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Air conditioning Systems AC Plant 1: Central Chilled Water Plant catering AC areas of Main Control Building (TG Building) & Service Building : The central chilled water plant caters for air-conditioning of AC areas of Main Control building of TG building consisting of SWAS rooms, Space for DC charger ACDB & UPS Unit-1 & 2, Space for Control Equipment room-1 & 2, Central Control room-1 & 2, Space for PADO & Computer room unit-1 & 2 and Conference room and AC areas of Service building consisting of Conference rooms, MCC room, 4 Bed ward, Emergency treatment room, Check up room, Doctor's room, First aid Centre waiting Lobby, Pharmacy, VIP waiting lounge, Model room, UPS Battery room, Tech Training room, I & C Offices, I & C Lab, Chemical & Env Chief, Civil Maintenance Staff, Offices for Electrical Testing, Electrical Testing Lab, Civil Group Head Office, Mechanical maintenance staff, Server & IT Staff room, Library room, Office Cabin, Water Analysis Lab, Balanced Chemist room, Coal/Fuel/Oil Testing Lab, Relay Testing Lab, Technical Assistance/Visitors Lounge, SE Cabins, Technical Assistance, Discussion room, CE Cabin etc. The Central chilled water plant, comprising of screw refrigerant compressors with drive motors, water cooled condenser and chillers, condenser water and chilled water pump sets and associated equipment would be centrally located in the plant room. Chilled water from these units would be supplied to Horizontal/Vertical floor mounted Air handling units or Ceiling Suspended units located in the AHU room or respective rooms. Chilled water from the air handling units/ceiling suspended units after picking up heat load will be returned to the chiller units for cooling and recirculated to air handling units. The cool air is supplied to the A/C area from AHU/CSU through ducting and the warm air from the A/C area after heat pick is taken to the AHU/CSU through space between false ceiling and true ceiling. The warm air is cooled by the chilled water at the cooling coil of AHU and the cooled air is supplied to the A/C area and the process repeats. The cooling towers for the Air-conditioning plant would be located on the floor/roof of AC Plant room along with expansion tank based on the space availability. The AC plant would essentially comprise of the following equipment : i. 2W + 1S water chilling units with R134a Refrigerant screw compressors, each of 200 TR* capacity (tentative), each unit comprising compressor, condenser, chiller, oil, refrigerant piping, controls, insulation and accessories. 2W + 1S Chilled water pump sets of 140 CMH* capacity with associated


piping, insulations, valves, specialties and accessories. iii. 2W + 1S condenser water pump sets of 200 CMH* capacity with associated piping, insulations, valves, specialties and accessories.

iv. 2W + 1S Induced draft FRP Cooling towers of 200 CMH* capacity. v. Data sheet-A, Table-1 of Section D2 shows Nos of (W+S) air handling units/Ceiling suspended units, each of suitable capacity are located in the AHU room or respective rooms.

vi. Air distribution system comprising ducting, diffuser / grilles, thermal and acoustic insulation for ducting. vii. Main control panel, local control panel and local push button station. viii. Insulated Expansion tank. ix. Electrical strip heaters with controls. Humidification package with pan humidifiers for system. x. Piping, valves and specialities for chilled water and condenser cooling water systems with thermal insulation for chilled water systems.

xi. Make up water for the air-conditioning system to be supplied to the cooling tower sumps and to expansion tank from make up water source. Softening plant shall also be considered. xii. Fresh air system consisting of pre filters, fine filters, tube axial fan, ducting, volume control dampers etc., shall be provided in the AHU rooms. The efficiency of pre-filters shall be 90% down to 10 microns and that of fine filters shall be 99% down to 5 microns. xiii. Necessary drain piping up to the nearest floor drain for each AHU with thermal insulation. xiv. Monorail with hoist will be provided in the A/C plant room for handling if required, based on the confirmation from the bidder.