Amit Kumar Nand (0924010011)

Submitted to the Department of Computer Science in partial fulfillment of requirements for Project of Bachelor of Technology In CS, VI Sem

Sunderdeep Group of Institutions G.B. Technical University April,2012

Signature:- Name:.:. to the best of my knowledge and belief.0924010011 Railway Reservation System 1 .Declaration I hereby declare that this submission is my own work and that.Amit Kumar Nand Roll No. it contains no material previously published or written by another person nor material which to a substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma of the university or other institute of higher learning. except where due acknowledgement has been made in text.

Certificate This is to certify that the work which is being presented in the project report entitled “Railway Reservation System” is an authentic report of work carried out under the super vision of Mrs. Anshul goel. Mrs.) Railway Reservation System .O. Santosh Kumar Shukla (Project Head) Mr.S. Aprince Gaurav. Abhishek Singh. C.Anil singh. Payal Kansal & Mr. Dept.D. Santosh Kumar Shukla as the project head in Sunderdeep group of Institutions by the students named Amit kumar Nand. I here by certify that above statement made by the candidates is correct to the best of my knowledge. Payal Kansal & Mr. Anand Prakash Srivastava (H.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Shukla who’s teaching.D. Railway Reservation System 3 .Acknowledgement Finally as the report has been completed I thereby acknowledge the contribution of some people probably without whose work this project would not have been at all what it meant to be actually. Payal Kansal & Mr.well guideline and keen interest coupled with easy accessibility was a great help while making this project. Anand Prakash Srivastava for supporting us and keeping our moral high and then Mrs.And the internet and books were also very helpful. And I would also like to appreciate the effort of my whole team for working as a team and their spectacular efferts which make this project to be possible easily. First of all I would like to acknowledge the contribution of our H.O.timely suggestions.

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which has their own several functions. parents. resident and result of exams carried out in a session. studied or studing in the institute  Modification in any record information  Add information of all newly admitted students  Delete the record of any student  Share some notification with all students If a user log in as a student then the functionalities are:  He/she can see all his/her details  Student can change their passwords For the protection from unauthorized retrieval of personal information of students.which makes it pretty secure. There is also a provision of administrator log in and student log in.Introduction Abstract Our Student Management System Keeps the record of students in an educational organization or institution. Student Management System 4 . to every single user including the administrator. This is a web or internet based application which makes it easy to retrieve the information of students. As it is a web based application so it can be used anytime and anywhere through internet. If the user has log in as Administrator then the functionalities are:  View the information of all students. branch. As the whole work is being shifted to the computers so it is reducing the paper work for the institution and providing ease in accessing the student information at anytime from anywhere. It keeps the detailed information about students as course.d. we have provided the password and i.

PURPOSE When we talk about keeping the records of thousands of people. For this purpose the it require some flexible and easy to access application to keep record of all the students. Which is web based application and have several functions which gives a friendly way of dealing with all the student’s record and keep them securely. a very typical task. So for reducing the paper work and it’s complexities. it requires something which can provide an ease in retrieving student’s details and keeping their record in a manner that it can be accessed any where any time. For fulfilling all above requirement we made this Student Management System. With SMS’s password and authentication system the personal details of students can be managed securely. Apart from this there is also some other hurdles in the way as accessing these records and information at any time when required and at any where easily. it becomes a tough task to deal with. Student Management System 5 . And if we are going to deal with in an educational organization. then maintaining the records of all students including all new admissions as per every new session started.

It has two account types named as administrator and student. This is fully shifted to the computers which takes care of it. In SMS the automation of data updating can be entertained as the database is just a part of adding the information to it so that newly admitted student’s details can be included. Administrator has right to delete. So these applications have not fulfilled all the requirements. It is fully user friendly product which is made.SCOPE As the available applications for automating the student’s record management and easy access are just windows based application which means that they works only on a single system and data can only be scene only on that system. The task of keeping papers under almirahs is not required. we have made it a fully internet or web based application so that it can be used at anywhere at anytime through internet which increases it’s flexibility. add. modify or view the information of all the students while students can only see information regarding them. SMS works in two subsystems one is administrator and second is student. Our objective of making SMS is to provide the secure and maximum details of the students and maintaining them as long as we want and a high availability of information anywhere anytime. In our Student Management System(SMS). In which both administrator and student have to log in for using the functionalities. All administrator have to do is to log in and do whatever he want to do with student’s information available. Student Management System 7 . SMS has the capability to maintain up to a large amount of information and the reliability of the information for the purpose of security is also a required feature considered in it.

Requirement Analysis phase System Design Coding Testing Release/Maintenance Student Management System 8 . The main reason why SDLC is chosen because in SDLC it is possible to complete some activities in one phase I parallel with some activities in another phase. maintained and replaced or enhanced information system. The System Development Life Cycle consist of many phases in which the product is developed. SDLC is the series of stages that s/w product undergoes during it’s life time.SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE The product which is used to create a software product from its initial conception to its public release is known as SDLC.

UML Diagrams. Maintenance phase lives till the software works. Coding:.In this phase all the requirements given by the customer are studied.This phase deals with the Source code.In this phase customer will test the fitness for use of the Software product. Release/Maintenance:. If satisfied then released otherwise it goes for maintenance. That is both in product base or project company’s requirements are coming from the customers or end users. It consists of Data Flow Diagrams. Student Management System 9 .Flow charts and Algorithms etc. are meeting by the software developed or not. companies are going for market survey to know what the end users are in need of. Here we actually start working with the source code of front end and back end.Requirement Analysis :. It checks all the features of the developed application. Testing:. For product base company. System design: .In this phase the internal system design of the Software products is we check whether the requirements gathered in the documents from customer.

FEASIBILITY STUDY In this we have an analysis of the ability to complete the project successfully. technological. It increases the availability of information and fast access to the data available. It is having many functions which fulfill all the requirements of the end user and the organization. scheduling and other factors.REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS PHASE 1. And it seems feasible to made an application SMS because it is having certain possibility to be created by available resources. Student Management System 10 . A feasible study enables the realistic view at both the positive and negative aspects of the opportunity. So for that purpose a application is required which can provide an ease in accessing and maintaining all the details of the students. SMS has the capability to handle the large amount of data and maintain it in a way that make it simpler to understand. Our Student Management System is a web based application which is reducing the paper work and shifting it to the computers. feasible with estimated cost and profitable. In an educational organization keeping the record of thousands of student’s is becoming a very typical for the organization. economic. The analysis and evaluation of proposed project determine if it is technically feasible. A feasible study allows project managers to investigate the possible negative and positive outcomes of a project before investing.

2. we have provided a log in option so and both administrator and student have to first log in to access their provided features and data. modify.As the paper work is being shifted to the computers then it becomes more reliable to keeping records for a long time.PROBLEM ANALYSIS As we have observed from the feasible study that there are some issues concerned about the protection of data. Student Management System 11 . is provided to all students. delete and view the information of students. So here is the summarized analysis of them :-  Availability:.d. Students can only see their information available in institution’s record.As the security of data is a big concern so here in our project(SMS).  Security:. authentication.  Usability:. For this purpose a password and a unique i.  Reliability:.  Easy functioning:.Most of the features are provided to the administrator as add.The availability of data is obtained in SMS as it can be easily access through internet at anywhere at anytime. and the many other aspects.In Student Management System is having a very easy functioning as the user just have to log in and can use all the provided features.

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