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1.QUESTION 1-5: Complete the text below with appropriate word as follows: A. They B. Themselves C. Their D. Them E.

Their F. He G. His Tutors have a really tough time these days. Tutorial sizes have increased dramatically, but the frequency and duration of classes has decreased. (1) _______really are under a lot of pressure .... carefully monitor all of (2) _______ students and ..... be available to help (3) _______ individually when needed. ..... 4......The problem of many of (4) _______ tutors, however, is being able to manage large classes individually with less time to spend with students. ..... 5......Moreover, it is also often the case that many tutors are actually PhD students (5) _______ at the same time as teaching. 6.QUESTION 6-7: Read the following statements and choose the correct word from the choices in PARENTHESIS. They can be (6) (Stimulating/stimulated) sometimes..... 7...... I am really (7) (boring/bored) in the accounting classes ...... 8.(8). If strobridge had not used nitroglycerin, many people would not have been killed. The real condition of the sentence above is that ..... Strobridge never uses nitrogliceryn, therefore nobody is killed Strobridge had not used nitroglycerin, therefore many people was not killed. Strobridge used nitroglycerin, therefore many people was killed Strobridge uses nitroglycerin, therefore many people may be killed Strobridge did not use nitroglycerin, therefore, many people was not killed 9.QUESTION 9-11: Identify the incorrect part of the following speeches!. (9). Many ways have been used to treat cancer, such as by surgery, irradiation with X-ray followed by chemotherapy and also consume anticancer. Many Have been used To treat Followed by Consume anti cancer 10.(10). At six PM Chris Choteau decided to paddle south and try to take the surf break in, but the current was so strengthen that it started to sweep him out to sea. Decided To take Current Strenghten That 11.(11). Since it was too roughness to attempt a paddle rescue or to launch a rescue boat, the two men went into the 50-degree water wearing lightweight wetsuits, fins and rescue tubes. Roughness Paddle Launch Went 50-degree water 12.(12). Select the sentence in which the adverb appear in the inappropriate place!. Adverb: Since She has not worked since she got fired She is very happy since she got married Since june,She has been working in my company She since is very busy, she can not come to the family

gathering None of them 13.Choose the correct part of speech to complete the blanks!. There is a significant relationship between cleanliness and people's health. A historic analysis of life (13) _______ shows how important cleaning uo garbage. Expect Expected Expectant Expectancy Expection 14.(14). While waiting for the bus, Dewi asked Agnes when ...... would she start her new job in the oil company she has started her new job in the oil company she would start her new job in the oil company has she started her new job in the oil company

did she start her new job in the oil company 15.(15). She never dreamt of marrying a Westerner until .... she had met her fiance her fiance she has been seeing her fiance she is seeing her fiance she met

she meets her fiance

1.Nama yang benar untuk senyawa (CH3)2C=CHCOCH3 adalah 2-metil-2-penten-4-on 1-metil-2-penten-4-on 4-metil-3-penten-2-on 1,3-dimetil-2-pentenal isopentenal

2.Tuliskan nama IUPAC untuk senyawa (C6H5)2CHCH2CHO! 3.Senyawa manakah pada gambar yang dapat digolongkan sebagai suatu asetal? semua kecuali IV hanya IV hanya II I dan II III dan iv

4.Reaksi manakah yang merupakan cara yang baik untuk pembuatan aldehida alkohol primer dengan pereaksi Jones (CrO3, H2SO4, H2O) Jones Alkohol primer dengan PCC sekunder dengan H2SO4 dipanaskan 5.Pernyataan manakah yang tidak benar? C=O memiliki dipol ikatan lebih besar dari C=C C pada C=O bermuatan parsial positif alkena bereaksi dengan Alkohol sekunder dengan pereaksi alkohol

alkohol primer dengan H2SO4 dipanaskan

aldehid dan keton memiliki titik didih lebih tinggi dari alkana seukurannya nukleofil lebih cepat dari pada keton padanannya pada keton padanannya

aldehida bereaksi dengan nukleofil lebih cepat dari

6.Amina manakah yang paling baik untuk membuat turunan enamina dari sikloheksanon? etilamina dimetilamina trimetilamina trietilamina hidroksilamina

7.Pereaksi manakah yang paling sesuai untuk mengubah sikloheksanol menjadi metilenasikloheksana, (CH2)5C=CH2? (i) H3PO4 dipanaskan; (ii) CH2I2 +Zn(Cu) (i) PCC in CH2Cl2 (ii)CH3MgBr; (iii) H3PO4 CH2N2 dipanaskan (i) CH3MgBr; (ii)

dipanaskan (i) PCC in CH2Cl2; (ii) (C6H5)3P=CH2 H3PO4 dipanaskan

8.Reaksi manakah yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat 1-fenil-2-butanol? 2-feniletanol + etilmagnesium bromida benzilmagnesium bromida butanal + fenilmagnesium bromida fenilbutanoat + LiAlH4 propanal +

1-fenil-2-butanon + PCC

9.Senyawa C5H12O yang bersifat optik aktif dapat oksidasi menggunakan PCC dan CH2Cl2 menghasilkan C5H10O yang juga bersifat optik aktif. Senyawa C5H12O adalah 10.Isomer manakah yang paling bersifat asam? 3,4-heksanadion 2,5-heksanadion 2,4-heksanadion 2,3-heksanadion heksanadial