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The life of SABAHAT BAYBAS LUGON 1934 8 April - She was born in the circassian village of Esme, Kadinhani-Konya

where her great grandmother was from. Her father, Deguf Said Baybas was from the Circassian village of Sebiller Konya-Ilgin. Her mother, Gouache (Quash) Ismet Baybas was from the Circassian village of Ertugrul Corum. 1947-1950 She was a student in Konya Girls School of Teaching. 1950-1954 - Graduated from high school in Konya from Konya Lisesi.. 1954-1958 - Graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. 1958-1963 Served as dentist at Konya State Hospital, Konya SugarFactory and at her private consultancy. 1963 - 1965 After an invitation, moved to and worked in Germany as a dentist. 1965 - Moved to the city of Lausanne in Switzerland. 1965/1984 - Served as chief in childrens clinics in Swiss Yverdon , Biel and Lausanne cities. 1972 - Married Jean Lugon. Their love filled marriage lasted 30 years until 2002 when she lost her husband. 1983 - 1985 Change of laws in Switzerland forced her to re-gradute from the Faculty of Dentistry in Geneva University. 1985 - Opened her own private dental clinic in Lausanne. 1990 - Arrived in motherland Caucasus with the first group travelling from Turkey together with her late sister Janset Baybas. She continued to spend at least one month each year in Caucasus until she left us. 1994 She became a citizen of the Republic of Adygheya of the Russian Federation. 2009 - She became a citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia. 2010 Closed her private dental clinic in Lausanne but continued to volunteer her time

to serve free of charge to people in need in Lausanne and even travelled to Myanmar to serve in childrens dental clinics. 2011 Completed her masters degree of Sophrology in Alfonso Caycedo Institute in Spain through her studies with Raymond Abrezol in Switzerland.

2012 - 2016 She was planning to study Adyghabze and Russian at the University of Maikop. 2012 January 27 - Her 78 year journey came to an end in the heavenly shores of the Dominican Republic. She devoted her whole life to her family, to Circassians, and to humanity. Even though she had some troubles, shortages, and endless longings in her life; her loving smile never faded, not even for a day. Her smile will always continue to fill our hearts with love and peace. After the commemoration held at Istanbul Kafkas Association, on February 12th 2012, she has joined her mother, her father and her sister in the Konya Ucler Cemetery.