Thai Basil Rolls (non-fried) [2pc]
Fresh rice noodle rolls w/ basil, lettuce, carrot, tofu, cucumber, pork & shrimp; served w/ plum sauce. 4.75

Crispy Cheese Rolls [2pc]
Crabmeat & house cream cheese rolled in thin crispy wrap fried to perfection. Served w/ our tasty sweet & sour sauce. 4.25

Thai Spring Rolls

[3pc] Nam Sod
Minced pork tossed w/ ginger, onion, mint, peanut, lime juice & a touch of chili. Served with a wedge of cabbage. 7.50

Chicken, vegetables served w/ sweet & sour sauce. 3.95

Nam Tok
Sliced beef sirloin tossed w/ mint leaves, roasted rice powder, onion, lime juice & a touch of chili. Served with a wedge of cabbage. 8.95

Fried Tofu
Lightly fried firm tofu. Served w/ our creamy peanut sauce. 4.35

Young squid, deep-fried until golden brown; served w/ mild Thai chili sauce. 7.50

Soups & Salads
** all soups are available in bowl (large) size for ordering **

Chicken Satay [4pc]
Chicken skewers marinated in Thai herbs & coconut milk grilled to perfection; served w/ house peanut sauce & cucumber salad. 6.95

Tom Kha Gai (Coconut Chicken Soup)
Traditional lemongrass based soup w/ coconut milk & exotic Thai spices. Cup 4.00

Chicken Curry Puffs [2pc]
Crispy rolls stuffed w/ chicken & potatoes. 4.50

Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp Soup)
A classic Thai hot & sour shrimp soup w/ mushroom & exotic spices. Cup 4.00

Thai Roti
Thai recipe Indian style pancake served w/ chicken curry dipping sauce. 4.25

Po-Tak (Seafood Soup)
A mild seafood medley in a hot & sour soup! Soup includes shrimp, squids, scallops, & mussel. Cup 6.00

Thai Dumplings [4pc]
Ground pork & shrimp wrapped in wonton skin and steamed. Served w/ sweet & sour soy sauce. 4.95

Thai Wonton Soup
Wrapped seasoned grounded pork simmered in our house wonton broth & napa cabbage. Cup 4.00

Minced chicken tossed in our house sauces, rice powder, onion, lime juice, mint leaves, cilantro & a touch of chili. Served with a wedge of cabbage. 7.50

House Salad
Fresh lettuce w/ carrots, tomato, red onion, cucumber & egg. Choice of dressing: house, peanut, or ginger 3.75

Light salted, steamed Japanese soybeans. 3.95

Tofu Salad
House salad topped w/ our famous mild basil tofu sauce. 4.35

VEGETARIAN version upon request
Mild Medium Hot Thai Hot

green beans & bell peppers sautéed in spicy basil sauce. Chef Specials Ocean Seafood 18 A combination of shrimps. potatoes. scallops. onion & Japanese purple eggplant. Stir-fried broccoli & carrots with garlic in a light brown sauce. Basil Lamb 24 Sesame Chicken 12 Grilled lamb chops served w/ our spicy basil sauce & topped with basil. drizzled w/ our delicious basil sauce to give just the right amount of heat. Served with bell peppers. green beans. Panang Catfish 15 Teriyaki Chicken Fried catfish sliced and served in our Panang sauce w/ basil leaves. Broccoli CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 BF/SH/SQ 14 Teriyaki Salmon 16 Fresh filet of salmon glazed in our own teriyaki sauce. carrots & onions and garnished off w/ sliced avocado & cashew nuts. bell peppers. onion. Tamarind Grouper 17 Filet of grouper served in our famous Thai tamarind glaze. baby corn & onion in our sweet & sour mango sauce. sprinkled with a dash of sesame seeds. red & green bell peppers in our spicy basil sauce. mussels. onion. bell peppers. bell peppers. and green bean. Cashew Nut CK/PK 13 BF/SH/SQ 15 Crispy Duck 21 Oven baked duck breast. carrots. * Substitution may incur extra charges. onion. * Prices are subject to change without notice. & cucumber. Stir-fried w/ mild Thai chili paste. bell peppers & onion in our famous Thai tamarind sweet & sour sauce. or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. 3 Flavor Snapper 18 Oven baked filet of Snapper. ~ The FDA advises consuming raw or undercooked meats. Served with a side of steamed vegetables. Eggplant CK/PK 13 13 BF/SH/SQ 15 Sautéed w/ eggplant. Garlic CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried w/ garlic. sour & mild. bell peppers & addt’l chef’s choice of vegetables. green beans. squid.Mild Medium Hot Thai Hot Stir Fry Dishes Basil CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried with onion. * Gratuity will be added to parties of 5+ in discretion of the server. mushrooms. bell peppers & Thai spicy curry paste. onion. carrot. pineapple. onion. Pan-fried and glazed in house Teriyaki sauce. seafood. mushroom. Masaman Salmon 16 Grilled filet of salmon topped with our Masaman curry. Mango (Chicken or Pork) 14 Sautéed w/ sliced mango. Ginger CK/PK 11 BF/SH/SQ 13 Fresh ginger stir-fried with garlic. and red & green bell peppers. . tomato. served with broccoli. and green beans. water chestnuts & topped w/ cashew nuts. CK/PK 13 BF/SH/SQ 15 Stir-fried w/ mushrooms. Served with chef’s choice of vegetables. snow peas & a touch of Thai soy sauce. crispy skin & sliced. Lightly battered and sautéed in our sweet & sour glaze. bell peppers. topped with Chef’s 3 Flvr sauce – sweet. onions bell peppers. Pad Prik CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried w/ onion. poultry. Mixed Vegetables Tamarind CK/PK 12 Assorted vegetables sautéed in our light Thai sauce. onion in a mild sauce. garnished off w/ shrimp. Sweet & Sour CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Sautéed with bell peppers. carrots.

Pad-See-Ew CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 A La Carte Brown Rice 1. carrot & green peas in our house Thai sauce. topped w/ cashew nuts. Basil Fried Rice CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried w/ onion. CK/PK 12 CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ BF/SH/SQ Bamboo shoots. Thai Lo Mein CK/PK 11 BF/SH/SQ 13 Seasoned lo mein noodles stir-fried in our Thai-Chinese fusion sauce w/ cabbage. . green beans & basil leaves in popular house basil sauce. onion & spicy basil sauce. 1. onion. bell peppers. potatoes.95 Side Order . onion. Yellow Curry CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Carrots. bamboo shoots.00 Peanut Sauce 1. Basil Noodles CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried Thai rice noodles w/ bell peppers. corn.50 Flat. carrots. bean sprouts & green onions. bell peppers. carrots & a touch of garlic & Thai soy sauce. green peas. Served w/ crunchy peanuts on the side. carrots & broccoli.50 Addl’ Vegs. Potatoes. avocado & onion topped w/ cashew nuts & a touch of coconut milk served in our slightly tangy and sweet curry. onion. stir-fried w/ egg. raisins & pineapple.VEGETARIAN VERSION AVAILABLE – UPON REQUEST Noodles & Fried Rice Pad Thai CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Classic Thai rice noodles. snow peas. bell peppers. Pineapple Fried Rice CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried w/ egg. and mushrooms served in our mild curry. broccoli. onion. 4. Potatoes.95 each Extra Rice 1. (chef’s choice) 2. carrots.Steamed Vegs.95 Extra Sauce 2. wide noodles stir-fried w/ egg. potatoes. Thai Curry Panang Curry Masaman Curry CK/PK 12 CK/PK 13 BF/SH/SQ 14 BF/SH/SQ 15 Coconut milk. Rama Curry Green Curry Red Curry CK/PK 14 BF/SH/SQ 16 14 14 Roasted peanuts simmered into a curry w/ coconut milk and broccoli & carrots. and basil leaves served in our mild curry. basil leaves & a touch of coconut milk served with our rich Red curry. bell peppers.95 Add (1) Extra Veg. carrots. green beans & basil leaves served in our mild Panang curry. Thai Fried Rice CK/PK 12 BF/SH/SQ 14 Stir-fried w/ egg. corn.

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