Evaluative Report on Business Travel between Oman and other GCC countries

1. Terms of Reference The Coca-Cola Plant Manager of Oman has requested his Coordinator to finalize all his findings and the committee decisions into a report. The report will include all expenses for the Plant Manager’s Conference and procedure. 2. Procedure a. Letters Were sent to the Branch Managers of the following companies:  Avis Oman  Bahwan Travel Agency  The Platinum  Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah b. A survey questionnaire was sent to people who were known to make regular business trips to the different GCC Countries. 3. Findings 3.1 Air Travel Two Airlines have been reviewed for the GCC Plant Managers travel to Oman, which are Oman Air and Emirates. Both airlines offer direct flights to Oman which will decrease the Plant Managers travel time. A timetable for the air travel can be found in Appendix 1.

P.O.Box 3024 P.C. 112, Ruwi Email: Tel: +968 24590588 Sultanate of Oman

The choice will be one of the following hotels: Park Inn Muscat. Hotel Accommodation The committee will select either a 5-Star or 4-Star hotel to accommodate the managers. The price range is 5 to 20 R.2 Travel Costs Ticket Prices between Oman and the GCC depends on the airline ticket.3 Additional Costs a. the time and the type of class. Safeer Continental Muscat or Tulip Inn.O. A sample of hotel prices can be found in appendix 3. This choice depends on the facilities and comfort of the hotel.Oman __________________________________________________________________ 3. A Price guide for the air travel can be found in Appendix 1.O. b. lease term and distance. 112. A price guide for hired cars can be found in Appendix 2. The Platinum Hotel. Hired Car Car rental companies are available in Muscat International Airport. The committee with choose the most comfortable and reliable car for the managers. Ruwi Email: Cocacola-oman@cocacola. Managers will travel in business class.Box 3024 P. P. c. Taxi Fares The cost of a taxi from the airport depends on the distance of the hotel and the type of taxi booked for the Tel: +968 24590588 Sultanate of Oman . The price depends on the type of car. After the meeting was conducted the committee has selected The Platinum Hotel because it provides the best facilities and amenities that a hotel could offer to its guests. 3.

Ruwi Email: Cocacola-oman@cocacola.5 Benefits The company can receive discount or redeem points if they permanently travel with a specific airline.Oman __________________________________________________________________ 3. so the Plant Managers will be expected to arrive in Oman one day before the start of the conference.4 Savings Tickets can be purchased for a less price if booked at a right time. 5% travel by Sea and 15% do not travel across the GCC. 7% have chosen Etihad Airlines for their Availability of flights and 3% have chosen Air Arabia for their cheap air tickets.2 The Meeting is set on Monday the 27th. Creating an account on the airline’s website gives discounts on business travels as well as hotel accommodations. 3. P. Qatar. 30% prefer to travel by land in the convenience of their own car. 3. The more travel hours flown the more discounts received.O. There are reductions to the prices on some flights depending on the time and the plane departures. The results have been included in this report in Appendix 4. For air travel 80% of which travel Oman Air. 10% have chosen Emirates Airways for they comfort. Conclusions 4.1 There are many daily flights by Oman Air and Emirates from Saudi Arabia. There are car rental companies as desired. Tel: +968 24590588 Sultanate of Oman . 4.C. 4.Box 3024 P.6 Questionnaire Results The response to the questionnaire was that 50% of the people travelling across the GCC travel by air. Arrangements for travel will be beneficial to the company if a contract to a travel agency to arrange for the future bookings of the company. Kuwait. Bahrain and the UAE to Oman.

C. Emirates.2 There are three possible ways to travel.3 Rental cars and drivers have been provided for the Plant Managers on their arrival at the Muscat International Airport to their destinations. If managers prefer to go by land they will cross the border before reaching Muscat. by sea and by air. Ruwi Email: Cocacola-oman@cocacola. Etihad and Fly Dubai for the United Arab Emirates. 112.Oman __________________________________________________________________ 4.O. by land. Gulf Air for Bahrain.1 The different Coca-Cola braches in the GCC will open an account with the certified travel agency in their respective countries. Tickets can be booked from different airlines from each country by their companies.3 Managers of the different Coca-Cola branches will be given preference to choose their hotels for the next conferences that will be initiated by the company. Kuwaiti Airways for Kuwait and Oman Air for the Sultanate of Oman.Box 3024 P. Air Arabia. The quickest travel for the Coca-Cola GCC Plant Managers will be by air. 5. Saudi Airways for Saudi Arabia. GCC countries have their own flag carriers namely Qatar Air ways for Tel: +968 24590588 Sultanate of Oman . 5. 5. and company cars can be used for transport. P. Recommendations 5.

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