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Tantra and Female Ejaculation: She Came All Over Me, And It Was GOOD!

-Remember the punch line from the TV ad some years ago "Try It, You'll Like It?" That's how we feel about female ejaculation. Now maybe some of you are grossed out by the whole idea because you mistakenly think the fluid some women emit when they're really turned on is pee. Well, it's not. Maybe you don't believe that it actually happens, like many doctors. Well, believe us, it can, In one of our recent on-line surveys, two-thirds of our female visitors reported that they do. In fact, we think it happens much more often than many more women realize. Or maybe you're not interested because you didn't know you could learn or why you'd want to. Again, believe us, any woman can develop the knack. Since the payoff in sexual ecstasy is so fantastic, you definitely want to. Believe Jeffre when she says it's not just for show. It's worth learning. The Tantric View -----------Of course, our viewpoint is Tantric. Our path encourages us to experiment with pleasure by dropping our old programming that limits our ecstasy and spiritual evolution. We believe that full-out sexual play with consciousness is a sacred ritual. Squirting can be a wonderful part of this. Besides, it's good clean fun (when you make love on a couple towels). We introduced our readers to some of the basic facts about female ejaculation in our three-part newsletter about the G-Spot last fall (11/25/02). Then, we told you about our coming ebook, "Awakening The Sacred Gate: The Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide to G-Spot Orgasm and Female Ejaculation," which contains the complete guidelines and dozens of practices to learn how to gush. You can read that introduction at... <<a href=">" target="_new">>. Here we want to go much deeper into the wonderful phenomenon of female ejaculation. New Fad Or Forgotten Joy? -----------Is female gushing a new thing? Not in the least. Female ejaculation was well known and revered by Tantric adepts in ancient India thousands of years ago. The Chinese, Japanese, Arabians, Greeks, Africans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans all knew about it. Western historical reference began as early as the 4th century BC by Aristotle and by Galen in

the 2nd century AD. The first modern description of female ejaculation came in 1672 by the Dutch physiologist Regnier DeGraaf. He wrote that during the sexual act, the G-Spot discharges a fluid so copiously that it even flows outside the yoni (Tantric for vagina). He added that the "rushing out" of this fluid "with impetus" and "in one gush" causes as much pleasure for women as ejaculation does for men. Of course, back then they didn't call it the G-Spot. The "G" was adopted in honor of the German obstetrician Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who published a scientific article about it in 1950. He wrote..."The convulsory expulsion of fluids occurs always at the acme of the orgasm and simultaneously with it." Not Popular In Some Circles -----------Despite the long history and conclusive evidence that female ejaculation exists, many modern authorities, particularly in medicine, refuse to acknowledge its existence. In the modern USA, many hapless women have had completely unnecessary surgery to correct urinary incontinence because of this ignorance. Md.'s call unwanted peeing incontinence. It makes us sick to think of the lives toyed with destructively and unnecessarily when all these women were doing was something normal, healthy, and pleasurable. Goddess only knows what damage those surgeries did to the sex lives of those countless unfortunate women and their partners. We believe this limited view exists largely because our culture discounts the ancient belief that sex and the power of female sexuality are sacred. It's only since the late 1990s that serious research is investigating female sexuality and sexual physiology, separate and distinct from male sexuality. The Goddess Is Shakti -----------In contrast, for thousands for years, Tantra has viewed sex a divine gift and a pathway to higher consciousness. Own your pleasure and explore your sexuality fully, it says. By doing so, women discover their Goddess nature, their unlimited source of pure positive life force. The Tantric way is to refer to women and their orgasmic power as Shakti, the goddess whose power made Shiva, one of the principal Hindu gods, complete. The goddess Shakti knows who she is without reservation, restriction, or inhibition. She uses her sexuality to expand her consciousness through relaxation, breathing. and self-love. This requires total acceptance of her essence, her profound sexual power. When she surrenders to her ultimate pleasure, there is a melting and merging with the Divine as her ego disappears. She is pure ecstasy, embodied.

In this way, Shakti becomes a gateway for the flow of creativity. This creativity is powerful and transformative. We Call It "Amrita" -----------In such a high state, Shakti emits the divine nectar, which Tantrics call Amrita. Tradition says when she ejaculates, there is purification of self. Amrita blesses and illuminates all it touches. We know that the more often the Goddess ejaculates, the higher her orgasmic response, the more powerful and deeper her orgasms. This is how Shakti aligns with her higher sacred self through her indigenous orgasmic nature. Which is part of the reason Tantrics hold orgasm as divine and ejaculation as sacred. In spite of its long history, up until recently scientists didn't really know what female ejaculate was nor where it came from. For the answer to make sense, you need to understand a little anatomy, specifically about the urethra, the canal that conducts urine out of the body. The urethra, which is about one to one and a half inches (2 to 3 cm) long, lies just above yoni's upper wall. It's surrounded by little glands and ducts called paraurethral glands which make the tissue spongy and can secrete fluid. Now here's the good news. When sexually aroused, this sponge gets really swollen. Which, by the way, is what the G-Spot is. With the right kind of stimulation and response by the woman, she can expel this fluid from her urethral opening. What Is Amrita? -----------Being untrained in the ancient arts of Tantric love, it's easy to understand why many women and their lovers, not to mention doctors, thought that the fluid gushing out the same place where urine does had to be urine. But it can't be, as science has recently proven. Amrita has little or no odor and is colorless. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes milky with a watery consistency. Chemical analysis has proven that it isn't urine because it contains such small amounts of urine's key components. Female ejaculate is different than the wetness that develops when a woman gets turned on. As Grafenberg pointed out in 1950, Amrita can't be vaginal lubrication because it appears around orgasm, not at the beginning of arousal it's needed most. If you ejaculate enough, you'll be able to prove this yourself. You'll need to add more and more lubrication, as the watery Amrita washes away thicker, more slippery, friction-fighting fluids. We also know that the paraurethral sponge contributes to female ejaculate because of the unique chemicals which have been identified. As a result of all these studies, there is now a general consensus that Amrita is the secretion of both the paraurethral

glands and "de-urinized" fluid from the bladder. With A Will There's A Way -----------The sexual anatomy of women is deliciously intertwined and integrated. The majority of women learn to ejaculate via G-Spot play. Which is why we call the G-Spot the Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss. In an experienced ejaculator, this gushing can happen from multiple sources. Maybe a little explanation is in order to make this clearer. Women have at least two physical channels of stimulation: the Sacred Gate and the clitoris, which we call clio. In fact, clio and yoni's outside are fed by one nerve and her inside, where the GSpot is, by another. The average female lover gets more clio stimulation during sexual play than Sacred Gate contact. When this second powerful pathway is opened up, many women experience waves of pleasure much more intense than ever before. Which breaks through ingrained resistance, allowing the divine nectar to flow. In Tantra, we believe this is Shakti's natural state. When a woman opens to her sexual power, she can ejaculate from either Sacred Gate or clio stimulation, or from both together. With the build up of enough sexual energy, she can ascend into a state of continuous ecstasy which we call the Orgasm Zone. In the O-Zone, the Goddess might ejaculate when her beloved brushes her skin, kisses her, or simply looks lovingly at her.