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WEEK / DATE 1&2 3 Jan 12 Jan 3 15 Jan 19 Jan



SCOPE OF CONTENT Orientation Week



Computer Lab Management

Computer Lab Regulation Lab organization

Ethics in using computer.

4 22 Jan 26 Jan

Computer Hardware

5 29 Jan 2 Feb

Introduction to computers

Computer Lab rules Handling Equipment Organization chart Time table Log book Ethics of computer usage Unethical use of computer Copyright Copyright violation Evolution of computer Types of computers

Listing lab rules Creating lab cleaning schedules Creating lab organization chart Discussion about ethical & unethical usage of computer

6 5 Feb 9 Feb 7 12 Feb 16 Feb 8 19 Feb 23 Feb

Overview of computer system Computers parts & components Data processing cycle Data representative System unit Peripheral Input devices Output devices Storage devices

Computers parts
Computer Lab Management & components

Identifying the evolution of computer Collecting picture/image of various computer types Sketch 5 main components of computer Assemble 5 main of components Draw and describe data processing cycle Collecting picture of computer components (scrap book)(Project1) Assign basic computer Setting Assemble input and output devices into Computer Current hardware technology (Folio/ group discussion) Group Presentation Project 1

9 26 Feb 1 Mac

Basic maintanence Technology development

Handling input and

output devices Computer setting Current hardware technology

10 4 Mac 8 Mac MID TERM BREAK ( FIRST SEMESTER) 9 Mac 17 Mac

11 18 Mac 22 Mac

Computer Software

Introduction Operating system Utility software Application software

Definition Types of software File management Installing and uninstalling

Creating, rename, copying, moving, deleting a folder Searching examples of application software, operating system and utility software (Homework) Identify user interface Creating simple document (Typing exercise) Tutorial and exercise (using toolbar, key in data, save new document, editing tools) Creating simple poems with borders and shading Typing simple essays/ letter Tutorial and exercise (table and column) Creating simple table Tutorial and exercise (Inserting word art. Clip art, adding color, auto shapes, text box and using 3D Styles) Creating simple book cover Creating simple book cover/ brochures/ Pamphlets about school program (Project 2)

12 25 Mac 29 Mac

Introduction Starting word processing soft Creating documents

13 1 Apr 5 Apr

Computer Software

14 8 Apr 12 Apr 15 15 Apr 19 Apr

Word processing Software (Microsoft Words)

Editing document

16 22 Apr 26 Apr

17 29 Apr 3 May 18 6 May 10 May 19 13 May 17 May 20 20 May 24 May

Group Presentation Project 2


MID YEAR BREAK 25 May 9 June Spreadsheet Introduction Software Starting (Microsoft Spreadsheet soft Excel) Creating worksheet Editing worksheet

Computer Software

21 10 June 14June

Identify user interface Creating new document Inserting data into cell Save worksheet Tutorial and exercise (cell, row, column, toolbar, cut, paste, delete, borders, printing area)) Creating simple table (My everyday schedule) Tutorial and exercise (sum, average, lookup, Vlookup) Creating simple table (My monthly expenditure) Tutorial and exercise (percentage and ranking, charts) Creating chart and graph

22 17June 21June

23 24June 28June 24 1Jul 5 Jul

25 8Jul 12 Jul 26 15Jul 19 Jul 27 22 Jul 26 Jul 28 29 Jul 2Aug

Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint)

from the previous table Tutorial and exercise (percentage and ranking, charts) Creating chart and graph from the previous table Creating classroom time tables (Project 3) Group Presentation Project 3

Computer Software

29 5 Aug 9 Aug

Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Concept of Multimedia Steps in Multimedia Development Introduction to presentation Software Starting presentation software Creating presentation Editing presentation

Analogy of steps in Multimedia Development

30 12 Aug 16 Aug

Identify user interface Tutorial and exercise (using toolbar, drawing bar, slide design, slide layout) Creating front page presentation Tutorial and exercise (enter text, insert picture, textbox, word art, color background and save new presentation) Creating next page presentation

MID TERM BREAK (SEMESTER 2) 17 Aug 25 Aug 31 26 Aug 30 Aug

+ Tutorial and exercise (Insert sound and movie) + Creating next page presentation + Tutorial and exercise (custom animation, slide transition, slide design, button and hyperlink) + Creating link button and applying animation and transition into previous presentation work + Creating Presentation about My Favorite Athletes/ Leaders/ Artist (Project 4)

Computer Software

32 2 Sep 6 Sep

33 9 Sep 13 Sep 34 16 Sep 20 Sep 35 23 Sep 27 Sep 36 30Sep 4 Oct 37 7 Oct 11 Oct 38 14 Oct 18 Oct 39 21 Oct 25 Oct 40 28 Oct 1 Nov 41 4 Nov 8 Nov

Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Editing presentation

+ Creating Presentation about My Favorite Athletes/ Leaders/ Artist (Project 4