 2-4) Patch Client Windows 2-5) Patch Client Option 2-6) Server Selections 3) Character Guide 3-1) Character Creation 3-2) Classes Description 4) Game Guide 4-1) Game Interface 4-2) Basic Controls 4-3) Hot Keys 4-4) Help Button 4-5) Game Options 5) Player Interaction 5-1) Chat Types 5-2) Friend/Ignore List 5-3) Flag 5-4) Party Systems 5-5) Guild Systems 5-6) Guild vs. Guild System 6) Transportation Guide 6-1) Portal 6-2) Passports 6-3) Mount 7) Combat Guide 7-1) Player Versus Environment 7-2) Player Versus Player 7-3) Deaths 8) Skill Guide 9) Item Guide 9-1) Item Equipping 9-2) Item Stats 9-3) Item Upgrade 10) Trading Guide 10-1) NPC Trading 10-2) Player to Player Trading 10-3) Auction House 11) Crafting Guide 11-1) Collecting Skill 11-2) Cooking Skill 11-3) Alchemy Skills 12) Quest System 13) Map Guide 14) Main Contents 14-1) Siege War 14-2) Chaotic Frontiers 14-3) Battle Ground 15) Event NPC 16) Chantra Shop Guide 17) Forum Icon

1) Game Overview
Set in the continent of Chantra, choose between four distinct races; Humans, Orcs, Moonelves, and DragonScions. Each race has their own unique features, ranging from Human Archers with the power to stun targets to Moonelf Elementalists who can summon spirits to protect them and DragonScion can evolve to three different classes. In order for players to reach their ultimate goal they must forget their differences and band together in the struggle for absolute supremacy.

2) Installation Guide
2-1) Getting Started You can register at and play Archlord by the following the steps below

Don't worry if you don't understand English! Just click the different language tabs on this page to read all the explanations in other languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish).

2-2) Registration Instructions 1) Click [sign up now] on the homepage

2) Enter your id, password, birthday, and email address Please be careful when you enter your email address and birthday because you cannot modify the email address once you have registered. 3) Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 4) If you agree to all of them, check the I agree box and press Submit.

5) Validate your registered e-mail address. Login to your registered email and you will receive the confirmation email. In order to completely validate your account you must click the attached link in the received email.

6) If you cannot find your validation email even though you checked your inbox: - Please wait at least 10 minutes before checking again. - Please check your Spam/Junk email folder. 7) After completely validating your account using the email, you can login to Congratulations! You are now approved to use the various services provided by 2-3) Installation Instructions In order to play Archlord, you need to download the client first. Click on DOWNLOAD button on the top-left side of official Archlord website or portal. This will take you to the Download page. You could download Archlord client through P2P (TORRENT) or Mirror sites.

Start the game client by clicking the [START GAME] button on the webpage.

If you have connected to the game for the first time, you will be prompted to install a Web Starter automatically. Web Starter is a program that enables you to start the game on the webpage. Dont be concerned, you just need to click the [INSTALL] button.

Note: If you cant proceed, you should allow your IE to enable all ActiveX control and plug-ins. For your convenience, Archlord is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox enabled browsers. ActiveX is also required to properly download, install, and launch game. To change the ActiveX control settings, please see below: *Please note: Following steps will require the Administrator PC login. Also, this may default your internet browser's security settings (if they were customized). Modifications of these settings are done at your own risk. 1) Open Internet Explorer 2) Click Tools>Internet Options 3) Select Security Tab 4) Click "Custom Level" button 5) Scroll down to view "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" 6) Enable all ActiveX control and plug-ins. Once this has been adjusted Users may fully utilize the Archlord Service without further ActiveX compatibility issues or prompts. After installing the Web Starter, you need to restart your web browser. Play the game by clicking the [START] button on the launcher. After clicking the [START GAME] button on the webpage, you can see the game launcher. Click the [START] and play the free online game! Manual Patch Guide If you have trouble with auto-patching, please try our manual patch file at download page.

Link - Please download the latest Archlord Manual Patch file to your hard drive

Once you have downloaded the latest manual patch file, run Archlord_Manual_Patch.exe to initiate the installation process and you will be able to complete the installation. GameGuard Error Guide If you have trouble with GameGuard auto-patching, please try our manual patch files at Archlord main page Quick Links. If you still have problem with the GameGuard manual installation please submit your error by sending a direct inquiry to

Note: If you cant proceed, we recommend that you complete the instruction listed below. 1. Close all applications on your PC 2. Update your graphics card drivers 3. Install and update Windows Security Update 4. Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software 5. Scan your PC to remove any virus or spyware 6. Reboot your PC

For more information please visit our Archlord GameGuard Error Submission Forum. Link - 2-4) Patch Client Windows

On the above picture you can see the main window of the Archlord auto-updater. This application is launched after clicking on the start game button on the Archlord website. The patch client is there predominantly to check for new updates for your Archlord client, but it is also used for launching the game. [1] Button for starting the game [2] Button setting the graphics and other options. [3] A progress bar which displays the progress of any updates. If there are any new updates for your Archlord client version, The progress of downloading and applying will be displayed here [4] Latest News from

2-5) Patch Client Option

You can adjust some of the settings for the Archlord client directly through the patch client by clicking on the OPTION button in the patch client window. [1] First, you can set the screen resolution, Archlord client's user interface is created for resolutions 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. [2] Texture detail adjustment, this can be very helpful, especially if you are using older hardware. [3] Windowed Option. This allows you to decide whether to launch Archlord in windowed mode or in full screen. [4] This worldwide version of Archlord also supports several languages (English - default, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish). You can set your choice of language for Archlord using the Language option. [5] Setting for in game graphic details. With the moving slider you can set the quality of the details. Move the slider to the right side for greater detail but fewer fps. Move the slider to the left side for lower quality, but more fps. On the left side of this bar is also an X option, if you select this option, your graphics details are / will be set using the in game options. [6] For saving changes, click on SAVE button. [7] For or cancelling changes, click on CANCEL button

2-6) Server Selection

After you have loaded successfully you will be asked to select a server region. In Webzen Archlord, we currently have 3 different server locations. Asia / Pacific (Tullan server), Europe (Zian, Urzark, Sylvia, Ugdrasil servers), and America (Gracia, Stull servers). Select carefully and do tests to determine which location is the best for you as choosing the wrong server can cause relatively big response times between you and server. [1] Select your Region [2] If you wish to exit the game, before logging onto one of the servers, use the Exit button After selecting your desired server region, you will be logged onto the requested server region and moved to the next menu where you can choose which server you wish to connect as below.

[1] All available servers for the region are displayed in the center of screen. There is the server name, and then information about the specific server such as if the server is new. Next is displayed the PvP Mode for the server. PvP written in yellow means, that server is, but without the risk of item loss after the death of the character. PvP written in red means, that the server is Hardcore PvP and players run the risk of dropping items after death. The last piece of information on the screen shows the current number of players logged into the server at that time. [2] Continue by selecting the server and clicking on the Connect button. [3] Leave the game with the Exit Button.

3) Character Guide
3-1) Character Creation After selecting your server, you will be moved to the character selection screen. This screen is designed for managing your characters. Character Selection Screen

[1] You can create or delete selected character. If you will choose Delete, you will be asked for your password, after entering your password you can confirm deletion and character will be deleted. [2] You can go back to the Server selection screen by Back button or Leave the game with the Exit Button. If you don't have characters on the selection screen, use the Create button to create a new character.

Character Creation Screen

[1] Enter name of your character. [2] Select the race [3] Select the class [4] Select styles of Hair and Face [5] Check the appearance of the character [6] Use the zoom button for character detail [7] You can see the description of the race [8] You can check the class explanation [9] You can confirm your creation with the Create Button [10] Return back to the character selection screen using the Back Button If you have successfully been create the character. You will find your character in the character selection screen. You can have total of 3 characters on the character selection screen for each server. Your characters will be displayed in the center.

[1] Select the character you want to play. [2] After selecting the character press Play button to play Archlord. 3-2) Classes Description

Humans Humans are the great lords of the north-western part of Chantra. Strength and honor are the most important values for them.

Knight the lord of the sword. His strength is unbelievable resistance and perfect skills in fighting cold steel. Its hard to find a hero able to beat him. Archer master of the bow. His strength is a long distance fighting and ability to slow down your opponent. Agility, speed and power what else can you expect? Mage her attribute is a powerful staff. Mighty spells, controlling elementals, ability to make your opponent almost defenseless are the greatest strengths of the mage Orcs The south-east part of the world of Chantra is their kingdom. They are believed to be the children of the earth. Brutality and warmongering are their greatest pleasure

Berserker the powerful warrior. Fighting with the cold steel is his mastery. Incredible strength and pain resistance makes them one of the strongest classes in the world of Chantra. Hunter the queen of the crossbow. Distance fighting, powerful skills and high resistance make her almost unkillable.

Sorcerer the master of the black magic. Strong, long range elemental attacks and quick skill casting mastery makes him a powerful magician. Moonelves In the north-east part of Chantra is the Moonelves' hidden kingdom. Adept at hiding, some believe them to be the perfect assassins. Typically hidden in darkness, they at times come to wreak havoc upon the world and are the only entirely female race.

Swashbuckler - mastery in fencing, high resistance, ability not to be affected by the other classes skills make her an unbelievably strong warrior. Ranger hunters defense, archers speed and agility, and a knights resistance culminate in a really tough warrior. Rangers are specialists in long distance fighting. Elementalist master of the elementals. Her strength is accumulated in her chakram and summoned monsters. One of the most unpredictable classes. DragonScion Dragon Scion was the last of the 4 races to arrive at the continent of Chantra. They roamed the world for 1000 years, searching for a place to settle down, finally reaching south-west of Chantra.

Slayer - A Dragon Scion, who has trained with destructive body power, will turn into a Slayer who uses huge claws as a weapon. This class is the most muscular among the Dragon Scion after the evolution. Orbiter - Those Dragon Scion, who indulge in knowledge, will turn into an Orbiter, who gives life to friendly but death to the enemy. The Orbiters lost their wings in exchange for control over life. Summoner - The Dragon Scion, who is versed in wisdom and spells, will turn into a Summoner, who summons various types of powerful dragons.

4) Game Guide
4-1) Game Interface

[1] The Party List is located on the top left of the screen, this is where the list of your party members is located. You can click any of the members of your party in the party list to be able to trade with them, invite them to your guild if you are a leader, whisper them, and many other options. [2] The Mini map is defaulted at the top right of the screen. You can expand the mini map using the + and signs. To open the map press Shift + M. [3] Your gained experience percent shown in bars [4] Your level and experience percentage [5] HP and MP pots. You place the use

[6] Skills and buffs. You can use the shift key to switch to the next bar where u can place more buffs. There are a total of 4. [7] HP and MP. The HP and MP displays will, by default, have 2 small golden triangles located on the far left side of them, these allow you to auto-heal when your health reaches that mark. Your pots will automatically be used as either your HP or your MP get to that point if you have health or mana potions in your bags. [9] On the right hand side you can find clickable ways to move into the guild and party and friend and ignore and other such menus 4-2) Basic Controls Movement of your character occurs by clicking the left mouse button onto the location you wish to move to on the landscape. Keep in mind that areas that are blocked or that have a significant difference in altitude cannot be reached and a shorter initial midway point will need to be selected. The characters destination may be changed whilst in movement by clicking a different point on the landscape.

4-3) Hot Keys

1 HP potion 2 MP potion Tab Target Nearest Q Quest Diary Enter Chat R Reply T Chantra Shop U Mailbox I Inventory O Options P Party Options M World map N Ignore list F Friends G Guild J Craft Skill K Skill ~ - Switch bar up Ctrl + ~ - Switch bar down Z Chat room creation X Enter chat room C Character info V Pet inventory B Chantra bag Space Collect item Shift + M Mini map F1 Help menu F10 Sky Camera Pad minus Default Camera Pad plus Camera Zoom F11 Angled camera F12 Far camera Up Camera up Left Camera left Right Camera right Down Camera down

4-4) Help Button Even if you forget everything else in game, or decide you do not want to read any more of the beginners guide, all you really need to do is remember the F1 button. This will give you instant ingame help, which although less detailed, can usually cover most of the basics that you need.

Clicking on the individual title will open up more information in the Content (description) window. 4-5) Game Options The game options are down to personal preference really, most people turn all the settings down to the lowest for the massive PvP castle sieges though. GFX,

As you may of noticed there are 2 tick boxs at the top that allow you to turn settings to and to turn other players skills off, these options are very useful when finding the game taxing on your computer system. Sound

This is where you can set all of your sound settings. Display

This is where you can set all your display options for in game options for yourself and others you see during your time playing.


These options will allow you to control who will interact with you, when your grinding you may wish to block people from trading you.

5) Player Interaction
5-1) Chat Types

The ArchLord Community options allow you to communicate with other players in various ways Including General Chat and Chat Room. The chat types in ArchLord are described below. General General chat is in white. It is at times also referred to as White Chat. This is the most simple of chats used to talk openly with people within your area. To use General Chat press enter and type and press enter to send. This can be blocked by blocking general. Whisper Whisper chat is used to speak privately with another person. To use whisper chat you can press enter and then type /w Player name text. This chat appears as a pinkish color. This can be blocked by blocking whispers. Shouts Shouts are used to speak with all players within a region. Such as Tullan, Delfaras, Limelight, Silancium, etc. The default color of shouts if blue but can be edited to different colors. To do a basic shout, the command is /s. To change the color of your shout you can use codes such as /s <;HHFF0000> to make red. These can be blocked by blocking shouts. Party Party chat is used to speak specifically with the people in your party anywhere around the map. It shows in green and the command is /p. This can be blocked by blocking party chat.

Guild Guild chat allows you to speak with anyone in your guild and your entire guild is able to read it. To use this chat, use the command /g. This chat is orange. This can be blocked by blocking Guild Chat. Union If your guild has a union guild or guilds (max of 3 in a union) you can use the command /u to chat with every person in the union. This is the only chat that cannot be blocked. This chat is greenyellow. Race Trumpet Race trumpets are viewed by everyone of your race and appear as pink. The command is /race Shout of Elemental These are special WC shouts that can be read by everyone on the server. They appear in yellow but the color can be changed as normal shouts can. This can be blocked by blocking shouts Warning of Ashtal Another special WC communication, a Warning of Ashtal can be seen by everyone in the game, on every server. These appear in red. This can be blocked by blocking shouts. Chat Room To establish a Chat Room select the Create Room option found under the community tab on the menu bar. You must enter a name for your Chat Room and decide whether it will be an; 1) Open room where anyone can join. 2) Secret room where only people who know the password can join. 3) Guild room where only members of the same guild as you can join. If you choose to create a Secret Room you will need to enter a Password which you will give to players you wishes to join the room. The Chat Room will open as soon as you click the Create button. ENTERING A CHAT ROOM To find a chat room select the Find Room option from the community tab on the menu bar. Enter the Rooms name and click the Enter button. The chat room will then be opened, you may however be presented with a password box if it is a Secret Chat Room. USING A CHAT ROOM Once in a chat room type your message in the text box and press the Enter key to confirm your message. You can invite other players to the chat room by clicking the Invite button 5-2) Friend/Ignore List Selecting the Friends option from the community tab will access the Friends list. In this window you can register players as friends, then see if they are online and their current location. You can also invite them to a party or whisper them. To remove a player from this list, simply click delete when the player is selected in the list. Choosing Ignore from the community tab on the menu bar will open the Ignore List. Here you can register players who you wish to ignore. You can select a combination of Chat, Trade and Party Invite Blocks for each player in this list. To remove a player from this list, simply click delete when the player is selected in the list.

5-3) Flag There is a system in place in Archlord that allows you to create a flag above your character. Just simply type /Flag and the name of the country and press enter. Link - 5-4) Party Systems A party in Archlord is a group of people who can speak to one another using the /p command and who can gain benefits from certain leaders and who can share party buffs. A party also allows a group of people to share experience or drops while killing mobs. To create a party you can click a person and then click the menu to the right of their name and then click Party, or you can press P and type their name, or if they are on your friends list you can click party on your friends list while they are selected, you can also party people through the guild member list by clicking their name and clicking party, and finally you can add someone to party by using the command /Pin player name

[1] Party Options In the party menu (press P) you will see the party options. Here you can adjust between Free-for-all drops, Contribution drops and Round-Robin drops, and you can also switch between contribution experience and Level share. [2] Individual HP bars will appear on left hand side of the screen for each party member. As the Party Leader you can choose how both the XP and any loot from monsters are shared between party members. Press the P Key to open the Party options window. [3] To change Split Loot to; Contribution: Loot is given to the player who caused the most damage Round Robin: Loot is consecutively given out to all party members Free For All: Loot will drop on the floor unbinded to any party members [3] To change Split XP to; Contribution: XP is shared dependant on damage dealt to the monster by each party member Level Share: XP is split between party members dependant on their level. [4] You must click Apply before any changes are made to Party options. If you are a Party Leader and you wish to leave the party but allow the other members to continue being grouped, you can authorize another member as the Party Leader. [5] By clicking on the players name (on the party member HP bar) and choosing the Make Leader option from the user menu. Party Leader The Party Leader is the only person who is able to invite or kick people from the party or change the Party Options, and depending on the type of character the leader is, the entire group can gain a bonus. Party Leader Class and Relative Party Buff Warrior Class Attack power increase Archer Class Defense power increase Mage Class Max HP increase/ Max MP increase Party Buffs A party buff is any buff that can be given to the people in your party. The people have to be close to the person casting the buff when the person uses it for the others to gain the effect of it. 5-5) Guild Systems Application/Joining There are 2 ways to become a guild member. Finding a suitable guild in the Guild list (Press G) and clicking Apply, or having a guild leader invite you to the guild. Create Guild To create a Guild your character must be level 20 or above and have 10000 Gold available. You must see a Guild Registrar NPC to establish your Guild. You must enter a name for your Guild. Then create and confirm a password. Make sure you use a memorable password, as you will need it for certain Guild Options in the future. Dissolve Guild To delete your Guild, use this option. You must enter the Guild name and then confirm the password. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion. This action cannot be reversed and all Guild; members, Statistics, rankings etc will be lost. Guild Mark

When your Guild has 10 or more members and you have a certain amount of Skulls you can create a Guild Mark. Using this option will present you with a Guild Mark window. Here you can choose a Background and select its color, then choose a Trim and select its color, finally choose a Symbol and select its color. Then click purchase to complete the Mark creation. If you wish to amend your Guild Mark at a later date, it is as simple as going through the above steps again. Guild Member Increase When your Guild has 20 or more players you can increase the overall member limit to 70. This process this requires greater quantities of gold per increase in numbers Accepting/Inviting/Kicking As a guild leader you will have the opportunity to decide who you let in and out of your guild. You can accept people who apply by finding them on the guild list; they will have the word JOIN next to their names, just click Accept at the bottom to let them in. Leaders also have the ability to invite people to their guilds by either clicking their names, using the drop menu on the right, or by using the command /gin just type /gin Dagus and the player Dagus will receive an invite to your guild. A leader can also kick a player he doesnt believe fits in the guild well. There are many reasons a leader may kick a person from a guild, but if you find yourself kicked, you may want to speak with the guild leader and find out what youve done. Guild Information Tab The Information tab shows you information about your current Guild. Also Guild Masters can send Guild Notices from this window.

Members Tab The Members tab shows a list of all the members in your Guild and their respective level, class, race and current status. You can send Whispers to players, send Party Invites and also request to Quit

Guild from this window. Guild Masters can also use this window to approve any awaiting Guild Join Requests.

Ranking Tab The Guild Ranking tab shows a list of all available Guilds, their current number of members and their ranking with Victory Points. Players can request to join a Guild by selecting it from the list and then clicking the Join Guild button. A Guild Master will then either accept or decline their join request.

5-6) Guild vs. Guild System Guild Battle Challenges A guild master whose guild has more than 10 members can challenge another guild to a guild battle. The challenged guild must also have at least 10 members. You can issue a guild battle challenge by selecting a guild and hitting the challenge button in the view guilds tab of the guild information window. The guild battle starts after a specified countdown - only if the other guild accepts your challenge. Guild Battle Points Guild battle points will be awarded depending on the actions of the guild members. Points are awarded differently based on the kind of battle. The kinds of guild battles are: point match, knock-out match, guild survivor group, guild survivor individual and chief death match. Point match The team that gets more points in the given time wins. Your opponent takes your points when u dies or disconnect. If one team gives up, they lose regardless of points. In a point match, different points will be given depending on all players levels. Knock out match The team that gets more knock-out points wins. Your opponent takes your points when you die or disconnect. If one team gives up, they lose regardless of points. In a knock-out match, points are given according to the number of enemies you defeated regardless of their level. Survivor (Group) Two groups battle each other for a given time and the team that wins more often wins the battle. If you disconnect during the battle you can rejoin the battle by reconnecting as long as the battle is still in progress. However, when one of your members disconnects, the other team receives 1 point.

6) Transportation Guide
6-1) Portal In every corner of Chantra you can find different portals. They help you to go faster to town or other places, but usually you are charged gold to use them.

[1] An example of a portal in Moonelfs village

[2] You could choose your destination. 6-2) Passports and Phantom Gate While you are grinding you will drop several passports. You can use passports to go back to the last visited town or to go to different areas like Chaotic Frontier or the other realms.

[1] Passport A 'one way ticket' to the last visited town [2] Roundtrip Passport A passport back to town and back to your spot again. [3] Chaotic Frontier Passport. You can either drop them on mobs that are around the level range of the dungeon, or you can just buy them at the Item Trader. For each dungeon of chaotic frontier you need different passports, like the following one [4] If you have used the Roundtrip Passport by click the icon you could go back to your sport again. Lightning and Poison passport They look like Chaotic Frontier passports and you will be able to drop them in the realms or buy them with WC. Phantom Gates You can buy them from the WC shop and you can just port on other player, no matter where they are by typing /go Nickname. The only character phantom gates wont work on is the Archlord.

Passports to towns and caves Also available in the Chantra shop there are several passports. Passports to the major towns, or to caves

Protective Passport A protective passport helps you to port to the last visited town even if you are in a fight. These are often included in leveling up gifts, and can also be bought from the Chantra Shop. They don't work in Chaotic Frontier and Battleground.

6-3) Mount

[1] Mounts and Mount Weapons can be bought from Animal Breeders.

[2] You can find Mounts in different level ranges When you reach level 35 you will be able to use Mounts, which will greatly reduce your travelling time around the world. They can also be used in battle if you purchase a mounted weapon such as a Lance, Partisan or Langderine. To purchase a mount visit the Animal Breeder NPC who can be found in your own races towns. Mount Weapons can also be purchased from these NPCs. To Equip a purchased mount and mount weapon, double click them in your inventory. Like Wearable items Mounts have a rating that determines their durability or health. It is listed as Time Left, when this reaches 0 Hr(s) 0 Min(s) the Mount will become unusable. At any point before this reaches zero the Mount can be taken to an Animal Breeder NPC and rested in exchange for Gold. Apart from the regular mounts that can be bought, there are other mounts that can be found in premium boxes (chantra item). These mounts have 250% movement speed race specific lv35 mounts. These mounts are Golem, Teah, Spider, Griffin, Mitchell, Legend of Roux and Milfis Candy Cart.

7) Combat Guide
7-1) Player Versus Environment (PVE)

[1] Placing the mouse cursor over a target will show their name and HP bar above them. Clicking on them with the left mouse button will select them and the condition window will appear at the top of the screen. [2] Monster types: Normal, Elemental (Earth, Magic, Air, Water, Fire), Named, Elemental Named and Dungeon Bosses. [3] Name & Level: Targets name and their respective level, also a gauge showing the remaining HP of the target.

[4] Combat Status: An orb appears when you are in combat with a target. Combat is initiated by another click of the left button mouse button on the target. If the monster has elemental powers then the Elemental button will appear. Clicking on this menu will show the elemental details. Killing monsters will increase your level of experience. However if the monster is 6 or more levels below your own then you will not gain any XP from killing them. [5] Buffs: Buffs of course are also a key part of the game. They are non combat skills that increase the stats of yourself, your party, and some help your guild. Some are dependent on having a shield; some are dependent on having a certain type of weapon equipped. [6] Normal Attacks: When in combat with a monster, battle begins automatically upon double clicking. The fight will continue until you have moved or selected a new monster. You cannot attack while moving. [7] Skill Attacks: It is more effective to use skills while grinding and in many situations in PVP. You must learn skills from the trainer in the land of your race and you must set the skills onto your Quick Slots on the bottom of your screen. You can then use the skill you have on the quick slot by either clicking on it or pressing the corresponding key on your keyboard. Most skills require a weapon to be equipped and also require you to have enough Mana to cast it. Magic classes consume Mana even for Basic (Normal) Attacks. 7-2) Player Versus Player (PVP)

You can attack and be attacked by players from both the same and different races in ArchLord. You become eligible for PVP at level 6. PVP will not work in certain safe zones such as villages and towns. To attack a player you must click on them with the left mouse button to select them. Then left click them again while holding the Ctrl key to start the attack. This will change the color of their name (In Target Condition window) to red.

[2] Villain Points If you kill a player more than 4 levels below your own you will receive villain points. After Receiving 40 villain points you will be named a Rogue with a visible sign above your head. There are 3 levels of Rogue status each with its own disadvantages. Villain points can be removed by collecting pardon scrolls. These are to be handed to a Pardoner NPC, who can be found in some towns and villages. 50 pardon scrolls are needed to reduce your villain points by 10. (Purple) = First Attacker This cannot be removed for a minimum of 20 minutes Eligible to be freely attacked by any other player for 20 minutes. (White) 40 Villain Points = Rogue Level 1 Guards will attack you Trading between players is disabled This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes (Yellow) 60 Villain Points = Rogue Level 2 Rogue level 1 disadvantages Trading with all NPCs and the Auction House is disabled This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes (Red) 100 Villain Points = Rogue level 3 Rogue level 1, 2 disadvantages 10% XP loss upon death 50% decrease in XP gain You cannot be the 1st attacker This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes 7-3) Deaths

When you die in ArchLord you will be presented with a Revival Menu. The available options are as follows;

[1] Revive in last visited town: You will revive in the last town or village that you visited. So make sure if you go on a long journey that you pass through towns or villages on the way! You will suffer a 3% loss of the XP gained during your current level. You will never go below 0% XP so you will not drop levels. [2] Use revival item: If you have a Resurrection Orb you can use it to revive where your corpse lies. Resurrection Orbs can be bought with WC or found from killing some mobs. They allow you to revive without moving back to town and without the experience penalties.

8) Skill Guide
Skill trainers are located in all main towns; every time you level you will gain a skill point which you may spend at these NPCs to gain new skills/spells or even upgrade current skills/spells. You will soon notice if you are an Orc trying to use the human skill trainers it will not work, you must use you own skill trainers as all of your spells/skills are class and race specific.

[1] Trainer NPC is located in various towns and villages. [2] You can learn your clicking Skill button [3] There are 4 types of skills available; Combat Skills such as combo hits, Buff Skills such as temporary stat increases, Class Skills that are class specific and Passive skills that are permanent stat increases. [4] You obtain a skill by selecting it. Once you have obtained a skill it can be upgraded to the next level by buying the same skill again.

[5] Learn your skill by clicking Learn at the bottom of the skill window. [6] You can reset your skills by clicking Reset button.

When using skill points do be careful, there are ways to reset the points but it will cost WC credits. The first full reset is free, and you will be refunded the costs of your skills but you will not be refunded the additional tax you have spent on them in the towns while you were training. Occasionally therefore, if you choose to do a full reset for the first time, you may not have enough money to re- purchase all the skills again after you take the additional taxes into account. Skills can be learned in 2 different ways: The first is the standard method of random purchase, you click on the skill you wish to buy and that is it. The second way happens once you get to the Combo Skills or if you decide to play a Dragon Scion Character. These skills must be learned in a specific way (a skill tree) and you cannot purchase some skills until you have achieved a minimum level in other skills. Although it sounds complicated, it is fairly self explanatory when you get to learn them. The only difficulty you may encounter is if you wish to reset one skill on a skill tree you usually have to reset many others too so it can be a very expensive reset. Once you have purchased your skills, press K to bring up the skill menu and then drag the skills down to the toolbar. Skills can be cast by right clicking with the mouse, or by pressing the corresponding number across the top of the keyboard.

9) Item Guide
9-1) Item Equipping

ArchLord features a vast range of wearable items such as weapons, rings, amulets and armor. When equipping equipment simply double click the armor piece in your inventory, alternately you may wish

to open your character menu and your inventory and click and drag it to the desired slot. Sometimes you can switch armor sets while buffing, this can allow you to have a much better build depending on the additional skills that come with the armor set. This does not always work with weapons though, swapping weapons after buffing can cause the player to lose the buffs he or she has already cast. 9-2) Item Stats Wearable items are split into 5 groups; White = Normal, Orange = Rare, Purple = Unique, Gold = Elite, and Blue = Combination. Normal wearable items can be purchased from NPCs in villages and towns, but Rare, Unique and Elite items are only found in monster loot, and Combination must be made by a player using the Combination method. Both Weapons and Armor have a durability rating which is shown as a fraction. When this rating reaches zero the weapon will be broken beyond repair and a new weapon will need to be equipped. While a weapons durability rating is anywhere above zero it can be taken to a Blacksmith or Animal Breeder NPC and repaired in exchange for Gold. To equip an item a character must meet the item requisites. Some items may require a certain character level, race or class. Item conditions of use are displayed within the item stats which are shown when the mouse icon is held over an item in the Inventory or relevant character slot in the character window(C). [1] Required Level: A character must meet or exceed the stated character experience level. [2] Required Race: Some items are race specific, others can be used by any race. [3] Required Class: Some items are class specific, others can be used by all classes 9-3) Item Repair

Blacksmiths can be found in almost every town and village you visit. You can use the blacksmith to

either upgrade weapons using or repair your armor parts. When using the blacksmiths located in each town you must have all the items you want to repair unequipped in your inventory. Then after selecting the repair option you must click and drag the items from your inventory to the repair window then click repair all once all your chosen items are in the window. 9-4) Item Upgrade

Upgrading items is a very important aspect of the game, each +1 to your armor or weapon will increase its basic physical stats. For amour the defense shall increase and for weapons the physical attack power will increase. To upgrade youre armor or weapons you need reinforcement potions. Once you have entered the upgrade item menu you will notice your reinforcement potions are already listed, all you have to do now is select which armor or weapon you wish to upgrade and drag it into the top slot. Now all you must do is right click Upgrade(and hope that youre lucky) reinforcement is done by chance so it may take 10 potions to get to +10 or may take 99. If you fail the upgrade it randomly reset the weapon. And if you success the upgrade the weapon is now +1 with increased physical damage. There are items available from the CC shop that can improve your chances of success, but even they do not guarantee a 100% success rate. 9-5) Item Combinations Similar to other forms of crafting, (as in you collect items together to produce a different item) but combinations are done in the refinery, and require no prior experience or minimum level in crafting skills. The refinery can be used for several purposes; - Upgrading Potions - Combining stones to make bigger stones - 50 one way passports can be combined to make a round trip passport

- Creating Combination Accessories. - Creating Combination Weapons - Upgrading Shields Combination Accessories For those of us who have not been lucky enough to find a unique accessory we can try and make combination accessories. The items we need to make each combination can be found listed under the F1 help file in game. After making sure we have all the required items we can put them into the refinery. Each attempt at combining accessories has a success rate, similar to that of reinforcing. Sometimes the items will fail, other times you may be left with an item that is not as good as you hoped. Another thing worth mentioning is that the accessories made using this method can gain additional stats as the level of the player increases. Therefore if you have a higher level character too, it is always a good idea to put the item on that character as well to check for any additional stats.

10) Trading Guide

10-1) NPC TRADING Before entering into battle, you should stock up on items you think may be needed during your travels. Take plenty of potions and projectiles if needed. For this reason, trading with a Merchant NPC is essential before setting off. Talk to the Merchant NPC, click on Buy/Sell. You will then be presented with the Merchants Store and your Inventory. Drag the item that you wish to purchase or sell between the Merchants Store and your inventory. You will be asked to confirm the trade, click yes to complete the transaction (if you decide against the trade click No to cancel it). You can also click the right mouse button on items in either the merchants or your own Inventory to start a transaction. Once you have finished trading click the Close button at the bottom of the merchants Store. Remember to make sure you really want to sell an item before confirming any transaction as you may

be selling something precious or difficult to obtain again.

10-2) PLAYER TO PLAYER TRADING At times there are instances when you may wish to trade with other players. To begin a trade click on the player you wish to trade with, and then select Trade from the user menu next to their name. A message regarding the trade request is sent to the other player. Once the other player agrees to trade then the trade window and player Inventory will open for both players. The upper part of the trade window is where you drop your items that you wish to give to the other player. The lower part is where the other player will place any items he/she will be giving to you. Gold can also be paid in exchange for goods. Once you have both selected all items to be traded or entered a price you are willing to pay for goods, press the Lock button. Both players must now click the Trade button to complete the transaction. 10-3) AUCTION HOUSE To sell an item in the Auction House open your Inventory and click the Sell button located underneath your Gold. This will open your sales window where you can drag items you wish to sell onto available slots. A sale price must be entered into the pop up box to complete the listing.

To buy from or browse the Auction House you must visit an Item Trader NPC who can be found in many of the villages or towns.

Trading Bound items You are able to trade some bound items (like uniques) too. But you need to use a marvel scroll of release to make the item unbound.

To trade for example a unique you have to put the marvel scroll into the trade window first. put the marvel scroll you will be able to put the unique item into the trade window.

After you

11) Crafting Guide

If you have the right tools and skills you can collect items from the corpses of monsters, these items can later be used to craft items such as Food, Weapons and Potions. 11-1) Collecting Skill After killing a mob, players will often see an image of a hand at the top of the screen under the name of the corpse. If this icon appears, it means that the player can collect an item from the mob, by using the collection skill. Players must be level 7 before they can learn the collection skill from the adventurer. Adventurers can be found in different places throughout the world of Chantra, but they can always be found in the starter towns too. As well as buying the collection skill from the adventurer you will need to buy a knife from the merchant too.

Press J and you should see the collection skill shown in the crafting window. It should appear as a colored picture of a hand. If the picture appears in black and white check you have purchased a knife. If you have purchased a knife and it still appears in black and white - try relogging. Using the left mouse button, drag the collection skill into a vacant window of your task bar. Each time you kill a mob and the collection skill icon appears under its name at the top of the screen, right click on the collection icon in your skill bar, and your character will then attempt to collect an item from the mob

The collection skill is not 100% successful, but with each successful attempt at collecting, your collection level will increase by a set percentage. As your level of ability increases, you will be able to collect rare items and after level 9 you will be able to collect "finest items". The items you collect can be used for different things, some are required to complete quests, and others can be used for cooking and alchemy. With Cooking it is possible to create foods to give you extra defense, attack and protection skills; with Alchemy you can make metamorphosis potions and also boxes that contain items such as potions, stones and passports. Mobs in the Chaotic Frontiers also have items you can collect which will reduce you cast time and cool down times, or give you 10% chance to convert damage, or skill block +10%, and the bone shards from CF can be used to make a mask, which does all 3 and will last for 30 minutes. Also all the items you collect can be sold at the Auction House (with the exception of items collected in the Chaotic Frontiers), and selling them is a good way of increasing the quantity of gold you have in game. Your success in collecting rare and finest items increases as your collection skill level increases too. Finest items rarely drop before level 9, but by level 15 (current maximum level for crafting) you should collect the finest items more often. Each mob usually will drop one of 3 different items (there are a few exceptions) and each of these items usually drops in 2 different forms normal and rare. Also each mob will drop 1 kind of finest item, and part of the fun is discovering from which mob you can collect the items from. For those who do not want to search for the items, check the table below:

Item Meat Skin Horn Leather Feather Scale Tooth Tail Stem Bone Stone Blade Bugmeat Bell Cobwebs Claw Organ

Normal and Rare Trackers, Deer, Boars, Wolves, Goblins, Lizardmen, Barricks, Bats, Ethans, Amblords Glutton Workers, Spiders, Worms, Moths, Crawlers, Lequimes, Deer, Gargoyles, Creptils, Centaurs, Vampires, Wolves, Lycantos, Barricks, Eyeballs, Bats, Ethans, Amblords, Voltex Eyeballs, Griffens, Brokens, Crows Drans, Lamias, Maryliths Bats, Vampires, Glutton Workers, Boar, Goblins, Skeletons, Ethans, Lamias, Teeth Hypolynx, Wolves, Amblords, Creptils, Maryliths, Voltex, Lizardmen, Manticores Torges, Tentacles Vampires, Cubes, Skeletons Cubes, Golems, Sharddancers, Grinders, Ircon Plants, Bandillions, Thieves, Gnolls, Cubes, Gigglers, Baloondogs, Glutton Workers, Spiders, Worm, Moths, Crawlers, Gigglers, Spriggans, Skeletons, Spiders, Lamias, Viscious, Lycantos, Bandillions, Crows Barricks, Baloondogs, Boars, Worms, Crawlers

Finest Manticores, Voltex Lequimes Deer, Centaurs Lycantos, Bandillions Eyeball, Broken, Crow Vipers, Drans, Maryliths Bats, Vampires, Trolls Wolves, Lizardmen Torges Cube, Skeleton Golems Thieves, Gnolls Moths Gigglers Spiders Lamias, Viscious Worm, Boar, Crawler

Many other mobs will drop the items above so the above list is by no means complete. Half of the fun is trying to find which items the mobs drop too. Also please note that some of the items change name as they switch from Normal to Rare to Finest:

These items can usually be found in the Auction House too, although if you collect them yourself you can save a considerable amount of gold, and make quite a lot of gold selling your spare collected items too. 11-2) Cooking Skill Cooking and Alchemy are useful in game for several reasons. Cooking will allow you to create foods that will give your character greater defense, attack or resistance, or can also increase your HP or MP for a limited period of time. Alchemy will allow you to make either metamorphosis potions which you can use to transform yourself into various mobs and increase your powers for a limited time, or you can use alchemy to create boxes which will contain items useful to you such as potions, stones, scrolls, passports and occasionally serazaren pets. Both skills are necessary to complete the buddy system, and items created by both skills are necessary for some of the game quests. Cooking can be learned from level 10. You need to buy the main skill from the cook, and you will need to purchase the recipes too, so select crafting to purchase the skill and recipes suitable for your cooking level. The recipes available depend on your cooking level, as your ability at cooking increases, the number of recipes available to you will also increase.

Then you will need to purchase additional ingredients and cooking utensils so on the conversation screen choose the Buy/Sell option and purchase your utensils. Once you have bought the cooking skill from the cook press J, the cooking ability should be shown on your crafting screen as below: If the skill appears grayed out (as in the collection and alchemy skill shown below), then you need to ensure you have purchased the cooking utensil. If you have already purchased the utensil and it still is grayed out, try relogging. Drag the cooking skill from the Craft skills box into your skill bar using the left mouse button: To create a recipe, right click on the cooking skill in the skill bar and the list of recipes you have

learned will appear. Hover the mouse over each recipe and you can see at a glance which items you have and which you are missing in order to create a recipe. If all your recipes titles are written in grey you do not have enough of any ingredients to complete a recipe missing items are written in red. Cooking recipes involves a mixture of food items bought from the cook, and collected items which you have either ransacked yourself or purchased from another player or the Auction House.

If one of the recipes is written in white this means you have all the ingredients necessary to attempt to cook the recipe. Click on the white recipe and the create box will light up, along with pictures showing how many of each item is needed to make the recipe. Click create and your character will cook the chosen recipe. If you are unsuccessful, then a message will appear the bottom right of the screen stating that Cooking has Failed. If your cooking is successful the food will appear in your bags and your level of cooking will increase by a small percentage. To consume the food, right click on the item in your bag. There are optional additional seasonings available for purchase from the cook, and these can be used in order to increase the success rate of the recipe. Buy them from the cook and these will automatically be used in your recipe if you have them stored in your inventory.

11-3) Alchemy Skill

This is almost identical to the cooking procedure,

but with a few minor differences; You must be level 15 in order to learn the skill, and there are 2 main types of items you can make metamorphosis potions or boxes First you need to learn the skill from the Alchemist. Alchemists can be found all over Chantra, but always in the first towns. As well as learning the skill you will also need to learn the recipes for the potions and boxes. The metamorphosis potions can be seen at the top of the list, but if you scroll down you will soon see the alchemy box recipes that are available for your level too.

Alchemists sell the Alchemy cauldron under the Buy/Sell section, and they also sell alchemy scrolls for each different alchemy recipe. These scrolls are optional, but can improve the success rate of the alchemy attempt. Once you have learned the skill of alchemy, and purchased the recipe and the alchemy cauldron, press J and drag the alchemy skill into your skill bar. If the skill appears grayed out, check you have bought the cauldron, if it still appears grayed out, relog back into the game. As with cooking, open the alchemy skill box by right clicking on it in the skill bar. However the mouse over each recipe to see which items you still need. If the recipe is written in white rather than grey, then you have all the ingredients necessary, and clicking on that recipe will highlight the create button and display images of how many of each item your recipe will cost. Click the create button and if you are successful the potion or box will appear in your bag and your alchemy level will increase by a small percentage. To use the item, right click on it in the storage bag if you use a metamorphosis potion your character will mutate into that creature to end the metamorphosis early, right click on the metamorphosis icon shown at the bottom right corner of the screen. The metamorphosis potions have level restrictions on them, so although you may be able to create a metamorphosis potion, you may not be able to use it until your character is a higher level.

To open a box you have created, right click on the box in your storage bag. All the crafting skills can be very useful, but take some practice. Getting into the habit of collecting from mobs when you can, and storing all the items where possible to make into potions and boxes and food can make a big difference to the amount of gold you have available in game. Selling the items you collect that you do not need to the merchant or for more money to the Auction House, can also increase the players wealth, especially if the items are needed by other players in order to complete quests. If you have crafting skills it is a good idea to regularly check the auction house and see which items and products are selling for the most money, this can help considerably and can allow a player to spend more when other players of the same level, but without crafting skills are struggling for gold. Also IF you accidentally spend too much gold and then have none left for potions, collecting the necessary items from low level mobs will allow you to make the alchemy boxes that contain potions and therefore let you continue to play without having to sell anything important.

12) Quest System

There are over 2000 Quests that can be collected from NPCs in the vast continent of Chantra. These quests can be single tasks or can be chain quests where multiple tasks must be completed to finish the quest. Symbols above these NPCs will show you which ones have Quests available and what status those Quests are at. A yellow exclamation mark - NPC has a new Quest Available A green question mark - You have accepted a Quest from the NPC A yellow question mark - NPCs Quest has been completed and you may need to speak with them to claim your reward.

Any Active Quests can be found in your Quest Diary, to access this use the (Q) key. Various rewards are received for completing Quests, such as Gold, XP and sometimes rare items too. In game there are different ways to get Experience and Items, one of those methods is by doing Quests. You will be able to get quests starting from level 1.

As you can see there are a lot of red exclamation marks on this screenshot of Tullan. Each exclamation mark means there is an NPC with available Quests. Just go to the different NPCs and click on them to read about the available quests. You can accept a maximum of 10 Quests at a time. Once you have clicked accept, the quests will be visible in your quest list. Quests which are displayed with white letters are incomplete; those written in grey letters have been almost completed and just need you to return to the NPC stated in the quest.

As you can see there are a lot of red exclamation marks on this screenshot of Tullan. Each exclamation mark means there is an NPC with available Quests. Just go to the different NPCs and click on them to read about the available quests. You can accept a maximum of 10 Quests at a time. Once you have clicked accept, the quests will be visible in your quest list. Quests which are displayed with white letters are incomplete; those written in grey letters have been almost completed and just need you to return to the NPC stated in the quest.

13) Map Guide

No matter where you are in game, press M to see the map of the area. When you are in, press M and shift. If you press shift it will show you the names of the NPCs. The world of Chantra is vast. It is large somewhat Pangaea like land. Its formed of 2 large continents with Humans to the north-west, Dragon scion to the south-west, Elves to the north-east, Orcs to the south-east, and a large desert in the center. Youll find many mobs in the outside world. You will also find out that they are much easier to kill than those in caves and chaos frontier and battleground and realm, with the loss of a lot of experience. As you progress through the outside world mobs will become higher level as you continue to newer towns and eventually into the desert of Silancium, then the lush greenery of Latria, and finally into the areas of Ogre village and the village of shadows. The highest level mobs (Lv85) are located in the village of shadows.

World Map

The Mini-Map (M) is located in the top right hand corner of the screen. This map gives you a detailed view of your surrounding landscape and can be very useful for plotting journeys. It can be increased in size by using the + symbol found at its top edge (this can be used twice to get the maximum size). It can then be minimized again by using the symbol. It can also be moved around the screen by simply clicking it and dragging it to your preferred position. The Mini-Map shows you the location of many things in the surrounding area, such as your location, any NPCs, party members and portals.

14) Main Contents

14-1) Siege War

Sieges were introduced in Episode 2 of Archlord and brought with them a different, new and interesting side to the game. The ability to fight with a mass of players for the supreme power is one of the most fun things to do in AL. There are several castles throughout the continent of Chantra: Inflame, Arthian, Traqua, Drayger and Rensphere.

In order to siege a castle, a minimum of two guilds will have fight to each other, although there can be up to 6 guilds competing. The guild master who leads his guild to victory will become the lord of the castle. He will also rule the area where the castle is belonged, and will be compensated as well from the taxes taken in each town. The Defender of a Castle can pick another guild to help defend the castle. The Attacking Guilds must sign up for the siege at the siege Commander located in front of each castle. Attacking Castle In front of the Castle there is a siege merchant from which you can buy different items that can help: catapult bombs, reviving stones or different summons. During the siege the attackers may use the Catapults and Revival Towers they have situated in their deployment zone. The defenders can destroy these structures to buy some time during the fight.

The Catapults can only be attacked and destroyed if they are actively firing. If they are dormant then you cannot inflict damage on them. This also applies to the Revival Towers. If the Revival Towers have been activated by an attacking guild leader they you can attack and destroy this to remove the attackers ability to revive at the battlefield upon death. The attackers can repair both these structures up to 5 times. To win the castle you need to stamp the throne. What that means is staying at the throne for 3 minutes. Only the Guild Master can Stamp. The stamping is cancelled if the Guild Master dies. During stamping you cannot use skills doing so will cancel stamping, you can only use potions. But there are a few steps before you can commerce stamping: 1. Destroying the Outer Gates You can gain initial entry to the castle grounds via 3 methods. Going directly for the main gate or going for the flanking guard towers. The guard towers will fight back however. 2. Destroying the Resurrection Tower (optional) This is an optional requirement and is not integral to the final outcome. Destroying the Revival tower however will remove the defenders ability to revive at the castle grounds upon death. This can prove a major strategical bonus to the attacking team as it dilutes the defenders resistance somewhat. 3. Destroying the Inner Gate There is only one way into the castle for the attackers and that is through the internal gate situated on a higher tier directly behind the castle Revival Tower. 4. Destroying the Tower of Life (optional)\ This is an optional requirement and is not integral to the final outcome. Destroying the Life Tower will disable the defenders use of the castle portals so they can no longer port around the battlefield and reinforce their numbers. 5. Destroying the throne The Throne is protected with a magical archon shield. This must be attacked until it can no longer withstand any more punishment and fails. Once this shield is down the Archon Eyes become vulnerable to attack. 6. Destroying Archons Left and Right Eye. Once the Throne shield is down the Archon Eyes can be attacked. This will blind the Archlords watchful gaze on the castle and allow stamping of the throne. The Eyes are flanked by an Archon protective on each side that will retaliate to any hostile action upon the Eyes. The protective deals around 800dmg and a further 50 magical damage of every elemental school. The protective cannot be attacked or destroyed it will cease its attack when the eye is closed/destroyed. Once you have closed one eye you must close the other eye within 5 minutes of the first one otherwise they both re-open and the attackers have to close both eyes again. 7. Stamping your mark on the Throne The final task in the fight is stamping your mark on the castle throne itself. This will take 3 minutes to achieve and during which the stamping guild leader cannot move or attack other players lest the stamping is cancelled. He/she can however use health potions as normal. Any guild leader can stamp the throne and this is usually the point where alliances fail and the attacking guilds turn against each other for control over the castle. The guild leader that was the last to stamp the throne when the siege timer is up will be declared the new castle lord and the siege will end. 14-2) Chaotic Frontiers There are 6 different Chaotic Frontiers: Forest of Scream, Land of Ice, Dungeon 1F, Dungeon 2F, Forest of Pain and Tower of Despair. These are the places where you have the greatest chance to drop unique accessories or realm set of armors, and they can be entered from the small portals in most towns.

Rules: 1) You can enter any Chaotic Frontier whenever you want, but your level will be downgraded upon entering if its higher than the level range of the CF. 2) If you are usually a higher level than the Chaotic Frontier you enter your level will be downgraded and the rules of that level will apply where PvP is concerned. For example: If you are level 85 and you have entered Dungeon 1F (level 51-55), your level will be lowered to 55, so if you kill a player level 53 there is no additional punishment (except from purple skull). If however you kill a level 51, you will still accumulate VPs 3) If your level is lowered on entering a CF, you will not gain any experience points in there, however if you die to a mob you will lose 3% xp and this will show on resurrecting in town. 4) Armors, weapons and accessories you wish to use, must be within the level range or lower than the Chaotic Frontier you enter. For example: you cannot use Luke Necklace (level 85) in Tower of Despair (level 69-70). Items which are unable to use will remain equipped, but will not work properly and will soon show as broken on your screen. 5) All the skills you have learned will continue to work in any Frontier regardless of the level of the Frontier. For example: If you are level 71 mage and if you have learned Voltaile Combustion (level 71) this skill will still work in Forest of Scream (level 31-40). 6) Despite their lower level, some of the mobs use strong Area on Effect (AoE) attacks, so be careful. 14-3) Battle Ground The Battle Ground is a free battle field, if you kill another player in there of a different race you will not

be punished as in you will get no skull and no villain points regardless of the level of the player you kill. The only restriction is that you cannot kill members of your own race. All other race players have their names hidden in the battleground, and these instead are shown as ******. Also players from different races cannot communicate with each other in either normal chat, shout or guild chat, although race trumpets, shouts of elemental, chat rooms and union chats remain visible. There are many mobs there which give high xp, but you run a much greater risk of being killed in there by other players too. Any mob you kill within your level range, or any player you kill of a similar level or higher will give you Charisma (CHA) points. These CHA points can be spent in the Charisma Lottery machine in each of the race fortresses. Each spin costs 100 charisma points and can result in a variety of gifts from potions, pets and race trumpets to battle ground armor and ashtal stones. Every week on a Thursday and Sunday at 12:00 GST there is a Race versus Race battle (RvR), where each race tries to kill the leaders of the opposing races. There are also a large number of special mobs at the beginning of the RvR which spawn in the centre of the battlefield. The races which successfully kill these mobs then will benefit from additional buffs which will last a few days. During the RvR, all the other monsters are removed from the battle ground, so it is not advised to cast any leveling items such as talismans of awakening or serazarens just before the start of an RvR. Rules in brief: -It is a free battle field, so nobody will be punished for killing the others. -If the player you have killed was around your level or higher you will gain Charisma Points*. -You can attack ONLY other races -You will not see the nicknames of the other races players. -You will not be able to use Revival Orbs (only Resurrection Orbs bought from the chantra shop). -You cannot kill and you will not be attacked by the monsters of your own races fortress.

15) Event NPC

This is probably one of the most important NPCs you will ever find in game. You can find Event bosses in every starter town and every main city throughout the world of Chantra and they are used to deliver rewards to players for many different things. For any of the following you need to go click on the event boss: 1) Exchanging items for in game event rewards. 2) Receiving Guild of the Month rewards 3) Collecting many forum event rewards 4) Registering for the Buddy System 5) Receiving Buddy System rewards 6) Receiving Leveling Up rewards 7) Exchanging Premium Tickets Because of the constant change of events throughout the game, many of the event listed change on a regular basis, it is a good idea to therefore exchange items etc. as soon as you have enough to complete an event, rather than waiting as if the NPC Event changes, you will no longer be able to claim your prize. It is good to regularly check all the pages of the NPC Event Boss, as occasionally you will find rewards for events you may have entered on the forums in preceding months and forgotten to claim.

16) Chantra Shop Guide

16-1) How to access Chantra Shop - Click on the Picon located at the bottom right side of your screen. 16-2) Chantra Shop - Certain restrictions may apply when purchasing Cash Items. Any Cash Items categorized under PP Card Only, can only be purchased with W Coin (P). As for other Cash Items, you can purchase them with both W Coin(C) and W Coin (P). Buybutton will allow you to proceed to checkout window.

16-3) Purchasing Chantra Items - Please note that all cash items are not refundable. Please check carefully before you confirm your transaction. 1. Choose any Cash Items and click on the Buy button. 2. Select the W Coin type. 1) W Coin(C): W coin(C) will be deducted from your account 2) W Coin (P): W Coin (P) will be deducted from your account 3) Cancel: the transaction will be canceled. - Please note that you will not be able to select W Coin Type when you purchase PP Card Only Items. W Coin Type will be automatically set as W Coin (P) 16-4) W Coin Type W Coin(C) All cash items cannot be traded if purchased with W Coin(C). W Coin(C) is the credit deposited into users account upon purchasing W Coin by means of credit card and Click&Buy. There are daily/monthly maximum purchase limits for W Coin(C). Purchase limits can be adjusted according to

the users purchase history (total W Coins purchased, number of transactions, member registration date, etc). Items purchased with W Coin(C) cannot be traded in game. W Coin (P) All cash items can be traded or moved if purchased with W Coin (P). W Coin (P) is the credit deposited into his/her account upon purchasing W Coin by means of prepaid card (PaysafeCard, Wallie, and Ukash), Electronic Serial (EPIN), and Bank Transfer. There is no purchase limit on W Coin (P). Availability of payment methods to purchase W Coin (P) may differ for each region (i.e.: Paysafecards can only be accessed in number of countries). W Coin (P) can be used to purchase PP Card only Cash Items. Items purchased with W Coin (P) can be traded in game. 16-4) W Coin Type What is W Coin? W Coin is a pre-paid game currency regulated in Webzen's Game Portal which can be used to buy ingame items and enjoy other various contents. Get the best out of Webzen games with W Coin. Your chosen payment method makes the difference between the two. Type Payment method Purchase Limit How it works W Coin(C) Credit Cards, Real-time Bank Transfer, eWallets Yes Items purchased with W Coin(C) cannot be traded. W Coin(P) Prepaid/ Vouchers No Items purchased with W Coin(P) can be traded.

W Coin does not have any real world value and it can only be used to purchase virtual goods and services provided directly from WEBZEN.COM. Any act of violation goes against WEBZEN Terms of Service including unauthorized trading or selling W Coin will be resulted in permanent account restriction. 16-5) Payment Methods Payment Methods for W Coin (C) W Coin(C) is the credit deposited into users account upon purchasing W Coin by means of credit card and Click&Buy. There are daily/monthly maximum purchase limits for W Coin(C). Purchase limits can be adjusted according to the users purchase history (total W Coins purchased, number of transactions, member registration date, etc). Items purchased with W Coin(C) cannot be traded in game.


Payment Method

W Coin


Direct Link Buy W Coin Buy W Coin

Credit Cards


Buy W Coin Buy W Coin

W Coin(C) Real-time Bank Transfer


Buy W Coin Buy W Coin Buy W Coin Moneybookers


Payment Methods for W Coin (P) W Coin (P) is the credit deposited into his/her account upon purchasing W Coin by means of prepaid card (PaysafeCard, Wallie, and Ukash), Electronic Serial (EPIN), and Bank Transfer. There is no purchase limit on W Coin (P). Availability of payment methods to purchase W Coin (P) may differ for each region (i.e.: Paysafecards can only be accessed in number of countries). W Coin (P) can be used to purchase PP Card only Cash Items. Items purchased with W Coin (P) can be traded in game.


Payment Method

W Coin


Direct Link


Prepaid / Voucher

W Coin(P)




Payment Method

W Coin


Prepaid / Voucher

W Coin(P)


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17) Forum Icon Guide

In the Archlord Forums, you will see different icons. Heres a guide to distinguish them. While GMs and Volunteers have special forum icons, there are many more fun forum icons to enjoy. If you dont have one yet, dont be disappointed! We will continue to have forum events! Game Master (GM) GMs are employees of WEBZEN and they represent WEBZEN Inc. GMs provide support for game users in and out of the game. This includes forums, direct inquiries, events, etc. In Game Volunteer (IGV) An in game Volunteer is a person you can go to with questions or requests with issues. They appear as an lv99 swashbuckler with a golden [V] symbol above their head. IGVs cannot pvp, and are not permitted to trade. They are players just like you, who have offered and been accepted by the GMs to give their time for the players. Official Forum Volunteer Forum Volunteers are players who give up their spare time to help with the day to day running of the forums. They will also help with press releases, translation duties, mediation and occasional testing Probationary Forum Volunteer The same duties as the Official Volunteers, but these players are serving a probationary period first. After a month or so their icon will be changed to one with wings. Volunteers are players that are supporting GMs and administrators. Please remember they are users as well as other players. Official Volunteers are selected by the GMs and you can ask for their help in and out of the game. However, please do not ask much or flame at the Volunteers as they do not represent WEBZEN since they are not employees of WEBZEN Inc. Guide Is Made By Archlord Support Team & Volunteer Team Volunteer ''Esme'' Volunteer ''Xisi' Volunteer ''Krya' Volunteer Frist Volunteer ''Dagus'' Volunteer Sumrak Volunteer Snowhen Volunteer Pentagramus